DonBelle And Zack Tabudlo Show Us What First Love Feels Like In The ‘Pinadama’ Music Video

Your next romantic theme song.

In the official music video of Pinadama, DonBelle and Zack Tabudlo join forces to make you feel the excitement, mystery, and the inexplicable wonder of first love.

What a great time to be Bubblies and Zackifieds as the New Gen Phenomenal Love Team, DonBelle, and OPM’s soulful prince Zack Tabudlo collaborate for a new track, Pinadama. Part of An Inconvenient Love’s soundtrack, Pinadama is your next LSS-inducing obsession that will make you recall and yearn for that feeling and mystery of first love. Especially with the song’s official music video that is at once dreamlike, somehow nostalgic, and ultimately, romantically exciting.

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In a scene that looks nearly lifted from the actual movie, Ayef stands at the counter of the 24-Ever convenience store filled with an anxious thought: Should she call Manny or not? She wavers. But she can’t get over it, that indescribable feeling; the butterflies fluttering so hard she hallucinates about him through her customers wearing the black mask. This, as Zack Tabudlo makes wonders singing the words: “Hindi alam ang gagawin / kung pano ko maibabalik / ang mahal na ‘yong pinadama.” After some moments of getting lost in a daydream and as the melody hushes gracefully, Manny finally enters, looks at Ayef in an electric eye-to-eye, and ponders: “What if maging tayo?” 

Kilig is an understatement in describing the music video of Pinadama. Directed by Shai Advincula-Antonio (who also worked on He’s Into Her: The Movie Cut) and produced by filmmakers and rom-com experts Dan Villegas (English Only, Please) and Antoinette Jadaone (That Thing Called Tadhana), the music video-slash-short-romantic-film melds a dreamy, mesmerizing visuals with charming storytelling. Add to that the enchanting vocals of Spotify’s most streamed OPM Artist and the palpable chemistry of DonBelle, then we get to experience the magic of An Inconvenient Love.


And as expected, fans were quickly enraptured by the music video as it was released on the night of December 5, 2022. Just an hour later, it became a trending topic, with Zack Tabudlo celebrating and thankful for the Bubblies and Zackifieds’ love.

Another DonBelle stan couldn’t help but express their admiration for the Pinadama music video that they described as nothing short of perfect. While another supporter praised the heavenly vocals of Zack Tabudlo, Donny Pangilinan and Belle Mariano’s magnetic chemistry, and shared that just like us, they were smiling all throughout the video.

While many fans were all praise for Zack Tabudlo’s voice, a certified Zackified couldn’t get over Zack’s dance as well, who can be seen in the music video breezily grooving into his own music.

A throwback to DonBelle’s humble beginnings, a netizen posted photos of DonBelle during their first-ever music video together in Ben&Ben’s Upuan and compared it with their Pinadama collaboration, pointing out DonBelle always gives a distinct satisfying feeling of kilig whenever they’re on the screen.

And just like us, @DB_Larss also contemplated on Bubblies’ biggest “what if.” What if Donny and Belle fall in love in real life?

If you’re still not over the Pinadama music video then here’s some cute and fun behind-the-scenes clips courtesy of Project 8 Projects’s TikTok account.

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