skin by bys

Need An Extra Dose Of Self-Care? The Newly Launched Skin By BYS Will Make You Love Yourself Harder

Here, you really matter.

A milestone and a moment, this isn’t just another skincare launch. Going beyond just skin-deep, Skin by BYS will make you feel good in more ways than one.

You don’t need to spend an ungodly amount of hours spiraling into the blackhole of beauty videos on YouTube to convince you that the most important of the process is your blank canvas, the skin. Whether you find yourself hopelessly obsessed or barely getting into the swing of things, ask any self-respecting beauty junkie or beauty casual and they will swear that the secret to great makeup is skincare. Sure, you may have all the access to paint yourself in all the colors of the world, but if the base isn’t cared for, all that makeup will be for nothing. This is why every cosmetics brand has at some point diversified into skincare. It is the essence, really. Eventually, they will get into it. It is just a matter of time. And for BYS, the beauty empire moored by being yourself, the time is now with the introduction of Skin by BYS.

This is more than just saying hello to an already saturated market for skincare, because Skin by BYS is a milestone in itself being an innovative initiative developed in the Philippines for the global brand. Meaning, this will not only be launched locally, but it will be distributed all over the world as well. And to have done it all amid the punishing persistence of the pandemic? The drive of the brand is really unequalled.

“We are forging exciting new ground like never before,” says Angie Goyena, General Manager of IFace, the distributor BYS Cosmetics in the country. “This time, our dream of making the Philippines lead when it comes to skincare innovations on the world stage has become a reality.” But more than just creating a powerhouse line of products, Skin by BYS comes with a timely and all-too important reminder: love yourself harder.


Love Yourself Harder

We’ve heard it all before: you are what matters. Hardly a groundbreaking communication in just about anything, you have to admit, even this fragment of empowerment has become exhausted over the years. Of course, everyone is important, but how far does one actually care for you?

 A product of a period that is often described as unspeakable and unthinkable, Skin by BYS doesn’t promise a revolution powered by extremes. Instead, it figures itself into a moment of escape at times when it gets too much to bear. Carving out a pocket of relief in the form of the indulgent and therapeutic skincare, the latest addition to the landscape of well-being is going beyond just reminding you to take care of yourself. This time, Skin by BYS wants you to love yourself harder.

There is nothing gentle about this premise. (Well, except the products, but we’ll get that to in a bit.) As the brand phrases it, “It could be tough love—but in a good way.”

“It is much harder to love ourselves without the filters, without the makeup, without the armor. It’s harder to love ourselves without the skin-perfecting makeup or the eyeliner flick,” details Angie Goyena. “But it is exactly when we are most vulnerable, most raw, and most unfiltered that we need to love ourselves a little more fiercely, a little harder.”

The Journey With Skin By BYS

Charged with powerful, natural ingredients that target a scope of skin concerns such as dryness, irritation, dull and uneven skin tone, elasticity, and aging, Skin by BYS goes beyond the typical cleanse, treat, tone, moisturize, and protect with its formulation fortified by Botaniceutical Plus – 10. Ethically crafted, hypoallergenic, and replete of harmful chemicals, our own seven-step journey of self-love begins with the Extra Gentle Micellar Water, which is a no-rinse of swirl that sloughs away a layer of impurities, setting the skin up nicely for the gentle circling of the Extra Gentle Milk Jelly Cleanser. Even without the typical textural abrasions that buffs the skin, it still leaves the smoother and brighter even after just a wash. Then, to even out the chemistry of the skin, a few careful pumps of the Extra Hydrating Balancing Toner formulated with the necessary hyaluronic acid is all you need to make you want to playfully pat your face after.


If you want to zero in on brightening, then the Extra Glow Brightening Serum is a must-do for your next step. Unlike most serums, this one is concentrated even in consistency, which not only makes application less streaky and messy, but it also assures one of a compact delivery of skin boosters such as papaya and lime fruit extract, and vitamin C. At this point, you will realize how easy and effortless the products of Skin by BYS stacks up on each other. It is this attention to detail that really ensures one of the level of care and attention that went into the making of this skincare line.  Following the precise process with the Extra Brightening Eye Cream and Extra Glow Face Cream, that sullen and sallow state of your skin (presumably from late, late nights brought about by stress and a string of binge-worthy shows) is brought to life. For those who detest the feeling of products that leave a sticky residue, you will not experience that, as it not only easily glides, but it quickly absorbs as well.

A standout from a range of already many good things, the Skin by BYS Extra Effortless Pore Perfecting Sunblock not only functions as a lightweight, broad-spectrum line of defense with SPF 50 PA+++, but it also can function as a pore-blurring, oil-controlling primer before you put on makeup. The most important part? No white cast here for those flash-worthy selfies after application.

Feeling Good

Any extension of expression needs a source of inspiration, yes. But it also needs a space to really expand its reach to fully live out one’s liberty. More than just sensible skincare, Skin by BYS comes in as that comforting hug we cannot get or give quite just yet. While we wait in vain for that day to come again, we will use the time we have to give our skin all the love it needs and deserves. And when we reach the clearing in our neck of the woods, by grit and grace, we will be feeling good in more ways than one.


The New Movies And TV Shows Coming In May That You Shouldn’t Miss

May is looking to be a strong month for movies and TV shows

From Star Wars to Marvel, K-Dramas, and Zombies, here are some of the new movies and TV shows in May.

May is right around the corner which means that we have a new month for movies and TV shows. The month of May has a lot of new highly anticipated movies and TV shows coming out. Here are our picks for the new movies and TV shows coming in May that should be on your watchlist.

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Star Wars: The Bad Batch (May 4)

This spin-off animated series centers on Clone Force 99, otherwise known as The Bad Batch. The show follows them during the immediate aftermath of Episode III. The Bad Batch was one of the highlights of the last season of the Clone Wars so we can’t wait to see what adventures the group gets into. The first episode premieres on May 4 (Star Wars Day) on Disney+ with one new episode coming every week after.

Jupiter’s Legacy (May 7)

If you’re looking for some comic book superhero action outside of Marvel, this show may be the one for you. An adaptation of Mark Miller’s comic book series of the same name, the series follows the first generation of superheroes and their children as they try to live up to their parents’ legacy. Just like with The Boys, the series brings a unique perspective on the superhero comic book genre. The series premieres on May 7 on Netflix.

Those Who Wish Me Dead (May 14)

Angelina Jolie hasn’t acted in a serious role since 2015 so this serves as a comeback for her of sorts. In the movie, she plays Hannah Faber, a veteran fire warden with a traumatic past. She is inadvertently tasked with protecting Connor (Finn Little), a teen on the run from two assassins as well during a forest fire. Directed and co-written by Taylor Sheridan, the movie looks to be a thrilling and gritty drama thriller. Those Who Wish Me Dead premiers both in theaters and HBO Max on May 14.

The Woman In The Window (May 14)

In this mystery thriller, Amy Adams plays Anna Fox, a woman who suffers from agoraphobia. She befriends her neighbor Jane but witnesses her murder and calls the police. Her life slowly begins to unravel though as she is told that the crime never happened. Soon, the line between reality and fantasy starts to blur. Amy Adams always delivers on her performances and this one looks to be another knockout. Add to that a talented director in Joe Wright (Darkest Hour, Atonement) and a stacked cast including Gary Oldman and Julianne Moore and you have the potential for a great movie. The Woman In The Window is available to stream on Netflix starting May 14.

Move To Heaven (May 14)

Netflix is about to give us yet another tearjerker K-Drama with Move To Heaven. The show will follow a trauma cleaner with Asperger’s and his ex-con uncle as they deliver untold stories of the departed to loved ones. Based on the nonfiction essay Things Left Behind by Kim Sae-byul, the show stars Lee Je-hoon, Tang Jun-sang, and Hong Seung-hee. Move To Heaven will stream on Netflix on May 14.

M.O.D.O.K (May 21)

Marvel has so far been giving us quality TV shows in the form of WandaVision and The Falcon and The Winter Soldier. The next MCU TV show, Loki, is set to premiere in June, so while we wait, we have a new Marvel spinoff show that looks to be both irreverent and funny. M.O.D.O.K is a new animated series that is unrelated to the MCU. It follows M.O.D.O.K (voiced by Patton Oswalt) as he struggles to take over the world and take care of his family at the same time. This adult animation is similar in style to Robot Chicken so expect a funny, satirical, and slightly violent take on the MCU. M.O.D.O.K premiers on Hulu on May 21.

Army of the Dead (May 21)

Fresh of the success of the director’s cut of Justice League, Zack Snyder is back with his latest movie, Army of the Dead. The movie follows a group of mercenaries as they sneak into a zombie-infested Las Vegas to steal an important artifact. The movie serves as somewhat of a return to roots for Zack Snyder as his feature film directorial debut was the well-received Dawn of the Dead. Prepare for some fast-paced zombie action and the fact that this movie features a zombie tiger should already be enough. Army of the Dead streams on Netflix on May 21.

A Quiet Place Part II (May 28)

After more than a year delay, A Quiet Place Part II is finally coming out. Following the events of the first movie, this movie sees Evelyn Abbott (Emily Blunt) and her kids leave their farm and venture out into the world. They soon realize though that the creatures they fought aren’t the only dangers lurking in the world. A Quiet Place was one of the best and most interesting movies of 2018 so we’re curious to see the new direction this movie takes. A Quiet Place Part II will be in theaters on May 28 and available on Paramount Plus in July.

Cruella (May 28)

Serving as a prequel of sorts to 101 Dalmatians, Cruella will follow a young Cruella de Vil from her journey as an aspiring fashion designer to the iconic villain she is destined to become. If anyone can pull off the role of a young Cruella, it’s Emma Stone and we’re confident she’s going to kill it. From the trailers we’ve seen, the fashion and costumes alone have already gotten us excited. Cruella premieres in theaters and on Disney Plus Premier Access on May 28.

Honorable Mentions

These aren’t technically new TV shows, but they are premiering new seasons and they’re worth mentioning: Pose Season 3 (May 2), “>Castlevania Season 4 (May 13), and

The Mortal Kombat Movie Isn’t A Flawless Victory, But It’s Good Enough

Nadine Lustre Billboard Spotify Times Square NYC EQUAL

Nadine Lustre’s Reaction To Seeing Herself In Times Square, NYC? “This Is Some Bella Hadid Sh*t.”

This is what happens when you keep on manifesting.

ICYMI, Nadine Lustre leads an army of fierce Filipinas in Spotify’s EQUAL Playlist and yes, she’s definitely surprised that she saw herself at Times Square’s enormous LED.

Nadine Lustre’s always been in a lane of her own. You know, stuff like making a visual album, being an award-winning actress, and of course, championing fellow Filipinas. A month ago, Spotify unveiled their EQUAL hub—an avenue where you can “listen to women from all over the world, at full volume.” Fierce females such as Moira dela Torre, Kiana V, Jess Connelly, and Sarah G were some of the names you’ll be seeing on the head-bopping playlist. Classified as a actual genre on the platform, Nadine Lustre is the chosen face of the Philippines and even appeared on a huge LED billboard in Times Square, NYC.

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So, naturally, we had to ask Nadine her thoughts about this. “This is some Bella Hadid sh*t,” she says via a Telegram exchange, alluding to the supermodel being a constant all over the famed spot in the Big Apple. Apart from an obvious excitement and overflowing of gratitude, Nadine Lustre also expresses that now, she feels pressured more than ever. A pleasant surprise for the Wildest Dreams singer, her image figuring in Times Square and her song being featured on the Spotify playlist is a testament to her reach and success since she focused on music. Despite some people not taking her music seriously, she couldn’t care less, especially since this really is her pursuit of passion. In fact, it just fueled Nadine Lustre even more to strive in creating and making sure that her work as an artist is uncompromised and recognized. And look where the persistence got her? The city where dreams are made of. Who knows, the next time we see her there, she will find herself in New York for real sharing her music and her truth to that side of the world.

You can listen to Spotify’s EQUAL playlist here.

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Meet The Filipina Whose Instagram Filters Have Been Used By BTS’s J-Hope, BLACKPINK’s Jennie, and Bretman Rock

You probably have seen one of her filters on Instagram

You may have seen her Instagram filters on Dua Lipa, J-Hope, Ariana Grande, and Jennie. You may have even used one of hers yourself.

Love them or hate them, filters are central to the system of social media. Almost every app, site, and platform has its own set of filters. On Instagram, there are thousands of filters to choose from. So, what happens when the Instagram filters you make go viral and are used by international celebrities, generating possibly billions of impressions? That is the situation Angela, or more commonly known as lazy777 on Instagram, is currently in. What started out as a simple endeavor in May 2020 turned into something bigger than even she could have imagined. Angela sat down for an interview with NYLON Manila to talk about her Instagram filters, her unexpected success, and much more.

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Starting Out

Angela started making filters in just under a year, but has been using them for even longer. “I’ve always loved using filters on Instagram ever since they came out because I found them really cool and different.”  Her exploration of using filters led her to decide to make her own. “I realized that it would be so fun to make my own because I could decide whatever I wanted to put in them. The possibilities were endless,” she explains.

Angela, a 23-year-old recent Communications graduate, wanted to start making her own filters since she was in college, but was too busy with school work. It was only during the pandemic and quarantine that she found the time to do it and let out her creativity, she tells us.

The urge to create though isn’t something new to her as she has always been a creative person since she was a kid. “I always have random ideas, and I love to create things from my imagination.” As to why she decided to hone her craft in making Instagram filters, she says, “I chose to make filters because I loved to use other creators’ filters, and I realized that it would give me the freedom to do whatever I wanted and whatever I could think of.”

Creative Process And Her Filters

While some people may think that making a filter is an easy thing to do, it is anything but, reveals Angela. “Once something inspires me, I go into a creative bubble and just forget about all my surroundings and work on the filter for an entire day (or more). I test the filter multiple times, adjust and change whatever I need to. Once I’m happy with it, I try to think of a cool name and make a demo video for the filter before I upload it to my account.”

Some of her popular filters include; sad cutie where a pink bandage with hearts and flowers go on the bridge of your nose, demon where it looks like you have two horns on top of your head, you have blood coming out of your nose, one of your eye pupils turns red, and you get this red blush on your cheeks and no sleep where it gives you eye bags underneath your eyes.

Most of her filters are quite varied and that is because her inspirations are wide-ranging. “Things from both Asian and Western culture inspire me, as well as trends and styles in the early 2000s. I take a lot of inspiration from things I’ve been into ever since I was young, like fashion, makeup, magazines, music, art, games, and other kinds of things. Using the internet was something I did a lot growing up, and it shaped me to be the creator I am today. I try to combine these things with the trends of today and make it my own.”

instagram filter bella

She adds, “My personal style changes often, and I’m always inspired by something new. I love to take risks and explore different things. When I find something that I love, it influences the art I make and my creative process keeps growing and evolving over time.”

instagram filter Bretman

So, from the dozens of filters, Angela has made, what is her favorite? “My favorite filters are the ones that have a “creepy cute” vibe like lovesick demon, no sleep, and nosebleed. These are also my favorite ones because they are face filters, and these are the kind of effects that I enjoy making and using the most.” Meanwhile, her demon filter is the one that is most special to her since that was one of her first filters that became popular on Instagram.

30 Billion And Counting

Speaking of becoming popular, Angela’s Instagram filters and her page have grown to be relative overnight successes. Her followers have grown from just a few thousand last year to over 971,000 followers and counting. When we spoke to her, she told us that her filters have received over 30 billion impressions, a number that has since risen for sure. Celebrities like Noah Cyrus, Rosalia, Bella Hadid, Alexa Demie, Elizabeth Gillies, Ariana Grande, Billie Eilish, TWICE, Kim Kardashian, Red Velvet’s Yeri, Hailey Bieber, Camila Cabello, Bella Poarch, Emma Chamberlain, Adam Levine, Taeyeon of Girls Generation, Hayley Williams, Addison Rae, Charli XCX, Bretman Rock, and Megan Thee Stallion have all used her filters.

instagram filter

Angela says that she started to notice that her filters were becoming popular when she saw a steady increase in her followers and seeing people from places outside the Philippines using her filters. “One of the first celebrities who used my filter was Dua Lipa. I was happy and shocked at the same time because I actually knew her and listened to her music.” she gushes. Her success with making filters has also led her to make paid customized filters for clients and customers.

To hear it from Angela though, she never expected her filters to blow up on Instagram. “When I started making filters, I never really thought about what was popular or mainstream. I just created what I felt like creating and whatever I knew I would love and would use for myself,” she says. The popularity of her filters though has made her feel happy and validated as she explains, “I remember starting out, I would barely see anybody use my filters at all. So when I started to see more people using them, it made me excited and happy to know that there are people around the world who appreciate my work.”

Until this day though, she still doesn’t know the reason why her filters became so popular. “I just make what comes to my imagination, and what I think looks cool and cute. So, it’s great to see other people like my random ideas.” For her though, she considers a great Instagram filter to be “creative, unique, and well made.”

Plans For The future

Angela has no plans of stopping anytime soon and sees making filters as a full-time job since she has fun doing it and is eager to think of new ideas and express her creativity. And before you say it, no, she is not an Instagram influencer because she herself doesn’t consider herself to be one. But just like most young people in their early 20s, she likes to use her Instagram to express herself share things she enjoys like fashion, hair, and makeup.

To be so young and so successful at this kind of job is something most teens could only dream of and Angela hopes her story will inspire others. “I hope I can somehow inspire others to chase their dreams. Creating filters started as a hobby and something I just wanted to do because I wanted to make fun and unique selfies. I never would have imagined that I would be featured in a magazine or that my work would be recognized by other people, and all the opportunities that were made possible because of doing what I love.”

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Ella Cruz Blackpink

Remember When Ella Cruz Stunned Blackpink With Her Dance Moves?

The performance lives in our minds rent-free.

It’s been more than a year since the performance, but we are still not over what Ella Cruz did.

You probably know who Ella Cruz is. She is an actress, amazing dancer, and occasional motorcycle racer. Chances are you probably saw her on TV in her acting roles or her viral dance performances. Did you also know though that she danced in front of Blackpink? Yes, you read that right, and not only was she great, but their reaction also went viral in the process. If this is the first time you have learned of this, let us take you down memory lane. And if you already know this, it doesn’t hurt to reminisce, because it was that epic.

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Ella Cruz and Blackpink

Ella Cruz has not been shy about her love and appreciation for Blackpink. On numerous occasions, Ella has said that Blackpink is her international idol and role model. In fact, she actually met the girls in 2017 when she flew to South Korea to attend one of Blackpink’s music show performances during their As If It’s Your Last Era. She also went to their pop-up store and the event where the group was giving out ice cream to fans. Ella vlogged herself unboxing the Blackpink lightstick and for her 23rd birthday, her birthday gift was the Samsung Galaxy A80 Blackpink edition with matching earbuds and watch. She even got to meet Blackpink again when they had their Shopee meet and greet in Manila in 2019. Not to mention she’s also done dance covers of their songs on her YouTube channel.

Dancing for Blackpink

Ella Cruz’s journey to dancing for Blackpink started in December 2019 when she was informed by Viva that Blackpink was holding a dance cover competition sponsored by Samsung in Indonesia called Awesome Live with Blackpink. Samsung PH wanted Ella Cruz to represent the Philippines in the dance competition, to which she said yes. She only had three days to prepare for the competition, she couldn’t bring a hair and makeup stylist with her, their rehearsal music was wrong, and to top it all off, the day before her flight, Mt. Taal erupted and there was a fear that her flight would be canceled. But despite all the hardships and nerves, Ella and her two exceptional dancers killed the performance.

Joined by SB newgen Daphny and newgen Eunice and choreographed by Macky Quiobe, Ella Cruz showed up and showed out. Based on Blackpink’s reaction, you can tell it was a moment to remember.

Pinay dancer Ella Cruz and team wow BLACKPINK's Lisa

Same Lisa, Same.

Their team, Gabriela Philippines, won “awesome cover” and Ella even got to answer a question and shake Jisoo’s hand.

If you want to know more about the performance, check out Ella’s vlog about the experience.

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12 Celebrity Fangirls And Who They Actually Stan

All The Times Karina Bautista Looked Like A Modern Day Princess

"Me? A P-Princess? Shut up!"

As Karina Bautista turns 19, here’s a look back at all the times she resembled a magical, modern-day princess.

It’s been a tough year for PBB Royalty Karina Bautista, but one thing’s for sure—she never backs down. Being away from her parents and dealing with health problems are a testament to her strength, especially in the last few months. (Yes, we stan fearless females!) We also admire how she effortlessly looks like a living doll, a fairy and modern-day princess all in one. The question is, how? Here are some of our favorite beauty moments below.

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Karina Bautista hair fashion style

There’s something about the hair and the outfit that makes her look like a princess. Probably because the updo’s her take on a modern Belle of Beauty and the Beast.


Karina Bautista hair fashion style

We wonder how it feels like having to easily choose between looking like a fairy, a living doll, and royalty with her long locks. Here’s your sign to grow out that hair. The versatility!


Karina Bautista hair fashion style

Cue in Mia Thermopolis’ “Me? A princess? Shut up!” Not for her though, she’s beautiful and she knows it. Like Rapunzel’s floral braid in Tangled, she shows her own take by styling it with fishtail strands.


Karina Bautista hair fashion style

Don’t be shy, tell us how powerful you feel in a high pony like hers. Bonus points for that extra eye lift! It does take us back to the time though when we’d get sudden headaches as kids because of how high our moms tied it all the way up.


Going back in time, she brings back old hollywood glamour with Audrey Hepburn’s iconic beauty look. It’s literally packing with statement hairstyles all rolled into one—a high chignon, French Chignon, and micro bangs.

Photo credits: ABS CBN Star Hunt Academy Facebook and @karebautista_ on IG.

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Did You Know? These International Stars Are Fans Of Local Celebrities

How to be Liza Soberano for real?!

Celebrities, they’re just like us. Don’t you just find it amusing (or other times..random) when your faves get recognized by international stars?

Celebrities fangirling over other celebrities?! It lowkey feels like a crossover in the cinematic universe of showbiz. Yet it also makes us wonder, do these stars randomly lurk on us? Fingers crossed, we do hope Beyoncé or Tom Hiddleston stumbled upon our profiles at some point. From a Filipino TikTok star that Rihanna and SZA follows to Bretman Rock hyping fellow vlogger Ivana Alawi, here are some of the most unexpected interactions we’ve seen between local and international celebrities so far.

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The most followed TikTok star in the Philippines, Niana Guerrero, has been making waves locally and internationally, especially in the world of dance. So, it’s no surprise when Kwon Twins Don and Deukie, legendary dancers who worked with K-pop stars like Blackpink and 2NE1, did Niana’s now-viral Booty Wurk dance challenge and followed her after. Seeing how the 2011 hit song’s becoming a sensation on the platform, ads by T-Pain also started popping up. He knows her power.

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As Jay-Z once said on his song with Beyoncé, Apesh*t, “what’s better than one billionaire? Two. “Specially if they’re from the same hue as you.” Okay, we might be exaggerating, but a million isn’t bad, too—especially if you’re Bretman Rock and Ivana Alawi who both have millions of followers! In true Da Baddest fashion, Bretman hypes up Ivana by saying “Bitch, I live for you !!”

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Drivers License singer Olivia Rodrigo looks up to strong women, and rapper Cardi B, known for her unapologetic personality, is one of them. When Olivia shared in her Billboard interview that she looks up to Cardi because she gives her the courage to “sort of say whatever I want to say.” The rapper reciprocates the energy by saying “don’t let no toxic shit get to you, and don’t let nobody restrict you from your voice.” You’ve really won if your big sis in the industry is Cardi B.


Anyone wanna switch lives with TikTok sensation Argie Roquero? Known for his gritty dance videos, he’s followed by celebrities Rihanna and SZA. Yes, Miss Fenty and Good Days! Badgal Riri even sent him some products and SZA liked his posts as well. We’re here for the Rihanna and Argie interaction, telling him that the background of his videos remind her a lot of her hometown, Barbados.

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To be able to perform in front of Blackpink? We can only imagine how nerve-wracking that would’ve been for anyone, not just Blinks. When Ella Cruz flew all the way to Jakarta for Samsung’s fan event with Blackpink to represent the Philippines and busted some moves for a dance competition, Lisa Manoban herself was totally blown away! One of the luckiest Filipino Blinks indeed.

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When the world saw Nadine’s now iconic birthday shoot where she depicted a scorpion, the internet went crazy. Including drag queens Nicky Doll (oh, to be re-shared on a queen’s stories?), Manila Luzon, and Jiggly Caliente leaving comments on photographer BJ Pascual’s photo. Knowing Nadine’s love for RuPaul’s Drag Race, we’re pretty sure she was shook, too. How to be noticed by drag queens? Be fierce like Nadine Lustre.

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Supermodel and ANTM creator Tyra Banks liking your photos and catwalk videos is the same energy as her reviewing your images after a shoot challenge on a regular episode along with her tough co-judges. We can’t really blame her, Maymay’s been known for her statuesque build, walking for Fashion Week in the Middle East, runway shows here in the Philippines, and posing for several high fashion magazines.


Truly, deeply, madly we ask: “How do we become Liza Soberano?” What water does she drink? What’s her secret? She might be a shameless Blackpink fangirl, but did you know Charlie Puth (he tweeted her!), Thai heartrobs Luke Plowden and Bright Vachirawit, Justin Bieber, James McVey, The Chainsmokers and Zedd were charmed by her timeless beauty?


Always on the lookout for new music and exploring different genres, award-winning singer Lea Salonga noticed Tablo of K-hiphop group Epik High. TBH, This is the interaction we never knew we needed! Tablo fanboying over Lea is a MOOD. “I am a lifelong fan!!!,” he confesses. He even sang lines from Lea’s rendition of Reflection! Same, Tablo. Same.

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He's Into Her

The 6 Things We Want To See In Donny Pangilinan And Belle Mariano’s New Show, He’s Into Her

We’ve only seen the teaser trailer so far, but we’re already excited!

Donny Pangilinan and Belle Mariano are set to star in the highly anticipated series adaptation of He’s Into Her. This is our wish list of what we hope to see in the show.

Do you know what could compete with the heat of summers in the Philippines? The fire and anticipation of seeing Donny Pangilinan and Belle Mariano team up for the very first time on screen, that’s what. Over the weekend, we got our first taste of that when the teaser trailer for He’s Into Her dropped. Even though the trailer was just over a minute long, we already see great potential in the series. While details are still sparse about the show, we can’t help but speculate as to what we want to see from the show. Here is our wish list of things we want to see in He’s Into Her.

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Kilig moments


As obvious as this sounds, we (and the viewers) really want to see this. ABS-CBN is known for giving some of the hottest and most memorable kilig moments in the past decades. Donny Pangilinan and Belle Mariano (otherwise known as DonBelle) truly look like a promising love team. The fact that they have been a trending topic even before the release of the teaser trailer shows that they have potential. From the teaser trailer, we already got a cute moment when Donny’s character asks Belle’s character if she is afraid of anything and then asks if she’s afraid of him. We’re hoping for more moments like this.

Belle Mariano full on acting prowess

Belle Mariano has been acting since she was a kid. She got her start in Goin’ Bulilit and has slowly been climbing the ranks until her biggest role to date in Four Sisters Before the Wedding. He’s Into Her will be Belle’s first-ever lead acting role and we know she can pull this off perfectly. She has years of acting experience and we want to see her spread her wings and show off the full range of her acting abilities. The show has the chance to turn Belle into a next-generation star and we can’t wait to see it.

The supporting cast gets their time to shine

Donny Pangilinan and Belle Mariano may be getting most of the attention, but don’t sleep on the supporting cast of He’s Into Her. The show is filled with a whole host of promising young stars such as Kaori Oinuma, Rhys Miguel, Joao Constancia, Criza Taa, Jeremiah Lisbo, and Vivoree Esclito. Really, there is so much talent in the cast. We hope that the show takes full advantage of the cast and lets each character (and love team) have their time in the spotlight.

Something more than just a straight adaptation

He’s Into Her is an adaptation of the Wattpad novel of the same name by Maxine Lat Calibuso (Maxinejiji). While we want the show to be a faithful adaptation of the source material, we also want the show to add just a little bit of special something to make the show even greater. From Lord of The Rings to Harry Potter, the best adaptations aren’t just 100% accurate remakes of the book, they also add something new or different to make the adaptation special. We’re excited to see what the producers have in store for the show.

Take full advantage of the setting

Romantic comedies set in schools are not a novel concept. With that being said, it doesn’t mean that it can make for an exciting setting. A good portion of He’s Into Her was shot at Brent International School and the campus has so many places that could be used for filming. Based on the teaser trailer, it looks like there will be a varied set of locations both on and off-campus, which is promising. We would like to see the show take full advantage of the setting to enhance the narrative further.

More BGYO in the soundtrack

Before the teaser trailer for He’s Into Her was released, BGYO released a song of the same name to serve as the opening theme of the show. The song is an earworm and has been on repeat for the past week. We wouldn’t mind if BGYO contributed more songs to the soundtrack. Maybe they could do a slow song for a pivotal scene or maybe a track for the final episode.

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What You’ve Missed: The New Music Releases Of The Week

Alexa Ilacad Stay Right Here

Alexa Ilacad Is Ready To Show A More Mature Side Of Herself

The Four Sisters Before The Wedding star is ready to show a new side of herself.

Alexa Ilacad talked about her upcoming single, Stay Right Here, her music, inspirations, and much more.

For most people, Alexa Ilacad may be known mainly as an actress, after all, most of her famous projects have been her acting roles. You may have seen her on Goin’ Bulilit or on primetime series such as The Good Son and The Killer Bride or her most recent hit movie, Four Sisters Before the Wedding. But Alexa Ilacad is more than just an actress, she is also a talented musician. In fact, she released her first album in 2016 and a single called Love At First Sight in November 2020. Now, Alexa is getting ready to release more music, something she describes as her “first love,” with the release of her next single, Stay Right Here, on April 30, Friday. She sat down for a Zoom interview to talk about her music, inspirations, and many more.

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Stay Right Here

Alexa Ilacad released her comeback single, Love At First Sight, in November 2020. She chose the song because “I wanted to come back with a bang.” When she first heard the song, she fell in love with the song because it had that “gulat factor” to it. The song has since seen a remix and acoustic version. But Alexa is now ready for her next chapter, starting with the upcoming release of her next single, Stay Right Here.

Sonically, both Stay Right Here and Love At First Sight sound very similar. Both songs are upbeat and have a dance-pop/electronic vibe to them, which is characteristic of 90s club anthems. The lyrical content and message are where the differences show up though, something that Alexa wanted for the song. “I wanted to show my vulnerable side. I want people to get to know me more, see the more mature Alexa with the track,” she explains. The song sees Alexa sing about the need for companionship, a message that she hopes the listener takes away from the song. “Especially during these times, the song is about craving the companionship we miss.” She adds, “I really believe that music brings people together. Music connects people together.”

For her new single, Alexa worked with a new team in the studio which was a new experience for her. She says that the recording took long because she was working with friends who made her laugh and would just talk all day. But she adds that she “felt more sure of myself being inside the studio rather than doing it all on my own.” When you hear Stay Right Here, Alexa Ilacad’s voice may sound different, but that isn’t auto-tune. “With this song, I was also trying to dabble a different kind of voice,” a voice she explains as more sultry or seductive.

Alexa went on to explain that it took her half a day to find that right voice and she had to record the song with all the light turned off and at the corner of the studio to feel more comfortable. To show off this braver side of her, Alexa adds that she took inspiration from her character in Init sa Magdamag since her character, Hannah, is an outgoing and confident young woman.

Musical Inspirations and Solo Music

So far, Alexa Ilacad’s music has been electronic dance pop-oriented and that is because she considers Dua Lipa to be a major influence on her. “Dua Lipa is my peg in life and my music. She really inspires me. I really wanted this kind of feel,” she gushes. She also adds “She’s always in all of my playlists, dominating all of my playlists.” Other musical inspirations of hers include Daya, Tove Lo, Bebe Rexha, Charlie XCX, and “every artist on my playlist.” In terms of collaborations, she says she would love to work with IV Of Spades since she considers them as “genius musicians” and they perform live well, something that is a major turn-on for her when it comes to musicians.

At first glance, Alexa seems like someone with all the confidence in the world, but to her, she still has her insecurities. This will be the first time that she is releasing music she wrote herself which she says is “so hard for me to let them go out to the world, but I’m excited.” Until now, Alexa is unsure whether or not her personal music is good, but she has heard good things from people who have heard it. Her own sound is something that she is also looking to perfect. “My sound is still something I’m trying to figure out,” she says. As a singer, Alexa Ilacad describes herself these days as genre neutral, but is leaning towards pop and when she writes her own songs, those lean more on acoustic.

It’s been over five years since Alexa Ilacad released an album and it was only last year that she released brand new music. But the drive to make music never left her. “Honestly, I don’t think nawala sa aking ‘yung music. I’ve been putting out covers on YouTube. But I’m happy now because music is my passion and I’m happy that I’m able to focus on that now.”

Work/Life Balance and Coping During The Pandemic

Alexa Ilacad is a woman of many hats. Not only is she a singer, but she is also an actress, a songwriter, and a student. For Alexa, the key to balancing it all is “time management and setting priorities.” She explains how if there is a big event for school like midterms or exams, she will pull back on her guest appearances. For the time being, she is focusing on school and promo activities as she really wants to graduate with her classmates.

When it comes to acting and music, Alexa says that both bring a unique happiness to her. She explains that when she does a good job in taping, she sleeps relaxed, but when she has a good music session, she sleeps energized. She also adds that when it comes to her music, she is more hands-on and has more of her input when compared to acting. And as she puts it: “I’m hooked on music. I can’t live a day without listening to music. I really hold on to music every day.”

The pandemic has been hard on a lot of people, more so on young people. Alexa is only 21 years old, so she also knows how the pandemic has been hard on people her age. She says that during the pandemic, she hasn’t always enjoyed the extended stay at home because she “feels useless or drained..” What keeps her going these days is her work as her acting and music help her cope and forget about what’s happening in the world. She also expressed that she would like to try counseling and that there is “no stigma with seeing a psychiatrist, it’s nice to talk to someone.”

Future Music Plans

Finally, when it comes to her plans for the future, Alexa Ilacad let slip that she and her team were thinking about releasing an EP later this year. “I really want to put out something that is mine, something that I wrote, something that is personal to me. Not just something that was just given and written to me.” She also said that she would like to make more songs in Filipino and songs that “hopefully iba-iba ‘yung sound.” Other than this, she is also “continuously writing, collaborating with other producers.” She also would hopefully like to sell out arenas, go on a world tour, and of course, perform with Dua Lipa. The first place Alexa would like to perform once the pandemic is over: Coachella or Wanderland.

Stay Right Here will be available on Spotify and all digital streaming platforms on Friday, April 30, 2021.

Additional interview by ANGELO RAMIREZ DE CARTAGENA

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Green With Envy: Deoproce Introduces Its New Green Caviar Line With Endorser Song Kang

The Love Alarm and Sweet Home star captivates audiences with his heartfelt acting and yeppeo glow.

We all love boy-next-door charisma and a hypnotic smile that can make our hearts race a mile a minute. One such face that comes to mind is that of the angelic Song Kang. The rising Korean actor has fresh talent that sets him apart from the crowd of K-drama oppas, and it doesn’t hurt that his appearance is a cut above the rest. He has that yeppeo (translated to “pretty” in Korean) glow that could make anyone do a double take. It’s no wonder that Korean skincare brand Deoproce has chosen him as their new face here in the Philippines.

song kang for deoproce

The young oppa first rang our hearts as a high school heartthrob-turned-actor in Netflix’s Love Alarm in 2019. Then he left us palpitating in his most bewitching demeanor as he fought monsters and his own inner beast in Sweet Home just last December 2020. Now, he’s taking breaths away with graceful leaps and pirouettes as a ballerino in his new drama, Navillera on Netflix, which aired its pilot episode last March 22. From one show to the next, his acting prowess and luminous skin took the spotlight, which is why Deoproce and Song Kang’s partnership is truly a match made in skincare heaven.

Green Caviar as skincare? Deoproce did it first.

Korean beauty brands have always been a hundred steps ahead of the rest of the world. Their choice of unconventional key ingredients is always a wonderful discovery, and the same goes for their ambassadors. The use of both female and male celebrities is a staple of Korean beauty brands, normalizing the idea that great skin is something everyone can aim for regardless of gender. With Song Kang, Deoproce remains at the forefront of the skincare industry, blurring gender lines while still delivering innovative and effective products. In announcing a fresh face, Deoproce also launched its latest line: the Deoproce Natural Green Caviar Line. This luminous collection brings us an exciting yet unexpected breakthrough ingredient: green caviar (more commonly known as sea grapes). Deoproce is the first skincare brand to utilize this delicious and beneficial ingredient in its products.

While it might not be an ingredient you expect to be included in your skincare, this seaweed is rich in vitamins A and C. It also contains amino and Omega-3 fatty acids, which all help boost collagen production and reduce fine lines. It’s a great source of minerals such as phosphorus, magnesium, copper, and calcium, giving it hygroscopic qualities that give the skin long-lasting moisture. Polysaccharides like fucoidan, which is a powerful antioxidant, also give it anti-inflammatory benefits.

deoproce, green caviar

Providing a set of products that create an entire skincare regimen, the Green Caviar Line carries the following: a cleansing water (PHP 690/150ml), a facial cleanser (PHP 590/170ml), a toner (PHP 790/150ml), a vitamin C ampoule (PHP 1,490/30ml), a water cream moisturizer (PHP 1,490/100ml), and a skin-perfecting tint with SPF 30+ (PHP 790/50ml). Each product is also labeled with a corresponding number in a sequence to guide you in your routine. The line promises to keep skin firm and hydrated, improve skin tone and texture, and bring out your natural, youthful glow. Song Kang’s favorite pick for this line is the facial cleanser.

Much like Song Kang’s fast-rising, dazzling stardom, Deoproce shines through to help you achieve your best yeppeo skin ever.

For updates, follow Deoproce Philippines on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. Deoproce is available in Watsons and SM Beauty, and online on Amorfia.