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Maris Racal Is Staying Booked And Busy This Year With At Least Three New Shows—So Far

Major bag alert.

Maris Racal is on a roll. Not only has she have time to release pop bangers, but star in a slew of varied acting projects as well.

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Ever since her time in PBB, Maris Racal has worked her way to becoming one of her generations biggest stars. Whether it be through her ever-evolving music career or her many acting roles, Maris has done it all. And even years into her career, the young star is still very much in-demand. Just take a look at how she just began shooting her third series of 2022. And this is on-top of her extensive foray into her P-pop era. With the bag firmly secured and her acting chops on full display, prepare to see more of Maris Racal this year. And it’s only February, so who knows what other projects Maris will get involved in later down the road.  


Maris’ domination into the field of digital series started with Antoinette Jadaone’s The Kangks Show. Starring Angelica Panganiban, the show follows Doktora Kara, a sex guru who hosts the titular talk show. Problems arise though when her show suddenly sees a drop in viewership. At the same time, Cassandra (Racal), a TikTok star, sees her social media sex show go on the rise. Kara then goes to extreme lengths to get back her viewers as Cassandra starts to upstage Doktora Kara.

On the surface, it might just seem like an raunchy comedy, but in fact, the show has been praised for its much-needed discussions and conversations on sex in the Philippines. The series was lauded for its themes, as well as the acting of Angelica Panganiban and Maris Racal, the latter of whom received positive attention for her extreme yet vulnerable portrayal of Cassandra. The show technically began airing in December 2021, but aired most of its episodes in 2022. The Kangks Show is definitely a worthy watch on WeTV not just for Maris, but because it’s a genuinely well-made and great show. The fact that Maris teased a new project with director Antoinette Jadaone means that this won’t be the last time we’ll see of this duo.


Up next for Maris is another digital series, this time for iWant TFC, where she reunites once more with Angelica Panganiban. Based on the book by Noreen Capili, The Goodbye Girl follows Yanna (Panganiban), a woman who gets her heart broken. This then leads her to making videos where she cries over her failed relationship. Her videos then goes viral, leading her to be called the goodbye girl on social media. This then eventually lands her a book deal. For the book, Yanna chronicles the real stories of women whom she helps through their own heartbreaks. The series then divulges into the lives of these said women and their own experiences with heartbreak.

Maris plays the role of Ria, a young woman who develops feelings for a guy, played by Rico Blanco. But her world starts to spin when she realizes that he likes someone else. She must now decide where her heart belongs when a new guy enters the picture. If The Kangks Show was an exploration of sex, The Goodbye Girl is more melodramatic filled with hugot. And this also is the first time that Maris will be working alongside her boyfriend Rico Blanco in a show, which already makes this exciting. Featuring an all-star cast that includes Loisa Andalio, Barbie Imperial, Elisse Joson, RK Bagatsing, Joshua Colet, Ronnie Alonte, and Turs Daza, The Goodbye Girls lands on iWantTFC on February 14, just in time for Valentine’s Day.


As for Maris Racal’s latest project (so far), she joins the cast of this history-making digital series as the lead actress. ABS-CBN and YouTube recently announced that the two were teaming up for a partnership as part of ABS-CBN’s continued efforts to expand their digital presence. And as part of this collaboration, the network would create exclusive content for YouTube for the first time ever. Up first in this deal is a romantic comedy, How to Move On In 30 Days.

Serving as the first ever team-up between Maris and Carlo Aquino, the web series follows Maris’ character who gets dumped by her ex-boyfriend. She then tries to move on from her previous relationship within 30 days. She documents her moving on process in her vlogs. Eventually, she hires Carlo’s character as her fake boyfriend to prove that she has fully healed from the heartbreak. Other cast members include Albie Casiño, John Lapus, Jai Agpangan, Sachzna Laparan, Kyo Quijano, Sherry Lara, Poppert Bernadas, Hanie Harrar, Elyson De Dios, and James Bello. Benedict Mique and Dick Lindayag will direct the series. The show just began production, so it will be a while before we get to see this on YouTube. But it already has us curious to see how this YouTube show comes together.

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