Maris Racal Wants You To Fall In Line In Pumila Ka, Respectfully

Pumila ka na muna sa huli.

Once again, Maris Racal delivers a solid bop all while serving visuals. This time, it is wrapped in a message of being considerate and kind.

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It’s a situation many of us have been through or know someone who has experienced it. You work hard to do your job. You do everything you can, striving to achieve your goal and dream in life. But all of a sudden, someone else, someone who hadn’t put in as much work, gets that goal ahead of you. It’s something that can be applied in many scenarios, from job promotions to school work, family recognition and everything in between. It leaves a bad feeling to see someone else steal the thunder one rightfully deserves. Well, Maris Racal has something to say about that: Pumila Ka. Featuring an addicting beat and crisp vocals, Maris Racal’s latest single uses it’s upbeat vibe to share a message that you shouldn’t cut in line in front of others, literally and figuratively.


Maris Racal has used her recent singles to that celebrate individuality and empowerment, and Pumila Ka follows suit, further solidifying Maris’ musicality. With the help of rapper and singer-songwriter rapper raven, Maris claps back with an empowering tune that emphasizes how people need to be more aware and considerate of those around them. As she sings in the memorable pre-chorus: “Pwede kang mangarap / Lagi mo lamang tandaan / Wala kang dapat tatapakan.”

“I wanted to write a really relatable song and I was thinking of everyday expressions that I could build a song around,” shared Maris in a statement. “The inspiration for this song is the Filipino expression, Pumila Ka, usually endearingly delivered among friends when competing for a crush. I asked Rico Blanco for a dance beat, and so he quickly did a dancehall beat and within seconds, I was singing the chorus.”

People sometimes use the expression “nice guys finish last” to justify their actions. But Maris is here to help dispel that narrative. “Pumila ka na muna sa huli/Ako na ang nakauna diri (dito),” she underscores in the chorus. Pumila Ka is a P-pop anthem dedicated to the people who cut in line over those who deserve it more, asserting that good guys finish first.

To give the song that extra spice, Maris wanted to add a rap segment and according to her, the choice of who to tap was an easy one. “I automatically knew that it had to be raven. He was so cool to work with. When I first heard his rap, I was thrilled that it has so many catchy lines and flows.” The feelings were mutual for raven, who said, “I used to watch her in PBB, and I’m glad that I got to collaborate with someone as talented as Maris.”


Of course, this wouldn’t be a Maris Racal release if it didn’t have a memorable music video. From the colorful prints and blonde hair in Ate Sandali to the LBD in Asa Naman, Maris knows how to deliver and that is true for Pumila Ka. Directed by filmmaker Treb Monteras, who directed the critically acclaimed Respeto, Pumila Ka is an explosion of color that shows off the 24-year-old’s chameleon-like persona.

It starts with Maris in a blonde wig wearing a purple pants and top while typing on a laptop, a fun parallel to her now iconic meme. It then transitions to choreography-heavy number that doesn’t relent. Maris serves look after look in the video from the black body suit and headpiece to the eye catching neon fit with a bold orange lip and a green wig. “We wanted to go for a retro futuristic and tribal aesthetic,” shared Maris. It’s clear she succeeded on that front.

maris racal pumila ka

Pumila Ka marks Maris Racal’s first release of 2022 and if she keeps it up, her the rest of the year will be an exciting one to watch.

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