Fun Carpet Moments You Probably Didn’t Catch On The 2024 Met Gala Livestream

It's always a fun time to be online whenever it's the Met Gala.

You can always count on the Met Gala to get social media talking with the woah, wow, and WTF moments.

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The phrase “first Monday of May” might just seem like that, a phrase. But utter that to anyone with a love for fashion and/or pop culture, and get ready for heads to turn as it is one of the most famous references to the Met Gala, which happens on the first Monday of May. And right on cue, Met Gala 2024 is here as the MET Museum in NYC becomes the Super Bowl of fashion. 

With the theme of “The Garden of Time”, this year’s edition saw a whose who of the upper echelon try, emphasis on try, with their take on florals and nature imagery as Vogue’s official livestream caught all the drama on the carpet. Well, not all of it. With all the madness that went down at the MET, you might have missed these fun moments. We’ve listed down some of our favorite Met Gala 2024 moments below. 


For every basic suit and dress that walked the carpet, we got some amazing looks with details to die for. For starters, Lana Del Ray came to serve in custom Alexander McQueen and the twisted take on Snow White. Peep the hoof shoes. Then, businesswoman Mona Petal became everyone’s new bias with her Iris Van Herpen gown (styled by Law Roach, no less), which had moving butterflies on her arms. 

Elle Fanning, who lowkey was made for this theme, did not disappoint with her take on the Sleeping Beauty and optical illusion Balmain creation that looked like two birds were holding it up. While Doja Cat may have looked basic to some in her Vetements t-shirt dress, her look was a reference to the most used flower, cotton, and the white t-shirt a symbol of being timeless. Her mind.  

Tyla, meanwhile, showed the girls how it’s done when it comes to making a Met Gala debut. Her Balmain dress was the yassified version of the Sands of Time, with sand on the arm and shoulder and an hourglass purse being nice touches. Even the boys had something to offer, like Challengers co-stars Josh O’Conner and Mike Faist, the former sporting shoes with a floral motif and the latter pinning a radish brooch to his lapel. And this is just the tip of the iceberg of the fun and interesting details and references a few celebs brought to the table.


For their first Met Gala, Stray Kids were dressed to the nines in custom Tommy Hilfiger, coat removals and all. But what we loved most about the group was how Bang Chan had his leader hat on the entire time. From telling them when to pose and being on phone duty, Bang Chan ran the group like the army. Not even Tommy Hilfiger spoiling their upcoming tour and rude photographers could stop Stray Kids.  


At this point, we’re used to Cardi B going all out at the Met Gala. But having nine people carry her dress to the carpet? Now that’s extra in the best way. 


Tyla wasn’t just helped going up the MET steps, she was carried every step. Looking like a goddess, having a 10/10 concept, and having people lift you wherever you go? That’s queen behavior right there.  


First was the Vanity Fair Oscar Party. Next was Coachella. And now, the Met Gala. We’re here for their sweet moments together, Alice in Wonderland matching fit included. 


Celebrities, they’re just like us. But what we want to know is if Mike told Greta his Past Lives story because we need the tea. 


To most people, that’s Nicholas Galitzine and Uma Thurman on the Met Gala carpet. But to us, that’s a reunion between Ellen Claremont and his son-in-law Prince Henry. 



Josh O'Connor sees #Challengers co-star Zendaya's Met Gala outfit for the first time: "Oh my goodness. Wow. Incredible."

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Another win for Challengers stans. Seeing Josh gush over Zendaya’s first look is enough to warm the heart. 


With everything that went down at the 2024 Met Gala, you might have missed the celebrities and personalities who made their Met Gala debut this year. Stars who walked the Met Gala carpet for the first time include musician Laufey, Thai actor Bright Vachiariwat, actress and Loewe muse Taylor Russell, and fashion content creator Wisdom Kaye. Take notes, that’s how you make a good first impression.  

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