The Coolest Interactions We Spotted At The NYLON Manila Big Bold Brave Awards

Maximizing their joint slay.

Here are the link-ups and meet-ups from the Big Bold Brave Awards Party that we still can’t stop thinking about.

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When you have that many stars, creators, and personalities in a single space like with what went down during NYLON Manila’s Big Bold Brave Party, you can expect the moment to deliver interactions that we don’t often get. And that’s what happened as many caught up with old friends while others finally met (and fangirled) for the first time in person. With all that occurred during the wild night, here are just some of the fun, cute, and head-turning interactions we spotted at the party.


Any moment seeing P-pop groups show love to each other is one worth celebrating. This is why it was nice seeing VXON, G22, Alamat, and R Rules hype each other up during the party. Just some of the most talented P-pop idols in the country just casually dancing and hanging out by the bar, no big deal. It’s a moment made even better by the fact that members of G22 and VXON got to meet Lyn Lapid. Talk about a crossover.  


Roce Ordonez has been one of the hottest creators of TikTok in the past year. And for that, fans voted her as this year’s Gen Z-Approved TikTok Star. Cheering her on during the party were fellow TikTok stars Andrea So and Mitch Briones. Meanwhile, we also spotted Gen Z TikTok cooking queen, Abi Marquez, hanging out with fellow creator Renee Dominique. Collab when?


Individually, Awra Briguela, Mimiyuuh, and Sassa Gurl had a great night at the Big Bold Brave Party. Awra vogued the house down on the stage, Mimiyuuuh was nominated for three awards and got her whole life to NewJeans, and Sassa Gurl took home two awards. But together, their might was unstoppable as the LGBTQIA+ Holy Trinity reunited once more and blessed us with their presence.  


It’s fair to say that SB19’s Josh was one of the stars of the night, taking home three awards on behalf of the group and having his fair share of celebrity run-ins like with Sassa Gurl. But our favorite Josh moment came when BGYO’s leader, Gelo, arrived at the party fashionably late as he and Josh then proceeded to catch up and share some drinks at Josh’s table. For all the fan fiction writers out there who imagined this scenario, you manifested it into reality.


Vivoree, Angela Ken, Jeremy Glinoga, Shanaia Gomez, Namless Kids, BINI’s Mikha, BGYO’s Gelo, and more sharing the same table? It was nothing but star power and talent for the Star Music family. They came ready to serve, and that’s exactly what they did.


Shanaia Gomez and Jeremy Glinoga were some of the MVPs of the night as they served as the party’s hosts. Together, the two guided the party train with ease, transitioning between segments with their natural charisma and stage presence. It was a hosting duo we never expected, but one we would love to see more of.


Since this is the Big Bold Brave Awards, we didn’t just name a best-dressed of the night. First, we nominated three outstanding stars; Mimiyuuuh, Sassa Gurl, and Ver Sex, who then had to strut their stuff on the dance floor. And it was at this moment that Mimiyuuuh and Sassa busted some moves together in the center of the room like the queens that they are.


Even long after they filmed season one of Drag Race Philippines, the sisterly bond between the queens is still there. Case in point, Turing and Precious Paula Nicole were taking people’s breath away with their drag excellence. Minty Fresh, meanwhile, showed love for PPN when she accepted the trophy for Gen Z-Approved Drag Queen. And there was a bit of a Drag Race PH x Drag Den moment with Sassa Gurl and Minty enjoying a bubbly by the Chandon photobooth.