Your Guide To Responsible Partying, According To Artists, Creators, and The NYLON Manila Team

A Quick Guide To Responsible Partying, According To Artists, Creators, and The NYLON Manila Team

(Based on experience!)

Planning on partying this weekend? Read this. Trust us.

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Whether you’re going out to the club across your university or attending a destination party, there are ways to enjoy a party that don’t involve any harm coming to yourself, others, or the environment. We know how rowdy parties can get, and how easy it is to forget your things, your friends, or even yourself when enjoying the vibes of the night. Your parents had a point! This summer, as more parties are being held in houses, clubs, and even beaches, it’s important to be responsible and make it out alive every time—well, you know what we mean.

Getting wild at the club or loud at the beach could be a precedent to some of the best memories, but you can’t sacrifice health and safety—yours or others’. So, fresh off our own shindig, we’ve rounded up some lessons, learnings, and advice from attendees of the NYLON Manila Hot Tropic summer party that you may appreciate keeping in mind during your next jamboree.


First things first—the age old adage of drink responsibly. From drag performer M1ss Jade So to creators Russco Jarviña and Joize, our guests emphasized the importance of knowing your limits when drinking and partying. Jade advises, “Partying responsibly is when you know how to control yourself and your limit. By doing this, you’ll be able to give courtesy to others, as well. Always remember that health comes first.”

Russco adds that it’s fine to refuse a drink. Don’t let the pressure get to you. “You don’t need to say yes to every drink, and when you feel like you’re nearing your limit, it’s okay to say no.” It’s also okay to be that responsible friend and cut someone off when you feel like they’ve had enough. Drinking isn’t necessary to have a good time, but if you do drink, know your limits and never let yourself get too carried away.


Cardinal party rule: please, please, please stay safe. Unfortunately, there is plenty of potential harm at parties. From drunk accidents to unsavory individuals, make sure to have safeguards in place if you’re partying. Whether it’s carrying tools for your safety or letting other people know where you’ll be, practice having safety measures and being around people you trust. Safety trumps all, trust us.

For creator Iya Omaña, partying responsibly means having fun but also knowing her limits and being aware of her surroundings. “I also never leave my drink unattended,” she said. Always be aware of your surroundings and the people hanging around you, and help other people when needed. “Self control is key,” Mika of the NYLON Manila team adds. “Always think that you have loved ones waiting for you to come home.”


Part of staying safe also involves taking care of the people around you. Know when to make the right decisions that could be faced with some complaints, and know when to step up and be the responsible one during a night out. Iya continued, “[Responsible partying] is also about looking out for my friends or even reminding them to just drink what they can.” Help your friends get back to their beds safe and sound, have them drink water, call who needs to be called—just be a good friend and surround yourself with people who will do the same.

Beauty Writer Precy also thinks about her friends after a night out. “For me, partying responsibly means ensuring that you and your friends get home safely. And as a beauty girlie, it also means making sure you can at least remove your makeup before going to bed!” Going out with friends is a delicate balance of letting them have fun and let go but also ensuring each and every one of you have each other’s backs, whether its saving each other from a flirt with no sense of personal space or holding onto each other as you stumble back home.


@nylonmanila We take partying seriously at NYLON Manila, but we’re all about partying responsibly. 🫶🏻 After an epic night, we went straight to clean-up duty, because living your best life doesn't mean leaving where you party a mess. 😌 #NYLONManilaHotTropic ♬ original sound – user9168876084320

Hot Tropic was an overnight destination party that left room for guests to be responsible for their own casas and spaces. From guests to team, we put our dishes in the sink, deflated the inflatables, and threw away our trash. While there were staff that would clean after our stay, it’s still a show of accountability and respect for the space. Besides, it’s easy to clean what you can.

We don’t mean go bus tables at the club—we just mean try your best to be responsible for the environment in which you’re partying. We also can’t account for how sound of mind you are at each moment, but still. If you’ve got the chance to put all your napkins and glasses and plates in a corner, or clean up an area whether before you leave or the morning after, take it. You’ll make people’s lives easier. If you’re at the beach, for instance, don’t just throw your cups and trash down in the sand! It’s 2024. Clean up after yourselves.



Last but not least—don’t forget to make the most of it. We don’t mean get as rowdy and destructive as possible à la Azula, Zuko, Mai, and Ty Lee in The Beach episode of Avatar: The Last Airbender, but rather, let go and have fun. Whether you stay in a little bubble with your friends or strike a conversation with someone new, make the most of the fun and the connections you can make at a celebration. When the vibes are immaculate, it’s for sure going to be a core memory. Besides, you can even meet some new lifelong friends along the way.

ALAMAT’s Jao knows the magic of a shindig. “It is super fun to party and build genuine friendships when everything is at ease and festive at the same time,” he said. “Appreciate the energy of the everyone around you, and always remember to be yourself!”

Images taken by André Cesar and Kieran Punay.

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