self-defense weapons philippines manila

Stranger Danger: Here’s Where You Can Get Self-Defense Weapons

Be safe out there.

With the recent alarming rise of kidnapping cases, it’s better to exercise safety.

(Trigger warning: this article discusses sexual harassment and violence.)

You’ve seen it on the news and all over your FYP: there’s been an increasing amount of missing people and cases of kidnapping and rape. Most of the victims are young girls, who were spotted on alley ways and gas stations. The worst part? It was reported that one was harassed in broad daylight and no, she wasn’t wearing anything “provocative.” (Just in case someone even attempts to victim-blame.) But bottomline, no one is safe.

As tragic as the film The Lovely Bones was, it’s spine-chilling how all women are still easy targets, most of which are left with grappling injustices and cases remain unsolved. It teaches us that you can’t be too naive and that it really helps to be able to defend oneself from imminent danger.

Below, we’ve listed down where to get self-defense weapons, because at the end of the day, it’s better to exercise safety and to be prepared at all times.

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1. PINKEY PH – P549

Pinkey PH sells a whole set of self-defense weapons ranging from P549 to P679. The keychain has a pepper spray, rape alarm, flash light, whistle, belt cutter, knuckles, kubaton, no touch door handle tool, and a bottle opener. They also sell pepper sprays individually for P279.

Where to buy: Shopee, Instagram


self-defense weapons philippines manila

Inspired by Philippine mythology, Sang’Diwata designed these beautiful, but fatal knuckle keychains. You get to be protected by goddesses like Mayari and Hanan for P299 each.

Where to get: Instagram


self-defense weapons philippines manila

Aside from equipping their buyers with self-defense weapons, Without Fear PH has ethically-made products. Their P470 set includes a whistle made of Padukt wood coated in beeswax, their pepper spray contains high levels of capsaicin that causes a burning sensation on the eyes and mouth, an alarm with two different frequencies, and an alcohol spray. With every purchase, they give customers an option to donate to a community in Laguna that’s prone to violence and remains unprotected without any CCTV cameras.

Where to get: Instagram

4. WE ARE BELLA – P999

self-defense weapons philippines manila

Designed to empower Filipinas who feel unsafe when they’re alone, We Are Bella’s personal safety alarm causes loud noises and a powerful strobe light when triggered. Priced at P999, it’s lightweight and comes in three colors: black, pink, and blue.

Where to get: Their website, Instagram


US-based Filipina artist Alyssa Silos, a.k.a. Alythuh, has created a line of self-defense weapons called The Tiny Protectors. Don’t be fooled by the adorable design though, cause looks can be deceiving. Our favorites include the mushroom stun gun and the cow emergency alarm. They ship worldwide.

Where to get: Their website, Instagram


If weapons are not enough, enroll in one of Krav Maga‘s classes where you’ll learn self-defense tactics and martial arts. It might be intimidating at first knowing that it’s actually used in the battlefield, but being able to protect yourself through combat is a must.

If you see any suspicious behavior in the streets or know anybody that’s been harassed, don’t hesitate to call for help or directly call PNP.