(G)I-DLE Talks Growing More Confident And Becoming Your Own ‘Super Lady’

(G)I-DLE Talks Growing More Confident And Becoming Your Own ‘Super Lady’

They've got nothing to fear.

K-pop girl group (G)I-DLE shares all about how their second full album [2] came to be and how you can become your own ‘Super Lady’.

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From being Queencards to Super Ladies, (G)I-DLE have made sure to blaze their own musical trail as empowered, confident young artists. Composed of Soyeon, Miyeon, Minnie, Yuqi, and Shuhua, the K-pop girl group is bold in their artistry, unafraid to experiment, and brave enough to tackle social and gender issues through their music. With their latest album [2], (G)I-DLE shows they stand tall and strong, despite all the challenges thrown their way.


Largely a self-producing group led by writer, composer, and producer Soyeon, the members of (G)I-DLE have always had a hand in crafting their work. Their latest album is no exception, as each one participated in composing and writing lyrics for each of the eight tracks.

Almost six years into their career, through all of their concepts and eras and evolutions, one thing has remained consistent with (G)I-DLE—they champion empowerment, self-confidence, and the freedom to be who you are. As young women in the high-pressure world of music, and particularly in K-pop, their collective experiences as individuals and as a group largely make up what they share with the world.

From wanting to break free from the stereotypes imposed upon them due to their gender or the intense career path they’re taking, to imparting messages of confidence, the quintet stands out. Their concepts, confidence, authenticity, and creativity have earned them distinction of being one of the most successful girl groups of the generation.

Super Lady, the title track from their sophomore full album, is a loud, proud, anthemic song of the power and confidence they’re now known for. The group also loves to play around with concepts, aesthetics, and performances, making every comeback a treat to the eyes, ears, and brain—just as they intend for it to be.


Like many great artists, (G)I-DLE continues to practice the art of embedding layered and multifaceted meanings in their work. Soyeon in particular, as a pillar in their creative foundation, has clear vision for what she wants to achieve with their music, and—arm-in-arm with her members—they tell stories of who they are, their experiences, and what they see and feel as they exist in the world.

For instance, their pre-release single Wife is a satirical take on stereotypical gender roles, where the wife is perceived to only exist to serve her husband. (G)I-DLE doesn’t ever shy away from talking about social issues through their lyrics and visuals. Wife, although packaged in a head-bopping sound with a cute dance music video, is a classic (G)I-DLE move—playful and fun, but invites you to prod deeper into what the heck they were talking about, exactly—and why.

The girl group also made waves for their song Nxde back in 2022, as Soyeon’s intent regarding the song was to shift perspectives about the word “nude,” critique our collective sexualized understanding of the word, and also have an impact on searches involving it. Soyeon shared in an interview that creating a song with such a title could help overshadow any inappropriate results that would come from searching “nude.” Queen behavior, actually. But essentially, through such concepts and music, their perspectives on female empowerment and liberation are made clear.

In an exclusive written interview with NYLON Manila, the girl group talked about how it felt to come back with their second full album, the inspiration and creativity that goes into their work, and what it takes to be your own Super Lady. Read on below.

(G)I-DLE Super Lady second full album [2] soyeon k-pop

How does it feel to be releasing your 2nd full album after 1 year and 10 months?

MIYEON: It’s been a long time, so we have prepared with excitement to show our new song and performances. I hope that many people will enjoy and like our album.

SHUHUA: Since this was our Second Full Album after 1 year and 10 months, I was very nervous. I am happy that we received so much love.

What are some things you learned from your last album and EPs that you carried over while you were making [2]? Are things easier this time around?

SOYEON: This was probably the most difficult album I’ve done. I wanted to do something new that we hadn’t done previously.

All the tracks on this album were songs which the members participated in composing and writing lyrics. Please tell us how the album was put together like this.

MIYEON: This album is also filled with songs that our members wrote. With a great opportunity, I was able to participate in writing lyrics as well.

MINNIE: In the Second Full Album [2], I participated in Vision and 7Days as a composer and lyricist. Please show a lot of support and love towards our songs!

SOYEON: Each member worked in their own style, so we hope our fans enjoy our Second Full Album [2].

YUQI: Soyeon, our leader, mainly developed this album. Once the basic frame is completed our members start working and adding on the details accordingly!

(G)I-DLE Super Lady second full album [2]

What is your favorite track from [2] and why?

MIYEON: I love all our songs but if I had to pick one it would be 7Days, whenever I listen to this song the lyrics are very healing as well as the melody.

MINNIE: I would have to pick Vision. This is the first song to work on the lyrics with Miyeon which made the song even more special. I am sure that our fans would love it as soon as they listen to it!

SOYEON: I chose Wife as my favorite track since this is the song that I composed and even arranged.

YUQI: My favorite song is Rollie. It was my first time composing a hip-hop genre song. The song vibe, our members’ voices, and the overall arrangement worked well together as I expected.

SHUHUA: 7Days by Minnie is a song that makes me flutter and Rollie by Yuqi is very catchy. so please check them out!

There are a lot of amazing visuals in this comeback, like the 360° Paparazzi Room website and the Super Lady MV. What inspired the visuals and creative direction for this album?

MINNIE: We come up with ideas when talking with our members naturally. We are inspired by various conversations.

YUQI: I get inspired by various musical and creative parts in my daily life. I always feel different depending on the mood of the day, such as when I am in a car and look out the window to see the sunset or when I go for a walk at night.

Your Super Lady music video looks like an extravagant production. What messages and feelings did you want to express with the music video?

MIYEON: I think it’s an extension of the message of being confident and loving yourself, which has been in our songs so far. We wanted to show our fans that (G)I-DLE has grown up to be more confident.

YUQI: I wanted to share my belief in self-confidence with the world.

Is there any TMI or fun story you have about preparations for the album or the music video shoot?

MIYEON: There were a lot of background casts who attended and participated in the group dance scene with us. I focused more on the scene since it seemed like we were performing when I was looking at us from below the stage.

MINNIE: Actually, there is a cute episode that I remember. In our Super Lady music video, I acted as Medusa for my solo part. I had to braid about five pieces for my hairstyle, and everyone, including me, were surprised because it was a new hairstyle that I tried.

SOYEON: We had about 600 dancers and actors in our music video Super Lady. When looking at the music video you will be able to see the largest scale that we did.

YUQI: I played as Cruella in this music video! There’s a scene where I’m playing with the dogs. Actually four Dalmatian dogs that were prepared. However, they were so powerful that I couldn’t control them. Following discussions with the director, just two of them appeared in the scene.

SHUHUA: It was my first time filming with foreign actors, and I was surprised by how well all of them spoke Korean. It turns out that everyone lived in Korea for 8 to 10 years!

Do you have any advice for people on how they can become their own “Super Lady”?

MINNIE: I’d like to advise that everyone can be “Super Lady” when we believe “I am the best” and don’t care about others.

SHUHUA: People can become their own “Super Lady” by always loving and believing in themselves, regardless of their circumstances.

What message do you have for your supportive NEVERLAND?

MIYEON: As always, I would like to thank NEVERLAND for waiting for the new album and (G)I-DLE. We’ll try our best to get back to our fans.

MINNIE: NEVERLAND in Manila! Thank you for consistently supporting and loving us! We are always ready to meet our NEVERLAND and will be there soon. Please wait for us. I love you!

SOYEON: NEVERLAND! I love you and thank you as always. We will be there someday, so please wait a little longer!

YUQI: NEVERLAND! We’re continually working hard to bring back your love through our work and music, so please stay tuned!

SHUHUA: Thank you so much for enjoying and loving this album, NEVERLAND. Please look forward to our upcoming activities!

Interview has been edited for formatting purposes. Images courtesy of (G)I-DLE on social media. Special thanks to CUBE Entertainment.

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