NYLON Manila Picks: Our Favorite Tech And Digital Finds Of April 2024

Tech way cooler than this weather.

Call us Tecna with the way we love these tech and digital picks of April 2024.

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Ah, the wonders of technology. From our phones to the games we play, we all love the little rush of dopamine we get from the tech and digital world. It doesn’t have to be expensive stuff like a new laptop or anything—it could be anything from a secondhand digital camera to a new app that gets you to reorganize your life. For instance, our April faves are filled with gadgets and items that are totally budget-friendly. Whether you’d rather stay indoors with a game or head outside with a camera, we’ve got our list of tech and digital finds that made our April 2024 that much cooler.

JISULIFE 3-IN-1 PORTABLE TURBO JET FAN – Maggie Batacan, Editor-in-Chief

This little device’s price might turn you off, but in terms of girl math I have more than gotten my ROI on it considering how often I use it (AKA daily). It speeds up my skin care and makeup routine by a lot, and it definitely comes in handy on days when I’m going to be out in the sun. The battery seems to last forever, too (so far I’ve only charged it twice since buying it).

APPLE MUSIC – Bianca Lao, Brand Associate

Making the hop from Spotify had not been ideal at first, but the more I got to explore the layout and the features of the platform, notably the Karaoke feature, I fell in love with it and it’s one of my favorite tech switches to date. On the plus side, if you’re also a little bit of a nerd when it comes to sound quality and music stems, Apple Music provides a feature for some tracks where you can listen to it in Dolby Atmos Spatial Audio.

VIBE 501F 35MM FILM CAMERA – Nica Glorioso, Features Writer

camera film

Sample photos / Image of camera from X

I took my VIBE Photo 501F 35mm camera with me on my UK trip, and while it didn’t thrive as well as I’d hoped (it produces its best work when it’s bright and sunny, and we all know what the weather’s like in the UK), it’s become such a unique way to capture moments, sights, and memories. The camera is affordable, lightweight, beginner-friendly, and comes in the cutest colors. (I got mine from Shopee.) Though an expensive hobby, film photography is alive and well, y’all.

MOFII WIRELESS CHARGING POWER BANK – Gelo Quijencio, Multimedia Artist

Aesthetic meets functionality. If you are a fan of retro items plus customizing it through adding stickers, then this power bank is perfect for you. Not only can it charge 2 phones to full battery, it looks visually appealing when you hold it because of its compact size. Bonus point: it has a wireless-charging feature as well.

DAZZ CAM – Precy Tan, Beauty Writer

This app takes me back to my high school days, but I’m diving back into Dazz Cam because of all those fancy digicam pics flooding social media. Trust me, it outshines every filter out there, making that small purchase fee a total steal!

TOMB RAIDER I–III REMASTERED – James Jacinto, Art Contributor

@yoobrandii LARA! | #tombraider #tombraiderclips #tombraider1996 #retro #laracroft #tombraidergameplay ♬ No time for the silly sht – yoobrandii 🇵🇸 🇨🇩

If you’re chronically online like me, chances are your TikTok FYP might have passed by funny streams of the recently remastered Tomb Raider trilogy. As someone who grew up tagging along with Lara Croft on my old PC years ago, I’m definitely looking forward to getting a hold of the game remasters.

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