Let’s Talk About *THAT* Dance Number From Belle Mariano And Donny Pangilinan At The HIH Finale Concert

Teacher: No eating in class! Donny and Belle in the back:

If we knew things were gonna get steamy between Belle Mariano and Donny Pangilinan at the HIH finale concert, we would have still watched.

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Over the weekend, He’s Into Her held it’s anticipated finale concert that saw its stars come together as they prepared to entertain the crowd at the Araneta Coliseum, as well as those watching live. It was the end of the show and the HIH family joined forces one last time to celebrate the season. The whole event felt like their graduation concert as thousands cheered and sang along with their faves as they sang, danced, and reminisced on their journey of the show.

Truly, there was a lot to celebrate about this top rated series that broke several records. Everyone from the young cast were there for the best graduation ever and thanks fans for their love and support. But with everything that went down, there was one moment in particular that left a mark on fans both in and outside Araneta. It was a moment so iconic it shook Bubblies and will probably be etched in DonBelle history. That moment, of course, was *that* dance number between Belle and Donny.


In case you didn’t catch the concert, around the halfway point in the concert, all our fave HIH love teams took turns spreading the kilig with their numbers. Donny and Belle though took things to an eleven with their prod number. Sound tracked to Ikaw At Ako by Moira Dela Torre and Jason Marvin, DonBelle performed a steamy contemporary dance number that saw them go all over the stage. The moment we saw Belle in that stunning red dress and Donny in his all white outfit, we knew this performance was going to be something else. True enough, the two then proceed to do an interpretative dance between two lovers that caused fans (and us), to shriek in excitement.

The intimate choreography made this their most emotionally charged performance together yet, and we are not complaining at all. Belle’s stare and Donny’s heavy breathing, it was a lot to take in. If that wasn’t enough, they brought things into overdrive with Donny lifting Belle and Belle jumping onto Donny’s arms. They then ended the performance by lying on the couch with their arms wrapped around each other. And just like that, Bubblies all over the world were left shaken in the best way possible.


It’s been a known fact that Donny and Belle have good chemistry both on and off screen. But they have never done something like that dance before, which is why it was such a moment. The two were at their closests and most personal yet. The only thing left was for Love Me Like You Do to start playing. It was a mature performance that showcased DonBelle in a brand new and intimate light, one we wouldn’t mind seeing more of. In a concert where DonBelle sang Sometimes by Britney Spears (another highlight), teased their endgame era, and revealed the release date of their new movie (November 23), it’s a testament to the fact that this dance remains one of the most memorable and talked about moments from the night and in DonBelle history, so far.

Looking back on that night though, Donny and Belle must have decided to bring out the buffet for the HIH finale concert and we ate it all up and left it spotless. We wouldn’t mind if they did something like this again, but maybe give us a heads up first to avoid giving us a heart attack.

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