Soundtrack Of Youth: 7 Moments From Boys Like Girls’ Manila Concert That Got Us Love Drunk

It was NOT a phase.

It was the greatest escape. EVER.

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Remember when it was a popular saying in high school that liking bands was “just a phase”? Well obviously, those people have not heard of Boys Like Girls. The phenomenal band just gave us a show of a lifetime last April 20 at the Araneta Coliseum, which was the perfect opportunity to dust off our band shirts and pitch-black accessories in a celebration of eternal youth. Missed the show? Don’t worry, we got you covered. Here are a few moments from the night that will forever solidify the place of Boys Like Girls in our lives.

It’s Us, We’re Juliet

We could not think of a better opener than We The Kings, the perfect fusion of vibrance and nostalgia. Singing their hit songs like Check, Yes Juliet, and Sad Song, not a single minute of the show was bland as everyone thought back to a ~certain~ phase in their lives. Additional points for singing two of the biggest songs on the same wavelength: Wonderwall by Oasis and Mr. Brightside by The Killers.

Karaoke In The Coliseum

@smartaranetacoliseum Back to 2009… Boys Like Girls performs the iconic ‘The Great Escape’ tonight here at #TheBigDome #BOYSLIKEGIRLSinMANILA2024 #BOYSLIKEGIRLSatTheBigDome #BOYSLIKEGIRLS #BLG #fyp #foryoupage ♬ The Great Escape – Boys Like Girls

The audience’s enthusiasm was palpable. It wasn’t an exaggeration to say that everyone in that venue knew every single word of the songs. It was like a massive karaoke session, with the band providing the live accompaniment. The concert was a true celebration of Boys Like Girls’ music and felt like a united Philippine fan party.

Like a ‘Boys Like Girls’ Medley

@skirttt1975 Money will return but this, is rare @boyslikegirls #philippines #boyslikegirlsmanila #blg #concert2024 #fyp #fypシ ♬ original sound – KIRT

If you were there, you’d know that Boys Like Girls’ energy was insane and unstoppable. They were singing the beautifully curated setlist one song after another with no breaks or talking in-between. It seemed like we were on Spotify Premium, with no interruptions at all as the momentum just kept on going. Constant throwing of guitar picks from here and there, the show was one for the books.

Thunder: Song Of The Decade

Not the soundtrack of our summer, but quite literally the soundtrack of our life. No one can beat the nostalgic beauty of their song Thunder as the Big Dome was one in screaming out the lyrics to this iconic anthem. The highly anticipated track carried its weight as everyone was brought back to the melodrama of the 2000s.

Tonight Was A Miracle

The setlist was a perfect mix of their most iconic songs from the past, plus some of their new material that we’re obviously still tuning into. No matter what song in whatever era the band performs, you bet we will be screaming our lungs out to sing along.

Mosh Pit Away From the Mosh Pit

One of the cutest moments from the night was Boys Like Girls performing their hit song The Great Escape twice. For the first one, the band allowed phones and recordings. But for the second one, it was just the audience and the band, a sweet and intimate connection in the midst of thousands of people enjoying their tunes. Every corner of the Araneta Coliseum seemed like a mosh pit with people jumping and living their lives to the fullest—an absolutely monumental scene.

Two Is Better Than One

Just when everyone thought the show had come to an end, vocalist Martin Johnson came back on stage with an acoustic guitar. It seemed like everyone had already been anticipating what was about to happen as the Big Dome lit up with phone flashlights. The crowd was ready for Two Is Better Than One. One word to describe the moment: magical. It was the perfect song to wrap up that rave of a night with everyone carrying a mental photograph of one of the most ~metal~ moments of their lives forever.

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