By definition, NYLON Manila is big, bold, and brave, and we are here to underscore the unique identity of the youth as a generation to be seen, heard, felt, and taken seriously on all fronts in pop culture, fashion, beauty, and voice, shaping a future we can fully claim as our own. In this carved out space online and in the grand spectrum of opinion, we are championing the self-aware and self-actualized intersection of the energetic and engaged youth, primarily talking to the hybrid of younger Millennials and emergent Gen Z audience, as well as of those nostalgia-anchored who grew up with the Nylon brand. A digital-first title, we are committed to the responsibility of content and conversations that matter, with stories and narratives that are relevant, responsible, and radical.

The 9th international edition and the 7th in all of Asia, NYLON Manila is published and presented by Modern Media Group Inc. Contains material reprinted with permission from BDG Media, Inc. All rights reserved.

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