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Janella Salvador’s Snake Tattoo Has A Cryptic Meaning And It’s Not What You Think

It's pretty wholesome.

If you look closely, you can read between the lines of Janella’s new tattoo.

Is everybody in on the Janella Salvador renaissance already? If you aren’t, we suggest hopping on, stat. Aside from her sassy tweets, top-tier acting skills, and literally *mothering,* she was truly key in the evolution of her character Valentina as the antagonist (or was she?) of the Darna series. From villain to role model, it’s pretty obvious that Janella did her homework. (She even walked the red carpet with a snake!)

Today, she’s done it again and surprised everybody with her newest tattoo. Yes, you guessed it, it’s in honor of the iconic Valentina. But there’s a hidden message one fan pointed out that you might have missed in the black ink snake illustration. Peep the cryptic tattoo below.

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While Janella’s tattoo may look like a normal snake, when you look closely the snake’s slithering loops actually spell out “Jude” when flipped upside down. Coincidence? We think not. For those who don’t know, Jude is the name of Janella Salvador’s son, and the fact that she thought about poppin’ that little easter egg into her brand new ink shows that she’s not just a regular mom—she’s a cool mom.

Snakes and serpents have been long believed as a symbol of rebirth, immortality, and healing. Janella’s been adamant about her struggles in the past and we believe that right now, she’s in her live, laugh, love era. Talk about shedding her skin and becoming the best and baddest version of herself.