Zack Tabudlo Will Hit You Right In The Feels

No one likes seeing their ex with a new flame.

As if hurting us once was already enough, Zack Tabudlo is going to do it three times with his Pano trilogy.

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At this point, it’s been well-established that Zack Tabudlo knows how to make OPM bangers that will make you feel things. But one thing that should be talked about is Zack’s mastery in the realm of the music video. Whenever the OPM star drops a new mv, not only is it of quality, but it also tells an often captivating story that compliments the song’s message. They’re like mini-movies at this point with the production design, cinematography, storytelling, and more.

Zack will always be ready to give you an event and that holds for his song Pano. Released back in December 2021, Pano is yet another Zack Tabudlo wonder with its moving vocals that tell the story of a love that isn’t reciprocated. Two months shy of its first anniversary, he finally dropped the awaited visuals. But instead of giving us just one music video, Zack gave us a whole trilogy of love, loss, heartbreak, and everything in between.


Directed by Dominic Bakaert, Pano Part I stars Kira Balinger as Elise Gonzales and Zack Tabudlo as her potential new flame. In the nearly seven-minute short film, we find Elise, a painter, going through it when her boyfriend decides to dump her. Zack, who plays one of Elise’s peers, sees this and goes to comfort her. The breakup did not do any favors for Elise as she’s constantly sulking about missing her ex which goes on to influence her paintings. Zack’s character seems to be making Elise feel better, with slight hints that there may be even something more.

That changes though when the two are at a party and Elise sees her ex with a new girl. She snaps and decides to drown her sorrows with the help of a bottle of alcohol. After a while, the two leads find themselves in Elise’s room. After an alcohol-influenced mini-breakdown, the two hug it out as Part I ends and teases what else this potential love story has in store.


As always, it’s another hit of a music video for Zack Tabudlo with the acting, storytelling, and cinematography all coming together. Kira Balinger is a great addition to the ZTCU (Zack Tabudlo Cinematic Universe) as she brings out the pain and anger of heartbreak, as well as the joys of finding new love. Kira deserves props for how well she handled that drunk scene near the end. Zack, meanwhile, embodies the message of the song as the potential flame who isn’t sure the person he/she likes also likes them back. There’s an innocence to Zack’s character (at least in Part I) as he just wants to treat the girl right.

The music video doesn’t do too much which works in its favor. You get a simple yet well-told story that lays the groundwork for where the rest of this trilogy can go. At this point, Zack Tabudlo pretty much has a free pass to get us in our feels if it’s going to be this good. Part II centers on Anghel while Part III serves as the music video for Yakap so prepare for an emotional roller coaster.

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