Sassa Gurl’s Oscars Parody Is So Spot-On It Feels Real

Lilia Conchita mothered hard.

In the spirit of the recently concluded 2023 Oscars, here’s Sassa Gurl reimagining a Filipino version of Hollywood’s biggest night.

What if the prestigious Academy Awards were held in the Philippines? What if the Oscars were presented in the Big Dome instead of the famed Dolby Theatre? How would the presentation go? Thankfully, there’s the ever-effective influencer and this year’s NYLON Manila’s Fearless Social Media Star, Sassa Gurl, to help visualize all of it. From a star of a kabit-themed movie getting nominated to that familiar hosting style, Sassa Gurl captures the essence of Pinoy entertainment down to the very last detail with her Oscars parody.

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First posting on Twitter hours after the 95th Academy Awards, comedienne and everyone’s mima Sassa Gurl jumped into the online hype of cinema’s biggest event with an especially Pinoy entry: a re-imagination of the Oscars. Inspired by the same viral video by Auckland-based content creator Julian Sewell, Sassa channeled different personalities and highlighted Filipino entertainment tropes in her version where four actresses are vying for the prize.

@itssassagurl If sa pinas ginanap ang Oscars award IB: @Julian Sewell ♬ original sound – Sassa Gurl

As with her other content, Sassa Gurl’s Pinoy Oscars is another wholly entertaining and relatable piece that will have you roaring in laughter. As the award night’s host, Sassa dons a pink dress and has a familiar hosting style that feels like someone’s going to be evicted instead of being awarded. 

Sassa Gurl as host of Pinoy Oscars

With her usual comedic brio, Sassa becomes different characters that resemble stereotypes from local cinema culture. There’s the young and energetic Mia Soberanda in Sun and Moon, who is that rom-com princess with a signature melodramatic acting skills. Meanwhile, Bea Batista of Babaeng Pakawala Sa Kalsada ng Maynila  is that local actress who is a regular in gritty films and likes to take bold and brave career steps. “Money down before panty down,” she says in her Oscar clip with award-worthy finesse. 

The hilarity doesn’t stop there as Sassa Gurl encapsulates the Pinoys’ patronage of kabit-themed movies with Maria Barerra, who portrays that feisty lead actress in a marriage drama. We’ve all seen that confrontation scene countless times before. And finally, and perhaps the stand-out among the nominees, is the veteran-looking Lilia Conchita, whose mata-mata and buntong-hininga school of acting points to her seemingly storied and venerated career. To cap it off, there’s that Pinoy mainstream media brand of cliff-hanging where the final announcement is forever postponed. Yes, the design is very local TV.


Sassa Gurl’s Pinoy Oscars video has been watched for over 700,000 times on Twitter alone and thousands more on other platforms. Netizens were quick to react to the now-viral content, with tons of laughter laughed and praises showered at Sassa’s hilarious genius. One commenter even shares a photo of what the Oscar statuette would look like, bearing a resemblance to Sassa’s dental glory. Some are playfully reacting to the tight competition saying that the critics’ pick would be Lilia Conchita, but Maria Barrera will win.

And then there’s the poll where, ultimately, was won by the mother herself, Lilia Conchita. A Twitter user also relates to the cliff-hanger of an ending saying we’d have to watch loads of commercials before we get to the announcement. Another Sassa stan, just like us, is also requesting for a part two. We all need to know who’s the true winner.

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