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6 Beauty Queens That Prove Tattoos Are Not Unladylike

We stan even more.

In case you need any reminding: Having a tattoo doesn’t make you less of a queen.

Let’s face it, tattoos is still seen as taboo by some. “Ang dumi mo naman,” “kababae mong tao,” or even being called the spawn of the devil are just some of the toxic stereotypes that people mindlessly say, especially to women. It’s quite ironic when you realize that a pre-colonial tattooed civilization, decorated warriors to be exact, actually exists within Filipino culture. So, imagine how game-changing it was to see beauty queens no longer hiding the fact that they too have been inked. From Miss Universe Philippines Beatrice Luigi Gomez’s arm band tattoo to Celeste Cortesi’s delicate designs, here are six beauty queens who prove that tattoos are not unladylike.

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Miss Universe Philippines 2021 Beatrice Luigi Gomez was the rule-breaking beauty queen of her time not only because of her advocacies, but also with her fearlessness of not concealing her tattoos. At the moment she has an arm band tattoo on her left arm, an alien, a cat, and a delicate geometric piece.


At this point, we can’t keep count of how many tattoos Miss Universe Philippines 2022 Celeste Cortesi has. She has a lot of hidden, delicate tattoos that can only be seen fully when she’s wearing playful ‘kinis. So far, our favorites are her sternum and dog tattoo.


If you’re more into low-key tattoos, take inspiration from Miss International 2016 Kylie Verzosa who has two tiny tatts on her inner thigh and ankle.


Ayn Bernos’ choice of ink designs are definitely what an artist would pick out. We honestly can’t choose between the watercolor splash tattoo or the flowers!


Out of all the tattoos that former Miss Universe Philippines 2021 contestant Maureen Wroblewitz has, our favorite would probably be her rib cage tatt that’s an image of a girl hugging herself with the words “self care.”


Are you really an island girl if you don’t have a palm tree tatted on your back? Miss Universe Philippines 2017 Rachel Peters’ tattoos are mostly inspired by the tropics and they’re mostly easy designs one can easily copy.

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