Beachside Coffee? Maris Racal Just Opened A Cute Cafe In La Union

Beachside coffee at Elyu brought to you by Maris Racal.

“Ma! May coffee shop na ako!”

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Ever since she finished with the runner-up title on PBB: All In, Maris Racal never stopped running the show. Almost a decade later, she’s continuously conquering acting, singing, vlogging, and even taking on the responsibilities as a ‘meme queen.’

From representing the film Marupok AF (Where is the Lie?) at the Udine Far East Film Festival to co-starring in Here Comes the Groom (and going viral on TikTok), this year has seen the most colorful chapter of her career yet. And let’s not forget the release of the Carelessly MV and the cutest dates with longtime boyfriend Rico Blanco. Just when we thought Maris Racal is already winning 2023, she adds ‘proud businesswoman’ to her long list of accomplishments.

Here’s the breakdown on Maris Racal’s first business venture—an Instagrammable corner café over in Elyu.

SOC: Stream of Consciousness

On Instagram, Maris Racal shared several pictures of one movie after another, hosting gigs, and a vacation in Italy with her boyfriend. And now, she’s announcing a business opening. Maris should definitely teach Time Management 101. Last Friday, fans were in for a sweet caffeine fix with the virtual tour of SOC: Stream of Consciousness Coffee. “Ma, may coffee shop na ako!” she said in the caption. “I hope you guys support my first-ever business venture!”

Located in the heart of Port San Juan, La Union, the cafe provides more than just a coffee experience but also a slice of Maris Racal’s creative consciousness (yup, pun intended). SOC: Stream of Consciousness is decked with funky artworks, main feed-worthy corners, and a menu that spans from breakfast food to burgers, not forgetting a wide array of coffee choices.

Beachside Coffee? G!

@soclaunion We’re open 7am-10pm daily, except Tuesdays 😉 Come to get coffee in the morning, work in the afternoon and wind down in the evening 🌙 #StreamOfConsciousness #StreamOfConsciousnessCoffee #SOC #SOCLaUnion #PSJ #PortSanJuan #Coffee #CafePH #CoffeeShops #KapeTayo #CoffeeLaUnion #LaUnion #Elyu #WhenInElyu #SurfTownLaUnion #TakashiMurakami #Murakami #YayoiKusama #Kusama ♬ original sound – Axel 💎

The very essence of the cafe echoed the name ‘Stream of Consciousness,’ inspiring guests to wander freely and without inhibitions. The interior boasts a blend of 1970s retro with a lively pop-art encounter. The presence of Haruki Murakami’s art pieces, accompanied by anime figurines, adds a personal touch that creates a cozier feel. It’s safe to say that SOC: Stream of Consciousness deviates from the typical Elyu Cafe aesthetic, and we’re absolutely loving it.

To top it all off, the cafe isn’t only serving comfort and ambiance. Their menu spans from sandwiches, rice meals, french fries, and crêpes. While their best-sellers include an amazing Chori Burge. That Spanish Latte and Greek Tuna Pandesal? Definitely on our to-do list for the next trip to Elyu.

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