SB19’s GENTO Is Taking Over TikTok—As It Should

We love a viral moment.

From local creators to international stars, everyone’s doing the catchy choreography of SB19’s GENTO.

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If there was any doubt that SB19’s GENTO would underperform expectations, just look at how it’s doing on the Billboard charts. Just recently, the song landed on Billboard’s World Digital Song Sales chart at number eight, making the top 10 placement their first appearance on the chart. And if that wasn’t enough, their first single off their upcoming PAGTATAG! EP has been making the rounds on social media, particularly n TikTok.

The Jay Joseph Roncesvalles-made choreography has become the newest dance challenge on the platform as people give their rendition of the sharp moves during the chorus. Over 90,000 videos and counting have used the song as audio, and in that growing list is a mix of local stars and international personalities. When a song is a bop, it’s a bop that transcends borders. Check out the famous faces who struck gold with SB19’s moves.



연습중 몸풀기

♬ GENTO – SB19

GENTO really caught the attention of the global dance community. Mind you, Aiki did this as a warm-up during practice. Petition for the other Street Woman Fighter dancers to do the GENTO dance challenge.


@nianaguerrero GENTOOOO!!! #sb19 kuyas killing it as always 😴🔥 (dc @jayjoseph.j2x) #sb19gento ♬ GENTO – SB19

We’re here for these Niana x SB19 moments.


@lea_navvab Tried it!!!! This is really hard 😢 but!! Fun💛@SB19 Official ♬ GENTO – SB19

You know a song’s a hit when K-pop royalty is dancing to it on TikTok. Who knows, we might even see Bahiyyih and Hueningkai doing the dance challenge (and we’re hoping for it).


@vivoree kagigil ror @SB19 Official #gento #gentodancechallenge ♬ GENTO – SB19

FYI, aside from being an actress and singer, Vivoree is also a talented dancer, as this cover shows.


@darrenespanto Last minute TikTok before we went on stage! Salamat sa pag turo, @josh_cullen_s! #Gento ♬ GENTO – SB19

We don’t know what we’re more amazed by; seeing Darren and Josh in the same frame, or the fact that Josh taught Darren the dance last minute.


@itschachigonzales To all my Filipinos in the comments who requested this…thank you for turning me on to this song 🔥💃🏻 🇵🇭 #Gento #gentochallenge #fyp @SB19 Official ♬ GENTO – SB19

Chachi ate down with her cover, but are we that surprised? Shoutout as well to the A’TIN who got Chachi’s attention for the song. It’s giving international promo.


@bini_sheena solid choreo 🙌🏻 #SB19 #GENTO #bini ♬ GENTO – SB19

Sheena could do the choreography with her eyes closed, and she’d still slay harder than most.


@_minzy_mz 🇵🇭Gento 100% version #gento #sb19 ♬ GENTO – SB19

Minzy slayed that, no surprise there. But the fact that it was Sandara Park who introduced the song to her makes this a real win for Filipino fans. Dara Gento challenge when?



eto na pooooo

♬ GENTO – SB19

Just another casual day for AC as she bodies another dance challenge in a matching hoodie and joggers that we want to cop ASAP.


@officialsb19 VICE GENTO @Vice Ganda 🔥⚠️ #NewMusic #SB19 #PAGTATAG #SB19GENTO #GENTO ♬ GENTO – SB19

We’re gonna let it slide that Vice was on easy mode for the GENTO dance challenge given the angas he was giving.


@zephanieofficial gento lang kaya ko mga kuya @SB19 Official 🥲 #SB19 #SB19GENTO #GENTO ♬ GENTO – SB19

Serving in the vocals and dancing department? Zephanie did that!


@officialsb19 Thanks for having us on the AOS stage! GENTO kasi ‘yon! 🔥⚠️ @Rayver cruz @Julie Anne San Jose #SB19 #PAGTATAG #SB19PAGTATAG #SB19GENTO #GENTO #NewMusic ♬ GENTO – SB19

And that’s on a septuplet slay.


@dasurichoi__ Ganda ng comeback!! Congrats @SB19 Official #SB19GENTO ♬ GENTO – SB19

That outfit with Dasuri’s confidence is the perfect combo for this song.


@maxinetrinidad_ GENTO!!! Miss you kuyas and always looking up to you. 🙌🏻❤️‍🔥@SB19 Official #Sb19 #gentochallenge #gentosb19 #maxinetrinidad_ #maxinetrinidad ♬ GENTO – SB19

Maxine was feeling herself with those hip thrusts and moves.

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What To Know About Belle Mariano’s First-Ever Solo Live Concert

This one's for the Bellelievers!

Here is everything you need to know about Belle Mariano’s ‘Beloved’ concert, including ticket prices and what you can expect from the event.

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After achieving remarkable success with a two-season digital series, a blockbuster debut movie, a historic international award, and a flourishing music career, it may seem like Belle Mariano has already reached the pinnacle of her multi-talented prowess. Well, prepare to be surprised once again, as it has been confirmed that Belle is set to embark on another milestone in her career—a solo live major concert. If you’re an excited Belleliever yourself, we’ve got you covered with all the details you need to complete the puzzle.


Belle Mariano Beloved Concert

Last week, it was finally announced by ABS-CBN’s music label Star Pop that Belle Mariano will come back on the stage for Beloved, her first live concert. And just like Daylight: The Concert, Belle’s first and digital solo concert early last year which was streamed on, Beloved is organized by ABS-CBN Events with Star Magic, StarPop, and Rise Artists Studio.Beloved will be held at the New Frontier Theater on July 22, 2023 at 8PM.


As for the Beloved tickets, the prices range from ₱1281 to ₱6937 inclusive of ticketing charges. The SVIP tickets also avail you of a meet and greet and an exclusive loot bag.


While specific details about the Beloved concert, including the setlist, are yet to be unveiled, it is expected that Belle Mariano will perform tracks from her upcoming sophomore album. There is also a possibility that some of these songs have been written by Belle herself, as she enters her “songwriter” era, like previously teased.

Taking a cue from Belle Mariano’s Daylight concert, it can be expected that there will be guest performances in Beloved as well. Last year, Belle shared the stage with Kyle Echarri and OPM band Ben&Ben. Fans can also hope for another memorable DonBelle moment, just like last time, with a potential duet between Donny Pangilinan and Belle Mariano, possibly featuring a new song co-written by the two talented artists. Now that’s definitely something to look forward to.

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ONEUS On Breaking Free From The Past And Moving Into The Future With Their ‘PYGMALION’ Comeback 

Good results from good expectations.

The members of ONEUS get introspective as they look back on their journey as idols and individuals.

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The interestingly titled PYGMALION’ is ONEUS’ 9th mini album release with Erase Me as their title track. An emo-pop song with EDM and orchestral sounds, Tomoons (ONEUS fandom name) will recognize a familiar strong beat as an homage to the early days of their first releases, particularly in their first title track release Valkyrie from their LIGHT US EP. 

Even though ONEUS is already 9 EPs deep into their career, Seoho, Leedo, Keonhee, Hwanwoong, and Xion are still on that never-ending journey of learning and growing. As seen in the Erase Me music video, it depicts the story of their group waking up their emotions deep inside and finding themselves. After overcoming hardships in recent times, they’re still developing the person they want to be while finding their true selves. 

“It seems like I am still growing. Since I cannot become the ideal version of myself, I am making efforts to become someone closer to that ideal,” Seoho admits. As the youngest of the group, Xion claims he hasn’t fully developed yet. “I believe it can be seen as a journey towards becoming the desired version of myself. Please continue to watch over me in the future as well.” It’s this mindset that colors ONEUS in their new era, as well as the learnings and future adventures on the group’s path.  


When music groups have been together for so long, there’s a tendency to forget an appreciation for one another. But that isn’t the case for ONEUS as they agree that it feels like family. Xion adds “Even without saying anything, we can sense when something is bothering each other. As a result, even if that person doesn’t show it, I make an effort to take care of them and support them.” “I admire the passion of the members and the close familiarity that feels like a family, which makes them even more lovable. Also, I love myself for being diligent and valuing these qualities in myself,” Leedo shares, as he’s known amongst Tomoons that he doesn’t express verbally. 

Loving yourself can be a reflection of your dreams and aspirations. Two things about Keonhee that never change: loving different facets of himself over time and ONEUS loving each other with a unified heart. “I have gained a lot of self-confidence and become better at understanding others. And ONEUS is a team with ambitious aspirations. It is one of the driving forces that keeps us constantly evolving”. Hwanwoong has a playful personality among his members and fans. “I find it endearing and wonderful to have a kind-hearted nature, even if it may be a bit foolish at times.” Seoho’s simple response about what he loves about himself is, “I would like to say it’s the consistent and steadfast nature.”

While the members of ONEUS are on their toes preparing for an album release that keeps them busy, they have a routine that they make a priority: eating together. Answering on their behalf, Seoho states, “We really love eating. Apart from work, it’s the one thing that all the members enjoy, so we have come to cherish and prioritize having meals together.” 


Earlier in 2023, ONEUS was on the road to completing US and Latin America concert dates for the Reach for Us World Tour. They’ve also made an appearance at the We Bridge Music Festival in Las Vegas alongside other well-known artists such as MONSTA X, ENHYPEN, and Jessi. Going on a tour brings a new meaning to traveling. “Despite differences in language and culture, everyone can become united through the power of music alone,” the 25-year-old Leedo states. Seoho looks at the world as a beautiful place. “I have come to realize that the world is vast and filled with many fascinating things.”

Traveling can expand your horizons and give you the confidence to try new experiences. From Hwanwoong’s perspective, “The more experiences I have, the broader my thinking becomes. Therefore, whenever an opportunity arises, I try to take on various challenges.” Every concert date in a tour was a stepping stone to improve each performance. Respectively, this warms Keonhee’s heart, “While doing a world tour, I had the opportunity to reflect on my performances and make improvements, which made me happy to receive love from the fans. It has sparked a desire in me to show our beloved audience even better performances on stage.” 


Hard work beats talent and a few members believe their grit made it happen. Leedo may not talk much about his struggles in becoming an artist, but he never lost sight of his dreams. “It was more a result of my efforts…I do believe that creating art through hard work brings a sense of accomplishment.” “I tend to believe that everyone is an artist. That’s why I want to strive to become a better artist,” Xion says, on his input if he believed he was born to be an artist. In contrast to Xion’s answer, Seoho shares he was born with a love for art. 

Four years into their career as a group, ONEUS almost collectively agree it would be their debut days that they’d love to relive. A blast from the past is Hwanwoong’s time as a trainee. “I remember the Gemstone stage, which was my first performance as a trainee, and I would like to do it again one more time.” Some K-pop artists in their debut days have this sense of fearlessness, which is something Keonhee reflects on. “When I think about the determination I had back then, [I felt like] I could do anything. I can’t help but think that I was amazing.” 

The album title PYGMALION contains the message of your ONEUS’ intent to break free from the past and be reborn. A few members shared if there was something from their past that they learned and reflected on. “After feeling regret about the time that has passed, I realized that I shouldn’t postpone happiness. These days, I am making an effort to enjoy each moment and express myself well to the people around me,” Hwanwoong noted. Keonhee had a jovial response, “I tend to not dwell on the past and prioritize the present and the future.” 

Running away from the past doesn’t solve problems. There’s always room for growth and learning from our past. As ONEUS steps forward toward its next goal, the group’s new body of work teaches listeners that we can overcome any hardship. 

Photos courtesy of RBW

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All The Times MJ Lastimosa Was A Living Meme At The Binibining Pilipinas 2023 Coronation

What can MJ Lastimosa do? Everything.

We need to see MJ Lastimosa host more Binibining Pilipinas coronation nights.

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Last year, we wrote a story about MJ Lastimosa being the unofficial commentator for the 2022 Binibining Pilipinas Grand Coronation, and we said that we wanted to see her host the show because her commentary was so good. Well, it seems as if we manifested that as three-peat hosts Catriona Gray and Nicole Cordoves were joined by MJ as the third co-host of the evening.

Together, they made for a triple slay as each brought something different to the table. And with MJ, it was her humor that lightened the mood and gave us new memes to add to our folder. She really is a goldmine for quotes. Here are a few moments from the evening where MJ’s meme prowess shined.


We’re going to assume MJ didn’t mean to say that when she and Nicole were talking about Hidilyn Diaz. But we just love how MJ said it with such conviction.


Is she co-hosting Binibining Pilipinas or opening her concert? That’s the energy a grand coronation deserves.


Catriona Gray is that friend who always knows what to say while MJ Lastimosa is that supportive bestie.


We just know the Powerpuff Girls were on the moodboard when Catriona, Nicole, and MJ stepped out in these stunning looks. MJ was giving Bubbles all grown-up.


At this point, MJ’s national costume for Miss Universe 2014 has etched itself onto Pinoy pop culture history. Despite how many have said that it wasn’t good, people still talk about it nearly a decade later. That’s kinda iconic if you think about it. And during the night, MJ was more than willing to champion the memed national costume.


Even if she was a host, Catriona showed the girls how it’s done with her evening gown walk. The spiel to the pose then the walk, all while walking down steps? We know that’s right.

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5 Times The Queens Spoke Facts At The Binibining Pilipinas 2023 Coronation

Did they lie?

Tea was spilled and facts were stated by quite a few of the Binibining Pilipinas 2023 queens.

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Sure, pageants are often known for their attention to beauty, grace, and elegance. But modern pageants go beyond the physical aspect as a true queen goes beyond her looks. That’s what the time-tested Q&A portion is there for as the much-talked-about moment is the chance for the final queens as they share their thoughts on a variety of topics.

It can make or break a potential winner, and more importantly, let the contestants showcase their character, values, beliefs, and more. Such was the case in the Binibining Pilipinas 2023 grand coronation. While many answers were given that night, some queens stood out from the others with answers that broke through the noise. Check out the queens who spoke nothing but facts during the coronation night.


While some have run their mouths saying that beauty queens shouldn’t openly express their political beliefs, Bataan’s Mary Balana told us that isn’t the case. Everyone is entitled to their political opinions, even beauty queens, especially given their platform for change. “A queen must know how to stand on her grounds and be able to express herself because it’s true understanding what’s going on in our society, that we would be able to know what to do, and that should come from us queens and as well as our leader in the country.”

And if that wasn’t enough, she ended her answer with a statement that many needed to hear, “It’s important that we can express our own political views without being harmed.” Tell it, queen.


The pressure society puts on people to look a certain way is real, much so for beauty queens who are intensely judged if they don’t fit a certain mold. Albay’s Jeanne Bilasano doesn’t see it that way. When asked how she finds that balance of good health and dieting, she made it a point to say that it’s okay for Filipinas to not fit someone’s standard as long as they are personally happy and healthy.

“It can be hard on Filipinas to maintain their figures. And I want to tell everybody that no matter what size, shape, or figure you are, as long as you’re proud of your body, as long as you’re happy with yourself, that’s the best thing that can be to be in the perfect shape.” A beauty queen sharing a message of body positivity during a national pageant? We love to see it.


When asked what aspect of her life Davao del Sur’s Katrina Johnson is unapologetic for, she goes straight to the point by talking about who she is as a person. “What I am most unapologetic for is my authenticity, my honesty, my sincerity.” While beauty pageants, and society and general, may pressure people into acting like someone they are not, Katrina reminded us that life shouldn’t be an act as they are people in this world who will accept you for who you are.

“I really hope that I’m able to inspire other people standing on this stage showing you that even if you may not fit the societal norm, if you are who you are, then you can show that to the world.”


While social media is home to many ills that plague society, it also can be used as a tool for proper change. That’s the point Cavite’s Atasha Parani made when she was asked about social media’s effect on building fragile connections. “As a public figure and as someone from ABS-CBN who gives service to the Filipino, what I believe is that in social media, it’s not just connection, but as well engagement and touching people’s lives with the heart that you have.”

Pivoting towards her advocacy of helping domestically abused children, the former PBB housemate wants to use social media as a platform to help kids out there who are struggling. “I just really want to show everyone that with social media and every platform, you can still move people and the world.”


While this wasn’t said by a queen during the Q&A segment, it’s worth talking about. During the show, Catriona, who served as one of the co-hosts for the night, said a statement that the queens took to heart. “You are never denied and only redirected.”

While we all know Catriona as Miss Universe 2018, her journey to becoming that wasn’t easy. She had her bumps on the road, so she knows what she’s talking about. For the contestants who didn’t bag a crown during the grand coronation, it probably was a sign that something else is waiting for them. even regular viewers at home could find comfort in this piece of advice as a closed door can always lead to another unlocked pathway.

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KD Estrada Sings About Romantic Destiny In ‘Love Led Us Here’

Love led KD to write this song.

In his latest heartfelt ballad, KD Estrada revels in the joyful delight of meeting that perfect person who is truly meant for you.

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Following the enchanting fairytale-like music video for his romantic song Days featuring Alexa Ilacad, KD Estrada returns to captivate us once more with his latest single, Love Led Us Here. And just when you thought you had your fill of KD’s heartfelt serenades, prepare to be proven wrong as he continues to mesmerize us with his timeless harana era.


Released under ABS-CBN Star Music, Love Led Us Here finds singer-actor KD Estrada in his element, just truly in love and smitten with a special someone. Written by Putito Chief and produced by StarPop’s head Rox Santos, KD’s latest ballad delves into the joyful satisfaction of finding the perfect person, of meeting your destiny. 

If fate’s a story / It’s you being for me / And wе could finally say / That the search is over now,” the heartfelt lyrics go as KD Estrada delivers them with a soaring and uplifting voice that evokes a sense of romantic bliss, inviting you to join in, sing along, and feel that happiness. Having witnessed KD and Alexa’s affectionate expressions of love for each other both online and in real life, listening to Love Led Us Here feels like another heartfelt declaration from KD to Alexa, expressing that he “could not ask for more” and that their love is truly “worth fighting for.”

The release of Love Led Us Here comes on the heels of KDLex’s successful portrayal of Julia and Tenyong in the Philippine Educational Theater Association’s (PETA) hit musical comedy, Walang Aray. In addition to KD’s self-written track, Days, he has previously released several other tracks and collaborated with Alexa. Their collaboration on the Run To Me soundtrack last year resulted in the creation and performance of songs such as Palagi, Hiwaga, Kasi, Kung, Kahit, When I See You Again, and Misteryo, which has amassed millions of streams on Spotify.

And today, on May 30, 2023, the devoted fans of KDLex, lovingly known as Sweethearts, celebrated anew as their beloved stars had their own billboards displayed in Times Square, New York. Excited fans shared their videos standing proudly in front of the digital posters featuring KD Estrada to promote Love Led Us Here and Alexa Ilacad for Stay Right Here. Love led them here, indeed.

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South Korea Was Just Part One Of What Kristel Fulgar Has Planned For Herself

It's the journey and the destination.

Kristel Fulgar looks back at her Seoul adventure and looks forward to what’s next, both personally and professionally. 

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Kristel Fulgar has come a long way from being the child actress we first got to know on Goin’ Bulilit. A successful career in acting soon led her to a presence on YouTube, where she built a following mainly for her Korean content. And speaking of it, Kristel has had a bit of a moment in South Korea over the past months after a study trip blossomed into the star getting an endorsement deal and guesting on Korean television. Talk about learning on the job.

From the outside looking in, it seemed as if Kristel, who is currently represented by NYMA in the Philippines, was ready to be the next Hallyu star. But to hear it from the actress herself, her Korean escapades were just a chapter of her ever-evolving career that still has so much to offer. 


When Kristel made her long-delayed move to Korea last year, the trip was solely meant for her studies and to do some traveling on the side. But life had other plans for her. It all made for a development she understandably didn’t see coming. “[E]verything came in as a surprise for me (and a blessing which I’m so grateful for). I went to South Korea with studying and traveling only in mind,” she says in an interview with NYLON Manila. 

Kristel Fulgar South Korea

Contrary to what some have said on social media, Kristel’s trip to Korea wasn’t a permanent move, it was, as she describes it, “a treat for myself.” “Before flying [to South Korea], I made sure to settle all my tasks and businesses in the Philippines so that balancing my time won’t be a problem. I spent my time in Korea mostly studying, eating, and exploring, or should I say, ‘living in the moment.’” But even if she was living alone in another country, her family was always top of mind for Kristel. “The only thing that I had to consistently do is to check on my family and friends back in the Philippines. Sharing my experiences with them is a must.”

Even if her sojourn in the Korean entertainment industry was brief, it opened her eyes to how the Koreans operate as compared to the local industry she’s been working in for over two decades. “In terms of content quality, it’s nice to see local TV shows and films trying more complex storytelling and improved visuals nowadays; just like GMA’s ‘Maria Clara at Ibarra’ which gained traction on social media until now since showcasing an integral part of our history is not something you commonly see on Philippine entertainment.”

Kristel Fulgar South Korea

But in the land of the Hallyu wave, she appreciates the Koreans’ professionalism. “They value the time of everyone, so even extras (background actors) are paid by the hour. I also commend how Koreans are reasonably punctual and usually prompt,” expresses Kristel, sighting the smooth shoot she had with Julyme as an example. 


Her time in Seoul, as well as her documented brushes with Korean culture, has made many see Kristel as the standard when it comes to living those Hallyu dreams. But the actress and YouTuber admits that she doesn’t see it that way. In the past, Kristel has opened up about how she’s not ready to enter the Korean entertainment industry as she needs to improve her Hangul. 

Kristel Fulgar South Korea

For her, she doesn’t feel that she should be put on a pedestal for living the Korean fantasy. “Honestly, I don’t think I’m the most credible person to advise or talk about chasing Hallyu dreams because I’m not even there yet. I may have had a few opportunities in South Korea, but to set foot in their entertainment scene is currently not on my top priority list.”

Kristel Fulgar South Korea

What she is taking away from her time living in Korea are the life lessons she’s ready to apply in her own life. Appreciating new friendships, being more independent, and knowing the value of money are all nuggets of wisdom she’s taking to heart. But the most lasting impact she’s realized was just how precious time is. “We are only given a limited time to live, so might as well make the most out of it and do the things that would make you happy. For me, there is nothing more important in life than family, relationships, and happiness.”

Its these learnings that Kristel is also looking to share with the world as she, and fellow YouTuber Moy Esguerra, will be co-hosting a new podcast called Anyare Saeyo. The cleverly-titled podcast is set to go live on May 31 on ANIMA Pods which will see the two explore K-dramas, Korean cuisine, fashion and lifestyle trends, and travel through their Pinoy POV all while discussing life lessons in between.


Given her realization of the importance of time, it’s no wonder that Kristel has been making the most of it. Her Korean moment was a chapter in her story as more adventurous, not to mention travels, were waiting for her. And such was the case when she recently jetted off to Europe to explore different countries. If the solo European escapades she shared on social media looked like a bucket list moment, that was because it was.

Kristel Fulgar Europe

“I can describe [my Europe trip] as a breath of fresh air. Even before the pandemic, touring around Europe is a bucket list of mine that goes way back. The experience was frightening at first since I didn’t know what to expect as a first-timer, yet it was so freeing and fulfilling all at the same time.”

Traveling, especially to a destination for the first time, can bring about a sense of wonder, growth, and much more. Those are all things Kristel went through as she managed to visit Spain, Portugal, Montenegro, Croatia, Albania, and Bosnia and Herzegovina in just a span of ten days, without getting exhausted and staying on budget. “The continent is filled with diverse countries, cultures, cuisines, history, and languages making my whole trip educational, amusing, and just simply fun,” shared the well-traveled star.

Kristel Fulgar South Korea

Given how her passport has been stamped across all four corners of the world, Kristel knows a thing or two about making the most of your travels, and, in fact, sights three major tips to achieve just that. First, where you plan on going should be key to your research. “Aside from it can significantly improve your experience, it shall also entice and motivate you to make it happen. No one wants it to be just another ‘drawing.’” 

Second, and it goes without saying, get that piggy bank started for that dream trip. “Set your budget and work around that in planning your getaway. As a tipid, I always check for special offers/discounts for significant savings. But most of all, work ahead! Secure your finances to be able to entirely relax during your trip.” Finally, leave all that stress behind by just enjoying the moment. “Take advantage of the activities, eat that exotic food, talk to the locals, visit those tourist spots, capture the moment. You’ve done a lot of work to plan that trip, now is the time to make the most out of it!”


Kristel Fulgar South Korea

With over 20 years in the industry, Kristel Fulgar is a household name to many. From child star to certified actress, YouTube content creator, and more, Kristel Fulgar has lived a life many could only dream of. But more so than sharing her talents on public platforms, it is traveling that has proven to be her catalyst to change and evolve as an individual.

It isn’t a project or an acting role that serves as Kristel’s guiding star these days, but the sense of wanderlust that travel can bring her as she explores new cultures and creates lasting memories through traveling.

Kristel Fulgar South Korea

“Kristel Fulgar in 2023 is in the process of enriching her life with around-the-world travel,” she muses. “I’m now 28, and my goal is to visit 30 countries before I turn 30. Traveling has made me an incredibly more well-rounded person. The challenges and opportunities that come with it help me discover who I am. Who would’ve imagined that the little girl who once cried over a bracelet during Goin’ Bulilit days would have the courage to travel the world alone, right?” 

Kristel currently has a boatload of travel vlogs in the works. But, just because the 28-year-old is currently in her explorer era, that doesn’t mean she’s turned her back completely on acting. Her passion for the craft remains and is willing to make her small or silver screen return for the right project. “I would love to have a comeback if given a good opportunity and an interesting character to portray.”


Kristel Fulgar has been one of the few celebrities who showed what it means to transition from traditional media to digital space. She may even be a pioneer with how secure her acting legacy is all while commanding an audience in the millions on YouTube. These two aspects will always be intrinsically linked to who she is. “I would be lying if I say that I don’t miss doing teleseryes and movies, that’s why I’m very vocal with my openness in re-entering traditional media as long as there is a good opportunity.” 

Kristel Fulgar South Korea

She adds, “My YouTube channel served as my outlet in showcasing a previously unseen side of me when I was still just in showbiz. I have built a connection with fans by documenting snippets of my life, and I plan to keep it that way for now.” 

Kristel Fulgar South Korea

After spending nearly all of her life in the spotlight and playing all kinds of roles, the Kristel Fulgar of 2023 is ready to focus on herself. A lot has been said about what Kristel is going to do next in her life. Where exactly she goes with her career, only time will tell. But whatever life has in store for her, Kristel is making it known that this 2023, she won’t compromise herself for anything as she strives to, “make my heart happy and feel at peace.”

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7 Pinoy TikTokers Who Get Filipino High School Life Down To A T

Euphoria could not.

From the unforgettable classroom dramas to the lingering presence of that terror teacher, these TikTok stars know Pinoy high school life all too well.

Remember the good ol’ days of high school? The laughter, the drama, the awkward moments that made us cringe and smile all at once? Well, Filipino TikTok stars have found a way to capture those exact moments and turn them into pure digital gold. These online sensations have become the master storytellers of our teenage years, with their relatable videos that transport us back to the corridors filled with laughter, the classrooms buzzing with energy, and those little gems of friendships that became our safe spaces.

As Sharon Cuneta once melodiously crooned, “High school life oh my high school life, every memory kay ganda,” these talented creators have transformed those lyrics into living, breathing anecdotes that make us laugh out loud, reminisce, and yearn for those unforgettable teenage years. So, get ready to relive the era of crushes, cliques, and kilig-filled puppy loves, as these TikTok maestros have beautifully crafted a virtual time machine that brings our own high school adventures vividly back to life.

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Ychan laurenz


ang hirap pag pawisin tapos mainit sa classroom

♬ original sound – Ychan Laurenz

Like us, perhaps the uber-relatable content of Ychan Laurenz has been one of your sources of dopamine during the lockdown era. First going viral on Facebook, Ychan also quickly gained attention on TikTok with her videos set in all the familiar and nostalgic corners of the Pinoy high school. From Cheska’s “bida-bida” antics to Sheila, whose main character syndrome knows no bounds, and the Wattpad- and K-drama-fueled Ruby, Ychan Laurenz really knows how to tickle our funny bones with student alter-egos that will make us remember of THAT classmate of ours.



Isa sa mga kahinaan natin last f2f😭

♬ original sound Ranollo – Esnyr

Another exceptionally talented content creator who never fails to provide us with some nostalgic joy is the award-winning TikTok star, Esnyr Ranollo. Whether it’s depicting class wars, love teams, inter-section competitions, group projects, our beloved teachers, that one canteen personnel we all know, or the various types of student personalities we can all relate to, Esnyr masterfully captures the essence of the drama, anxiety, fun, and frustrations of Filipino high school life. Now also an accomplished actor and sought-after endorser, Esnyr continues to deliver content that deeply resonates with our teenage selves. He’s TikTok’s Creator of the Year awardee for a reason.

Sassa gurl


Yung may naglilista ng noisy kasi wala si maam

♬ original sound – Sassa Gurl

Do you recall the silent thrill and tension that would fall over the classroom when someone began listing the noisiest on the blackboard? Or the chaotic flurry that ensued as soon as the bell rang? Well, comedienne, actress, host, cover star, and calendar girl Sassa Gurl has just got the ideal content that will let you relive those moments.

With a TikTok page that somehow doubles as a high school diary, Sassa effortlessly transports you back to your cherished memories of Christmas parties, computer shop adventures, the unwavering support of your squad’s protective mhiema, the butterflies you felt for your high school crush, and the day your class president experienced a breakdown that left all other officers requesting your respect, all the while giving you a great dose of good vibes and leaving you in stitches.


@charlizeruth #fyp ♬ original sound – charuth

Meanwhile, TikToker Charlize Ruth, also known as charuth, takes us down memory lane by her videos that pay tribute to none other than our teachers. Her “Teachar” series brings to life all the memorable quirks and behaviors of our beloved high school second parents. From the teacher who becomes increasingly irritable during exam periods and the surprise long quizzes that leave us on edge, to those dreaded encounters in the hallways and the teacher who remains unswayed by any attempts at winning them over, Charlize Ruth’s TikTok entries are not only accurate depictions of the unique and endearing qualities of our teachers but also a reminder of the significant impact they had on our lives.

Marvin Fojas

@marvsfojas ATTENDANCE.mp4 Watch ‘till the end! 😁 #marvinfojas #schooleksena #pinoypov ♬ original sound – Marvin Fojas

Whether it’s the palpable memories of joy when your teacher was feeling generous with bonus points or the caution you had to take everytime you take out a pad of paper in front of your parasites of classmates, Marvin Fojas really has an intimate grasp of Filipino high school life. His  portrayals of the cringeworthy ways of those high school couples, those plastikan scenes between pseudo besties, and that all-too-relatable “bawi na lang sa finals” attitude for when you know you fail that exam are just too on-point you might smell the scent of your classroom again.

Christian Antolin

@sesbombchris IM SURE NA EXPERIENCE MO TO l, WAG KANG ANO DI KA RICH KID #marga ♬ original sound – Christian Antolin

If there’s one thing Christian Antolin is known for, it’s the top-tier production quality of his video content. And this is also evident in his high school series where we follow the adventures of his kikay schoolgirl alter-ego Margaret “Marga” Mondragon and her squad. From those lutang moments during recitation to that groupmate who gives her all because it’s individual grading and the embarrassing graduation scenes, name that high school memory and Christian Antolin will make incredibly creative and hilarious wonders out of it.

Mikee Imnida

@mikeeimnida Wag niyo po silang tularan😇🙏 #fyp #fypシ #foryoupage #marie #mikaela ♬ original sound – MIKEE

If you need a daily dose of high school skits that just hit the right spot, then Mikee Imnida’s page is brimming with it. Primarily focused on high school life, Mikee’s content features multiple characters and intertwining plotlines that could be your next TikTok escape. From Marie the bully to the ever-lovestruck and K-pop stan Minnie, his content is even classified into different high school personas you can identify with. This, plus some BL and GL subplots, Euphoria-but-make-it-Pinoy parodies, and other satisfying library, school court, canteen, and convenience store dramas that, to be honest, can be a local high school show on its own.

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Zack Tabudlo and Al James Want You To Vibe To Their First Collab Together

A new Zack Tabudlo song to vibe with.

Zack Tabudlo goes back to the basics with Gusto, a romantic track that’s packed with his signature feels, riffs, and some bars from Al James that’s got the vibes.

It appears that Zack Tabudlo is on an unstoppable creative spree, releasing a couple of bangers lately. Earlier this year, Zack ushered in a new era of his music with his sophomore album, ZACK: FOR ALL, that’s just 10 tracks of pure funk and retro goodness. Then just last month, Zack went back to his soulful roots dropping his heartbreak anthem Diba. And just as this week comes to a close, Zack adds yet another song to his summer anthem collection with Gusto featuring Filipino rapper Al James.

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While Diba is based on Zack Tabudlo’s personal experience of a years-old breakup, the hugot in Gusto is coming from a slightly different place. A blend of pop, R&B, and hip-hop sensibilities, Gusto encapsulates that feeling of finally mustering up enough courage to finally tell that person know your true feelings. About the inspiration behind this latest senti piece, Zack shares that it has all come to him naturally.

Gusto came out of nowhere, just chilling, and had my guitar with me,” the record-breaking OPM artist shares. “Everything started with the riff of the intro, and then it all just went along. This track is one of those songs I finished quickly, overflowing lyrics, and [I] finished in 2 to 3 hours.” What’s also special about Gusto is that it is the first time Zack’s collaborating with the Awit Award-winning rapper and hip-hop artist, Al James.

Zack Tabudlo Al James Gusto

Even just in the beginning of creating Gusto, Zack Tabudlo knew that Al James, who’s behind hits like Pa-umaga, Repeat, and PSG, is the best artist to collaborate with in this project. “It all started with my vision towards the song after I wrote the whole verse up to the bridge part and knew I had to put a few bars in the after,” Zack says. “Al James was the first person that came into mind and really just messaged him that moment. He was really easy to work with and I just love how smart he is when it comes to ideas and how he executes songs effortlessly.”

If you’ll listen to the song, Zack Tabudlo and Al James’ vocal style and quality sure meld well together, making for a romantic ditty that’s just filled with vibes. And speaking of the latter, Zack just wants us to have some good time with and groove to Gusto, just like a classic Zack Tabudlo song. Gusto is one of the projects Zack’s working on right now. Before Al James, he also recently collaborated with Seattle-based singer Diego Gonzalez for a version of You & I and with Canadian Youtuber Johnny Orlando for someone will love you better. Who do you want Zack to collab with next?

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WATCH: NMIXX Can’t Wait To Meet Their Filipino Fans

Love NMIXX like this.

See what the girls of NMIXX had to say about going on the road for their showcase tour, traveling to the Philippines for the first time, and more.

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To be a girl group from JYPE is to be seen as one of the best in K-pop. From Wonder Girls to TWICE, ITZY, and more, JYPE’s reputation for delivering iconic girl groups is near mythical. So, when NMIXX made its debut in February 2022, the group entered an industry that had a lot of expectations for them. But over their year of activity, NMIXX has shown that they aren’t here to copy anyone or be the next anything.

Instead, they’ve carved a path that’s distinctly them. Their talent and youthful energy shines in all their comeback. Their music will always get people talking, even becoming viral sensations of their own. And just for good measure, there’s Lily, who frequently breaks the internet whenever she goes on one of her lives.

It’s this energy that NMIXX is bringing in their first global showcase, the NICE TO MIXX YOU Showcase Tour, as they travel to different countries and meet many of their international NSWER (the name of their fandom) for the first time. And on that tour includes a stop in Manila on June 30 at the New Frontier Theater, a moment many Pinoy NSWER will be waiting for. But before that, we caught up with NMIXX in between their global showcase tour where they answered some of our burning questions. What can Filipino fans expect from the group’s stop in Manila? What’s NMIXX’s dream concert going to look like? See what the girls had to say about that below.