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Born To Win: BINI Is In It For The Long Haul

P-pop's It girl group isn't here to just play cute.

Fresh off their first year anniversary, BINI still has much to offer. Aiming to raise their flag towards success, the girls are proving that P-pop is more than just a passing moment.

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In the past few years, few developments have shaken the Philippine music industry as much as the modern rise of P-pop and the groups that color its pages. What seemingly was seen as a fad (and even a joke) is now a slowly but steadily rising sub-genre in OPM. The fact that this year alone saw the debut of the very first concert dedicated to P-pop should tell you as much. And one group helping lead the P-pop charge is the eight-member girl group, BINI.

Initially coming together through Star Hunt Academy in 2018, the members have been vocal about how their trainee era was anything but easy. All that well accounted for, the sweat, tears, and hard work has paid off as BINI firmly placed themselves on the map thanks to their uber-catchy pre-debut single, Da Coconut Nut.

BINI Cover NYLON Manila Headline

Since then, BINI has become one of the top groups thanks to their killer stages and catchy releases, as well as their strong, fierce-meets-cool, and unique personalities. And recently, they achieved a major milestone this 2022 as they reached their first anniversary. But clearly, Aiah, Colet, Maloi, Gwen, Stacey, Mikha, Jhoanna, and Sheena still have so much more to give.

Now that their initial debut period is over, BINI is more than ready to bring things to the next level as they carry the mantle of being called the nation’s premier girl group. That’s a lot of pressure to put on members that aren’t even past the age of 21. But they can handle it, one single at a time.   


On Colet: Pinstripe jumpsuit with cutouts by WILBURLANG LAB. On Maloi: Blazer with pearls by MOSCHINO, Utility skirt by AIRESAUX. On Aiah: White sheer top by DION LEE, Cutout top by IMO.MANILA, Knit skirt by ANA LAO, Earrings by MAZEE PH. On Stacey: A-line dress by WILL FLORES, Earrings by KOKET, Chain necklace by MAZEE PH. On Gwen: Safety pin top by VERSACE, Gray asymmetrical skirt by STEPH VERANO, Earrings by MAZEE PH. On Sheena: Cutout dress by SERAFINASA CLOTHING, Underbust corset by MOSES BERAMO, Earrings and necklaces by MAZEE PH. On Mikha: Bandage dress by HERVÉ LEGER, Knee high boots by WILL FLORES, Earrings by KOKET. On Jhoanna: Mini dress with rhinestone fringes from ZARA, Earrings by KOKET.

When looking at BINI’s portfolio during their debut year, the girls were very much booked and busy. Among the many things that they have done? They flew overseas to Dubai for their first international stage. They graced the cover of an international magazine. They performed at the Philippine Arena to tens of thousands of people. Most importantly, the girls dropped their debut album, Born To Win, and scored themselves a few viral hits such as with Na Na Na. (And there’s also the newsworthy solo activities of the members such as Mikha’s acting debut in He’s Into Her and Sheena’s viral TikToks.)

When reflecting on their journey so far, Aiah marvels at the many things they have done despite the challenges. “Grabe one year na pala ang BINI,” she recalls. “Sobrang dami po naming pinagdaanan po as a group kasi nag pre-debut at debut po kami sa pandemic, so super challenging po talaga niya since bawal pong lumabas, bawal po kaming mag-perform na may mga tao so sobrang hirap po kasi sa harap lang kami ng camera nagpe-perform.”

BINI - Aiah - NYLON Manila

Bodycon dress by LYN ALUMNO, Necklace by SHOP MONICA JEWELRY, Earrings by KOKET

Despite all the setbacks and challenges, that didn’t stop BINI from attaining the perch they currently stand on. And as the country continues to open up more, the group is seeing the fruits of their labor. Recently, they, along a gaggle of other P-pop groups, performed at the first ever PPOPCON Concert, backbend dance break and all. While the group cherishes all their experiences, they shared that the PPOPCON Concert was a standout for their still early careers.

BINI - Aiah - NYLON Manila

“It was our first time to perform here live in our homeland and it is our first time to perform in Araneta Coliseum,” muses Maloi. But aside from the core memory the experience carved in their hearts, what struck the girls most was how it was a time to celebrate with their fellow P-pop groups. Maloi adds, “First time din po namin mag-perform with our fellow P-pop groups, and I’m really looking forward to have a performance again with them in the near future.”


BINI Cover NYLON Manila Headline

Silk blazer by NANA JACQUELINE from THE JONES ARCHIVE, Corset by JEFFREY TOPE, Mini skirt by NINA AMONCIO, Earrings by KOKET
BINI Cover NYLON Manila Headline

Speaking of P-pop groups, BINI has already worked with a couple of them in official capacities. At this point, BINI’s DNA is practically intertwined with that of BGYO as the brother-sister groups have participated in many activities together. BINI also got to work with SB19 for a memorable modern rendition of Kabataang Pinoy. To this, the group says that working with both groups was a dream. But they did notice a few key differences.

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Little black dress from THE JONES ARCHIVE, Earrings by KOKET
BINI Cover NYLON Manila Headline

“They are different groups pero meron po silang kanya-kanyang fun and excitement na binibigay whenever magkakasama po kami. And they’re both excellent and professional kaya sobrang saya po silang katrabaho,” explains Maloi. “With BGYO, we already know them since 2019 kaya pag may collaboration po kami, masasabi po na mas comfortable po kami sa kanila kasi na-build na po ‘yung bond namin with them. With our kuyas in SB19, siyempre po at first it was awkward, pero eventually naging close na po kami kasi sobrang approachable po nila and pinaparamdam po talaga nila na gusto nila kami makasama, kaya nagclick po kami at naging SBINI19.”


To press play on a BINI song is to hear almost two different stories. On one hand, most of BINI songs are upbeat tracks that delve into genres like pop, disco, electronic, and funk. But when you take a look at the lyrics, it cuts deeper than your typical radio-friendly track. If the song isn’t tackling the topic of self-confidence or believing in yourself, the girls are lacing rhythm and beats with lyrics about unleashing your inner queen. And that holds true for their latest release, Pit A Pat.

BINI Cover NYLON Manila Headline

Pocket tie top and utility pants by STEPH VERANO, Necklace by MAZEE PH, Leather belt by GUCCI from THE JONES ARCHIVE
BINI Cover NYLON Manila Headline

The dreamy electro-pop track features an empowering message of keeping headstrong through life’s obstacles and distractions. Its sound is good enough to enjoy at a summer party and beyond. But its lyrics hint at prioritizing yourself and not relying on a man to be your prince charming. “Actually, we already heard the demo two years ago and we all chose it because of the catchy beat and we feel like we can really vibe with the song,” shares Gwen. ”It really sounds so fun especially when we do it with choreo, since it’s a summer song sobrang sakto niya and lahat makakasabay and mapapaindak.”

Originally written by Korean singer-songwriter Sophia Pae, the track is extra special for the girls as they also had a hand in writing the Filipino lyrics to the song. They admit though that it wasn’t easy penning down their thoughts into words. “Nahihirapan kami maglagay ng Tagalog na words sa song namin kasi parang iba’t ibang ideas, madami po kaming gustong sabihin,” says Colet. Stacey expounds on this conundrum further: “The story of the song, it talks about how life doesn’t turns out to be like a Disney fairytale. It’s not always that you have your prince charming over there ready to save you. So, ‘yun po ‘yung naging hugot po namin in writing.”

White mini skirt by AIRESAUX, Arm warmers by RAFA WORLDWIDE, Earrings by MAZEE PH
BINI Cover NYLON Manila Headline

Uniting their thoughts together under this one vibe, the girls were able to write. Colet quips, “Parang what unites us is ‘yung word ‘priority.’ Since kami pong BINI kasi, mas ipa-prioritize and mahalaga po and umiiwas po kami sa distraction kaya ‘yan po ‘yung lyrics.” Stacey says she looked to her own life as inspiration for this admittedly difficult task. “It’s my first time to write Tagalog rap, so I tried to reminisce all of my experiences in life na I was just all by myself and my life wasn’t a fairytale kind of life.”


On Stacey: Cutout top by WILBUR LANG LAB, Zipped Up Pants by GUCCI from THE JONES ARCHIVE, Earrings by KOKET, Necklace by MAZEE PH. On Colet: White mini skirt by AIRESAUX, Arm warmers by RAFA WORLDWIDE, Earrings by MAZEE PH. On Maloi: Little black dress from THE JONES ARCHIVE, Earrings by KOKET. On Gwen: Pocket tie top and utility pants by STEPH VERANO, Necklace by MAZEE PH. On Sheena: Lace corset by MARK TAMAYO, Cream overalls by MANILA THE STUDIO, Earrings by MAZEE PH, Rings by KOKET. On Mikha: Silk blazer by NANA JACQUELINE from THE JONES ARCHIVE, Corset by JEFFREY TOPE, Mini skirt by NINA AMONCIO, Earrings by KOKET. On Aiah: Bodycon dress by LYN ALUMNO, Necklace by SHOP MONICA JEWELRY, Earrings by KOKET. On Johanna: Black mini dress with puffed sleeves by WILL FLORES, Earrings by MAZEE PH.

Usually, whenever a musician attains a certain level of success, they are given a title to match that. For example, there’s Queen of Pop for Madonna, Asia’s Songbird for Regine Velasquez, and 4th Gen It Boy for TXT’s Yeonjun. In BINI’s case, it is Nation’s Girl Group, a title originally given to them by their fans and made “official” during the PPOPCON Concert. The girls admit that they were taken aback by the title. “Unang beses kasi namin marinig po that time, tapos hindi po namin expect kasi noong rehearsal, hindi sinabi,” shares Jhoanna.

While they understand the pressure that comes with it, they also consider it a huge honor. “Parang ang sarap umiyak kasi kahit in that way, nakikita po ng tao ‘yung effort at hard work and siyempre, napakalaking bagay na po ‘yun lalo na po tao ang nabigay ng title sa BINI,” she continues. “Of course there is pressure to meet expectations but, ‘yung pressure naman, ’yan ‘yung tumututlong sa amin to do better and be worthy ng title. We’re just gonna continue doing what we’re doing. Continue lang anuman ‘yung BINI ngayon.”

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Black mini dress with puffed sleeves by WILL FLORES, Earrings by MAZEE PH
BINI Cover NYLON Manila Headline

While P-pop is currently in the midst of a gleaming golden age, that doesn’t mean it’s a sub-genre that’s been accepted with open arms by all. Scroll through the comments section of anything P-pop related, you just might find a comment that disparages the genre. Some have also accused P-pop of just being a blatant and even low quality rip-off of K-pop. Well aware of these comments and criticisms, BINI chooses to see the apparent good in it. Because in their eyes, these comparisons, whether fair or not, shows that P-pop can keep up with the best of them.

Kapag may ganon po, parang hindi matutuwa kasi alam mo ‘yung nakikita nila siguro ‘yung discipline ng K-pop sa mga P-pop groups. But dapat matuwa po tayo kasi pagdating ng concept and production, nakikipagsabayan na ang P-pop. It means lalo, knowing na strength ng K-pop, at least ’di ba, kaya na natin makipagsabayan kahit papano and sa ganon, paraang nire-represent natin ‘yung country natin.”

BINI Cover NYLON Manila Headline

Lace corset by MARK TAMAYO, Cream overalls by MANILA THE STUDIO, Earrings by MAZEE PH, Rings by KOKET
BINI Cover NYLON Manila Headline

While P-pop does share from universal sounds and ideas, at its core is a uniquely Pinoy touch. Here, we have hardworking people who put in the effort and make music that is inspired by the sounds of the world, but still retains a distinctly local flavor. “You won’t lose anything naman if you try to listen to P-pop,” expresses Sheena. “Try to audition to be part of a P-pop group, because the world of P-pop is amazing. It sounds great, it unites us Filipinos, and it’s a great way to showcase our talents. And by simply listening and promoting P-pop, tinatayo mo ang bandera ng Pilipinas kasi P-pop is not only about music, but it’s Pinoy pride.”


Ever since their debut, one of the main pillars of BINI has been empowerment. Their group ethos is all about being a modern binibini, one that exhibits sweet charms, as well as an independent and confident attitude. As one of the highest profile P-pop girl groups out there, this feminist thrust isn’t just for show, because as they see it, their success isn’t just BINI’s success, but for all women in the industry.

Cutout top by WILBUR LANG LAB, Zipped Up Pants by GUCCI from THE JONES ARCHIVE, Earrings by KOKET, Necklace by MAZEE PH

“We hope that one success will lead to everybody’s success, especially us girl groups. There are a lot of girl groups that are formed right now, so it would be so nice na hinihila namin lahat taas, kaming mga babae, and we all contribute to the idea of P-pop Rise, because we really would want that. We hope rin that in the future, all of us to become successful and bring awareness na we can do it as women. And hopefully din we can be able to tap into the international scene, because that would be so nice, mga babae in the international stage, conquering the world,” expresses Stacey.

BINI Cover NYLON Manila Headline

While women, especially in the pop scene, are often depicted as rivals and would rather fight one another, that isn’t case at all. Petty rivalries and squabbles begone, the women in P-pop are here to support each other. Growing up, BINI had their own idols and role models to look up to. And now as idols themselves, there are young girls who look to BINI as role models. So, for the young girls out there hoping to chase their dreams, whatever that may be, here’s what BINI has to say as shared by Mikha: ”First thing is to believe in yourself and also don’t depend on others. Always accept your flaws at the same time, celebrate your strengths.”


On Gwen: Safety pin top by VERSACE, Gray asymmetrical skirt by STEPH VERANO, Earrings by MAZEE PH. On Sheena: Cutout dress by SERAFINASA CLOTHING, Underbust corset by MOSES BERAMO, Earrings and necklaces by MAZEE PH

Their debut year was a busy one for BINI. But as they enter year two, it feels like the group is just getting started. Already, the group is slated to perform at the Tugatog Music Festival and Be You that will feature the one and only Red Velvet this July. They are also set to celebrate their first anniversary on June 11. And as teased by Aiah, BLOOM fandom has a lot more to anticipate from the group. “Sa year two naman ng BINI, marami po kaming gustong mangyari, marami po kaming goals. Gusto po naming ma-meet ang BLOOMs. Gusto po namin libutin ang buong Pilipinas, lalo na po yung Visayas at Mindanao kasi sobrang daming BLOOMs na gustong ma-meet ang BINI. And, of course, gusto po rin namin mag-release ng more songs to inspire the people through our music. Gusto rin po namin ng more concerts at hindi lang sa Pilipinas dahil mataas po mangarap ang BINI outside the Philippines.”

BINI Cover NYLON Manila Headline

On Maloi: Blazer with pearls by MOSCHINO, Utility skirt by AIRESAUX. On Aiah: White sheer top by DION LEE, Cutout top by IMO.MANILA, Knit skirt by ANA LAO, Earrings by MAZEE PH.

When it comes to their BLOOM, it’s clear that the bond BINI has with their fans is on another level. The fan-idol relationships within P-pop is generally next level, but BLOOMs are ride-or-die for the girl group. Even if they haven’t had much face-to-face experiences with their fans, the love is real and overflowing. “Sa mga BLOOMs na sumusuporta sa amin, maraming salamat po, kasi hindi naman aangat ng patuloy ‘yung BINI kung hindi dahil sa tulong ninyo,” says Jhoanna. “Maraming salamat na kahit may mga times na hindi naman kasi palaging ganap ang BINI, tuloy-tuloy po sa soc med, hindi sila nawawala. Sana magkikita na tayo soon. Malapit na nating naabot ang pangarap natin dahil pangarap ng isa ang pangarap ng lahat.”

BINI Cover NYLON Manila Headline

With year one in the bag, the future looks to be just as exciting if not more. BINI is set to continue to get their name out there through performances, songs, and empowering message that will never go out of style. Now, all that there is left to do is watch out for the continued blooming of BINI.

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Makeup TAMARA PINEDA (Sheena, Stacey, Maloi), ANGELA MANHILOT (Mika and Aiah), and APPLE FARAON (Colet, Gwen and Jhoanna) for NARS

Hair JA FELICIANO (Stacey, Colet, Maloi, Jhoanna) and CARLO ROBLICO (Aiah, Mikha, Gwen, Sheena)



Shot on location at NEW MONARQ STUDIOS


Video direction KENNETH DIMAANO


Stranger Things 4 Review

9 Moments From Stranger Things Season 4 That Were So Satisfying To Watch

We'll never look at grandfather clocks the same way again.

Stranger Things Season 4 is insane in the best way possible as we follow the Hawkins Gang and friends in new adventures to save the world.  

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They say that good things come to those who wait. For Stranger Things fans, that’s in the form of the long-awaited fourth season. (Well, at least the first volume.) After three years, Stranger Things is back and the hype for season four did not disappoint. While not without its flaws, volume one is a well-made, tense, edge-of-your-seat ride that delivers some of the best work of the entire series.

Season four sees the Hawkins gang face Vecna, arguably their greatest threat to date. But there’s also the fact that they have to deal with other problems such as Eleven losing her powers and Hopper being imprisoned in Russia. It’s a big season that does not buckle under the weight of its ambitions. Despite at least three major storylines going on at the same time, you rarely get lost in the shuffle thanks to the strong storytelling and plot pacing. The Duffer Brothers also made sure to ratchet up the tension, horror, and intensity to an eleven, which is why there is rarely a dull moment in the show.

When we heard how long the episodes are (episode seven is one hour and forty minutes, while episode nine is nearly two hours and thirty minutes), we were initially taken aback. But, after watching the season, the exhaustive run times aren’t all that bad. You don’t really feel that it’s that long with how well-paced the episodes are. Overall, it was a very strong season that closed things relatively neatly while opening the door for where the fifth and final season could go. Here are some moments from the season that were just so good that we forgot how long the episodes are.

(Warning: Spoilers Ahead For Stranger Things Of Season 4)


Let’s start by saying that we do not condone violence. But we’ll let this one slide. Angela had no right to bully Eleven like that just because she was different. So, when Angela tried it at the Rink-O-Mania, Eleven wasn’t having any of it. Eleven grabbed a roller skate and wacked Angela in the head that felt oh so satisfying to watch. El was channeling the anger and annoyance we had towards Angela and did what needed to be done. She went through so much this season, which is why she deserves the respite. Eleven did nothing wrong, officer.


How Old Stranger Things' Kids Cast Is Compared To Their Characters Now

You may remember Erica, the younger sister of Lucas, for her memorable scenes from season two and especially season three. And this time, she’s back and still the baddie that she is. For starters, she perfectly clapped back at Eddie when he tried to demean her during their D&D game in episode one. She also was the only person in the town hall who defended the Hellfire Club when Jason accused them of being a satanic cult. And there’s also how she has been there for the gang time and time again. Erica is that supportive friend we all need in life who isn’t afraid to put people in their place.  


Stranger Things' Season 4: Sadie Sink hailed for 'phenomenal' role as Max  in final season | MEAWW

The whole season is great. But something must have been in the water at catering when they made Chapter Four: Dear Billy, because it ate down. In particular, the final moments of the episode was a masterclass in filmmaking and tension. Fearing that Vecna is about to get her, Max decides to write letters to the people close to her life. She then visits the grave of Billy to talk to him. But that is when Vecna strikes and it seems Max is about to die.

But thanks to the help of Nancy and Robin, the group learns that music can help people escape Vecna’s grasp and that’s exactly what they did. Featuring an excellent use of Kate Bush’s Running Up That Hill, Max escapes Vecna in a nail-biting sequence. The Max-centric episode was so good and gave Sadie Sink a much deserved opportunity to flex her acting skills. Plus, we also have a new song now to add to our 80s playlist. Speaking of, if you go on Spotify, you can also check out a specially curated playlist that shows which songs will save you from Vecna.


Stranger Things season 4 villain Vecna's surprising origins, explained |  GamesRadar+

As the big bad of the season, Vecna proved to be more than a worthy foe for the main protagonists. The way he would crack the bones of his victims like a demented chiropractor provided some visceral violence. But when we learned his origin story, it brought the character to the next level as the twists weren’t just limited to his bone twisting.

As revealed in episode seven, Vecna is actually One, as in the first number. He used his powers in a way he thought would change the world for the better, leaving a trail of mangled bodies in his wake. When One asked Eleven to join him, she refused and used her powers to banish him to the Upside Down. This inadvertently gave birth to Vecna as we know him. It was a twist we weren’t expecting which is why it’s so good. Instead of the group just fighting another demon, they are facing a real person with nuanced beliefs. Jamie Campbell Bower gave a phenomenal performance as One and helped give life to a truly sinister villain.  


Stranger Things' Recap: Season 4, Volume 1 — Episodes 1-7 Spoilers | TVLine

There were many groups we followed during the season from Joyce and Murray’s wild rescue mission to save Hopper in Russia to Mike, Will, Jonathan, and Argyle trying to find Eleven. And one friendship we loved seeing blossom in season four was that of Nancy and Robin. The two come from opposite sides of the spectrum with Nancy being more proper and uptight and Robin being more chill and loose. But they got close this season, which made for a nice pairing especially when they teamed up to go to the mental asylum to speak with Victor Creel (played by Fred Krueger himself, Robert Englund).


Stranger Things Season 4: Robin/Nancy Most Popular Characters Tag Team |  TVLine

For the longest time, Steve has been one of our favorite comfort characters and season four continues that. Seeing him spend time with Robin, Nancy, Eddie, and being the unofficial babysitter of the group was fun to watch. But Steve also knows how to kick ass such as during the opening epic scene of episode seven. After being pulled into the Upside Down, it looks like things weren’t going well for Steve against the demobats. But that was until Nancy, Robin, and Eddie came to his rescue. Understandably pissed, Steve also made sure to get his punches on one bat, shirtless and all. While his choice of weapon can sometimes be questionable, Steve Harrington is not one to mess with.


For all the hate Eddie got by the people of Hawkins, he truly was a great guy. And during a finale that was chocked full of epic moments, from Eleven coming to Max’s defense, Nancy and het shotgun, to Hopper taking out that Demogorgon with a sword, Eddie’s rock star moment was one to remember. As part of their plan to take out Vecna, Eddie and Dustin were charged with distracting the demo bats. And to do that, Eddie decided to rock out to Master of Puppets by Metallica. It was epic in all the way possible


Why Did Vecna Kill Chrissy in 'Stranger Things'? Let's Discuss (SPOILERS)

The nerd meets the popular cheerleader. It’s a trope we’ve seen many times before, but just because we’ve seen it, that doesn’t mean we don’t like it. In episode one, we are introduced to two new characters, Eddie Munson and Chrissy Cunningham. Eddie is the high school repeater and D&D master while Chrissy is the cheerleader dating the popular basketball player. The moments, however brief they may be, shared between Eddie and Chrissy were so wholesome to see. You could tell Eddie was trying his best to make Chrissy feel comfortable given her circumstances. Both characters deserved better as Chrissy didn’t need to die to early and Eddie shouldn’t have been made the villain in the eyes of the town.


If we were Eleven during this moment, we would understandably be pissed too. Papa forcibly kept her in the facility and the US military tried to kill her. This is why when the helicopter was trying to take her down, Eleven snapped and sent that helicopter crashing down into the ground in an epic display of slow motion. It was one of the best uses of her power during season 4 and was completely badass from start to finish.

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Top Gun Maverick 2022 Review

Yes, Top Gun: Maverick Is That Good As It Soars High Above The Clouds

Welcome back to the danger zone.

Even though it’s been 36 years since the original, Top Gun: Maverick is not only a worthy sequel, but a genuinely great movie.

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36 years ago, the film Top Gun (1986) was released in theaters. With its killer stunt work involving fighter jets, as well as its memorable soundtrack featuring Kenny Loggins’ Danger Zone and Berlin’s Take My Breath Away, the film was more than just a massive box-office success. From inspiring video games such as Ace Combat, popularizing aviator sunglasses, and even causing more people to enlist in the Navy, Top Gun has made its impact on popular culture. It also made its lead actor, Tom Cruise, a bonafide superstar. Cruise, while having starred other films, would be remembered in the 80s for his iconic turn as Pete “Maverick” Mitchell.

And yet despite these, there hasn’t been a sequel until now. Whether it was finding the right script or even the untimely death of director Tony Scott, it seemed that for the longest time, there would be no successor to Top Gun. But finally in the 2010s, Tom Cruise teamed up with director Joseph Kosinski to develop a sequel that could be worthy of the original. The road to release though wasn’t a smooth ride as it underwent development hell as well as numerous delays due to the COVID-19 pandemic. That usually doesn’t bode well for a movie. So, could Top Gun: Maverick beat the odds and win audiences over despite the huge gap between releases?


Top Gun: Maverick - Rotten Tomatoes

Thankfully, Top Gun: Maverick is not only a sequel that is worthy of the original, but is a resounding and massive achievement from a technical standpoint. It is a love letter to aviation, dedicated to providing the film with utmost authenticity. Due to Tom Cruise’s demands, minimal CGI was used and real footage was shot with F/A-18 and other aircraft. With the amazing flying stunts, as well as crisp sound design, the film makes you feel like you are with the pilots as they traverse through numerous obstacles, as well as face off against missiles and enemy fighters.

Cruise’s demand for realism also extends towards his actors. He himself was able to pilot some of the craft used. Cruise also requested his co-stars to go through pilot training, as well as be able to ride these fighter jets with the assistance of professional pilots. Because of this, you can really see these actors ride through the force of gravity and go through the numerous turns. In an era where digital effects can do almost anything imaginable, Top Gun: Maverick amazes audiences once more not through artificial means but real and practical flying stunt work.  


Box Office: 'Top Gun: Maverick' Bows To Memorial Day Record With $156M –  Deadline

But what is spectacle without an emotional core? Thankfully, the film allows the action to breathe so we can get to know our characters. Tom Cruise, reprising his role as Maverick, gives a thoughtful performance where he is allowed to ponder and emote. It’s easy to forget that beyond the crazy stunts and numerous death defying moves in his latter career, Tom Cruise is actually a good actor. Maverick not only has to deal with the ghosts of his past, but also the idea that he may be obsolete. He is a relic of the past that is being set aside for newer pilots. It makes for a self-aware take on how Cruise is considered the last of his kind in Hollywood.

His commitment to acting out the role as well as doing the stunts himself has made Cruise a one-of-a-kind star. An actor willing to risk his life for the audience’s benefit.


Top Gun: Maverick' ending explained, plus best throwbacks (spoilers!)

Tom Cruise’s supporting actors also succeed in making the film work. Miles Teller plays Rooster, the son of Maverick’s best friend Goose (Anthony Edwards) who had been killed in an accident in the previous movie. Here, Rooster butts heads with our hero. He has animosity towards the nature of his father’s death, as well as Maverick’s own desire to protect him. Because of this, Rooster and Maverick’s relationship proves to be the most important part of the film. It is a story of a surrogate father trying to look out for his son regardless of what he may think of him.

Meanwhile, Glen Powell’s Hangman provides a good foil to Rooster. Arrogant and reckless, Hangman serves as the face of the new generation of pilots as well as comic relief in the movie. Powell is charming enough to maintain Hangman’s likeability despite his overwhelming arrogance throughout the film. Finally, we see the return of Val Kilmer as Iceman. Having been Maverick’s rival in the original, Iceman returns as the last of Maverick’s friends. He’s been promoted numerous times in the Navy while Maverick remained captain due to his desire to fly.

With Kilmer’s battle with throat cancer a few years ago, it is a relief to see him in such good spirits and in good health. In probably the film’s most tearjerking moment, his reunion with Maverick proves to be poignant and emotional. The film is successful in dealing with Kilmer’s illness in a respectful manner. While his role in the film is short, it is a memorable one.


Top Gun: Maverick Review: Tom Cruise Soars Above Expectations | IndieWire

Top Gun: Maverick ultimately is a cinematic roller coaster. It is a blockbuster molded in the days before superhero films and other CGI spectacle dominated the market. The plot may be standard and even Maverick’s romance with Penny (Jennifer Connelly), while well acted, can feel perfunctory. Yet, despite this, Top Gun: Maverick might be one of the best films this year.

It is a visual and audio experience, a theme park ride that takes your breath away and leaves you wanting more. Best experienced on a big screen such as IMAX, the film is pure spectacle that surpasses the original while giving viewers emotional content to make you care for these characters. After 36 years, Top Gun finally has a sequel and it soars above all expectations.

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nadine lustre hair color red hairstyle

Sizzle! Nadine Lustre Joins The Ginger Girl Gang With Jennie Kim And Kendall Jenner

Kim Possible? Jennie Kim? Kendall Jenner? Yes to all.

Nadine recently debuted her new ginger hair and it’s hot, hot, hot.

Red hair is still having its much-needed air time, and the latest recruit? Nadine Lustre. On her recent Instagram stories, she debuted her new ‘do, now in a copper orange shade that looks oh so flattering, especially on morenas, deeper skin tones, and those with a fair complexion. Joining the likes of Jennie Kim and Kendall Jenner who recently switched from brunette to ginger real quick, all we can say is, it’s probably an It-girl thing. ?

nadine lustre hair ginger

It’s been a while since Nadine Lustre dyed her hair, the last being her ash blonde phase back in 2017 or that time when she went full on platinum for her NYLON Manila cover. Her hair stylist, Paul Nebres, spilled some secrets on the magician behind the gorgeous hair color is, revealing that it was Junie Sierra from The BLOC.


The beauty of Nadine’s new hair color is that it takes less than two bleaches to achieve its light, copper shade. Actually, it reminds us of our favorite fictional red heads like Blossom and Miss Sara Bellum of The Powerpuff Girls, Kim Possible or Misty of Pokemon. Not to mention Calcifer Pendragon of Howl’s Moving Castle, *wink wink.* All of which are some of the fiercest heroes we’ve known. Needless to say, this the hair color of the moment, yes? Sizzle.

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ANJI big winner pbb

Here’s Why Anji Salvacion Deserves To Be PBB Kumunity Season 10’s Big Winner

And that's on proving the haters wrong.

From up-and-coming singer to multiple evictee nominee, rising star, and now PBB Season 10 Big Winner, Anji Salvacion did THAT!

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Life has a funny way or working doesn’t it? While some may say that certain things can be set in stone, history has proven time and time again that your journey can zag when you expect it to zig. Prior to 2021, most people didn’t know who Anji Salvacion was who at the time was a member of the Squad Plus and a performer on ASAP.

So, when she was cast in the celebrity edition of PBB Kumunity Season 10, she wasn’t tipped as an obvious front runner as compared to her fellow housemates with brighter star power. But PBB is known for letting the underdogs rise to the top. Months later, Anji Salvacion is now the Big Winner of the entire season.


On May 29, PBB season 10 held its Big Night, the culmination of its celebrity, adult, and teen editions with one of the final five housemates set to be named the Big Winner. In the end, the crown went to Anji Salvacion and the race wasn’t even close. She won with a landslide 40.42% of the combined votes. And just like that, Anji Salvacion was Pinoy Big Brother Kumunity Season 10’s Big Winner. In addition to the title, Anji also took home a hefty check of two million pesos. At the runner-up position was adult housemate Isabel Laohoo with 18.2% of the vote followed by Samantha Bernardo at 16.28%. Teen housemate Rob Blackburn was fourth with 4.01% while Brenda Mage was last at fifth with 1.91% of the vote.

Dressed in a gorgeous yellow tulle gown, Anji was understandably emotional when she was named the Big Winner. As she made her way down the stage, she was greeted by her equally emotional mom. “It’s is not the title but it’s how people trusted me,” said Anji during her speech while fighting back tears. “That’s my biggest, biggest blessing. How people look up to me and no words can express… Tagumpay ang plano!”


Aside from crowning an overall winner, many of the past Big Winner housemates were present as well. The housemates from the celebrity, adult, and teen editions of season 10 were also there for a nice reunion. Among the many there included KDLex, as well as a much needed SamLy moment. Seeing Alyssa Valdez there also made us think how this season would have ended if she didn’t decide to forge her spot to compete in the 2021 SEA Games. She was the TOTGA of the season in our hearts. If ever there was a PBB All-Stars, we hope Alyssa gets included. The night also had its fair share of performances from acts like BINI, BGYO, and EZ Mil.

In general, the whole of season 10 was fun watch that definitely gave us real life teleserye energy. It also introduced to us a new generation of stars to keep an eye out for. After all, we have this season to thank for giving us KDLex.

For anyone who has followed Anji’s journey in PBB, you know that her time on the show was anything but easy. The “Singing Sweetheart ng Siargao” had a rollercoaster of an experience, dealing with her fair share of issues and criticisms, including being nominated for eviction multiple times. In fact, she battled haters both within and outside the house. But as Nicki Minaj famously said, “You can’t get rid of me b*tch!” Anji survived the eviction nights and became a fan favorite in the process as people started to fall in love with her thanks to her story, talents, and personality. It’s a deserved win to say the least. Now, with PBB win in hand, Anji Salvacion looks to follow on the same gilded path many of her past winners have walked on. Congratulations Anji!

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Zack Tabudlo Francine Diaz -As You Are

Francine Diaz Is A Lover In Mourning In Zack Tabudlo’s ‘As You Are’ Music Video

"You deserve all the love in this world."

Zack Tabudlo’s As You Are is one of his most romantic songs to date. But it’s music video starring the musician and Francine Diaz made sure to shed some tears.

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You probably have seen that famous meme of the black and pink houses by the beach. The image shows the two beach homes, which are real by the way, side-by-side as their contrasting colors make the perfect canvass to illustrate things on the opposite sides of the spectrum. Often, the meme has been used to describe a song whose lyrics contradict that of its music. Now, that meme can also be used to describe Zack Tabudlo’s new song As You Are to its music video. Here, the track, with its wholesome and touching message is contrasted with a music video that might just make you shed a tear.


Serving as the pink house, we have the song As You Are. His latest single as of this writing, the track was released at the tail-end of April 2022 and sees the young musician tackle a topic he’s all too familiar with, love. In particular, Zack sings about spending time with his significant other and generally being there for her. As always, he manages to capture compelling feelings and emotions with his writing and As You Are is no exception.

The track weaves a tale of how Zack is willing and able to do all that he can for the one he loves. Sonically, it’s not a very busy song, but that works to its favor. The highlight is the touching lyrics and Zack’s impeccable voice that brings it to life.


But then, we have the black house, which is the music video. With a song like As You Are, you might expect a sweet and loving visual narrative. And you are half right on that as Zack puts a twist on the video’s story. The music video, directed, shot, and edited by Dominic Bekaert, stars Zack and Francine Diaz. This might seem like an unexpected pairing, but the two are actually besties IRL and have known each other for a years now. This project just marks the first time that they have worked with each other professionally.

As a pair in the music video, Zack and Francine sing karaoke, they enjoy nature, and spend some quality time by the beach, like any loving couple does. We find the two at their happy moments.

But the twist is that this is just a flashback. In the beginning of the video, we see Francine’s character open a CD of precious memories and plays the song in her car, which served as Zack’s character’s special song she wrote for her. It turns out that Zack’s character battled an illness and passed away, and Francine is reminiscing on their time together at their special place by the ocean, with the light and sunny moments contrasting the somber remembrance. It ends with her pouring his ashes by their special spot before she takes off.


While the video’s story is still about love, it revolves around one about remembrance. Even if he’s gone, she still loves him and will always cherish that love. It hurts to remember him for Francine’s character. But in the end, the love will always be there, even as if she’s trying to move on. It’s a reminder that when our loved ones pass on, we can still love them as much as if they were alive.

It’s a simple story that’s effectively told, with Francine’s acting and expressions conveying tender love and aching loss. Zack Tabudlo didn’t have to hurt us like this. But if you’ve seen some of his past videos, you know he’s no stranger to somber music videos. And you know what, he can do it again if it’s going to be this good. If you want to see how it all went down, check out the behind-the-scenes video here.  

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The Multiverse Might Just Be Real With These Upcoming Anime Movies

Consider us intrigued.

Upcoming anime flicks To All Of You That I Loved and To The Only One Who Loved You, Me are set to have different endings depending on the order you watch them.

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As of late, the multiverse has become one of the hottest focal points in cinema. Just this year alone, we saw Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness blow up as the MCU multiverse is now wide open. Everything Everywhere All at Once is another multiverse-centered film that’s been receiving critical acclaim and breaking box office records. And now, more multiverse-focused films are set to release. But this time, you won’t just see the multiverse onscreen only.


Recently, the trailer for two upcoming anime movies, To All of You That I Loved and To the Only One Who Loved You, Me dropped. Both films are adaptations of two light novels called Boku ga Aishita Subete no Kimi e (To Every You I’ve Loved Before) and Kimi o Aishita Hitori no Boku e (To The Solitary Me That Loved You) respectively. Both were written by Yomiji Otono that were released in June 2016. While that doesn’t seem too out of the ordinary, what really has piqued our interest is the fact that the order in which you watch the two films will change the story. And it’s a choice you can only make once.  

To explain, here’s some context: Both films are releasing simultaneously on October 7, at least in Japan. Once released, you have the option of choosing in which order you watch the movies. As explained by the author, “This story is born from my own fantasy when I was in the second year of junior high school. In the infinite number of parallel worlds that exist, one of the happiest futures that this fantasy has led me to is the one that will be made into these films. Two films are being released simultaneously. They are made in a way that you can watch them from either side, and the order in which you watch the two films will greatly change the way you feel about them. I hope you will enjoy the choice you can only make once, which of the two films to see first.”


Twin Multiverse Anime Movies Announced! | Anime Senpai

If you are interested in watching, here’s what to expect. Both movies are romantic animated dramas set in parallel worlds, in essence, it’s own multiverse. To All of You That I Loved centers on Koyomi Takasaki who lives with his mother following his parents’ divorce. He enrolls in a local university prep school. Due to focusing on studies and his social awkwardness, Koyomi is unable to make friends. One day, he is suddenly approached by his classmate Kazune Takigawa, who tells him that she has traveled from the 85th world where she and Koyomi are lovers.

As for To the Only One Who Loved You, Me, it follows Koyomi Hidaka who lives with his father following his parents’ divorce. He meets a girl named Shiori Satou at the research institute where his father works. They both develop a crush on each other, but everything changes when their parents remarry, as in Koyomi’s father and Shiori’s mother marry each other. Koyomi and Shiori, convinced that they will never be together, try to jump into another world where they won’t be step-siblings.

Despite the interconnected themes, the two films were actually animated by different studios. The first movie, To All of You That I Loved, was animated by Bakken Record. The second, To the Only One Who Loved You, Me, was animated by TMS Entertainment. Meanwhile, there is no word though on if both movies will be releasing outside of Japan. But if they do, or you happen to be in the country during October, you may want to catch this mind- and universe-bending experience.

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The Round-Up: New Music Releases To Help You Close Out Your Summer Days

A lot to get into this week.

Fire releases from SEVENTEEN, Belle Mariano, Maris Racal, Ylona Garcia, and more feature in this new music round-up.


As we say goodbye to May, the final days of the month decided to drop on us new happenings in the industry. Among other things, we got confirmation of more artists holding concerts in the country with the newest being Ben&Ben, Justin Bieber, and LANY. BLACKPINK is one step closer to their comeback as they became the first K-pop girl group to be on the cover of Rolling Stone. James Reid premiered a new song called California Lovin, and the best part was that it was with the GRAMMYs. We finally got the first look of Chantal Videla in her K-pop group while JYP was spotted in Cebu. But he wasn’t there for a concert. He was in a country for a week as he hosted a Bible seminar.

And, of course, we have a whole treasure trove of new music releases to get to. Even though summer is about to end, that doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy good music to get you moving and feeling many types of ways. Here are just some of the new music drops that we have our listening to for endless summer days.    


Dua Lipa’s features are truly something else. And she doesn’t miss once more in Calvin Harris’ new song, Potion. Featuring the pop star and Young Thug, the track features a laidback but fun and groovy sound perfect for those chill dance parties. It’s funky enough to get you moving while making way for more intimate moments.


The week was an eventful one for SEVENTEEN. First, they celebrated their 7th anniversary. And now, they dropped their highly anticipated comeback, their 4th full length album, Face the Sun, and title track, HOT. Written and composed by Woozi, the song features a hip-hop sound as the group faces their challenges head on, even in the scorching heat of the sun. We love the confidence.


Following over a year filled with solo activities, GOT7 has reunited once more to release their first music together post-JYP split. The result is the chill, fun, and catchy NANANA and equally good self-titled EP. The euphoric pop song is a dreamy love ode to spending time with a significant other. Despite all that has happened, GOT7 still got it and we couldn’t be happier.


K-pop boy group P1Harmony and Pink Sweat$ are coming at us with a wholesome collaboration and a generally great song with their new track Gotta Get Back. Giving us those lovey-dovey vibes, the love song sees the two artists sing about wanting to get back with a former flame who still holds a special place in their hearts. Everyone sounds good on the track, but Keeho really went there with the crisp vocals.


Shanti Dope and Flow G combine their hip-hop and rap prowess in their epic new track, Kamusta. Featuring smooth verses and spit fire bars, the song is about getting close to a special someone.


Like us, you’ve probably been obsessed with the new season of He’s Into Her. One thing, among the many others, we like about the show is the music used. If that’s the case for you as well, then you’re in luck as they just dropped the OST for season two. It features a who’s who of collaborations from BGYO, Trisha Denise, Belle Mariano, Vivoree, and more. At over 17 songs and one hour long, there’s a lot to get into, such as Belle Mariano’s new song, Kahit Na, Kahit Pa. We first heard it during that scene in episode six and we now can get to enjoy it in its entirety.


KD Estrada and Alexa Ilacad’s first show together, Run To Me, is currently airing. And just recently, they dropped the OST for the series. Given how intertwined music is to KD and Alexa, it’s no surprise that the whole EP is filled with tracks from the breakout love team. Both sound amazing, but we have a soft spot for Palagi, a guitar-driven track that tugs at the heartstrings.


Sponge Cola addresses the truth about regret and longing on their heartbreaking new single, Laman Ng Panaginip. Redefining the typical approach to a love song, the Filipino quartet expresses the complexity of impossible choices in a world that is grounded in the familiar and often neglected reality of prioritizing practicality first before anything else, including love. The track is about a love that never was told through the inspiration of the power ballad movement of the 80s and early 90s.


When Ylona Garcia named her latest single Vibin, she meant it. After the release of her addicting upbeat banger that was Entertain Me, she slows things down with Vibin. The smooth R&B slow jam is about that point where you are spending time with someone, but aren’t really set yet to call it a relationship. But that doesn’t mean it can’t go there. Ylona has served once more with a track that has got us feeling things.


Kang Daniel is out with a new full-length album called The Story. Featuring 10 songs co-written by the Korean pop superstar himself, the anticipated record chronicles stories from his own perspectives and experiences. One such experience is found in the title track, Upside Down. The midtempo tune brims with a clear Rhodes piano and a solid guitar foundation with mixed drums, whistles, and clapping sounds.


Maris Racal is set to drop her new album soon. And in the lead up to it, she is dropping a few singles to appease our appetite. Unlike the fast paced songs she’s released during this era, Di Papakawalan is slowed down and features a more dream pop sound. The track serves as an ode to her lover about how she won’t let him go. It’s a slow song that feels very comforting to listen to, almost like a lullaby to a loved one.


We have a new song straight from Beabadoobee’s upcoming second studio album, and this time she wants us to feel good on the inside. Lovesong is just Bea and her voice accompanied by a beautiful production as she unleashes a torrent of fuzzy and warm feelings from the moving track. We haven’t heard the full album yet, but we already have a favorite.


Sam Concepcion and Yuridope put a modern spin on Yeng Constantino’s classic track, Ikaw, with their collab Ikaw Ang. Moving away from the ballad nature of the original, Ikaw Ang has a more upbeat band sound, complete with rap verses from Yuridope.


The budget for the OST of Our Blues must be real big because the next K-pop stars to lend their voice to the K-drama’s soundtrack is Aespa’s Winter and Ning Ning. Once Again is a midtempo love song about spending time with a significant other. Both their voices really suit the music and it’s a nice change of pace from the usual style we hear them in.


After a flurry of successful singles, Tate McRae just took one of her biggest career steps yet with the release of her debut album, i used to think i could fly. Featuring an all-star list of writing collaborators and producers including Greg Kurstin, Finneas, and Charlie Puth, the album finds Tate at some of her best work to date.


Malaysian-born, Toronto-based singer-songwriter Alex Porat has a new single called Sensitive, and it’s an iridescently heartfelt effort that sees Alex confronting her insecurities. Opening with a 90s inflected punchy kick drum, Alex reveals the most vulnerable parts of herself and her tendency to overthink any and every situation, a very relatable feeling.


NYC-based Japanese producer and musician rei brown recently released his second single Thinking Bout You and it features fellow Japan-born musician Joji. In the cinematic track, the duo yearn to be closer to their loved ones such as when you are in a long distance relationship.


We all know Jessi as a fierce rapper and performer. But did you know that she can also sing too, and well at that? Her vocal chops are on full display in Gosh, a song featured on the OST for K-drama Woori The Virgin, Pt.3.

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These TikTok Challenge Winners Proved How They Become Epic After Dark With the Samsung Galaxy S22+

The night is still young, and so are we.

Just like the moon and the stars, we are able to show our brightest, truest, and rawest selves after dark

While there are some who consider themselves early birds who catch the worm, there are night owls who admittedly get more things done or simply have an even better time at night. Nikole Gapit, Gino Lopez, Tricia Abadilla, and Denise Sagun, the winners of Samsung’s latest contest, all admitted they come alive after dark, and they proved it by showcasing their epic transformations from day to night on their TikTok accounts. Along with winning their own Samsung Galaxy S22+ phones, they were also given the privilege of displaying their transformation in a once-in-a-lifetime photoshoot with NYLON Manila.

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The girl with the butterfly tattoo

“Nikole is a coffee-enthusiast, mall-hopping tita by day, and a Netflix-fiend by night,” is what our first talent shared about herself. But apart from having slowed down Netflix movie nights in her bedroom, she also enjoys the occasional night-outs with her favorite people. She disclosed that she even becomes Ms. Congeniality after just a few drinks of Amaretto Sour, which she definitely deserves after a long day of work. “Nikole [at night] is much more fun and loose compared to Nikole [in the day].” And with how much energy and spunk she showed us during her shoot, even we have to second that motion. Hear, hear!

An extroverted introvert

This food entrepreneur and voice actor isn’t just our regular boy-next-door. He’s also a very enthusiastic wedding host who becomes more energetic at night. Gino shared, “During the day, believe it or not, I am a super introvert. But after dark, my work entails me to be an extroverted person.” When the clock strikes 5:00 p.m., he transforms into an ecstatic and overjoyed emcee for the happy couple whose wedding he’s hosting that night. But even without a wedding to celebrate on the day of his shoot, he still showed us how he becomes alive after hours by being as active as can be.

From focused to full of life

Just like us, Tricia ticks off boxes from her to-do list throughout the day. She’s hyper-focused on getting all of her work done as an account manager so she can have all night for pure leisure. She becomes everyone’s cheerful friend once she’s off the clock, and she even said, “There’s really something about nighttime [that] hits different for me. [I] feel more alive in a way because [I] feel empowered by the lights, the busy streets, and the people’s energy.” And throughout her shoot, she clearly showed her enthusiasm as she went all out with every click of the camera.

Singing her tune

While her days consist of preparing lessons for her Business English students she’ll be teaching in the afternoon, Denise’s nights are filled with creativity, music, and some dance breaks in between. “I am my true self at night because it is [then] when I feel most creative and fearless.” This teacher-slash-singer-songwriter makes sure that while she may be busy helping her students conduct themselves professionally in the business world, she leaves the entire night creating something for herself. Her creativity even came alive during her shoot as she completely transformed into a whole new Denise that was even more epic than normal.

Make nights epic with Nightography

In just a short amount of time, these four lucky individuals were able to show us what it truly means for each one of them to become epic after dark. Now with their new Samsung Galaxy S22+, they can even bring out more of their epicness using #Nightography—the revolutionary camera experience that breaks the rules of light,  and makes nights simply epic. This cool feature can give Nikole, Gino, Tricia, and Denise the chance to create anything, anywhere, and turn lowlight into highlights. They are no longer restricted by the time of day as they can finally capture their memorable nighttime adventures. Now that is truly making every day more epic.

The Samsung Galaxy S22+ is now available nationwide for as low as PHP 56,990 (128GB), and it comes in sophisticated Phantom White and Phantom Black, and fun-looking Pink Gold and Green.

Curious to find out how you can transform into the night and become #EpicAfterDark with the Samsung Galaxy S22+? Visit Samsung’s website and follow them on Facebook and Instagram for more information.

Creative, Fashion, and Beauty Direction PEACHES GARCIA
Photography KIERAN PUNAY of STUDIO100
Photo Manipulation CORINNE GARCIA
Video Editing GARI SY
Shoot Coordination MJ ALMERO and KZ FRANCISCO

zendaya anne hathaway bvlgari

Zendaya and Anne Hathaway Gave Off Princess Diaries 3 Vibes In This Short Film

Easily, Mia Thermopolis and her protégé.

All hail the queens of Genovia.

How old were you when you found out that Genovia wasn’t actually real? Luckily, we were blessed with a short film recently that starred Zendaya and Anne Hathaway wandering around in what seems to be a mansion wearing the most opulent jewelry by BVLGARI. Whoever thought of casting two of the most beautiful human beings in the planet deserves a raise. Hear us out, imagine a movie where they either save the day like Ocean’s 8, go from enemies to lovers real quick (hello, Anne’s played Catwoman and Zendaya’s MJ in SpiderMan), or another Princess Diaries film where Anne passes the crown to Zendaya?

This tweet right here said it best. Yes indeed, Anne Hathaway and Zendaya is the collapse of the century and has set the Internet on fire. In BVLGARI’s Unexpected Wonders short film, the two explored an Italian villa dripped in only the most shimmery jewels, lounged in silk robes, and did their little dance-y dance in the ballroom. If this doesn’t scream the Genovia lifestyle through Mia Thermopolis, then we don’t know what will.

To conclude, we are asking BVLGARI to drop the full-length film ASAP—respectfully. Now, how do we recover from this? At this point, the Italian house is just toying with our emotions, choosing only the finest woman to be their ambassadors. Lisa Manoban, Priyanka Chopra Jones, Shu Qi are all part of BVLGARI’s girl gang that are obviously lead by the unexpected duo: Zendaya and Anne Hathaway.

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