Zack Tabudlo Teases His Disco King Era With ‘Akin Ka’

Exciting times ahead.

From being our ballad prince, Zack Tabudlo now goes retro as he opens a new chapter of his career.

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It seems that we’re bidding goodbye to the Zack Tabudlo who makes us bawl our eyes out or get sentimental about the love that we’ve never had. Because by the looks of his newly released photos on his social media pages, our soulful ballad boy Zack is now bringing us way back to the funk of the past, welcoming a brand new era, look, and music. And this is on full display with his just-released single that will make you groove.


If Zack Tabudlo’s Instagram post, where the letter “A” in his name is turning upside down, is any indication of his new era, then we shall expect something really unexpected and unfamiliar of Zack in terms of his musical journey. 

We’ve already seen him embodying that “new year, new me” philosophy when he got back to the stage days ago for the 8th Wish Music Awards to debut his latest single, Akin Ka.(More about that later.) What’s instantly striking was Zack’s new style: that pearly white top and wide-legged trousers that scream Elvis Presley and those curly locks and slight stache that will remind you of Bruno Mars in his 2021 comeback. Simply put, we’re really seeing a totally different Zack Tabudlo and it sure is gonna be like that for our ears as well.

Remember when Zack Tabudlo got inspiration from the iconic OPM band VST & Company for his shiny hit love song, Habang Buhay? Well, it looks like Zack is taking us into that same old-school route only this time, he’s giving us the funky groove of the 70s or 80s Pinoy music. These are all pretty much evident in Akin Ka. From the four-on-the-floor beats, the melodious brass and horns, synthesizers, and the rhythm of the electric guitars, Zack’s newest track is a nostalgic nod to the disco scene and the Manila Sound genre.

Kahit anong mangyari wala nang pipigil / Matagal na kitang minahal ng ganto / Hindi ako titigil / Hanggat di ka sakin / Kaya wag kang maarte na jusko.” If there’s an element that remains the same with Zack’s music, it’s his propensity for romantic themes. It’s just that in Akin Ka, it’s got more intense and more passionate to the point where some expletives have been said. And yes, this upbeat, retro piece will make everyone groove to the max. This is an exciting sign for what’s more to come from the award-winning Zack Tabudlo who seems to be making us dance (and not angsty) this 2023.

Meanwhile, if you need some energy-boosting music then listen to ‘Akin Ka,’ which is now streaming on all music platforms. 

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