Glowing Confidence: (G)I-DLE Let’s Us In On Their Secret To Being Unstoppable

You're glowing!

Want to know how (G)I-DLE always stays fresh and confident no matter what they do? It all has to do with practice, confidence, and help from Rexona.

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If we had the confidence of K-pop idols, we’d be unstoppable. From their stage presence to looks, personality, and more, the way idols carry themselves is enough to make us feel that we can take on the world. But behind their seemingly perfect persona are real people who deal with real and relatable struggles like many of us. So, how do they do it? 

For K-pop girl group (G)I-DLE, it all comes down to focusing on yourself and getting that extra boost with the help of Rexona. Ever since 2018, (G)I-DLE has stood out for their confidence-boosting chart-toppers and messages. From TOMBOY, Queencard, Super Lady, and more, their songs make you feel unstoppable and like your best selves. 


But this confidence isn’t just something that is attained in the snap of a finger. Instead, it is brought about by knowing your worth, a fact (G)I-DLE is well aware of. “With the help of Rexona, you can be confident by loving yourself enough,” shared SHUHUA during the Rexona #GlowForItStage Launch Party last March 22. The event celebrated self-confidence with a new dance challenge, a new range of brightening deos, and a special appearance from the record-smashing girl group themselves. 

Here’s what went down and how can #GlowForIt like (G)I-DLE!


Dressed in fun shades of purple, orange, and pink, guests lived their best fresh and glowing life with Rexona as they launched its best-ever brightening range – Rexona Vitamin + Bright, with Super Vit C in its formula aiming to give your underarms that Super Bright Glow, befitting the Super Lady that you are. Along with Rexona’s superior technology of sweat and odor protection, you are guaranteed the confidence to go again and again, just like (G)I-DLE. 


The event celebrated movement and confidence, which is what the Rexona #GlowForItStage dance challenge with (G)I-DLE is all about.

(G)I-DLE during the livestream

The girl group announced the Rexona x (G)I-DLE #GlowForItStage TikTok dance challenge themselves during their special virtual appearance, along with what’s in store upon joining.


Running until April 28, the stage is set for you to show off your boldest Queencard moves and glow non-stop. The TikTok filter detects your movement and returns your score at the end of the dance – the more unstoppable and confident you are in following the choreography, the higher the score. Two Grand Prize winners at the end of the promo period will get a chance to win an all expense paid trip to the land of K-pop, Korea! Attendees of the launch party try out the TikTok dance challenge on the spot after the announcement:


On top of that, three weekly winners randomly get chosen to get exclusive signed Rexona x (G)I-DLE towels. Make sure to join weekly for more chances because free signed merch? Yes, please! To join, simply search #GlowForItStage TikTok Effect and upload your own entry under that, or scan the QR code below to join. 


For full Terms and Conditions, visit this link:

While (G)I-DLE’s Queencard choreography is no joke, you’ll have that boost of confidence to slay to the top with the Rexona Vitamin + Bright and its Super Vit C. Join now until April 28!

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