Zack Tabudlo and Al James Want You To Vibe To Their First Collab Together

A new Zack Tabudlo song to vibe with.

Zack Tabudlo goes back to the basics with Gusto, a romantic track that’s packed with his signature feels, riffs, and some bars from Al James that’s got the vibes.

It appears that Zack Tabudlo is on an unstoppable creative spree, releasing a couple of bangers lately. Earlier this year, Zack ushered in a new era of his music with his sophomore album, ZACK: FOR ALL, that’s just 10 tracks of pure funk and retro goodness. Then just last month, Zack went back to his soulful roots dropping his heartbreak anthem Diba. And just as this week comes to a close, Zack adds yet another song to his summer anthem collection with Gusto featuring Filipino rapper Al James.

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While Diba is based on Zack Tabudlo’s personal experience of a years-old breakup, the hugot in Gusto is coming from a slightly different place. A blend of pop, R&B, and hip-hop sensibilities, Gusto encapsulates that feeling of finally mustering up enough courage to finally tell that person know your true feelings. About the inspiration behind this latest senti piece, Zack shares that it has all come to him naturally.

Gusto came out of nowhere, just chilling, and had my guitar with me,” the record-breaking OPM artist shares. “Everything started with the riff of the intro, and then it all just went along. This track is one of those songs I finished quickly, overflowing lyrics, and [I] finished in 2 to 3 hours.” What’s also special about Gusto is that it is the first time Zack’s collaborating with the Awit Award-winning rapper and hip-hop artist, Al James.

Zack Tabudlo Al James Gusto

Even just in the beginning of creating Gusto, Zack Tabudlo knew that Al James, who’s behind hits like Pa-umaga, Repeat, and PSG, is the best artist to collaborate with in this project. “It all started with my vision towards the song after I wrote the whole verse up to the bridge part and knew I had to put a few bars in the after,” Zack says. “Al James was the first person that came into mind and really just messaged him that moment. He was really easy to work with and I just love how smart he is when it comes to ideas and how he executes songs effortlessly.”

If you’ll listen to the song, Zack Tabudlo and Al James’ vocal style and quality sure meld well together, making for a romantic ditty that’s just filled with vibes. And speaking of the latter, Zack just wants us to have some good time with and groove to Gusto, just like a classic Zack Tabudlo song. Gusto is one of the projects Zack’s working on right now. Before Al James, he also recently collaborated with Seattle-based singer Diego Gonzalez for a version of You & I and with Canadian Youtuber Johnny Orlando for someone will love you better. Who do you want Zack to collab with next?

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