Heaven Peralejo Tattoos

Here Is The Wholesome Meaning Behind Heaven Peralejo’s New Minimalist Tattoos

Three tattoos, three meanings.

On the road to self-discovery, Heaven Peralejo learned three life lessons from her first solo trip to Bali.

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The no-brainer reason for getting inked is to have a permanent piece of art that means something real. For some, it is the birth of a child or the memory of a loved one who passed away. It can be a random Pinterest photo if that’s your vibe. While it doesn’t necessarily need deep meaning, many times, getting tattooed itself is significant enough. There’s something about the whole process that marks a particular moment in your life forever, like wearing your story on your skin.

Just look at actress Heaven Peralejo, who just jetted from her first solo trip to Bali, Indonesia. And guess what? She didn’t bring back souvenirs and a killer tan – the Rain in España actress came home with three new tattoos, and the life lessons these represent.

Three tattoos, three meanings.


Heaven’s first ink is an absolute stunner – a delicate cursive tattoo that spells out the word ‘found.’ For the actress, the decision to get this tattooed was a spur-of-the-moment whim which speaks volumes about her journey toward self-discovery, independence, and acceptance.

“With my first solo trip to Bali, I discovered a newfound sense of independence and self-assurance. The word ‘found’ serves as a constant reminder of this whole experience,” she shares on Instagram. “In a country unknown to me, I learned to embrace my own company and appreciate the freedom of exploring on my own.” 


Heaven’s second tattoo is another simple single-word design. With the word “surrender” etched onto her skin, the actress has a reminder of her openness to making mistakes and learning new things—embracing the idea that life’s greatest treasures often lie outside our comfort zones.

She added, “Letting go of my need for perfection and careful planning, I allowed myself to immerse in the beauty of spontaneity. Each day, I learned to trust the magic of what lays ahead of me.”


In a bold display of self-expression, Heaven reveals her third tattoo, deviating from the minimalist designs of her first two tattoos. This time, an arrow piercing a target adorns her arm, which reflects a couple of important decisions—from refraining to be a victim of one’s own past, to finding the strength to forgive.

“Lastly, the word ‘forward’ symbolizes my commitment to never dwell on the past. It embodies forgiveness and self-love, urging me to appreciate every moment and keep moving forward,” she shares. “It serves as a reminder to cherish life’s experiences and keep exploring the wonders and beauty of the world we live in.”

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