‘An Inconvenient Love’ Has A Soundtrack That Will Give You All The Feels

Be ready for an emotional watching and listening experience.

Prepare yourselves for a whole lot of feels with the soundtrack of DonBelle’s An Inconvenient Love featuring tracks from Moira Dela Torre, Zack Tabudlo, and more.

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“Sa hassle ng buhay mo, magpapa-hassle ka pa ba sa pag-ibig?” This quote encapsulates the heart of An Inconvenient Love, Star Cinema’s newest offering from the New Gen Phenomenal Love Team, DonBelle. We follow Belle Mariano as Ayef, an aspiring animator-slash-convenience-store-clerk, and Donny Pangilinan as Manny, a boutique plant shop owner, as they engage in a contractual relationship, proving if love, as they have thought, is just another inconvenience.

As we’ve been blessed with two visually vibrant and kilig-inducing trailers already, we already have an idea of the joy, cuteness, romantic excitement, and by the looks of it, emotional damage that An Inconvenient Love has in store for us. But in between the heartfelt phrases and warm dialogues between Ayef and Manny, there’s also the music that elevates the emotions that we feel from the film’s painfully short sneak peek. Playing in the background is a track that makes Manny’s line “I’m sorry I’m an inconvenience” and Ayef’s cry even more piercingly hurting. And as Star Cinema has announced, An Inconvenient Love features a soundtrack that will give us all the feels we’re looking for.

Huwag Muna Tayong Umuwi by BINI

The last song syndrome-triggering track that’s been featured in An Inconvenient Love’s official trailer is Huwag Muna Tayong Umuwi by the P-Pop girl group, BINI. One of the eight-member ensemble’s latest tracks, Huwag Muna Tayong Umuwi is part of BINI’s sophomore album Feel Good, which they dropped last month, signaling their most-awaited comeback. BINI’s newest ballad is perfectly fit for DonBelle’s new film as its melody, on the one hand, lets us feel the optimistic vibe of AIC’s story and, on the other, heightens the emotions during some crucial scenes and tugs at heartstrings.

Lagi by BINI

There’s another reason for Blooms to feel proud of their idols as another single from the Nation’s Girl Group will be a part of An Inconvenient Love‘s soundtrack. Lagi, one of BINI’s latest singles, showcases the group’s signature charm with upbeat tunes that will inevitably make you jive to it. Described as a colorful pop song that tackles the magic of new love, Lagi beautifully complements the bright and bubbling romance between Ayef and Manny.

Tumitigil Ang Mundo by BGYO

More of P-Pop goodness as An Inconvenient Love will also feature Tumitigil Ang Mundo from the Aces of P-Pop, BGYO. Part of the quintet’s chart-topping sophomore album BE:US, the electro-pop dance track is a buoyant representation of modern love and courtship. And just as how Ayef and Manny’s world seemingly stops at the moment they meet, Tumitigil Ang Mundo is a befitting music that will capture all of the inexplicable giddiness that you get from first love.

Aking Habang Buhay by Moira Dela Torre

In a romantic tale like An Inconvenient Love, which highlights the marvel of first love as well as its vulnerability and pain, who do we call to deliver a song that will encapsulate just that? Well, surely it’s none other than the Queen of Hugot songs herself, Moira Dela Torre. From the angelic voice that gave us heartaches with Malaya, Tagpuan, and Paubaya, comes Aking Habang Buhay, another sorrow-filled music that, as the half-minute preview shows, warns us to bring some tissues when we watch the movie’s premiere on November 23, 2022.

Pinadama by Zack Tabudlo

And just as you become overwhelmed with all the feels that An Inconvenient Love‘s soundtrack has given you so far, there’s Zack Tabudlo with Pinadama, another soulful track that will get you nostalgic about the past you’ve never had. And just by looking at the thirty-second clip, Ayef and Manny’s sweet and kilig moments can even rightfully be Pinadama‘s music video, wrapping us with melodies that will remind you of the wonder and mystery of first love.

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