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The Shirt SUGA Wore In Daechwita Dance Practice Is Worth 75 Album Photocards

The price of Mr. Tongue Technology's T-Shirt is enough to get your tongue twisted.

Who’s the king? Who’s the boss that wears a shirt THAT expensive at a dance practice? The one and only Agust D, aka SUGA of BTS, of course!

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A man of many names, whether you call him SUGA, Agust D, Min Yoongi, or mister Tongue Technology, this rapper simply has a way to get you to put some respect to his name.

In a recent BANGTAN Bomb upload for SUGA’s Daechwita Dance Practice, we saw a glimpse of his sword dancing skills, which later came to life for the imperial music video of Daechwita, the title track of his first solo album, D-2.

While we were definitely in awe of his enchanting sword dance, the real scene-stealer was the shirt he was wearing during training.

Now, if you’re a long-time ARMY, it’s not a surprise to see Yoongi wearing a Fear of God shirt, but did you know that this (now sold out) t-shirt has a resale price of P23,000? That’s worth 75 BTS album photocards in the Philippines! And Yoongi is literally wearing it as A. Practice. Shirt.

Unfortunately, you can’t find the Fear of God sixth collection T-shirt in Heather Grey in its official stores anymore. However, it’s being resold on eBay at $435 + $45-$55 for shipping (that’s almost P23,575!).

A BTS fan account also posted an overview of his full outfit. Turns out, Yoongi’s BANGTAN Bomb Dance Practice outfit costs P64,800 or $1350.

I don’t know about you, but I’d rather just stream his mixtape and play it loud like Daechwita.

All The Times BTS (And Their Merch) Appeared In Dramas

Some call them artists, some call them idols. They're proud of it.

Have you spotted these little BTS gems in your favorite dramas?

At this point, it’s pretty clear that BTS is the biggest group not just in Korea, but in the whole world. You’ll see them everywhere; commercial advertisements, billboards, landmark buildings, and even your local telecommunications company.

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So, who wouldn’t be proud of their success? After all, they started from the bottom of the food chain, and now, BTS is breaking through and at the top of the entertainment industry, defying all the people who discredited their success. That’s why even with the group’s countless achievements nowadays, the fans whom they call ARMY are still grateful for all the acknowledgment BTS gets. Yes, even if it’s as little as a two-second appearance in K-dramas.

Below are all the times BTS and their merch were mentioned and appeared in dramas.

True Beauty

BTS’ Love Yourself: Her album made a brief cameo in episode 14 of True Beauty, and tbh, it’s a whole mood.

Sisyphus: The Myth

Looks like we’re not the only ones who have a soft spot for Spring Day. Seohae, the lead character in the upcoming drama Sisyphus: The Myth, finds comfort in BTS’ song, too.


Lovestruck in The City

Jimin’s Cold Brew coffee appeared in the Netflix show, Lovestruck in The City.


The Uncanny Counter

BTS was mentioned in episode 9 of the K-drama, The Uncanny Counter. The main character talks to a sick little girl about BTS and he says he likes them too. He promised that when she gets better, they should go to their concert together. Brb, crying.

Crash Landing On You

Jungkook’s name was mentioned in the hospital scene of Crash Landing On You, when SonYe Jin’s character was speaking to a young girl who told her that her bias was Jeon Jungkook.



Of course, we can’t forget about V’s debut as an actor in the K-drama series, Hwarang: The Poet Warrior Youth. Ever since then, his bond with long time friend, Park Seo Joon was solidified.

The King: Eternal Monarch

In an episode of The King: Eternal Monarch, BTS appeared in the newspaper. It wrote: “BTS who makes the world’s heart beat, charts on Billboard Main Album Chart for 10 consecutive weeks, fixed into the US Billboard Chart…writing a new history of K-Pop.”


Twenty Your Life On

J-Hope’s BT21 Mang t-shirt from the BT21 x Uniqlo collection appeared in a popular Chinese drama titled, Twenty Your Life On. It was worn by one of the female protagonists.


Wise Doctor Life

The Jungkook and Suga edition of Cold Brew Coffee appeared in an episode of the K-drama, Wise Doctor Life. One of the characters was a self-confessed ARMY.

Stuck In A Funk? Well, James Reid Is Back To Help You With The Quenching Gulp Of Soda

“Can we take time? Don't lose the stars in your eyes.”

A refresher into the sound of James Reid, he comes back cool, calm, and confident with the fizzy track, Soda.


This is no Cinderella story, but holding the same significance to when the clock struck 12:00 midnight today, James Reid went through a transformation of sorts. Well, at least to us the audience, because as it turns out, the actor, singer, and head honcho of Careless Music has been going through quite the journey of introspection over the past year. You know, just like the rest of us have. “Despite the chaos and tragedy that was 2020, it really challenged me and forced me to evolve in more ways than just music,” he says in a statement, parlaying into an announcement of his long anticipated return to music, at least right smack under the spotlight, with his single, Soda.

“Last year was a very heavy year, and I wrote this song during quarantine. It became a time that I was very introspective and I guess this song is a reflection of that insight, of learning to turn these negative things into positive experiences,” James Reid reveals during the press conference of this release. It wasn’t as if he really went anywhere. In fact, he was just as, if not busier in the past few years building and making the irreverent label as best as it can be. Instead of subscribing to the well-oiled machinations of mainstream show business, he turned insular and independent, helping and honing emerging artists that would add depth to the landscape of local music with their sound, their lyrics, and their stories. Last year alone, he was hands-on and focused on the critical success that was Nadine Lustre’s album, Wildest Dreams. It was such a collaborative and communal effort, that he even made an appearance that not only was necessary to the  narrative, but also made sense to the fantasies of many.

Following his last single in 2019, Healing, as well as of feature spots with Massiah, Avin, and Mandaue Nights, Soda is a refresher into the sound of James Reid in many ways. Like a capped bottle of the ice cold carbonated drink that is shaken, James Reid explodes into a full on soul and electro funk experience that bubbles and brims with a lot of spirit. A smooth transition from his early penchant for R&B and hip-hop, he thumps-thump-thumps with a cool, calm, but ultimately confident mid-tempo musical exposition that makes good use of those buoyant rhythm and bass lines, as well as of the groove-inducing 808s.

Taking you to a sepia-tinted trip of soul searching, Soda begins with an introduction of gilded percussions that coalesces with the sound of liquid being poured. Followed by a distinctly soul and electro funk orchestration of the modern times, as can be heard from the likes of Tom Misch, Lliam, Masego, Mac Ayres, and Prep, James Reid sits comfortably along those contemporaries, getting real from the get-go. “Grab your shit, I’m on my way / We’ll work it out, it’s just a phase / Got it tuned to the right frequency (It’s just love),” he begins in his signature vocals. The honeyed track glides on nicely, draping with the same gleaming viscosity that sticks on you both in sentiment and sound. “Pain can wake you up and raise you / Can’t explain, is it love that’s playin’? / Nobody knows where this all goes / Just let it flow,” he continues James Reid in Soda, making it known that this is more than just a song of sweet return.

“I just really wanted to start the year with something fresh. This is a new sound for me that I’ve been working on since 2020,” he says of the track, which was a result of a collaboration with Careless Music, specifically Massiah and Nadine Lustre. “Last year was a very heavy year, and I wrote this song during quarantine. It became a time that I was very introspective and I guess this song is a reflection of that insight, of learning to turn these negative things into positive experiences.” Anchored on learnings and enlightenment, Soda is a natural progression from his last album, Palm Dreams, with a heavy leaning to a deeper purpose. “The message of the song is to really just have an open mind, to see the light in things, learn to see your own darkness as a teacher, and just to be present enough to make the most of life’s surprises,” he says definitively.

“Can we take time? Don’t lose the stars in your eyes / We could stay high or we could fall with the tide / Just ride,he closes in the final gulp of Soda, truly quenching the thirst for good music, one that you have to admit we need a whole lot of these days.

Remember When Our Favorite Love Teams Got Switched?

They weren't always paired up with their OTPs.

Shipping is a big thing in any country. (No, not that shipping, rabid add-to-cart-ers. The other more mushy, love team kind.) There’s just something about people’s undeniable chemistry on-screen that resonates with the audience even off-screen. In the Philippines, however, once a love team becomes a sure hit for the masses, you’ll rarely ever see those actors partnered up with different actors anymore. All their future projects will be linked together, their fandoms become one, and together, they’ll take over box office records, teleseryes, magazine covers, and more.

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But some of these actors didn’t always have their one true pairing right away. Some of them got a chance to work with other stars. Do you remember those days? Here’s a quick refresher.

Liza Soberano and Daniel Padilla

Okay, so they weren’t necessarily paired up to be endgame, but we got a glimpse of what they would look like as a couple. Liza Soberano appeared in several things with Kathryn Bernardo and Daniel Padilla. From Must Be Love to Got To Believe, she sure made a big impression.

Kathryn Bernardo and Enrique Gil

Before LizQuen, Enrique Gil also got to pair up with Kathryn Bernardo in Princess and I. Though everyone was clearly rooting for Daniel Padilla’s character to end up with Kath, Enrique was a strong contender because of his irresistibly charming character.

Maine Mendoza and Carlo Aquino

Who was all up in their feels after watching Maine Mendoza and Carlo Aquino’s movie, Isa Pa With Feelings?

Kathryn Bernardo and Alden Richards

Of course, we can’t forget about the pairing between Kathryn Bernardo and Alden Richards in the movie, Hello, Love, Goodbye.

Andrea Brillantes and Kyle Echarri

Before Andrea found her Ali in Seth Fedelin, she was actually poised to pair up with Kyle Echarri in Kadenang Ginto. Luckily, the Gold Squad had better plans for them, which led them to their love teams now; Kyle with Francine Diaz and Seth with Andrea.

Julia Barretto and Enrique Gil

Enrique Gil was the leading man of Julia Barretto in her first lead role in Mirabella.

Piolo Pascual and Bea Alonzo

Remember the 2005 film, Dreamboy? Bea Alonzo and Piolo Pascual had chemistry there, you can’t deny it.

Rico Yan and Judy Ann Santos

We all know that Claudine Barretto and Rico Yan were goals, as were Judy Ann Santos and Wowie De Guzman, but Rico and Judy Ann were just as cute together in the film, Kay Tagal Kang Hinintay.

Jericho Rosales and Anne Curtis

We all know of the Jericho Rosales and Kristine Hermosa love team at the turn of the new millennium, but he once was paired with Anne Curtis when they starred in the movie, Baler. That movie got Anne awarded Best Actress in 2008’s Metro Manila Film Festival.

Nadine Lustre and Paulo Avelino

On The Wings of Love gave us a tiny glimpse of what Nadine Lustre would look like paired up with Paulo Avelino. These are two amazing actors we’d still love to see together in a film one day.

As Seen On Lupita Nyong’o And Spike Lee, This Brand Of Eyewear Is Far From Boring

Ridding the world of boredom—one pair of eyewear at a time.

These days, everyone is an advocate of celebrating the odd, the unique, and the different. Way before it was cool, Theo Eyewear made individualism the ultimate accessory, sparking a revolution well ahead of its time.


“I ask you, why be boring?” Unprepared as I was to be thrown a question I was all but ready to ask, I merely laughed and answered, “Who would want to be?” In theory, it would be quite difficult to take a grown man, towering at an impressive 6’3”, sporting a peculiar shaped eyeglasses in a searing hot pink, seriously. But then again, as Mik Somers cracks a grin with childlike gleam in his eyes we realize that this man is anything but typical.

A Revolution

This story begins in Eirmarkt, Antwerp—the center of forward fashion and the electric energy of a creative youth in Belgium. Growing tired of the typical and mainstream eyewear that were available then, two opticians asked each other, “Why not?”

Boredom has proven to be quite a driving force for the most self-willed brand. “My father felt that there was something missing, that there weren’t many options from the brands back in 1987. So, he started traveling and he met people from LA Eyeworks. And they inspired my father, saying you can do it yourself. That’s why he started making eyewear for his own shop. It came from a need for differentiation. You can do everything better yourself, he would tell me,” Mik recalls. With a shared fervor for cutting edge eyeglasses that drift away from mainstream themes, Wim Somers (Mik’s father aka The Big Boss) and Patrick Hoet—the latter from whose surname the brand name Theo was formed through an anagram—combined their savvy for unique eyewear and their empathy for their customers who seek quality eyewear that can effectively aid their vision.

Impressions would lead one to assume that Mik Somers is in the business of fashion. While that is true on the one hand, there lies a greater deal to working for the highly innovative, cutting edge, and yes, quirky brand of eyewear that colors outside the lines of tradition. “All of this was a result of an idea,” he says.

Just as unconventional as its debut with a guerilla-style presentation off the stairs of an international optical trade fair in 1989, the Theo brand pushed boundaries.

It was groundbreaking.

Theo Loves You!

Theo was on to something early on. Where eyewear was back then more function than form, Theo insisted that clients should “not just see better, but have better eyes as well.” And now look, more people are sporting individualistic eyewear as an accessory rather than as optical aid. With a firm pulse on the energy of the changing times, the brand was a beacon of above everything, uniqueness. “That’s what it’s all about! It’s the reason of our existence,” Mik says. “We have the most respect for that 1 out of the 10 you know? There is something for everyone.”

It is this respect for the individual that is at the very core of the brand. And it isn’t just thrown out there for the sake of. There is a true appreciation for the different especially for Mik. “Look at Commes de Garcons pushing men to wear skirts. Isn’t that super cool?” he stops to think. As if a lightbulb ticks he proceeds, “Actually, the men of men should wear a skirt. Not only for heritage like the Scots but a fu** you! You tell us to wear pants, we’ll wear skirts! [laughs] I wish there are more men who will dare to stand up and be different.” More than eliciting a stylish rebellion against the everyday drone of the typical that plagues the greater culture of today, what with trends being shoved down consumers, Mik Somers as well as the Theo brand retains its thrust that the wearer is more important than its product.

Mik himself has fallen prey to going with the ebb and flow of the times. “As a kid it, I liked it [the eyewear], with all the craziness and colors but all the frames were too big for me. But during those times it was all about what my friends were wearing: the Polo Ralph Laurens, the Dockers, the Timberland shoes–the typical, classic look,” he confesses. He has certainly gone a long way from then and so has the brand. With its beginnings rooted in the avant-garde, it has since been accepted by a wider audience—Mik included.

Express Yourself

While the brand boasts of fun statement eyewear that attracts attention (Bill Gates and Elton John are among its high profile fans), Theo believes that the glasses do not determine the wearer’s personality, but rather supports it. Mik Somers affirms, “We make frames for people, educated people that are positive, with humor, and want to express their personality through their frames.” It is Theo’s defining element that distribution points are well selected, with a roster of opticians who know the Theo customer in and out in order to suggest the best possible product and service. In fact, opticians are advised that when it comes to Theo eyewear, it is better not to sell than to make a wrong sale.

No doubt the wellspring of imaginative creativity, there lies an almost rock and roll energy to the brand. “At the end of the day, it is about being confident in your own skin. You can’t be daring, you can’t be different if you don’t love yourself,” he shares.

As clear and vibrant as his vision for the brand is, it is very apparent how much of him is in the brand he has grown up with. It won’t be too long then, we reckon that this humble family business from Belgium will rid the world of boredom, one crazy frame at a time. Suddenly, a grown man wearing a pair of hot pink titanium frames doesn’t seem like the oddest thing at all.

Kim Jisoo Black Pink

Did Jisoo Just Wear A Bridal Gown As A Top On The Late Late Show?

Someone could have been married in this haute couture piece, but Jisoo just had to wear it on stage ?

You better run, run, run! Kim Jisoo definitely gave runaway bride a whole new meaning, especially when we found out her top was supposed to be a gown ?

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In Blackpink’s explosive performance for the Late Late Show With James Corden, everything was immaculate—the stage, the live vocals, and of course, the outfits. Jennie’s bodysuit is apparently worth P50,000, Rosé’s mini skirt could pay 4 semesters, and Lisa’s belt costs a roundtrip ticket to Europe. No wonder each of the girls hit worldwide trends on Twitter. They had sugar, spice, and everything nice. But the real plot twist? Ms. Kim Jisoo over here…She isn’t Blackpink’s visual for nothing.

Aside from her sensual and breathy vocals, she wore an outfit that a lot of Blinks consider as one of the best from this era. We spent the most time researching and looking for Jisoo’s ensemble out of all the girls and to our surprise, it’s because her feathered top was actually a modified bridal gown! HOW.

It’s not the first time they dressed Jisoo, cause she also wore one of their show-stopping pieces in the How You Like That music video. Bridal Kong’s website doesn’t indicate the price for the haute couture gown, but we can only guess it doesn’t go below P300,000, especially since it’s a bespoke piece. Realistically, we’re pretty sure the stylist didn’t actually cut the gown in half cause obviously it’s custom made (and the way it fits her body too is amazing). But when when we think about it, it’s hilarious the way someone could have been married in this haute couture gown by the Korean designer, yet our girl Jisoo just had to wear them to set the stage on fire. Only Kim Jisoo.

Lisa blackpink corset belt

Lisa Manoban’s Belt On Their Pretty Savage Performance Is Enough To Buy A Roundtrip Ticket To Europe

Lisa Manoban: best girl, rapper, and yes, rich girl.

Can we all agree that Lisa Manoban’s taste is just straight up decadent?

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In case you’ve been living under a rock, Blackpink just murdered their TV guesting-turned-concert in the Late Late Show with James Corden. Pretty Savage was a track you wouldn’t want to mess with and the girls did not come to play. Don’t say we didn’t warn you!

Blackpink never fails to amaze us with the amount of detail that they pour unto every performance and this one just left us speechless: whether you’re a BLINK or not. We’ve already seen Jennie’s P50,000+ bodysuit and Rosé’s mini skirt that costs 4 semesters, but y’all gotta pay attention to Lisa’s corset belt cause it actually costs €1,190 or P69,355.17. (That’s already enough to buy a ticket to Europe or South America!)

Screengrabbed from Alexander McQueen

While Lisa’s sequinned top was also made by designer David Koma and costs almost P40,000, her peplum corset belt was created by British fashion house Alexander McQueen (under the leadership of Sarah Burton), a designer known for his theatrical and avant garde shows. So, is this Mona Lisa kinda Lisa in the flesh?

In The Pretty Savage Primer, Rosé Wore A Skirt Worth 4 Semesters In College

The price just left us love sick. But who are we to complain? ?

But then again, she’s Rosé. So why not?

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First of all, who gave Rosé the permission to look this good?! For a second, we were confused whether it was a guest performance or a full blown show because the visuals, the vocals, and the production left us all wanting for more. Now that we’ve found Jennie’s P50,000+ bodysuit, can we talk about Rosé’s breathtaking look?

Screengrabbed from FWRD

Apparently, the embellished gloves and velvet-trimmed neoprene cropped top she wore were also by David Koma and it costs P48,553.23 on luxury retail site FWRD. (The price of the gloves are unavailable.) If that made your jaw drop, wait until you find out how much her metallic mini skirt costs.

Screengrabbed from Farfetch

Yes, you’ve read that right. Rosé’s skirt costs approximately P108,167.82 (that’s enough to pay 4 semesters already!) on luxe site Farfetch and it’s by legendary Spanish designer Paco Rabanne who’s known for his signature chainmail designs. We can only imagine the chiming sound it makes when she dances, although it makes us wonder too if it’s heavy. Nevertheless, Queen Rosé over here slayed us all and we’re hyped to see her first solo project soon that she’ll debut on their live stream concert this January 31.

Jennie Kim bodysuit

We Found The P50,000+ Bodysuit Jennie Kim Was Wearing On The Late Late Show

We're not even surprised. She always looks painfully expensive!

The price of Jennie Kim’s bodysuit is pretty savage too, don’t you think?

What is Blackpink without a little risk-taking? With access to almost hundreds of designers, it only makes sense that they would always be wearing the latest collections of the season. I mean, who wouldn’t want to dress them up, right? Besides, each of them are style icons in their own right and are faces of different major luxury houses.

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Today, they gave us a taste of their upcoming livestream concert which is set on January 31st. Performing the track Pretty Savage on The Late Late Show With James Corden, the girls wore equally stunning outfits that looked bad-ass and steamy at the same time. To bring forth the good news, we’ve found the exact same bodysuit that Jennie Kim wore during the performance. Upon researching and scrolling for hours, the bodysuit was apparently created by David Koma, a London-based designer who showed his first ever collection at the age of 15. We’ve found the houndstooth corset bodysuit on luxury retailer site FWRD and it costs approximately over P52,886.13, but is now reduced to P37,020.29.

Screengrabbed from fwrd.com

We aren’t even surprised as the girls looked painfully expensive when they were killing those moves. There was just a slight difference in the original one as it had a higher cut in the leg area, but since Jennie was dancing, hers looked more like a leotard. The price might be a little hefty but yes, we’ll definitely wear this for sure. No questions asked.


Feeling Things? Here’s A List Of Songs To Get You In The Mood—Whatever That May Be

Once again, music saves.

With the no end in sight to pandemic and the necessary quarantine to keep things in check, at least for the foreseeable, this playlist of songs is guaranteed to get you through some times, no matter how emotional they may turn out to be.


When I first shared that initial quarantine playlist a couple months back, I thought life would return to some sort of normalcy come early 2021… yet here we are in January and it looks like things are not going back to normal any time soon. With new strains of COVID-19 on the horizon and vaccine distribution and rollout being disasters, I guess it’s safe to say that we are stuck in lockdown far longer than we what we wanted. With limited things to do indoors, music has been a gracious savior, not only for me, but I’m pretty sure everyone else.

Here’s another list of songs and artists who helped me get through the last six months, which I hope will do the same to you as it did it to me:

Jackie Onassis – Elio

I don’t know about you, but my go-to sad dance bop to listen to during the quarantine was Robyn’s Dancing On My Own. Unfortunately, it definitely gets tiring after the hearing it for the 1000th time. Thankfully, I have discovered a replacement song: Jackie Onassis by Elio. Similar to Robyn’s iconic banger, it is not only easy to dance and bop to, but also puts you in the same introspection mood. Instead of singing about a guy moving on with another girl, Elio sings about wanting to live extravagantly while restrained by things that the pandemic has brought on to almost everyone: depression, financial hardships, longing to travel, physical human interaction, and of course, spending an entire weekend at your local convenience store (’cause that’s the only place you can go to these days)

Mood: When you’re feeling melancholic, but you don’t want to feel too sad to actually cry.

Lost One (Live) – Jazmine Sullivan

Most people only know Jazmine from the time Amber Riley covered her song in one of the early episodes of Glee. That is a travesty as Ms. Sullivan has one of the most impressive voices in the industry. This is further highlighted in this live rendition of Lost One, which is taken from her new album. Its simple arrangement belies just how powerful this song is thanks to Jazmine’s incredible vocals and devastating and blunt lyricism. You can practically hear the agony and regret in every word as she sings about losing someone because of her own carelessness and selfishness. Listen to this to fill that void in your broken heart but also waiting for Adele to release a new sad ballad.

Mood: When you actually want to have a good cry.

Your Light – Big Moon

Let’s switch gears to something a little more uplifting. Spotify was kind enough to recommend this song and band after generous hours of listening to Haim. Your Light boasts a big chorus layered with mesmerizing synths that is just pure earworm. If you feel the first two songs of this playlist is just too darn depressing, this track, most especially after the song’s bridge, from Big Moon will definitely sprinkle a dose of sunshine whatever time of the day.

Mood: When you’re longing for a roadtrip.

Put Your Records On – Ritt Momney

The 2006 Grammy nominated song, Put Your Records On by Corinne Bailey Rae has been brought back into mainstream media thanks to the ridiculously named Ritt Momney’s cover, which went viral on TikTok. While the original song radiated a perfect sunny afternoon, Momney’s version, filled with dreamy lo-fi synths, is predominantly gloomy like there’s this raincloud that seems to follow you everywhere. (Think: Eeyore.) While the song does pick up in certain parts, it never fully escapes this perpetual feeling of sadness. I guess that’s why it became a viral hit, as it manages to encapsulate everyone’s emotional fragility during quarantine.

Mood: When you’re in the mood to reminisce about our pre-COVID normal routines that we took for granted.

What’s Your Pleasure – Jessie Ware

If there is another travesty that I can add to the already horrible year that was 2020, it is Jessie Ware’s soon-to-be-iconic disco album not receiving any Grammy nominations. Whereas Dua Lipa’s fantastic Future Nostalgia captures the energy of disco pop of a club at 11:00 PM, What’s Your Pleasure is the embodiment of a club at 3:00 AM—bartenders shouting last call, people going out to smoke, everyone drunk and horny looking for a body to take home. I am still quite disappointed that no one was able to worship enjoy this song the way it was meant to be played: on the dance floor.

Mood: When you’re itching to go dancing.

Favorite Mistake (Acoustic) – Giveon

Speaking of Grammy nominations, one that I am extremely ecstatic is Giveon’s nomination for best R&B album. His album about heartbreak, longing, and loss really helped me cope with the early months of quarantine. While his album is amazing in itself, I would like to direct your attention to his acoustic covers that are, sadly, only available on his YouTube channel. The stripped-down arrangement of Favorite Mistake paired with Giveon’s haunting, baritone voice really hammers down the heartbreak of the song even more. Here’s a bonus tip for y’all: If you really want a vibe, listen to his songs slowed down and reverb. It. Is. Sublime.

Mood: When you’re in the mood to text your ex because you’re that lonely (or bored).

Baby Powder – Jenevieve

A couple of years ago, everyone else I knew, myself included, was introduced to Mariya Takeuchi’s Plastic Love thanks to YouTube algorithms. The 80s song manage to introduce the genre of Japanese city pop to the rest of the world. Now, Jenevieve isn’t from Japan, but her 2020 song, Baby Powder, echoes the elements of city pop with its sleek synths, funky percussions, and delicate vocals. Similar to Giveon, listening to this slowed down and reverb is a vibe.

Mood: When you’re in the “It’s 2:00 AM and I can’t sleep, so let me just watch videos online” mood.

Back To The Streets (ft. Jhene Aiko) – Saweetie

2020 was a huge year for female rappers with Cardi, Megan, and Doja Cat dominating the charts with great bangers. Another female rapper who deserves just the same attention is Saweetie (who has Filipino blood!). You can immediately detect the laid-back West Coast vibe in Back to the Streets, where Saweetie sings about moving on to another man. One of the highlights of the song is her harmonies with Jhene, which I believe is smooth as honey.

Mood: When you want to low-key vibe outside on a sunny afternoon.

Like I Do – Awa

I can’t count the number of times I have managed to watch this music video. Don’t get me wrong, the song itself is great with its dirty bass and powerful lyrics of self-worth; however, there’s just something completely mesmerizing about Awa being surrounded not only by works of art, but by a group of women of color. Accompanied by some sick dirty bass lines, it’s like she’s this regal queen gliding around her palace shouting to her loyal subjects about their self-worth. You can’t help but to stop and bow down.

Mood: When you’re needing a big dose of self-confidence.

Little – Jany Green

Summer feels so close yet so far away. Here’s hoping that in 2021, we actually get the opportunity to enjoy the outdoors. In anticipation, take a listen to Little, Jany Green’s buoyant single that’s meant to be played full volume on speakers. Its funky production makes it accessible and friendly to any age, as well as extremely replayable. Just be careful though, as I got LSS listening to the chorus. Good luck trying to forget it.

Mood: When you need a picker-upper.

Come Over – Dagny

If you’re a Millennial like me, you most likely spent a large dose of your early adulthood listening to bubblegum pop that was very prevalent over ten years ago. Nowadays, with the exception of the Queen Carly Rae Jepsen, a lot of the famous pop stars have strayed far from this genre of pop music. Norwegian singer Dagny seems poised to fill that niche as well. She comes from a long list of European female artists (Robyn, Sigrid, et al) who just manages to craft the best pop songs. Come Over is so unabashedly saccharine, it will give you cavities.

Mood: When you’re kilig about a person you’ve matched with online that you can’t wait to meet.

Guy Stuff – courtship

Let me count the ways of my borderline unhealthy obsession with courtship. 1.) I have watched them every single time they came to visit New York. 2.) I have a photo with one of the band members while he was chilling at a bar. 3.) I left a concert after they played. (They were just the opening act). To be honest, it’s really hard not to love them. Other than being two of the friendliest people I have ever met, the LA duo pens the most euphoric and adrenaline pumping pop songs out there. Since discovering them in 2016, they have been a staple to my yearly summer playlists. They should be on yours, too. 

Mood: When you’re longing for summer.

Picking Up Speed – Augustine

With gyms closed these days, I find myself running around the nearby park as my only form of cardio. Now, I abhor running, so I need all the motivation I can get to help me finish a couple of laps. This electro pop track from the Swede is my favorite song to jog to…and it’s not just because the title is literally telling you to hurry the fuck up. With hints of Passion Pit, Empire of the Sun, and well, even the Bee Gees, Picking Up Speed has just the right tempo to keep a steady running pace before picking up speed reaching a crescendo as the song goes on. Just make sure to breathe.

Mood: When you need a good workout.

As Long As You Care – Ruel

Don’t make the same mistake I did of simply brushing off Ruel (pronounced rool) as another Shawn Mendes or Justin Bieber knockoff. What Ruel has that the other severely two lack is soul. The 18-year-old Australian has been making waves in the music industry, garnering praises from the likes of Elton John to Tyler the Creator. It’s not that difficult to figure out why. Ruel has the innate talent of effortlessly fusing pop, neo-soul, and gospels in his discography. He released his latest EP last year, with As Long As You Care being the highlight.

Mood: When you need to relax with a glass of wine after a hard, long strenuous day.

Baby Blue – Rence

Rence used to live really close to me and I think because of that, I developed this strange kinship with him and his music. He’s mostly known as the guy Noah Cyrus had a duet with, but simply labeling him as such is a great disservice to talent. Baby Blue, I believe, is his finest single to date as it recalls elements of Bon Iver and James Blake. Even though it’s sad as hell, there’s something quite cathartic with the song production that can’t help but relax you.

Mood: When it’s raining outside and you just need to hear sad songs to make you happy.

I Know The End – Phoebe Bridgers

I think the feelings that best describe my relationship with COVID-19 is frustration and anger. Frustrated and angry that people didn’t take this seriously; frustrated and angry with the government not knowing the fuck they’re doing; frustrated and angry at theory conspirators not believing in the science of vaccines, and frustrated and angry at would-be murderers refusing to wear masks…it gets depressing. Don’t you just wish you can just have that moment to scream your feelings away? Well, Phoebe Bridgers did. Taken from her critically acclaimed and multi-Grammy nominated album, Punisher, I Know The End is the fitting ode to describe what 2020 was for everyone. Phoebe screamed, so we didn’t have to.

Mood: When you want to just fucking scream out your frustrations.