I Went To The Maroon 5 Concert And It Healed My Inner Child

And the memories bring back, memories bring back you.

On the Philippine leg of their 2022 World Tour, Maroon 5 celebrates their 20th anniversary with a night of music and nostalgia.

There’s just something about music of your youth that takes you on a journey back in time. Whether it’s about a certain situation or a person, I could always find a song to match what I am/was feeling at a certain period of my life. For as long as I could remember, music was a gateway to my memories, and my self-made playlists were a photo album that I can look through depending on my mood. 

Maroon 5 Manila Tour 2022

Maroon 5 was one of the bands that I listened to during my elementary and high school days— back when printing off lyrics organized in clear books, and singing to music and lyric videos were my form of entertainment. Fans all over the world can relate when I say that Maroon 5 has a song for any scenario, which is why their music reached different parts of the globe. And after three years, Adam Levine and his crew came back to serenade us all on their world tour. 

Last December 9, 2022, Maroon 5 gave a performance at the Mall of Asia Arena that took me on a trip back to memory lane.


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Starting off strong was an intense introduction of Moves Like Jagger where you can feel the beat course through your body like a ticking time bomb. It was a visual and auditory feast for the fans, even I felt goosebumps. 


Adam Levine Guitar Solo Maroon 5 Manila Tour 2022

Aside from his good looks and wild vocal range, Adam Levine’s got the talent for guitar solos, too. Performing their second song This Love, the frontman himself took the stage with his black electric guitar, showing off his musicality while everyone watches him in awe. 

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A band known for diverse sound, Maroon 5 showcased their eras of experimenting with music through their setlist. Somehow, it all balanced out; from a rock and roll number and danceable pop hits to a sentimental and chill acoustic act, it was a concert dedicated to all fans, young and old. 


After a set of jumping and dancing to their pop hits such as One More Night, Animals, Love Somebody, among many others, the band prepped for their acoustic act, and Adam Levine had to show his appreciation to all his Filipino fans. “There are many reasons, but the number one reason we like to come here is because we know how much you guys love to sing,” the lead vocalist revealed. 

Maroon 5 Manila Tour 2022

“Just so you know, this is a special place [the Philippines] for us because we know every time we come here, first of all, crowds seem to get bigger and bigger. You guys love to be in it with us. You guys sing louder. You guys sing louder than anyone else in the world!” The crowd went wild as lead guitarist and backup vocalist James Valentine and keyboardist and rhythm guitarist Jesse Carmicheal both nodded their heads and agreed with Adam’s speech.

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Fans felt teary eyed while emotions filled the concert arena. “I’m telling you, from me and the rest of us, we love you!” shouted Adam, and as the crowd returned the love, the band proceeded to perform an acoustic version of a Maroon 5 classic: Payphone


Lights flashed in red as the band performed Girls Like You, with female rapper Cardi B projected on the screen serving as the backing track during the performance. After the song, fans thought the concert was over as the lights shut off and Maroon 5 left the stage. Little did we know that the band had something bigger and brighter in store for us, as they ran back on stage to sing Daylight. 


Following the encore, Maroon 5 performed big hits like Memories and Lost Stars, followed by everyone’s favorite, an acoustic version of She Will Be Loved. The crowd looked left and right, spotting fans singing to their partners in embrace. 

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The band started strong and ended strong too. To close the nostalgia-filled night, Adam Levine sang Sugar at the top of his lungs and gave a performance of a lifetime. We were all praying that their set would last longer, but like all good things, it must come to an end.

Maroon 5 Manila Tour 2022

Hearing them perform the songs I used to listen to when I was younger healed my inner child, and I’m sure in some ways, it healed everyone else’s too. While the two hours flew by like a speed of light, indeed, their concert was definitely a night to remember.

Photography and art direction by Kenneth Dimaano

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