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BINI Said “Versatility” With Their New Album, ‘Feel Good’

Huwag Muna Tayong Umuwi supremacy.

For their sophomore album Feel Good, BINI gives us more polished Pinoy pop but also showcases a new side to their artistic talents.

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When it comes to BINI, always expect the girls to give us a pop banger. Ever since Da Coconut Nut, BINI has stayed consistent when it comes to releasing earworms that harken back to the bubblegum pop era of P-pop. The group’s first year and a half have solidified BINI’s reputation not just as a top-tier P-pop group, but one armed with potential hits laced with catchy beats and empowering messages.

But now that we know what BINI can do, it would also be great to see the group experiment more with their sound and switch things up here and there. And that’s exactly what was on the menu in BINI’s new album, Feel Good, which dropped on September 29. If the Born To Win album was a showcase of the essence of BINI, the Feel Good LP offers a more polished BINI and one that isn’t afraid to take new risks.


When BINI named their second album Feel Good, they meant it. The seven-track LP, which is composed of five new songs and two alternate versions of previously released singles, is about living your best life and enjoying things to the fullest. That theme is already prevalent with the album’s opener, No Fear. The dance-pop tune with an explosive beat drop in the chorus features the signature BINI message of self-confidence and standing up against adversity. It’s a fun song and feels like the appropriate number to open the album.

Track two is Lagi, the group’s first single that opened their new era. And if you’ve heard the track, then you know it’s a bop. You can feel how happy this love song sounds. It’s like it was plucked straight from the early 2010s era of Pinoy bubblegum pop and given a fresh coat of paint. Lagi’s cherry pop production feels tailor-made for BINI. The hits don’t stop there though as I Feel Good comes next. If Na Na Na had an older sister, it would be I Feel Good. The opening notes of the track immediately attract the listener’s attention. It’s an insanely catchy tune, from its A-tier chorus to rap segment, and maybe some of BINI’s finest work to date. The BINI secret sauce was sprinkled all over this one.


By the time Feel Good reaches its halfway mark, that’s when BINI gives you something different. While most may know BINI for their stage presence and looks, their vocals are also something that needs more attention. The members have pipes that some of their songs may not always take advantage of. Huwag Muna Tayong Umuwi feels then like a breath of fresh air. At nearly five minutes long, the track slows things down to a mid-tempo pop jam. Gone are the over-the-top beats as their voices take center stage. And they sound so good.

The love song is the most somber track BINI has released to date with its story of wanting to spend more time with a special someone. The vibe shift suits them well though. This is the kind of song we were waiting for BINI to drop, one that dials back a bit on the beats and gives the girls more space to show off their vocals. It takes full advantage of their singing prowess, and that’s for the better. The guitar rift near the end was the icing on a track that pleasantly surprised and reminded their fans (and haters) of their vocal chops.

Strings serve as the final new song on the album and once again, the girls give us a new flavor. The song is unlike any BINI has dropped before with its hard-edged pop meets marching band sound. Even the ending with its BINI roll call was an out-of-left-field moment. This is the dark pop BINI that you weren’t expecting as they sing about how hard life can be. Even its music video showcases BINI channeling their baddie era with darker tones.


Rounding out Feel Good is the acoustic version of Lagi and the dance version of Strings with the latter in particular giving a whole new vibe to the track.

When BINI began work on this album, it seems like their goal was not only to show a refined version of their signature sound but also to showcase their different sides. And by many accounts, they succeeded on that front. I Feel Good is a stone-cold bop, Huwag Muna Tayong Umuwi is their first hit towards making a power ballad, and Strings is BINI’s bad side we want to see more of. The production is great as always but their vocals are a standout in this album and elevate it to new heights.

The bars, runs, and harmonies hit particularly hard on tracks like Strings and HMTU. Props to BINI because they thought through the concept. They first give us 90s nostalgic pop with I Feel Good then do a 180 with Strings. Yes, they can do bright pop very well. But more than anything, this album was a sample showcase of how they won’t be sequestered to just one box. The Nation’s Girl Group is ready to give all kinds of bops.

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