'Tis The Season To Pick Up Your Holidays With Treats From PICKUP COFFEE!

‘Tis The Season To Pick Up Your Holidays With Treats From PICKUP COFFEE

Grab a pick-me-up this season!

Emerging favorite home-grown coffee brand PICKUP COFFEE is making the holidays sweeter with new beverages, an undated 2024 planner, and a loyalty program!

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Coffee brand PICKUP COFFEE is here to pick up your holidays with a bunch of treats that makes the coffee experience that much more fun. PICKUP COFFEE has grown as a brand very quickly, with their wide selection of drinks and affordable prices. Their distinct green carts can be found in plenty of places all over the Philippines, and as they grow, they continue to try and make everyone feel great with the things they offer. This year, with new beverages, a new loyalty program, and an undated 2024 planner, they’re here to make the season that much sweeter.


PICKUP COFFEE christmas classic drinks
PICKUP COFFEE christmas classic drinks
PICKUP COFFEE christmas classic drinks

Enjoy the sweet, sweet taste of holiday-themed drinks? Check out the nearest PICKUP COFFEE branch to browse their selection of returning Christmas Classics Toffee Nut Latte, Peppermint Dark Mocha, and a brand new beverage: the Sea Salt Chocolate Marshmallow topped with sea salt cream mousse and marshmallows. The Sea Salt Chocolate Marshmallow is caffeine-free, but you can request to add a shot of espresso for an additional picker-upper. Have it iced or hot, whichever gets you in the holiday mood.


PICKUP COFFEE christmas classic planner 2024

Yup, PICKUP COFFEE’s got a planner. If you’re interested in organizing your 2024, check out the first-ever 2024 PICKUP Planner. It’s small and handy, perfect for on-the-go, and it’s also undated, perfect for people who can’t keep up with numbered planners. Lastly, it also features exclusive art pieces from local artists Chy Cosme, Maia Cruz, Pia Garcia, Sean Go, Gabrielle Mabazza, JC Mahinay, Raco Ruiz, Seeweirdo and Threena Umali. Talk about loving local!


PICKUP COFFEE christmas classics stickers event

To get a PICKUP planner, grab yourself a PICKUP COFFEE club card or order through the app and collect 30 stamps. You earn one stamp for every drink purchase from the PICKUP COFFEE app. So pick yourself up a little treat and redeem the first-ever PICKUP Planner now.

Plus, if you activate your PICKUP COFFEE Club card, you automatically get eight free stamps. Score! For more information on the Christmas Loyalty Program, visit their website for complete terms and conditions, and follow them on Instagram, Facebook, and TikTok for updates!

Images courtesy of PICKUP COFFEE.

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