These Interactions At NYLON Manila Hot Tropic Summer Party Had Us Feeling The Heat

Our Fave Interactions At NYLON Manila’s Hot Tropic Summer Party That Had Us Feeling The Heat

To sun, sand, and friends, old and new.

From taking photos at the beach to talking over dinner and drinks, here are some of our favorite interactions at NYLON Manila’s Hot Tropic Summer Party.

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At NYLON Manila’s first-ever summer party Hot Tropic, we bore witness to two days of water activities, games, great food, drinks, and endless chika sessions. Our special guests may have been weary of the Philippine heat, but they were ready to both heat things up and cool things down at Hot Tropic.

Creators with different niches and artists with different expertises mingled and enjoyed their goodies from BYS Cosmetics, Studio Sunspell, TALA By Kyla, Just G, Likha Canvas, and more. They also participated in different activities such as the booth prepared by Yo Joe, made themselves comfortable with the accommodations and amenities available at Araya Beach Casas, and indulged in the food from Araya and YDEA Concepto Events and Management!

More than that, our guests were able to chat and bond, and grew more comfortable with each other over the course of two days. Feeling the FOMO? No worries, as we’ve rounded up a few interactions between your favorite artists and creators that made NYLON Manila Hot Tropic the beginning of some wonderful friendships. 


nylon manila hot tropic summer party interactions

A few steps past Araya Beach Casas and you’re right at the beach, which our guests took advantage of as they partook in water sports, waded through the waves, and took the summeriest of photos as the sun set beautifully on the shoreline.

nylon manila hot tropic summer party interactions

When not at the beach, they took a dip in the pools right beside each casa, making use of the colorful NYLON Manila inflatables—which some of them deflated and took home after the event.


nylon manila hot tropic summer party interactions

When you bring artists, creators, and big personalities together, you’re bound to catch a camera flash or two everywhere you look. Bringing their best outfits, cameras, poses, and content ideas, our special guests helped each other take photos and film videos, and cheered each other on.

nylon manila hot tropic summer party interactions

Whether it’s getting down in the sand, soaked by the waves, or leaning so far out of a balcony, people like Jasmine Lao, Joize, and Iya Omaña went above and beyond to get ~that~ perfect shot.


nylon manila hot tropic summer party interactions

Spotted: NYLON Manila Hot Tropic guests flipping through the magazines! From NYLON Manila fanzines to copies of the inaugural Billboard Philippines issues, our guests lounged on the beach chairs and thumbed through pages and chatted about its contents poolside. If that’s not a sign print media is on the brink of thriving, we don’t know what is.


nylon manila hot tropic summer party interactions

The magic about destination parties is that there is a high probability for even the unlikeliest of bonds to form. And that was the case at Hot Tropic. From Erika Rabara and M1ss Jade So striking up a friendship and being our favorite unexpected duo of the year, to ALAMAT member Jao and Joaquin Tiu, new friendships were formed with the help of shared spaces, group activities, drinks, music, and dancing. The afterparty saw groups of these newfound friends make their way through each of the casas, interviewing anyone they came across. M1ss Jade even gave her own room tour!


nylon manila hot tropic summer party interactions

Overheard at the Hot Tropic party boodle fight: “May shrimp pa diyan?” YDEA Concepto Events and Management elevated boodle fight featured a wide variety of food, with plenty of fan favorites. Big plates were piled high with seafood in the middle of the tables, and you could see guests getting up out of their seats, roaming down the length of the banquet table to see if there were some of their favorites left on any of the plates. And don’t doubt that people were willing to hand food over to others looking for their faves, too! They totally embodied the phrase “I want us both to eat well.”


IG Story/Kim Bejerano

As things wound down for the night, guests stayed in their own casas, resting or having mini chika sessions of their own. At Beach Casa 2, NYLON Manila’s very own Brand Associate Bianca Lao was gagged along with M1ss Jade, Joaquin, Kim Bejerano, and more as they watched Ariana Grande’s Instagram story featuring the drag performer herself


All the world’s a stage for M1ss Jade and Jao, as they captured everyone’s attention putting on impromptu solo dance performances and hyped each other up. From Tala’s Water to ALAMAT’s own Dayang, the two proved just how easy it is for them to seamlessly switch from partygoer to performer and get the crowd going.


nylon manila hot tropic summer party interactions

M1ss Jade with a mic means everyone gets to be in the spotlight. A game of Hep Hep Hooray started up, and our guests, including Jao and Ivan Marie, weren’t the only players, as they made the rounds to everyone visible in the vicinity (yes, including the NYLON Manila team).


nylon manila hot tropic summer party interactions

Throughout the day, the guests had the opportunity to work and have fun together. One of the games saw different guests work together to find and arrange a number of puzzle pieces that spelled out the three thrusts of NYLON Manila: self-love, self-expression, and self-actualization. 

nylon manila hot tropic summer party interactions

Mid-party, a spontaneous game of beach volleyball emerged, spearheaded by the stiletto-wearing Jade So. Creators Ivan Marie, Erika Rabara, Joize, and hair stylist and makeup artist Gab Villegas joined in, playing without rules and barely keeping score—just enjoying the vibe of the night, as they should!

Official images taken by André Cesar and Kieran Punay.

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