How All Time Low Celebrated Twenty Years of Music At Their Forever Tour Concert In Manila

How All Time Low Celebrated Twenty Years of Music At Their Forever Tour Concert In Manila

Holding onto this feeling.

Twenty years since their beginning, at the Forever tour in Manila, All Time Low played one of their longest shows ever, rolling like thunder, burning like stars.

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All Time Low clearly has a soft spot for Manila. Returning for the sixth time to perform 20 years worth of music, the pop-punk band and Dear Maria, Count Me In musicians brought their Forever Tour to the Metro and gave us two hours of bangers, nostalgia, and all the emo-pop-punk-rock goodness. Brought back by PULP Live World, All Time Low got the crowd singing their hearts out at their Forever Tour concert in Manila.

Serenading us with the soundtrack of our youth and more recent songs to soundtrack whatever eras we’re in right now, All Time Low, composed of frontman and lead singer Alex Gaskarth, guitarist Jack Barakat, bassist Zack Merrick, and drummer Rian Dawson, gave an ambitious, unforgettable show. And you can bet the crowd at Smart Araneta Coliseum proved exactly why Manila is a forever stop in their world tours. Check out some highlights from All Time Low’s Forever Tour in Manila below!


Celebrating over two decades as a band, All Time Low put together an unpredictable setlist for the Forever Tour that lent to every one of their eras being represented, and every fan satiated. They packed songs from their entire discography into two hours—the longest show they’ve played—ever, according to them.

Citing Manila as one of their favorite stops, and this show as one of their favorites, period, the band rained endless praise for the crowd. “I said I don’t ever wanna stop playing in Manila,” Alex commented. We’re holding them to that.


The nature of the Forever tour allowed for ever-changing setlists, subject to the whims of the band. So audiences never know what All Time Low song is going to be played at their stop. While people were anticipating their track Therapy, the Manila crowd got the fan-favorite Remembering Sunday, along with Time Bomb and parts of Somewhere in Neverland, Stay Awake, and more.

There’s nothing like hearing the choruses of “Oh my God!” that rang through the arena when Alex strummed the familiar intro to Remembering Sunday and the singing of the crowd during the iconic bridge of the song.


Though there’s no choreographed dancing, pyrotechnics, or VCRs (are we too used to K-pop concerts? Perhaps.), the energy on stage was so hyped, it makes you wonder how All Time Low has been able to do this for two decades. Then again, the passion and enthusiasm with which they perform is perhaps the secret to that longevity.

From Rian’s nonstop drumming (for sure equivalent to an intense workout), to frontman Alex’s lighthearted, high-energy stage presence—switching from keyboard to electric guitar to acoustic guitar constantly, all while keeping his voice full and strong, whether it’s acapella or accompanied, and interacting with the crowd—there was no shortage of electricity at Araneta Coliseum. And Hustlers gave that energy right back, singing every word and headbanging all night.


With their loaded setlist, Alex was right—”there’s something for everyone!” Right from the beginning, the rock band set the stage for what kind of show to expect. They sang bits and pieces of surprise songs, and mixed up older songs with newer ones, like Tell Me I’m Live and Some Kind of Disaster in the beginning, as well as Stella and Modern Love. Through this setlist, All Time Low reconciled their past with their present in a two-hour musical journey.


In a surprise acoustic performance, Alex told the crowd to hold up their flashlights, lighting up the arena in glittering white lights as he sung the inspiring Glitter & Crimson. The track encapsulates a message the band has championed their whole career: “Let’s start a riot.”


Speaking of starting a riot, as benchmarks of modern pop-punk, All Time Low is known for bold, anthemic, yet catchy tracks that define a generation. Punk-rock and its offshoots often contains music and subject matter that inspire listeners to go against the status quo, to keep fighting for what they believe in, to savor being different, to relish in the present, and to hold on to the exhilirating feeling of living.

And All Time Low’s discography includes plenty of such music. Many of their most beloved songs are those that are stirring, resonant, and uplifting. Just listen to Kids In The Dark or The Reckless and the Brave. Pop punk excellence.

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As such, their performance of Missing You in Manila was almost cathartic for the crowd. It’s a comforting song that got a lot of people through some tough times, so everyone’s scream of the lyrics “F*ck the world, ’cause it’s my life, I’m gonna take it back,” was nothing less than heartfelt.

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