Chapter Closed: 5 Truths We Can Learn From KathNiel’s Statements

Hang in there.

It’s the end of an era with KathNiel. But in the sadness comes the opportunity to grow and lessons to be learned.

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It’s an event that many hoped to never happen. But in one of the most earth-shattering pop culture events in Philippines history, Kathryn Bernardo and Daniel Padilla have both announced the end of their 11-year relationship. Posting separate statements on Instagram, the former couple confirmed that they were no longer together, putting to an end weeks-long rumors about their relationship. It’s a kind of moment that would have you stop in your tracks and remember where you were on the night of November 30, 2023. 

And while the announcement of one of the most beloved couples in Philippine history has left many sad and emotional, especially for those who followed the two actors for years, there is still light at the end of the tunnel. With the statements they released, there are valuable nuggets of wisdom worth taking. Here are some of them below. 


KATHNIEL breakup


Don’t get it twisted, Kathryn Bernardo has always been an empowered woman. It’s something that will be a part of her long after this chapter of her life is closed. But as seen in her statement, there’s power to taking initiative in your life. “…[S]ince I became an adult, I took it upon myself to take charge of my own life —the projects I work on, the way I dress, the people I surround myself with,” Kath wrote. 

Later, she talks about always wanting to decide for herself, especially when it comes to love. It’s a powerful way to start her statement and serve as yet another reminder that a relationship shouldn’t just move on the whims of your heart. You also need to take control of your narrative, something Kath is doing once more.  




In Celeste’s Strange, the musician hauntingly sings “Isn’t it strange/How people can change/From strangers to friends/Friends into lovers/And strangers again?” It’s a natural reaction when two people break up. But while Kath and DJ may no longer be together, they still shared how they would be there to support each other. As DJ wrote, “Bal, ang pag mamahal ko sayo ay walang hanggan at walang katapusan.” 

Even when the romantic feelings may no longer spark, the love that was in that relationship was real and worth cherishing as even just a reminder of what once was. Kathryn puts this into perspective in the final sentence of her statement saying, “Deej, you gave me 11 beautiful years and the kind of love that I will forever cherish. I will always be grateful.” Kathryn has known Daniel for almost half her life so it’s like she’s saying goodbye to a part of herself. Breakups suck, but there are moments and memories still worth keeping close to your heart. 




It’s a natural feeling for many couples to want to make their relationship work when they go through rough patches. It’s these moments that Kath and DJ have also gone through. But as important as it is to want to make a relationship work, you also need to know when it’s time to go. 

Staying in a relationship that just can’t be salvaged anymore is not healthy for either party. “It just won’t be fair to pretend that everything is still the same,” said Kathryn, who also added that she and Daniel have been drifting apart for a while now. If you can find the acceptance to end a relationship and move forward, you know you’re on the right path. 




Breakups can get quite nasty and can spiral into a war of words and then some. But not all breakups have to end in a bitter divorce. As seen in Kathryn and Daniel’s statements, they both consider what they had in their more than a decade relationship as real. Most importantly, Kath made it known that when they separated, they did so with mutual respect. “Our love story began with respect and ended with respect.” While it can be painful to say goodbye to someone you gave your whole heart to, it can be done in a way that won’t let the hurt sting deeper. 




When it comes to leaving your partner, isolation, and loneliness can take root as you deal with the pain internally and feel as if no one can relate to you. But the truth is that there are many people ready and willing to lend a shoulder to cry on. 

When Kath and DJ made their official statements, it seemed as if half the country was mourning with them. The two even dedicated entire paragraphs to their grieving fans, thanking them for their support and saying that they will be together to get through these tough times. “We hope you can join us in this healing process and not let those precious moments go to waste. Kaya natin to,” said Kathryn. You don’t need an entire fandom to support you, the simple comfort of friends and family is enough to help you with your healing, in whatever form and however long that may take.  

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