DonBelle’s ‘An Inconvenient Love’

DonBelle’s ‘An Inconvenient Love’ Gets A Kilig-Inducing First Teaser

Nakakabitin pero nakakakilig.

DonBelle’s much-anticipated second feature film, An Inconvenient Love, teases Bubblies with a short glimpse into a bubbling romance.

After a long wait, Star Cinema has now blessed us with a new teaser trailer for An Inconvenient Love, the highly anticipated second movie from Donny Pangilinan and Belle Mariano.

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“It takes a lot to be happy. With life’s inconveniences, is there room for an inconvenient love?” says Ayef (Mariano) in the teaser that’s now been viewed over a million times in different platforms. She sports purple earphones while happily listening to some music. “But what if one day, someone comes along and makes everything convenient?” Enter Manny (Pangilinan), who removes a curious mask and chases Ayef on the footbridge. He removes one of her earphones, much to her surprise, and puts it on his ear. “You know what, you’re like a superhero. Always there to save the day,” Ayef says while they listen together, eye to eye. Kilig!

Yes, the teaser is too short to know what on earth is happening on that overpass. But it nevertheless gives us all the feels that we need and expect from a DonBelle movie. First announced at the He’s Into Her (HIH) All Access grand concert last August, where fans had their first glimpse of the film through a film still, An Inconvenient Love follows the story of Ayef, a convenience store clerk, and Manny, a boutique plant shop owner, who both agree to engage in a one-month contractual fling, believing that love is just another inconvenience. But this belief is put to test as their temporary romance’s expiration date draws near.

DonBelle’s second feature film (following Love Is Colorblind), An Inconvenient Love is written by Enrico Santos and Daisy Cayanan, and is directed by Petersen Vargas who previously helmed the indie queer romance 2 Good 2 Be 4gotten and the online Boys’s Love (BL) series Hello, Stranger. “Here, we’re trying to ground DonBelle in something more immediate and raw,” explains the director, “These are people that you see on the daily commute or have been friends with in college. I feel like because we’re grounding them in this way, parang nag-iiba ‘yung dimension nung love story and nung kilig.”

AN INCONVENIENT LOVE starring DonBelle's Donny Pangilinan and Belle Mariano

Belle’s character Ayef, who’s a staff at a convenience store 24-Ever, is also described as someone who dreams of becoming an international animator and is relentless in achieving it; even eyeing for a prestigious animation company in Singapore. Her focus on her dream leaves her no time for love until she meets a guy who’s ready for something temporary. 

That’s Manny, who, apart from owning HalaManny, is also a covert social activist by night fighting beside the workers of a corporation owned by his father. But among his responsibilities, there’s nothing more important for Manny than taking care of his brother Dobs (played by JC Alcantara), who has autism. We’ll witness the couple in a convenient relationship that might change their inconvenient beliefs about love.

Other stars include Sheenly Gener as Fetussa, Iana Bernardez as Kookie, and Adrian Lindayag as Jobert who are Ayef’s friends and co-workers. Moreover, Krissy Achino and Brian Sy play Ben 1 and Ben 2, respectively, who help Manny run his plant shop. Fall in love with DonBelle all over again when An Inconvenient Love premieres on November 23, which also signals Star Cinema’s return to cinemas after two years.

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