Tech Is the New Wave In Fashion: We Made a Styling Guide for Both You and Your Phone


Add a new youthful and elegant dimension to your fashion in this handy style guide with Liza Soberano and the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip3 5G

Have you ever found yourself stuck in front of the mirror mixing and matching accessories laid out on your bed, or even hot-swapping jackets and caps just to see what fits? More than your tops, bottoms, and shoes, everything else surrounding your outfit plays a vital role in self-expression. Got a full leather jacket or a pair of aviators? People might see you as a bit of a rocker. If you like to keep it simple with just a designer timepiece on your wrist, that will give off a totally different vibe. Coordinating these accessories matters, especially when you consider the items you might be taking for granted, like your smartphone.

The future of fashion includes our gadgets, and this is especially true with the eye-catching Samsung Galaxy Z Flip3 5G. It’s the definition of a phone for the modern trendsetter, carrying both an industry-leading tech and an unmatched expression through unique form and colors. We’ve created a quick styling guide that plays with the phone’s four colors you can consider when creating your next fit and finding what fits you.

Lavender and Green: Sugar, Spice, and Everything Nice

For a color that truly stands out from the selection, the Galaxy Z Flip3 5G in Lavender is both youthful and vibrant. Green, on the other hand, offers a deeper tone for you to play up. These two colors give you a fun base to start working with, whether contrasting it with a splash of complementary or analogous colors, or going full monochromatic by embracing just lavender or green hues throughout. For the effortlessly stylish beauty in Liza Soberano, these hues are best paired with pattern play, evoking the Y2K pop craze inspired by Avril Lavigne and Britney Spears. If your phone can already carry the fun of Lavender or the structure of Green, then why not turn it up with your outfit?

Focus on a central statement piece like a designer bomber jacket in a variety of colors, and coordinate the rest of your outfit using the same color palette in that statement piece. If you want to be more adventurous, create an overall pattern that is uniform throughout several pieces. For cohesion, tie the fit together with a tight color palette, such as strictly shades of green. 

Another way to see this style recommendation is to work outwards, with the clothes closest to your body acting as the foundation, and layering on progressively louder pieces such as your jacket, bag, and jewelry.

With a fit as stunning as this, you’d want to capture and share it online. The Galaxy Z Flip3 5G gives you unique ways to capture every moment with its three key cameras. Its 10MP snapper on the front is great to use during Flex Mode or when the phone is propped up on a surface for a hands-free shot. The rear system of two 12MP wide and ultra-wide cameras can also be used to snap a selfie with the help of the Cover Screen right on the outer face of the phone. Flip open the phone, open your favorite social media platform, and share away!

Cream and Phantom Black: Classy and Sassy

If specific colors in the spectrum aren’t your jam, Samsung still carries the classics: a Cream colorway covered in glass to shine during the day, and a Phantom Black color with a matte finish as smooth as the night sky. These colors aren’t just neutral—they carry a twist, such as the Cream being a bit warmer than your usual white, and Phantom Black being the only matte exterior. Adding onto these unique finishes, Liza embraces her femininity and elevates her look with the utmost elegance.

Styling with black and cream tones gives you the most versatility, with almost every color in the spectrum pairing well with these. You can go for your favorite, like Liza in her iridescent red slim-fit dress, and play with that to match your make-up and other accessories. Going with the classics is also a great way to stand out without being too plain, such as a little black dress or an all-black top and bottom pairing. You can also focus on the subtleties like varying textures and cuts for added character despite the monochromatic look.

The Galaxy Z Flip3 5G comes in a compact 4.2 inches when folded closed, allowing you to fit it in a small purse or your tight pockets. Making your next big move on social media comes with no lag as the 6.7-inch Infinity Flex Display has up to 120Hz refresh rate that delivers smooth scrolling and vivid colors. And even if you’re caught up in work or out enjoying the nightlife, you can remain productive with split screen multitasking and dance the night away without worrying about accidental splashes with its IPX8 water-resistant rating—a first for any foldable.

The epitome of fashion and function can be yours with the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip3 5G. With a folding design that screams high-tech and high-attitude (imagine all the calls you can end by folding the phone shut), this is every up-and-coming trendsetter’s must-have, whether you want to make it big online, want to boost productivity at work, or just want to pocket the industry’s most precious smartphone.

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