Sassa Gurl Introduces Us To Sassa Boi In Her New Single, ‘Maria Hiwaga’

"Sampu aking babygirl kahit ngipin ko hiwalay."

Find us someone who can be their own leading man and lady like Sassa Gurl in Maria Hiwaga.

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After conquering TikTok with her relatable skits and being an advocate for the LGBTQIA+ community, Sassa Gurl is ready to do more. Naturally, the next step for Sassa is to enter the world of music and release her bops for us to enjoy. But while you think you may have an idea of what Sassa Gurl’s music might sound like, the social media star showed us that you can never anticipate what she does next by dropping the banger that is Maria Hiwaga. Sassa Gurl? No, that’s Sassa Boi as she honestly impresses with the R&B track.


Officially released at the start of June, Maria Hiwaga is an R&B song that sees Sassa embody a more masculine persona as she sings and raps about getting smitten over a special someone with heavy allegories towards drugs. Without knowing who made the song, you would think that Maria Hiwaga was Al James’ latest fire track, but Sassa proves once again her versatility as she breaks stereotypes. Even Mima can give us a BGC boi anthem. This is basically Sassa’s take on Filipino hip-hop artists who like to brag about women and vices in their music and, more importantly, show that queer artists can do well in a genre that’s typically male-dominated.

Technically, this isn’t Sassa’s first foray into music. Last June 2022, she dropped Lagot!, a bombastic, confidence-boosting pop anthem that’s fit for Pride Month. But for her comeback single a year later, Sassa pulled a 180 and then some. Maria Hiwaga was co-written by Sassa, Kumareng Harvey, and Silas, with Ken Ponce serving as the producer. The song’s surreal yet vibey feel was also translated into its music video.


Directed by Rod Singh, the video sees Sassa pull double duty as the leading man singing the track and the leading lady, who is the video vixen attracting all the attention. Pura Luka Vega, Aries Night, and Silas co-star in the ethereal video as part of Sassa’s crew. While first reading about and hearing Maria Hiwaga might seem like a joke, the song is anything but. Sassa’s vocals and bars eat, and you wouldn’t think that it was her singing the song. The beats hit, and the overall production makes Maria Hiwaga a solid R&B song that goes beyond its inherent campiness and comedy with its lyrics. And based on the track’s reception, people have been loving this new creative direction for Sassa Gurl.

Following the music video’s release on June 17, it shook up the charts, where it peaked #2 on Trending for Music on YouTube. It entered the Top 50 chart of Spotify Philippines with over 1 million streams to date. It’s also been going viral on TikTok, with tens of thousands of audio uses to date. 

Needless to say, this new music era from Sassa Gurl is everything, and we’re here for it. The only thing we need now is the remix with Shanti Dope and Denise Julia. 

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