10 Mom-Approved Activities To Do On Mother's Day mother's day what to do

10 Ways To Have The Best Mother’s Day Ever With Your Mom

Your mom deserves a fun day.

Show some love for your mom on Mother’s Day (or any day, really) with these fun plans and activities!

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Got any Mother’s Day plans yet? Or perhaps you’re just looking for ideas to give your mom the great day she deserves? Look no further. This coming May 12, we’re celebrating Mother’s Day, and whether that means going out or staying in, making crafts or getting mani-pedis, we’re putting mom front and center. Sure, you can make or buy her a gift, but if you have the time and budget to spend the day with her, take it!

You know your mom best, so pick an activity that she would love and show your appreciation for her tenfold. Whether you’re taking out your mother, tita, lola, or any other mother figure in your life, check out these Mother’s Day activities and plans that’ll make for fun and relaxing bonding moments.


Get those hands to work like your mom always does and take her out for a pottery spinning class or a ceramics painting class! This way, you both can express your creativity and take home something functional, adorable, and made with love. Check out pottery studios like Laro Ceramics in Quezon City, which has a mug-making class, a wheel-throwing class, and a ceramic painting class.


Your mom’s taken you out on shopping sprees probably countless times, so return the favor! Moms love a good flea market or bazaar, so bear the summer sun and go around shopping for food, clothes, treats, and trinkets. Pay for the things she wants (or have your dad treat you both!).


Never underestimate the power of a delicious brunch. Whether you’d like to prepare it at home or go out for a fancy meal, a perfect brunch will set the tone for the entire day.


After a great brunch and some shopping, you can put on your fancy little hats and head on over to have some luxurious afternoon tea—with Hello Kitty! The Peninsula Manila hotel’s famed restaurant The Lobby is offering the cutest afternoon tea set from April 15 to May 15, filled with little pink pastries and sandwiches. You can take home the plushie set, too!


Even if neither you nor your mom can cook or bake well, it should be fun trying out a new recipe—even if it turns out a failure. Put your heads together and spend a day working on some food or dessert. You can go to places like DIY baking studio Bakebe, where you have access to recipes and the equipment, or stay at home and make a mess of your own kitchen—while making some new memories.


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Celebrate Mother’s Day by giving your mom something she definitely needs: a break. A spa day is often on the lists of top Mother’s Day activities, and with good reason. It’s a great way to relax, bond, and get pampered. Get facials, blowouts, massages, matching mani-pedis, and more!


You don’t need to like the sun and sand to have a relaxing stay in a hotel or Airbnb. Book a room or house for a relaxing weekend to get your mom’s mind off of what stresses her (and if that’s you, try your best to not stress her out), lounge around, enjoy some room service, take a dip in the pool, or, if you’re keen, have a beach day!


Yes, you heard us right. A cupsleeve event is essentially a gathering/party held for a Hallyu star, but why not turn it on its head for Mother’s Day? How about bringing together your mom’s friends and all the kids for a little get-together at a restaurant or café? The kids and spouses could pitch in and make a party of it all. You could even go full cupsleeve event and theme it around their interests, perfect for K-pop stan moms or those who have heart eyes for stars like Piolo or Aga.


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If you and your mom are sport or fitness girlies, what better way to spend a day than doing what you love? You can go for your classics or try out a new sport—pick up a pickleball paddle or run a 5k, and either work together or against each other. If anything, you’ll see where you get your drive and competitiveness from.


Level up from giving your mom a bouquet to making one with her at a flower arranging workshop! Green thumbs or not, put together beautiful floral arrangements like ikebana with your mother as you’re surrounded by gorgeous flowers, wrappers, and ribbons. Florists like Bloomingails offer relaxed, educational workshops where you can learn and be as creative as you want.

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