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11 Of Our Favorite Movies From 2023

How many have you seen?

Consider these movies strong contenders for inclusion in the “must-watch” section of your 2023 watchlist.

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Whether you caught up with the year’s biggest and most acclaimed movies or had no time (or budget) to head to the cinema, 2023 was an eventful year for movies. Hollywood went through it with two industry-wide strikes, while Philippine films came swinging for an overall great year. From Hollywood blockbusters, streaming drops, indie favorites, and more, the movies released this year were an eclectic mix of genres and stories. 

In a time of great upheaval and uncertainty, movies once again proved to be a haven. 2023’s films explored interesting narratives, led conversations, shed light on important topics, transported viewers to new worlds, and more, as exemplified in the following movies. While this isn’t an exhaustive list of the year’s best, it is a look at the movies that had us mesmerized long after the credits rolled. Check out the films that had us racing to our nearest movie theater and logging on streaming services with quickness below. 


Some movies go beyond the silver screen and lead to bigger conversations and cultural movements. Such was the case for Barbie. But more than just giving moviegoers a renewed sense of womanhood, the film is a compelling character study of a stereotypical Barbie doll who discovers what it means to be your own person as well as dive into the criticisms the Barbie dolls have faced.

The film skips typical conventions to be a fun and even campy look into Barbies and Kens who are exposed to the eccentricities of the real world. Led by strong performances (such as a scene-stealing role from America Ferrera), a banging soundtrack, and all the pink in the world, Barbie breathes new life into the classic doll. 


On the surface, Dungeons & Dragons: Honor Among Thieves looked like a big-budget disaster in the making. The trailers gave the air of a generic Hollywood fantasy movie that would tread every stereotypical path possible. But to the delightful surprise of many, the DND movie is not only competently made, but also fun and funny with bundles of heart. 

The movie manages to satisfy fans of DND while also being accessible to casual viewers. The story is good, the acting is solid, the fantasy elements make sense, and the comedy hits. It’s a shame that it disappointed at the box office as one of the year’s most overlooked is also one of its best. Don’t let the generic fantasy setting fool you, this one is worth the watch.  


Philippine animation rarely gets the flowers and support it deserves from the local industry despite the output of local animators. Just look at the excellence that is Iti Mapukpukaw. Cinemalaya’s first animated feature film tells the interesting story of an animator, who literally has no mouth and his life-changing encounter with aliens. 

Director Carl Joseph Papa, along with his team of animators, delivered a technical achievement through rotoscoping, a process of tracing over frames of live-action footage, while also delivering the emotional core that makes the story work. While the country’s chosen film for the 2023 Oscars failed to make it on the shortlist, it is still a fine film and one of the best from Philippine cinema this year.  


In a year of strong action movies, John Wick’s fourth (and maybe last) outing stands on top. Film franchises rarely succeed in upping the ante in each succeeding entry, yet the fourth chapter of the franchise does so marvelously. It takes the action from New York to Osaka and Paris in some of the most thrilling sequences put to film this year. John Wick’s (supposed) send-off was one for the ages.

From the assault of the Osaka Continental to that edge-of-your-seat extended sequence across the streets of Paris during the final act, every set piece stunned, stabbed, and shined. Add to that excellent new additions from Donnie Yen’s Caine and Rina Sawayama’s Akira, you have a movie that ended on a definitive period while also leaving the door slightly open for exciting new adventures.


While a three and a half hour movie may scare off most people, that shouldn’t deter you from seeing Martin Scorsese’s latest masterpiece. This fictional look at the real-life killings of the Osage people in the 1920s is meticulous, precise, and takes its time saying what needs to be said, but also doesn’t drop the ball at being a boring melodrama. And in a cast of A-tier actors, Lily Gladstone knocks it out of the park as the steadfast Mollie Burkhart, who goes to hell and back in the movie. It makes for a crime thriller that does the near impossible, captive from start to finish in its long runtime. 


Christopher Nolan’s movies are must-sees for his many fans. Add to that the Barbenheimer mania, Oppenheimer was one of the most anticipated experiences of the year. And when it finally premiered, it did not disappoint. This three-hour epic follows J. Robert Oppenheimer as he is recruited by the US government to help develop the atomic bomb. However, his success quickly leads to regret as Oppenheimer wrestles with the morals of his invention.

Ambitious is an apt way to describe the movie, yet Nolan and company do not buckle under the daunting weight of what the film is trying to say narratively and technically. Grand in scale yet never forgetting to have its feet on the ground, Oppenheimer is an achievement unlike any other. 


How can a movie say so much by doing so little? By being like Past Lives. On the outside looking in, A24’s romantic drama looks simple enough; Nora and Hae Sung are two childhood best friends who reconnect in New York after years apart. Yet what follows in the film’s less than two-hour runtime is a soft-spoken yet compelling tale of connection, love, and moving forward. 

As Nora and Hae Sung (played to perfection by Greta Lee and Teo Yoo respectively) have their long-awaited reunion in NYC, they discover that their past isn’t so easy to untangle from where they are in the present. Believe it or not, this is writer-director Celine Song’s debut feature film, and she knocked it out of the park. In a year where maximalism had its time in the spotlight, Past Lives stands out as a tender, intimate, and real tale of complicated longing.  


Yorgos Lanthimos will always zig when everyone else zags. And that’s the case for his latest effort Poor Things, which also is one of his best yet. The eccentric film centers on the idea of a woman finding her autonomy in a strange world yet does so in a way only Lanthimos can do. 

Emma Stone delivers a top-tier performance as Bella Baxter, a young woman who is brought to life by Dr. Godwin Baxter (Willem Dafoe). In the hopes of learning about the world, Bella runs off with a lawyer named Duncan Wedderburn (Mark Ruffalo) as she stumbles on adventures equal parts humorous and enlightening. Exciting, funny, and whimsical, Poor Things is an uncompromising riot on womanhood.    


Spider-Man: Across The Spider-Verse does something a handful of movie sequels have done right, retain what made the original so exciting while adding new elements that make it stand on its own. The film expands Miles’ journey, turns Gwen Stacey into a true lead of her own, opens wide the Spider multiverse, and adds new fan-favorite characters like Hobie Brown and Pavitr Prabhakar. Sure, the ending is a bit abrupt and the sound mixing needed some fixing in the beginning, but that doesn’t diminish the film from being an animated powerhouse. 


Original big-budget sci-fi concepts are a dime a dozen in Hollywood these days. So, The Creator, from Rogue One director Gareth Edwards, had our attention. And it was worth it. While the story and setting of the movie err on the generic side, it succeeds in its technical prowess. The film is gorgeous, with sweeping cinematography that plays to the strengths of built sets and actual locations. The effects, both practical and computer-generated, add to and enhance the movie’s grittiness. The Creator’s action scenes are a wonder to watch and visual spectacles that will have you hooked. If sci-fi is what you’re after, do not miss this movie. 


Dating? In this economy?? That’s the basic premise of Dwein Baltazar’s Third World Romance, and it succeeds on nearly every front. The film centers on Britney (Charlie Dizon), a young and outspoken woman desperate for a job to fund the return ticket of her mom from Oman to the Philippines. Luck finds Britney when she comes across Alvin (Carlo Aquino), a laidback grocery store bagger who helps Britney get a job as a cashier at the grocery he works at. The two eventually fall in love, but they soon realize that their paycheck-to-paycheck life may not be the most ideal setting for their love story. 

Dwein Baltazar leads Third World Romance with her deft direction and writing (as well as co-writer Jeko Aguado), while Carlo Aquino and Charlie Dizon bring that magic to life. It’s an honest portrayal of love in the working class, one that strips away the high ideals of romance and focuses on the practicality of being in love while struggling to make ends meet. Excellent direction, knockout lead performances, and poignant storytelling combine to make Third World Romance a gem of a rom-com. 


A Very Good Girl – Kathryn Bernardo and Dolly de Leon deliver a joint slay in a poignant film about injustice and power imbalance. 

About Us But Not About Us – A lunch between a student and his teacher turn tense in the best way possible.

Air – The movie about how the Nike Air Jordan line came to be is surprisingly as captivating as a Michael Jordan basketball game. 

Bottoms – Rachel Sennott… okay girl. Bottoms is on top as one of the best comedies of the year.

Guardians of the Galaxy Volume 3 – It’s not all doom and gloom for the MCU as the third and final outing for the Guardians was the send-off they deserved.

Mission Impossible – Dead Reckoning Part One – Mission Impossible’s hot streak continues in this thrilling ride that will have you teetering on the edge of your seat. 

Nimona – Do yourself a favor and watch this underrated animated film on Netflix. You won’t regret it. 

Rookie – This is the modern sports queer love story we needed.

Talk to Me – A fun and bone-chilling twist on the possession sub-genre. 

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Mutant Mayhem – Authentic, funny, and entertaining are just some words that can be used to describe this good time. 

When Evil Lurks – This Argentinian horror film is nasty, maddening, disgusting, and abhorrent, which means it’s an excellent movie. 

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All The Looks You Can Create With The SpongeBob x Careline 33-Piece Collection

Leave the residents of Bikini Bottom shaking with this beat.

Dive into a world of creativity with a treasure trove of blushes, eyeshadows, and lippies from Careline’s collaboration with SpongeBob SquarePants.

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Calling for the best day ever! Once again, Careline has set sail with none other than SpongeBob SquarePants. As if their last launch wasn’t enough, this beauty brand took its game to the next level with a treasure trove of makeup goodies – 33 pieces, to be exact. I would wager that even Painty The Pirate wasn’t prepared for this explosion of creativity and color.

When imagination meets makeup, the looks you can create with this collection are endless. From your peepers to your pout, get ready to channel your inner Goofy Goober and dive deep into Bikini Bottom-style makeup inspirations. Picture shimmery splashes that shine brighter than King Neptune’s crown and brows bolder than Sandy Cheeks.

Cool Coast

Who would have thought that Bikini Bottom doesn’t always bask in sunny skies? Embrace the ‘I’m Cold’ makeup look, effortlessly curated with the fusion of the Imagination Palette in Pink Shore and the Sea-rum Swoosh Tint in Cool Coast. This impeccable combo becomes your ticket to serving that icy-cool slay, ideal for the chillier days in Bikini Bottom. Infused with Vitamin E, the tint not only provides a hint of color but also that much-needed moisture, ensuring your skin stays hydrated and nourished amid the cooler weather of this underwater paradise.

The Sea-rum Swoosh Tint is available in three shades: Beach Bum, Cool Coast, and Sunny Shore.

Fun and Flushed

Get ready to add a fun and flushed vibe to your makeup routine with Oh My Blush! These liquid blushes, packed with skin-loving ingredients like Hyaluronic Acid and Vitamin E, are as bubbly and vibrant as SpongeBob’s personality. Just like the cartoon character’s ability to bring brightness to every situation, these blushes effortlessly enhance your makeup, offering a natural-looking glow that blends seamlessly into your base.

Oh My Blush! is available in four stunning shades: Girly Girl, Pink Patricia, Red Ahoy, and Shell Pink.

Golden Glow

Get ready to shine like you’ve just emerged from a golden beach day with the Imagination Palette in Nude Beach. This palette is the secret sauce for that radiant, sun-kissed glow. Featuring nine shades packed with soft shimmers, neutral hues, and deep browns, it’s as versatile as the Krabby Patty formula. Each shade brings a different vibe, from soft daytime glam to nighttime elegance, just like shifting tides in Bikini Bottom. Embrace those warm tones because this palette is your ticket to that golden glow that even Pearl would envy.

Paint the Town Pink

Are you ready for a SpongeBob-style splash of color and paint the town pink? Achieve this playful look with pink eyeshadow, a pink flush, and the final touch – the Tinted SpongeGloss in Magic Conch. With its non-sticky, lightweight feel, and lip-loving formula, this gloss is your secret sauce for the perfect pout.

The Tinted SpongeGloss is available in three shades: Crystal Coast, Magic Conch, and Sunny Coral.

Play with Plankton

Transport yourself to a Chum Bucket-inspired visual vibe that’s deeper than the ocean depths. Even though Mr. Krabs and Plankton might not be the ultimate besties, you can slay this look using the BFF Liner. This dynamic duo of gel and liquid liners is your go-to recipe for achieving those defined eyes and a fierce face. Just like an unexpected team-up, this liner combines the best of both worlds, giving you the power to create a look that screams, ‘F Is For Fire, That Burns Down The Whole Town!’

Shining, Shimmering, Splendid

Picture yourself on a glistening shore with a makeup look that shimmers and shines. Whether you’re yearning for something subtle or a sun-kissed glow, the Imagination Palette in Pink Shore is your golden ticket. Boasting nine shades that blend smooth mattes with shimmering hues, this palette unlocks another level in your glam game. So, set your sights high and unleash your inner artist because the sunny skies are your limit.

The Complete SpongeBob x Careline Collection

Contour Y’All

Our beloved seawater squirrel advises it’s high time to chisel those facial features. Even when contouring feels a bit overwhelming, don’t be deceived by the cream-based formula. Contour Y’all rocks that terracotta-toned shade, delivering a gorgeously natural sun-kissed look.

Oh My Blush

This liquid blush is a perfect natural-looking flush on the cheeks! Personally, Oh My Blush has become one of the top picks in this collection—it’s customizable, easy to blend seamlessly, and infused with Vitamin E. The only hiccup? Choosing a favorite becomes an impossible task with these four dazzling shades: Girly Girl, Pink Patricia, Red Ahoy, and Shell Pink.

Shimmery Splash

Just like Pearl, this liquid highlighter is all about that pretty-in-pink vibe. When they’re blended and melted into the skin, it totally serves a gorgeous glow.

Aye Aye Lashes

Picking the right mascara is all about nailing your lash type and the perfect formula that fits your needs. When it comes to must-haves, the Aye Aye Lashes is a game-changer—let’s face it, you need mascara that keeps up with your FU.N-filled life!

This waterproof, volumizing gem ensures your mascara won’t budge, allowing you to live your best day without any smudging.

BFF Liner

The BFF Liner is where wings aren’t just for flying but for braving underwater adventures! With this dynamic duo of gel and liquid liners, you’ll craft wings that withstand life beneath the waves. Dive into the ultimate formula for achieving those sharp, defined eyes that last through any aquatic escapade.

Beach Brow Duo

Dive into the Beach Brow Duo, a dynamic combo serving you both a brow liner and mascara. This powerhouse duo lets you channel your inner main character with brows bold enough to define and darken, just like the depths of Bikini Bottom.

Bubble Town Spray

Get ready to meet your new BFF: the Bubble Town Spray! It’s the magic mist that will keep you as fresh as the Bikini Bottom breeze, ensuring your makeup stays strong all day and night. Just like the Bikini Bottom squad, who are friends4ever, this setting spray locks in your look for a glam bond that’s totally squad-worthy!

Stickini Brows

Level up your brow game effortlessly with Stikini Brows—this brow soap is the real MVP. Say goodbye to heavy, stiff brows and hello to a sleek, all-day hold without the drag. Best believe you’re keeping those brows slaying from sunrise to sunset with this game-changer!

Best Blush Ever

Get ready for the blush you’ve been low-key dying for. With its highly-pigmented powder formula, it’s the makeup must-have for a long-lasting flush. Like a Krabby Patty line during a lunch rush, you best believe this blush won’t leave.

Boosted with Tocopheryl Acetate, this blush comes in four of the cutest shades: Imagination, Meow Love, Money Money, and Wumbo.

Dream Cream Tint

Experience the enchanting comfort of the Dream Cream Tint, pampering your lips with a non-drying, creamy matte formula that lasts all day. Available in four delectable shades—Creambob, Sundae Cheeks, Sherbet, and Swirl Fudge—these tints are as irresistible as a Krabby Patty fresh off the grill at the Krusty Krab, ensuring your lips stay as dreamy as Bikini Bottom itself.

Imagination Palette

Picture yourself on a glistening shore with a makeup look that shimmers and shines. From neutrals and browns to pinks and reds, the Imagination Palette is your golden ticket for those lids that glow like sunsets.

Coming in two palettes, both featuring nine shades packed with soft shimmers and matte shades, the vibe is as versatile as the Krabby Patty formula.

Oh, Puh-Lips

Dive into luscious lip hydration with this intensely moisturizing lip oil that boasts a delightful tint. Packed with skin-loving boosters like Tocopheryl Acetate, Shea Butter, and Argan Oil, it’s the secret formula for a lip treat better than a day at Glove World! Available in five shades—Chocolate Bar, Fancy Date, Jellyfish Jam, Pink Star, and Pretty Plum—pick your shade and unleash your inner Bikini Bottom diva with a lip look that’ll make even Squidward smile!

Sea-Rum Swoosh Tint

Get that long-lasting look with the Sea-rum Swoosh Tint, giving your lips a stain that stays slayin’. Packed with Vitamin E, this tint not only serves up a pop of color but also keeps your pout hydrated, perfect for those cooler days in Bikini Bottom. Take your pick from the trio of shades: Beach Bum, Cool Coast, and Sunny Shore, and rock the beachy look with these lip essentials.

Tinted SpongeGloss

The Tinted SpongeGloss is your go-to lip companion, boasting a non-sticky, lightweight feel, and a formula that loves your lips, delivering the perfect pout. Available in three captivating shades—Crystal Coast, Magic Conch, and Sunny Coral—this gloss offers a spectrum of hues to match every mood and hoorah.

The SpongeBob x Careline collection is now available online at Careline’s official Shopee, Lazada, and Tiktok shops, and in physical stores at SM Beauty Department Stores, Robinsons Department Stores, and Watsons Mall Stores.

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Where To Get 2024 Planners

Where You Can Get 2024 Planners That Will Actually Get You To Organize Your Life

New year, new me, new planner.

The new year is coming up, and if you want to get a head start in increasing your organization and productivity for the year, check out these 2024 planners.

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Saying you want to have a fantastic, well-organized year ahead is far easier than putting in the effort to achieve exactly that. Fortunately, a lot of things can help you—commitment, motivation, and yes, for many, a planner. As proven by the list below, planners aren’t just for keeping up with appointments, tasks, and schedules. They can offer an avenue to journal, reflect, keep memories, be mindful, and be inspired (plus, they look so pretty!).

Maybe you’ve owned your fair share of planners, filled with writing and memories from cover to cover, or maybe you want to try something new and use this new tool to improve your days and minimize stress, missed appointments, or the like. Whatever the case, organize your life with these 2024 planners and start planning out your best year yet.


muji planner

MUJI 2024 Craft Cover Monthly Planner – ₱245 (on sale for ₱195)

muji vinyl 2024 planner

2024 Vinyl Cover Monthly/Weekly Planner – ₱395

Simple, minimalist, effective—that’s what MUJI’s known for. MUJI’s 2024 collection of Monthly Planners includes notebook-style monthly planners perfect for people who just want to track their schedules, events, appointments, and important dates. The planners also have lined pages for notes and pages with a vertical calendar to offer you a different perspective on your schedule. The planners comes in vinyl (white, black, or red), PP, suede (black or brown) or craft covers (red and green). Get MUJI planners here.


pickup planner 2024

PICKUP COFFEE has a new 2024 planner in their roster, alongside their holiday beverages. The PICKUP Planner can be redeemed by obtaining 30 stamps on your Coffee Club card (a new loyalty program and reward system they introduced), which automatically earns 8 stamps when purchased and activated. Every drink you buy from the PICKUP COFFEE app earns you a stamp. Check out the details here.


where to next planner 2024

WTN Planner 2024: On Endings and Beginnings – ₱900

Where To Next’s On Endings and Beginnings 2024 planner is a leatherette-bound, wanderlust-inspired planner perfect for the daring, adventurous, and grounded Filipino traveler. It includes stories from real-life people, a bucket list, a checklist of provinces in the Philippines, undated monthly and weekly spreads, scenic photos, a world map, and more. Start planning your 2024 adventure here.


cada dia planner 2024

Cada Dia Dated 2024 Planner in Midnight – ₱779

Cada Dia planners are designed with function, intent, and productivity in mind. Their planners are dated, with pages for calendars, reflection, goal-setting, and journaling. The Dated 2024 Planner comes in a midnight blue, citrus yellow, stone gray, and tan. They also offer digital planners for people who prefer visualizing their days on a screen. Check out Cada Dia planners here.


belle de jour 2024 planner

Belle De Jour 2024 Power Planner (Leather) – From ₱899

belel de jour petit planner 2024

Belle De Jour 2024 Petit Planner – ₱399

Belle de Jour is a staple in the planner/stationery scene. Their planners are detailed, eye-catching, and collectible with their variety of designs. This year, two of their main selections are the energizing Power Planner and the compact, colorful Petit Planner. They went all out with the function of each planner, even offering customizations and guides to help you have the best 2024 ever. Find the perfect Belle de Jour planner for you on their website.


cada dia 2024 planner

Design Your Life 2024 Planner – ₱599

C&S dyl 2024 planner

Back to Basics 2024 Planner – ₱599

C&S Designs offer two planners for 2024: the Design Your Life planner and the Back to Basics planner, with similar function but differing aesthetics. The pages are bright and colorful, allowing you to have some fun while going about even the most mundane of tasks. If you’re not sure which one is best for you, the brand offers a planner layout sample for each of the planners in the listings on the site. They also have a Limitless hourly planner for the more detail-oriented people out there. Check out C&S’s planner selection here.


beauty planner 2024

2024 Beauty Planner Journal by Katipuneras PH – ₱1,199

🎶 All the pretty girls…would love this planner. Celebrating inner beauty and self-love, Katipuneras PH dropped an undated planner/journal that helps you keep track of your daily activities and goals while also encouraging you to celebrate yourself and relax, with affirmations scattered throughout the journal, and a cute, calming design. Check it out here.


filed 2024 planner

Field Manifest Your Goal Journal – ₱895

Manifest a fun, colorful, and meaningful 2024 with Filed’s Manifest Your Goal Journal. With adorable designs and layouts, vision boards, inspirational quotes, a habit tracker, slambook-style journal pages, and more, this journal encourages you to be mindful, have fun, and grow as a person. Get the Manifest Your Goal Journal here.


moleskine planner 2024

MOLESKINE Life Weekly Planner UNDATED (XL) Hard in Crush Cherry Red – ₱2,790

Pricier but reputable, Moleskine planners are truly an investment. But if it helps you get your life together, it’s worth it. Their Life Weekly Planners are undated, so at least you won’t waste any pages if you forget to use it. They also offer planners in a wide variety of colors, sizes, and designs, so browse here to see which one fits your lifestyle the best.


milkpress journal 2024 planner

Milkpress The Good Intentions Journal – From ₱1,100

Not just a planner to organize your days, weeks, months, and year, Milkpress’ The Good Intentions Journal hopes to inspire you to remain focused and achieve your goals. Although simple, the journal is functional and great for everyday use. Get it here.


flora and fauna 2024 planner

IFEX Flora & Fauna of the Philippines Desktop Planner – ₱349

IFEX’s 11″ x17″ Flora & Fauna of the Philippines desktop planner/calendar is bold, eye-catching, and great for the go-getters who really want to see things laid out right in front of them. The planner’s monthly layout is designed with different Philippine flora and fauna, a concept by artist Raxenne Maniquiz, seeking to raise awareness about native biodiversity and endemicity. Get yourself a planner that doubles as nature-inspired decor here.

Images are from brands’ stores and websites.

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10 Gen Z Filipino Stars And Personalities We Want To See More Of In 2024

Ones to watch out for.

From HORI7ON, Atasha Muhlach, juan karlos, and more, these stars should be on our radar in 2024.

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Another year, another batch of stars who served main character energy in the past twelve months. Across TV, movies, music, social media, and more, established celebs further solidified their star power, while others broke through on the scene in a force that had heads turning for all the right reasons. Highlights from the past year include Kaori Oinuma’s scene-stealing role in A Very Good Girl, Xyriel Manabat proving why she is one of the generation’s best actresses, and Kyle Echarri solidifying his status as Gen Z’s next leading man. And as we move to a new year, 2024 looks to deliver more moments of Gen Z excellence from today’s hottest names. 

Some are already household names, and others are just beginning to spread their wings in the industry, but we feel these following stars all have the potential to have a big year and continue their momentum from 2023. As we look forward to what this year has in store for the world of acting, music, social media, and everything in between, keep these stars on your radar. Who knows, some of them might become your next fave.  




Michelle Dee wasn’t the only Filipino to win big at Miss Universe 2023. So too did her younger brother, Abraham Lawyer, after videos of him in El Salvador went viral on social media. Many netizens were smitten by his good looks that scream movie star. But more than just his charm, Abraham is looking to make waves in the industry in 2024 as both a model and burgeoning actor. In fact, he’s reportedly set to make his acting debut in GMA’s highly ambitious new series, Pulang Araw. Considering how he and Michelle share the mindset of taking opportunities when they present themselves, he might just go far. 




While Anthony made his big screen debut on 2019’s Hello, Love, Goodbye, the actor has only recently been making waves. Particularly, his role as Snoop Manansala on Can’t Buy Me Love has been getting rave reviews for his effortless charm and comedic timing, not to mention the unexpected but welcome chemistry with Maris Racal’s Irene Tiu. From comedy, drama, action, and more, Anthony has proven he can take them on, and 2024 may be the year this young actor gets the spotlight he deserves. 




While most know Asiana as the daughter of Wilma Doesnt, the young model is on a path to success on her own merits. Asiana is a stunning beauty who has been making waves in the local fashion industry, as seen in, among other career highlights, her viral appearance at the BENCH Fashion Week. From gracing the pages of the hottest magazines to walking the runways for the biggest designers, Asiana is that morena stunner to watch out for.  




Atasha is no stranger to the spotlight given who her parents are. After all, she’s been doing commercials since she was a kid. But 2023 was a big year for the Gen Z star as she officially made her showbiz debut. Already, she hit the ground running, by, among other things, being a host on E.A.T, releasing her solo music, being a PBA muse, and even a potential stint as a beauty queen in the future. Oh, and she did all that this year while graduating with honors and a Bachelor of Arts in Business from Nottingham Trent University in the United Kingdom last July. Atasha has It-Girl energy radiating all over her. 




Actress and former PBB housemate Criza Taa took over social media in 2023 as the queen of GRWM videos, TikTok transitions, style inspos, and general baddie behavior. In 2024, we hope to see Criza continue her hot streak as a Gen Z social media powerhouse, but also further flex her talents in the acting world. If you’ve seen the series adaptation of He’s Into Her, you’d know that Criza’s Naih was lowkey one of the best characters on the show. Acting projects were few and far between for the young star this year, so we’re crossing our fingers that we get to see more of Criza on the small and big screen. 




There’s a reason why Denise Julia can count Bretman Rock and aespa’s Giselle among her fans. She stormed the charts with her debut album, Sweet Nothings (Chapter 1), which had bangers like B.A.D and Lackin’. Denise is entering 2024 with momentum on her side, and we can already tell chapter 2 is going to devour once she drops the full album. And aside from being our new favorite R&B diva, Denise is going to continue to hold it down for all her bilatz (the name of her fandom) to be their unapologetic selves. 


hori7on layout 3

The members of HORI7ON started 2023 as the winners of Dream Maker and ended the year by performing at and winning an award from the Asia Artist Awards 2023. In between that, the seven-member boy group made history as the first all-Filipino group to debut in South Korea as they proudly repped Pinoy talent on a global scale. With their debut era nearing its end, we’re excited to see what new music, videos, and projects these young men have in store for us.  



Like many musicians, juan karlos turned the pain of a breakup into music, in this case, his album Sad Songs and Bullshit Part 1. But unlike most musicians, the album, and in particular the single ERE, became an unprecedented and record-breaking smash listened to by millions. Add to that his role in the teen drama series Senior High, it’s clear juan karlos has his bases down. And with a new year comes the promise of new music as the chart-topper is set to release part 2 of the album, this time focusing on healing and moving on. 




Given that his mom is Jean Garcia and his older sister Jennica Garcia, Kotaro Shimizu has talent running in his veins. But aside from having a famous family, the Filipino-Japanese personality is also proving his worth as a performer with dreams of entering the international music scene. A scroll on his social media accounts shows that he has what it takes with his dancing videos and idol-worthy visuals that have many comparing him to BTS’ V. In a year that saw success stories of Filipinos in the global music scene, Kotaro might just be the next big thing to watch out for. 




Sassa Gurl will always be one of our favorite content creators on TikTok. But 2023 had many stanning Sassa for a different reason, her music. Many were bopping to her hit track Maria Hiwaga. The TikTok star tapped into her Sassa Boi persona as she gave us a vibey R&B and rap banger that was comedic, satirical, and plain good. 28 million streams on Spotify and 11 million views on YouTube later, Maria Hiwaga is one of the year’s unexpected hits.

More importantly, Sassa did well in a genre where women and queer artists have faced barriers to success, which is why we hope to see more of Sassa Boi in 2024 and give Pinoy R&B and rap some needed trans representation. 

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15 Pop Culture Moments From 2023 That Deserve Its Own College Class

What a year.

These will be the stories we’ll be sharing with our grandkids in 2080.

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As 2023 comes to a close, most of us take the last few moments of the year to look back and reflect on the past twelve months, the highs, lows, in-betweens, successes, regrets, and more. And in this process of reflection, it becomes clear that 2023 was nowhere near boring when it came to pop culture. While every year has its moments that will be remembered in history, 2023 was something else, with the way pop culture did not relent. 

Dare we say, 2023 was one of the most exciting years for pop culture in a while. When 2023’s chapter is written in the history books, you can expect to see these following moments there. Scroll down for the newsmakers, trendsetters, and pop culture moments from the past year that lowkey should be taught in schools. 


To some, Voltes V: Legacy failing to live up to the hype would be no surprise, even expected. After all, the local entertainment industry has a spotty record when it comes to big-budget sci-fi productions. But when the show finally premiered in May this year, it succeeded on multiple fronts, most notably in production design and special effects. This official adaptation of the beloved anime mainly stuck the landing with how it managed to not fall under the weight of its ambitions. 

More than just being a good TV show, GMA’s biggest series ever showed that, with the right amount of time and resources, Filipino productions can hit the level of international TV shows. It was a gambit that paid off, and we hope Philippine media will continue to swing big like Legacy


KATHNIEL breakup


COVID wasn’t the only virus going around in 2023, so too was the breakup bug. Both locally and internationally, netizens were rocked with announcements of famous couples breaking up left and right. But no breakup was more impactful than Kathryn Bernardo and Daniel Padilla. 

After 11 years together as a couple and 12 as a love team, KathNiel announced at the end of November that they broke up, ending weeks of speculation about their relationship. You probably remember where you were when the news broke. It was an announcement that had half the nation crying as one of the country’s biggest love teams in history was no more. It’s the end of an era, but on the bright side, it also means the start of a new, exciting chapter, especially for Kathryn.  


From COVID changing how people live their lives to the denial of franchise renewal for ABS-CBN, Philippine media has been through it these past few years. But 2023 was special in how the network wars between the major players were mostly forgotten in favor of collaboration. Highlights from the year include the ABS-CBN x GMA series Unbreak My Heart, It’s Showtime airing on GMA, Kapamilya stars appearing on ABS-CBN shows and Kapamilya stars doing the same on GMA, and Marian Rivera and Dingdong Dantes making their movie reunion project with Star Cinema. 

Regardless if it’s done out of the betterment of the industry or necessity, it’s nice seeing the two play nice. What was once deemed impossible by many, mainly ABS and GMA getting along, was seemingly achieved this year. 


As the longest-running noontime show in Philippine history, Eat Bulaga is an afternoon staple that was led for decades by its trio of main hosts, Tito Sotto, Vic Sotto, and Joey de Leon. However, back in late May, the trio, known collectively as TVJ, left the show due to disputes with Eat Bulaga’s producers, TAPE Inc. The exodus was swift as the rest of the hosts, along with most of the staff, left the show, eventually moving to the newly-formed E.A.T, a noontime variety show on TV5. As for Eat Bulaga, the show is still kicking, but underwent a major facelift with a new set of hosts.


When talking about sports in the Philippines, the conversation usually goes to basketball and volleyball, with the rest getting slim pickings. It’s honestly a shame given how many talented athletes we have in other sports. Case in point, the national women’s football team, collectively known as The Filipinas, made history at the Women’s World Cup. When they played at the Cup, they were already history-makers with how they became the first team from the Philippines to join the championship. They solidified themselves in the history book once more after they won a match against co-host country New Zealand. They may not have won the whole thing, but these barrier-breaking queens are still champions. 


In a year that saw quite a few Filipino songs break records, none did so quite like juan karlos’ ERE. The track, which was from his album Sad Songs and Bullshit Part 1, was a nearly five-minute epic breakup anthem that spoke to so many. It spoke so much that it became the first Filipino song in history to surpass a million streams on Spotify in a single day. Among other achievements, it also became the first OPM song to impact the top global Spotify songs chart, no easy feat. The viral megahit will probably continue to be on people’s playlists in 2024 and beyond. 


K-pop girl group FIFTY FIFTY wasn’t what you’d call a popular act at the start of 2023. While their 2022 debut received rave reviews, it didn’t launch the girls into mainstream success. That is until they dropped the viral smash that is Cupid in February 2023. In particular, the English version of the track catapulted the group to global success thanks to its uber-catchy production and wholesome lyrics. They even got featured on the Barbie movie soundtrack. 

But their momentum came to a halt after legal battles and other behind-the-scenes drama between the members and their company came to light. Now, just one of the original four members remains as the other three are locked in legal cases. What happened to FIFTY FIFTY is a sad reminder of how unforgiving the industry can be. 


Many trends came and went this 2023. But one managed to have a special kind of pull on the public zeitgeist, and that was lato-lato. It’s not a new toy, and it’s also available in other countries, but Pinoys had a cultural obsession with lato-lato this 2023 that delighted many and baffled an equal amount. Whether you were one of those who whacked those two balls together or hated the sound it made, lato-lato was everywhere. It even made it on the Top 10 most searched news items in the Philippines on Google. While the hype has died down as of late, the lato-lato craze was real. 


Social media tends to turn certain news items into pop culture fodder if the right pieces fall into place. That’s exactly what happened with the Titanic submarine, one of the most searched news items of the year, according to Google. For a quick refresher, Titan, a submarine operated by American company OceanGate, imploded on its way to view the wreckage of the Titanic. All five passengers inside the submersible died, including OceanGate’s CEO. 

As you can imagine, news of a submarine on its way to the Titanic as if it was a tourist attraction imploding in the middle of the ocean spread like wildfire as the media attention became intense. It captured people’s attention as posts, videos, and especially memes flooded social media given how the story easily lent itself to eat the rich come to life.    




Rihanna started 2023 in the best way possible. After years away from the music scene to focus on her business empire, RiRi made an epic return to the spotlight as she was announced to be the Halftime performer at Super Bowl LVII. Expectations were sky-high for the billionaire since it was her first performance in years. Rihanna being Rihanna, she began her performance not by announcing new music or a world tour, but by revealing that she was pregnant with her second child. What followed next was an understated but cool 15-minute Halftime performance that had everyone talking. Will Rihanna ever release that new album? Only time will tell, but you can’t deny she had everyone shook at the start of 2023. 


It’s part of the film industry to have two movies that play to two different crowds premiere on the same weekend. But there was nothing quite like Barbie and Oppenheimer premiering on the same day, also known as the phenomenon that was Barbenheimer. One is a bright pink film that explored existentialism, the other was a character study of a man who invented the atomic bomb and later regretted it. 

Both couldn’t be further apart from each other. But it’s this overt contrast that attracted people as many turned a meme into a lowkey cultural movement. Both movies were already greatly anticipated, so their similar release date just added to the pop culture madness it produced as many opted for the Barbienheimer double feature. Cinema has never seen something quite like this, nor will it probably in the years to come. 




Given that Taylor Swift and Beyonce are superstars in their own right, their highly-anticipated 2023 world tours were expected to do big business. But few expected that these tours would practically take over the world. As Taylor and Beyonce crisscrossed the globe (at least part of it), The Eras Tour and the Renaissance World Tour became cultural forces that broke touring records. These tours and their concert films spoke to just how iconic both artists are with the way they drove conversations, had people flying from all over the world to see them live, and had many more glued to their phones seeing the new surprise songs or the latest attempt at the mute challenge.  



my girl dinner x

♬ original sound – karma carr

It has been said that 2023 is the year of the girl, and for good reason. 2023 saw women push back once more at unfair expectations set on them by society as they unapologetically embraced their womanhood. As seen in, among other things, how the Barbie movie broke box office records and spoke to what it means to be a woman in this day and age, the year was all about letting women be women. And that also manifested in popular Girl trends on TikTok. From Girl Dinner, Girl Math, and more, people were all about putting their womanly intuition front and center. 


Say what you want about the show’s production, or lack thereof, but you can’t deny how historic it was to have the 2023 Asia Artist Awards in the Philippines this year. It was the first time a major Korean awards show was held in the country as some of K-pop’s biggest stars and local powerhouses converged at the Philippine Arena for over six hours of Asian excellence. Clearly, the awards show had many moments that got people talking, from Melai’s scene-stealing speech to SB19’s crowning achievement to how far GENTO has come. 


There was a time when comic book movies, especially from Marvel and DC, ran the box office. But 2023 saw both lose significant steam. Marvel, once seen as the king of the box office, failed to replicate that magic this year as nearly every MCU release disappointed critically and commercially. Its new streaming shows on Disney also failed to have any meaningful impact on viewers. 

As for DC, the DCEU went out with a whimper as their final slate of films became box office bombs. Of course, that doesn’t mean both are down for the count as the former is currently retooling most of their upcoming releases and the latter has the new DCU in the works. Yet, 2023 was a stark reminder that audiences aren’t going to flock to the cinema just because it’s a Marvel or DC production. Quality is still king. 

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Poll Best P-Pop Comeback of 2023

POLL: What Was Your Favorite P-pop Comeback of 2023?

'Twas a great year for P-pop.

From Karera to Gento, 2023 was a great year of new tracks and comebacks. But we want to know: what was the best P-pop comeback this 2023?

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This year saw fresh debuts, epic comebacks, and songs of all genres deepen and diversify the state of P-pop in the Philippines. Talented artists have come together to make great music accompanied by great concepts and promotional periods that got us tuned in. We saw young, driven groups like HORI7ON and AJAA debut, and we witnessed some record-breaking comebacks like SB19’s Pagtatag! with megahit Gento and BINI’s Karera.

From simple singles to full-on eras by soloists and groups, upbeat pop sounds to gritty, edgy rock tracks, these P-pop comebacks served to show the growth and passion these artists have for music, and the journeys they wish to continue taking.

It was tricky to determine which comebacks or tracks would make the list, so tag us on social media @nylonmanila if you’ve got any favorites that didn’t make the cut! In the meantime, take your time, watch and listen to some great music, and determine which of these P-pop groups’ comebacks was your favorite this 2023. Voting ends December 31, 11:59 PM.

UPDATE: After over 250,000 votes, we have a winner! With a sound deviating from the typical expectation of what P-pop is, solo artist and SB19 member FELIP’s COM•PLEX EP, his first solo EP following his debut with single Palayo in 2021, has been deemed by voters as the best comeback of 2023! The top 5 most voted also includes SB19’s PAGTATAG! era with title track GENTO, his fellow member Josh Cullen’s single Get Right, P-pop group Yes My Love’s Yayakapin, and G22’s Loka. Here’s to more epic releases and comebacks in 2024!





G22 – LOKA
















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marian rivera fangirls

These 6 Young Celebs Couldn’t Help But Fangirl Over Marian Rivera

Marian is your faves' fave.

Marian Rivera’s a star for the ages, so we can’t help but relate to these young stars that fangirled over her.

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Ah, celebrities—they’re just like us. We may be huge fans of some idols or artists, but let’s not forget that they, too, have their own list of faves that would get them all sweaty and nervous if they ever met. For these five young artists, successful in their own craft, one of their idols comes in the form of one graceful, generation-spanning actress (and now TikTok star): Marian Rivera.

Marian Rivera Gracia-Dantes has had a long, successful career as a leading lady. She’s been married to frequent onscreen partner Dingdong Dantes for almost ten years now, and they have two kids together. They’re also starring in MMFF 2023 entry Rewind together. Marian’s taken on the mantles of Darna, Dyesebel, and Encantadia (2016-2017)’s Ynang Reyna Menea. Her own career started when some of these artists were very young—they, like us, have seen her on their own screens and even inspired them to pursue the same path. So, it makes sense that they would totally fangirl over her. From Alexa Ilacad to Niana Guerrero, check out these Marian Rivera fangirls and their cute encounters with the actress below.


Years later and Alexa Ilacad’s still got heart eyes for the Kapuso Primetime Queen. She’s long looked up to Marian, expressing how much she admired her for being a strong, beautiful woman with a great family. Alexa first met Marian in 2015, almost crying during the interaction. Marian revealed to everyone that Alexa DM’ed her once, and gave her some kind advice about making it in showbiz. From the DM’ing to the obvious overwhelming emotions, to still feeling the same way when she met her idol again at a makeup event, Alexa Ilacad’s a true Marian fangirl at heart.


Longtime, bigtime fan Maymay Entrata’s crossed paths with Marian Rivera a couple times now. The young artist couldn’t help but fangirl during the 2018 screening of her movie (with Dingdong Dantes, too) Fantastica, posting an Instagram Story captioned “Saranghaeyo Ms. @marianrivera!” and “Sa wakas,” complete with crying and heart emojis. When Dingdong Dantes and Marian graced the ASAP Natin ‘To stage just this year, Maymay was still as starstruck as she was before, exclaiming, “Wag niyo ‘ko tignan ng ganyan!” to the actress and screaming and almost collapsing when Marian pulls her into a hug. Successful fangirl, indeed.


Zeinab’s fangirling caught in 4K. YouTuber and content creator Zeinab Harake couldn’t control her emotions (and words) as she meets her idol “Ate Yan” and Dingdong Dantes, who she’s been a fan of for a long time. Her kilig was palpable at the skincare event, and her tears and shaky voice were 100% relatable to any fangirl.


Even superstar Kathryn Bernardo had to stifle her kilig at meeting the Primetime Queen. Kathryn got the chance to work with Marian back in 2010 for teleserye Endless Love as the younger version of Marian’s Jenny. The two, having remained good friends over the years, reunited at Marian’s 38th birthday party, where Kathryn implicitly revealed that she was still a huge fan at heart. “Me trying to hide my kilig face,” she captioned on the Instagram Story. Kathryn and Sofia Andres spoke at the intimate gathering, cheering “Hail to the queen!”


The ever-supportive Loisa Andalio’s been a fan of the Gracia-Dantes family for a while. She’s previously worked with Dingdong Dantes on Fantastica (2018), and has often showed her love for their family and kids on her social media. In a photo taken at the Fantastica premiere, Loisa captions her story simply with “KILIG!!!”


@pepalerts @Niana Guerrero fangirls over @Marian Rivera #PreviewBall2023 #PEPAtPreviewBall2023 #EntertainmentNewsPH #NewsPH #PEPNews ♬ original sound –

The dancer and fellow TikTok star gushed over Marian Rivera during a red carpet interview for an event they both attended. “Oh my gosh,” Niana squealed. “I’m fangirling over her because her TikToks lately are the best.” She describes the actress’ dancing as swabe and satisfying, and the two met up later that night, talking about a possible dance collab between them. Niana and Marian have met before, but with the cards reversed: Marian filmed a video greeting from Niana for her daughter Zia, who was a fan of the young dancer. Fangirls all around!

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It’s BIBI’s World, And We Are Just Living In It

BIBI and Becky G are maximizing their joint slay.

Beyond conquering the music scene, as seen with her collaboration with Becky G, BIBI is now ready to make a name for herself in the film industry, too.

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Four years ago, after captivating listeners with her self-produced gems on SoundCloud, a multifaceted individual named BIBI made her solo debut with the single Binu. Who could’ve known that this South Korean singer-songwriter, rapper, producer, and now actress would build a name for herself whose influence goes beyond the Korean music scene? Dominating the scene with her diverse, wide range of music from hip-hop to soul-soothing ballads, the 25-year-old artist simply wants to be herself, celebrating self-expression and authenticity through music. “In my world, I am the best. I love myself the most,” BIBI tells NYLON Manila.

Unafraid to tackle different kinds of topics through her music, BIBI aims to focus more on expressing herself rather than thinking about how others will perceive her. However, she also takes certain precautions to make sure that her crafts don’t hurt anyone. “I’m not always a hundred percent right, but I’m always trying hard,” she expresses. 

With her newest single Amigos, a collaboration with American artist Becky G, BIBI stepped out of her usual musical style, pouring thoughts painstakingly on how she will be able to make the song glisten. “When I first heard Becky G’s voice in ‘Amigos,’ I fell in love because it was so perfect. I tried to create a blend of low and refreshing tones,” says the musician, whose hits include BIBI Vengeance, The Weekend, and KAZINO. “Although the lyrics may be somewhat suggestive and promiscuous, I am not that kind of person. As a hopeless romantic, I have a knack for falling head over heels for that one special person and my loyalty knows no bounds.”


Following the release of her new single with Becky G, we had the opportunity to sit down with BIBI to talk about Amigos, self-love, and making her acting debut. Read on below to learn more about the artist.

You did not release any EPs this year. What was it like releasing just singles for the whole year? Out of all your 2023 singles, what do you think was the most impactful and meaningful release for you? 

I think my most meaningful release this year is “Amigos” with Becky G. That project was started a long time ago, so it was really relieving to let everybody listen to it now. I’m a little worried because I wrote the song almost two years ago, and I feel like I have kind of become a different person because I have been writing different lyrics over time. I was worried but at the same time, I was excited to finally release the song. Making EPs and full albums is such a big burden to me; it’s taking me a lot of time to digest albums. It takes a long time and involves a lot of preparations to make albums. For this year, releasing singles was my best choice. I love putting my singles out so everybody can lightly enjoy my music and videos.

What is the message behind “Amigos”? It means friend in English. What is it all about?

Basically, the lyrics of “Amigos” are about cheating on somebody with my friends. In Korean, we call it “남사친 (boy friend).” It’s like cheating on 남자친구 (boyfriend) with 남사친 (boy friend). Anyway, that’s not important. (laughs) I’ve never cheated, it’s just a creation of my imagination. I’m not a villain, I’m not a bad person, and I haven’t cheated yet. I hope everyone doesn’t misunderstand.

You said that you were bad at speaking and that you’re still learning how to communicate. Why is that? Do you think music plays a huge role as it helps you express your feelings?

I don’t know why I became like this. Ever since I was young, I have been a thinker kind of person. I think very deeply. I remember such complicated emotions, but I was very bad with the things outside of my world. Everything was very dull when I was young. I only consider everything inside myself as my own world. I just thought about it, but I didn’t know how to say the things I had in mind. Everybody thought I was kind of dumb, but I think I’m just extremely intuitive. That’s why I was very bad at conversations. But through that, I was able to learn and teach myself how to talk and get along with people. I think it was the cornerstone of my performance and artistic vision as an artist.


You’re eager to make all kinds of songs about all kinds of topics, but you’re also careful and mindful to a certain extent. What factors do you consider important when you write songs?

I wasn’t very mindful in the beginning. I was ignorant and up until now, I still don’t know a lot of things. There are a lot of things in the world, and I don’t want to say one is bad or good. As a musician, I just want to release beautiful art and music. At the same time, I don’t want to hurt anybody. I really hope somebody won’t get hurt by my music. I’m not always a hundred percent right, but I’m always trying hard.

What do you think is the thing you love most about yourself as a musician and yourself as a human being? Have you found your own voice and style already?

As a musician, I love myself because in my own world, I am the best, I am the most beautiful, sexy, and hot. I love myself the most. As a human being, I just know me, but I’m really not a huge fan of myself. I’m still getting to know myself these days as well as what I like and what I don’t like. I’m still in the process of finding my own voice.

You recently made your acting debut in the film Hopeless. What was it like exploring another career? How was your experience doing acting?

Acting is very fun and at the same time, it is very overwhelming. There’s a lot of pressure because my acting performance, in a series or movie, may affect the whole team and crew, director, and other actors and actresses. That’s why I’m trying really hard to become a better actress. But it’s very fun! I find the results amazing! I think that would be the reason why I will keep doing it in the future.

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new year's eve parties and events countdown to 2024

All The Events In Metro Manila Where You Can Have A Blast Counting Down To New Year’s 2024

Start off 2024 with a bang!

The countdown to 2024 has begun and these parties and events held all over the Metro will celebrate with some of the biggest stars like Red Velvet, SB19, and Michelle Dee.

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If you’re looking to celebrate New Year’s in a fun, unique way, there are plenty of events and countdowns that could make the start of your 2024 that much more special. While it’s perfectly wonderful to ring in the New Year at home, it might be fun to take your loved ones out on the town and party it up at any of these countdown parties and live shows—and even get a chance to meet or celebrate with your favorite stars. Featuring special performances and grand fireworks displays, jump for joy and check out which New Year’s Eve event catches your fancy below.


Head on over to 5th Avenue, Bonifacio High Street in Taguig on December 31st to catch the best of OPM and K-pop LIVE at NYE At The 5th. Get a chance to welcome 2024 with Red Velvet’s Irene, Seulgi, and Wendy as well as Filipino artists KZ Tandingan, Zack Tabudlo, Adie, and Ely Buendia. General admission is free, but special offers are in store for sponsor Coca-Cola’s patrons and citizens of Taguig.


Madlang pipol, head on over to Quezon City Memorial Circle to celebrate the eve of 2024 with your favorite queer icons and musical acts. From Vice Ganda, Captivating Katkat and Precious Paula Nicole to Autotelic and Orange & Lemons, make some memories for free with QC Countdown to 2024.


Bridge yesterday and tomorrow with Nostalgia Meets the Future, Ayala Avenue’s New Year’s Eve Countdown to 2024 at the intersection of Ayala Avenue and Makati Avenue in Makati City. Catch epic performances from SB19, Regine Velasquez-Alcasid, Al James, and more as you ring in the new year with your loved ones.


Eastwood’s counting down to the new year by dropping its star and launching fireworks at midnight of December 31. Join KD Estrada, Alexa Ilacad, Silent Sanctuary, SunKissed Lola, Morrisette, and more at the Eastwood Mall Open Park for a night of music and celebration.


Get down and groovy with Sofitel’s New Year Countdown Event Shindig: Disco Dancing Through The Eras featuring Darren Espanto, Juan Miguel Salvador & The Authority, and more guests that’ll use music to take you through time. Tickets cost 12,024 PHP and include dinner, free-flowing drinks, and access to the entertainment and the fireworks display. Get tickets here.


OKADA Manila’s hosting two New Year’s Eve events at Cove Manila and the Grand Ballroom on December 31. At the Cove Manila Nightclub, a lineup of local and international DJ’s will soundtrack the evening. General admission costs 1,500 PHP, but you can avail of their packages as well. You can get your tickets here. Meanwhile, at the Grand Ballroom of OKADA Manila, a special dinner concert featuring Piolo Pascual, Moira Dela Torre, K Brosas, and VXON will have you enjoying a fun, classy dinner to celebrate the new year with your family or friends. Ticket prices range from 10,000 PHP – 20,000 PHP.


End the year with GMA at the SM Mall of Asia and catch a bunch of stars, performances, and a grand fireworks display. The NYE Countdown to 2024 features appearances and performances from HORI7ON, 1st.One, Team Jolly (aka Sofia Pablo and Allen Ansay), Miss Universe Philippines 2023 Michelle Dee, The Voice Generations Grand Champion Vocalmyx, and more. Admission is free, so head on over to Seaside Blvd. on December 31st and end the year with a bang.

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Kaila Estrada’s Minimalist Tattoos Are the Ink Inspo You’ll Want In Your Life

Take this as your sign to book that tattoo appointment.

Searching for ink-spiration that speaks volumes with minimalism? Look no further than Kaila Estrada.

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Meet Kaila Estrada, the rising sensation turning heads not just for her killer performances in the Prime Video hit Linlang but also for her stunning style—tattoos and all. Famous for her standout role in Can’t Buy Me Love, this 27-year-old model and actress has effortlessly captured our attention. After all, she’s the next IT-girl.

If you’re seeking inspiration in minimalist ink, Kaila Estrada’s tattoos are a testament. Her collection, ranging from floral imprints to phrases elegantly etched onto her skin, serves as a compelling call to schedule that long-awaited tattoo appointment. Scroll through the article for your next ink-spiration.

Airplanes Like Shooting Stars

As you breeze through Kaila’s snapshots, there’s this tattoo that’s just bursting with personality—the smooth airplane ink etched on the actress’s arm. Tailored for the perpetual movers and shakers, an airplane tattoo is pure wanderlust vibes. It’s more than just about jet-setting; it’s a visual anthem for craving globe-trotting escapades, embracing freedom, and that exhilarating rush of adrenaline.

Angel Number: 444

Adorned in red ink on her hip, Kaila flaunts the 444 imprint. But these digits aren’t arbitrary—they’re her celestial hotline, connecting her to the spirits and guiding energies. While there are more numbers, this specific sequence conveys a powerful message of love, support, and guidance straight from your angels. It serves as a reminder that you are on the right path, and your angels are by your side, always having your back without any hesitation.

Blossom of Power Puff Girls

Whether it’s about celebrating sisterhood or a close-knit friendship crew, Powerpuff Girls tattoos take the crown as the ultimate choice. Packed with a hefty dose of nostalgia and deep bonds, Kaila rocks Blossom on her finger, while her sisters, Danielle and Inah, each sport Bubbles and Buttercup tattoos. It’s not just about cute cartoons; these tributes echo a bond that’s here for the long haul.

Lovely Lavender

Etched on her ribs, taking up some space in her ink stash, is Kaila’s lavender tattoo. If you’re eyeing a flower tattoo, a touch of lavender is the move. It’s all about love, serenity, and that sweet scent that screams home.

The Quote ‘Que Sera, Sera’

Adorning the actress’s arm is a famous quote, que sera, sera. Although it seems closely tied to Spanish, its origins trace back to Italian, conveying the sentiment ‘whatever will be, will be.’ This timeless phrase encapsulates the essence of accepting life as it unfolds, emphasizing the inevitability of both good and challenging moments. It’s a reminder that life has its course, and sometimes, embracing the uncertainties leads to a deeper understanding that everything happens as it’s meant to be.

Wavy Baby

Check out the actress’s ankle ink—a total hidden gem. Tailored for beach babes, this minimalist wave screams adornment for the ocean, wanderlust, or represents resilience, rolling with life’s twists and turns—perfect for those who ride with the waves and feel the constant motion of life.

1 Corinthians 16:14

That verse from Corinthians? ‘Let everything be done with love.’ It’s not simply script on her skin; it’s a whole mantra. To Kaila, it’s a daily reminder to infuse everything with love, embracing passions wholeheartedly, and approaching each endeavor with an open heart, radiating positivity and sincerity.

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