A Deep Dive Into Marco Gallo’s Career Twists, Love Teams, And What Lies Ahead

He's not the teen you remember him from PBB.

After the miniseries ‘Rain in España,’ get to know more about the person behind Kalix Martinez.

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You might remember him as the scene-stealer from PBB7, and boy, has he kept us entertained ever since. Now, as the book boyfriend come to life from the series ‘Rain in España’ as Kalix Martinez and the charming other half of MarVen, let’s meet Marco Gallo, who’s here to dish out some insider insights from the world of show business.

Fresh off his photoshoot with NYLON Manila in partnership with YOU Beauty, get to know more of the 23-year-old Filipino-Italian actor in this a candid chat about career twists, love teams, and what lies ahead.

After your role as Kalix Martinez in the romcom series ‘Rain in España’, is there a specific genre that you would like to work on, and why?

Definitely drama. I always said I’m not a dramatic person, but based on my experiences and what my friends told me, apparently, that’s who I am. I think it goes back to my Italian heritage; we’re known to be passionate. Then again, this is something I’d love to portray more, mainly because I want people to know they’re not alone in whatever they’re going through in life. For me, this is what acting is all about—creating something that audiences can relate to.

As an actor, what’s your approach to building a character? Is there a creative process or flow that you follow?

When it comes to building a character, I follow a method that involves reading the script multiple times. There are scenes where I might not initially understand why my character would say or do something. So, I read and discuss it with the writers until I fully grasp the motivations behind my character’s actions and dialogue. Given the back and forth involved and the need to immerse yourself in your character’s past, even when it’s not always shown on screen, Heaven really helped me work through that process. I found myself slipping into the character’s mindset almost without realizing it.

Looking back at the beginning of your career, what were some of the challenges you faced, and how did you work through them?

I think trying to fit into a world I didn’t think I belonged to was definitely a tough journey. You’re thrown into this industry that’s bigger than what you are at fifteen. With that, you come to realize the struggles of being an adult and meeting all of these people that you can and can’t trust. There’s just one way to learn, and it’s to go through it.

What are your thoughts on the changes in the television industry since you started acting and how has that shaped your career choice? 

I never really thought about becoming an actor; my dream was to become a flight attendant. So, I began studying languages back in Italy. Then PBB happened. With one contract after another, I was initially blinded by the money. However, when the pandemic hit, it struck me hard. I felt like I wasn’t committed to my work. It was a wake-up call. I realized that if I failed in this business, I wouldn’t want to come home without knowing that I gave it my all. So, as soon as I returned to work, I delved deeper into acting, and I simply started to fall in love with it.

Given everything that’s going on, how do you manage to balance your personal life with the demands of your career?

It’s a bit of a challenge, you know? In this industry, we typically work for two straight months, sometimes followed by just a week or a month’s break. But here’s the thing—it’s not always easy to detach from the character you’ve been living as on set. It tends to stick with you, even during those short breaks. So, when it comes to balancing work and life, it’s definitely an area I’m constantly working on as an actor. In the meantime though, biking and traveling are things that help me detach whenever necessary.

If there’s one misconception or myth about acting careers that you would like to debunk, what would that be?

I think there’s a common misconception among people about how easy it is to make money in this business, but they don’t realize the toll it takes on you mentally. For instance, when you have to tackle difficult scenes, you often find yourself revisiting past pains. Before you know it, you’re coming home emotionally and mentally drained.

How do you handle feedback from the public and from people you know personally?

I’m not going to lie, the first years were tough because I was just a regular kid from Italy. Like anyone else, I cared about what people said, and to this day, it still affects me. However, as long as I learn from it and strive to become better every day without hurting anyone, I simply tell myself, ‘You chose to be a public figure—deal with it.’

Can you share a moment or a role that you feel was a turning point in your acting career? 

The recent role that stands out for me is Kalix from ‘The Rain in España.’ I’ve always struggled with being typecast into comedic roles, even though I know I should be portraying a variety of characters. However, Kalix was different. He felt so close to me in real life. While I may not be as quiet as he is—I can start conversations easily—I connected with his observant nature and subtle nuances. It’s funny how they say a role can become a part of you. I feel like I did become a bit like Kalix—a person who pursues what he wants and loves passionately, much like his relationship with Luna.”

Speaking of which, the MarVen ship has really set sail with fans! Are there any exciting projects in the pipeline for you and Heaven Peralejo?

We have a couple lined up, but the others are not confirmed yet. At the moment, we’re only shooting one project, and I know the fans have already caught wind of it. So, if there’s something I could talk to you about, it’s that this project is one of the biggest things I’ve been a part of. I’m excited for everyone, especially the fans, to see it because it’s so relatable and realistic.

Editor’s Note: Marco is referring to his new movie with Heaven Peralejo, MEN ARE FROM QC, WOMEN ARE FROM ALABANG. But at the time the interview was conducted, Marco was not allowed to reveal details of the film.

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