Angelo De Cartagena


Contrary to popular belief, Angelo wasn’t always supposed to be a writer. He’s always loved it for sure, but never thought of it as anything special. In fact, he walked past the school paper sign ups in high school out of hesitation engulfed in fear. Eventually, he mustered enough courage to give it a go a year later and he hasn’t looked back since. From essays to fan fiction and now published work that hopefully tugs at the heartstrings and makes one think critically, there is no greater joy and yes, love, for this writer who promises to pen stories until the last possible moment.

Thoroughly weirded out, he isn’t sure why he’s writing in the third-person perspective, but it does sound oddly cool.

Elyse Ilagan


A self-confessed fangirl and lover of all things pop culture, you’ll find Elyse slithering through crowds and barricades to get the latest story on your favorite celebrities. Sometimes a host, other times an accidental meme on the internet, she’s reppin’ Gen Z as a full-time storyteller with a point of view that is fearlessly radical, real, and realized.

Lyn Alumno


For someone fully immersed in the world of fashion as a stylist and creative, she enjoys transforming others and voicing out what she stands for through compelling visual storytelling. An advertising junkie, art history geek, ex-hard ballin’ hooper, and a cut-no-sew stylist are just some of the odd labels in her CV. Tough-as-nails with talons that are as poppin’ as her sense of style and self, make no mistake about it, she likes doing the dirty work, but not putting dirt in anybody’s eye. Don’t get it twisted.

Kenneth Dimaano


With music coursing through the helix of his DNA, everything else followed to the tune. Starting in front of the camera, Kenneth Dimaano is thoroughly enjoying the magic that he can create behind it. A passion for making something remarkable and iconic led him to the industry that was just in his imagination years ago. From directing film, art, event, and even marketing—these experiences prepared him for the tough world that he’s about to face now and in the future.

Oh well, the future is now.

Rafael Bautista


When you first meet Rafael, or Raf as his friends call him, you may feel that he is shy and introverted. But the more you get to know him, the more you realize that he has a lot to say. A self described cinephile, Raf discovered his love for writing when he joined his high school’s film critics club and made it his dream to become a professional writer. Raf loves to write about all things movies, entertainment, and pop culture, but he isn’t afraid to write the stories that need to be told.