Zack Tabudlo Francine Diaz -As You Are

Francine Diaz Is A Lover In Mourning In Zack Tabudlo’s ‘As You Are’ Music Video

"You deserve all the love in this world."

Zack Tabudlo’s As You Are is one of his most romantic songs to date. But it’s music video starring the musician and Francine Diaz made sure to shed some tears.

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You probably have seen that famous meme of the black and pink houses by the beach. The image shows the two beach homes, which are real by the way, side-by-side as their contrasting colors make the perfect canvass to illustrate things on the opposite sides of the spectrum. Often, the meme has been used to describe a song whose lyrics contradict that of its music. Now, that meme can also be used to describe Zack Tabudlo’s new song As You Are to its music video. Here, the track, with its wholesome and touching message is contrasted with a music video that might just make you shed a tear.


Serving as the pink house, we have the song As You Are. His latest single as of this writing, the track was released at the tail-end of April 2022 and sees the young musician tackle a topic he’s all too familiar with, love. In particular, Zack sings about spending time with his significant other and generally being there for her. As always, he manages to capture compelling feelings and emotions with his writing and As You Are is no exception.

The track weaves a tale of how Zack is willing and able to do all that he can for the one he loves. Sonically, it’s not a very busy song, but that works to its favor. The highlight is the touching lyrics and Zack’s impeccable voice that brings it to life.


But then, we have the black house, which is the music video. With a song like As You Are, you might expect a sweet and loving visual narrative. And you are half right on that as Zack puts a twist on the video’s story. The music video, directed, shot, and edited by Dominic Bekaert, stars Zack and Francine Diaz. This might seem like an unexpected pairing, but the two are actually besties IRL and have known each other for a years now. This project just marks the first time that they have worked with each other professionally.

As a pair in the music video, Zack and Francine sing karaoke, they enjoy nature, and spend some quality time by the beach, like any loving couple does. We find the two at their happy moments.

But the twist is that this is just a flashback. In the beginning of the video, we see Francine’s character open a CD of precious memories and plays the song in her car, which served as Zack’s character’s special song she wrote for her. It turns out that Zack’s character battled an illness and passed away, and Francine is reminiscing on their time together at their special place by the ocean, with the light and sunny moments contrasting the somber remembrance. It ends with her pouring his ashes by their special spot before she takes off.


While the video’s story is still about love, it revolves around one about remembrance. Even if he’s gone, she still loves him and will always cherish that love. It hurts to remember him for Francine’s character. But in the end, the love will always be there, even as if she’s trying to move on. It’s a reminder that when our loved ones pass on, we can still love them as much as if they were alive.

It’s a simple story that’s effectively told, with Francine’s acting and expressions conveying tender love and aching loss. Zack Tabudlo didn’t have to hurt us like this. But if you’ve seen some of his past videos, you know he’s no stranger to somber music videos. And you know what, he can do it again if it’s going to be this good. If you want to see how it all went down, check out the behind-the-scenes video here.  

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