Maris Racal’s Musical Evolution: From Acoustic Guitar Covers To The Newest P-Pop Princess

Maris went from covering songs to owning the stage.

Over the years, Maris Racal has slowly evolved from a young teenager who plays the guitar to a confident young woman serving bop after bop.

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When we first got to meet Maris Racal when she competed in PBB, one thing that stood out to a lot of people was her musical talents. After she left PBB, Maris pursued a singing career that has spanned more than half a decade now. In the ensuing years, it’s clear that Maris Racal has grown not just as an actress, but as a singer and musician with notable shifts and changes in her career. With that being said, we chart Maris Racal’s music evolution from her early days playing the guitar to the artist she is today.


The first time we got to see Maris’ musical talents was when she would cover songs with her guitar. As seen on her stint in PBB, Maris had a talent for singing and she mostly showed it off through her song covers. But even though she mainly did covers during this time, they were popular as exemplified by the fact that her cover Thinking Out Loud by Ed Sheeran she did in 2014 went viral on Twitter and currently has nearly two million views on YouTube. It wouldn’t take long though before Maris would find her own voice.


Maris Racal was a popular housemate during her time in the show and once she left the house, she soon embarked on her showbiz journey. It was during this time of her career that she released her first-ever original song, Tanong Mo Sa Bituin. The guitar-driven long song harkens back to Maris’ acoustic roots and the song felt appropriate for her age then. This time in Maris’ musical career saw her set the foundation for her career with teen-friendly jams and cute songs.


By 2018, Maris Racal was slowly moving away from her teen bop era and into a more diverse sound. This was exemplified by her singles Tala and Ikaw Lang Sapat Na. The former saw Maris experiment with a more up-tempo and slightly rock sound while the latter was a more evolved version of her acoustic songs she would release at the beginning of her career. This was the time that Maris also released her first album, Stellar, which saw her grow into a more assured musician.


Following the release of Stellar, Maris was entering young womanhood and that reflected in her music. She dropped Abot Langit, her collaboration with future boyfriend Rico Blanco, and differed from her previous releases up to that point. The song featured a vintage and more adult sound for Maris. She also released the introspective Not For Me that saw Maris dig into her emotions. Even the OSTs she made during this time showed a more evolved sound as seen in Kahit Na Anong Sablay, a song she wrote her series, Stay In Love. The song is very reminiscent of 2000s OPM with its calm and dreamy production.


This then brings us to today as Maris entered a genre she has never done before, P-Pop. But given Maris’ talents in music, she more than delivered. Ate Sandali was a completely different from what Maris used to release with its P-Pop and EDM sound. She even raps in the song which she has never done before. Most recently, she dropped Asa Naman, which leans more into the pop-rock genre, but features a well-used synth in the background.

It is in this era that we see Maris Racal in her most confident yet with her performances that see her command the stage. To quote Dua Lipa, Maris “Did a full 180, crazy,” but it was clearly for the better. Considering that Maris’ P-Pop era has only just become, we cant wait to see what else she has in-store and how she continues to grow as an artist.

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