NYLON Manila Picks: Our Favorite Tech of March 2024

Digital must-haves for the digital native

Looking for some new tech to play with? Our team’s got you covered with our March round-up of tech faves!

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If you’re a tech enthusiast, perhaps there’s no better time to be alive than right now. It almost feels like everyday there’s a new invention popping up on social media, and you’re sitting there wondering, “Why is this something that’s only coming out now and where can I get it?”

If the list of new releases is too overwhelming for you to tackle, allow us from the NYLON Manila team to steer you in an interesting direction. We present to you: our tech faves for March 2024–

Animal Crossing: Happy Home Paradise

“ACNH kept me sane for majority of the lockdown, so when HHP was announced I practically lost my mind. I get to work as an interior designer that creates vacation homes for my cute villagers with an unlimited budget? Say less. The hype around this game may have died long ago, but when I’m particularly stressed I’ll boot up the game and spend an hour on each vacay home to calm my nerves.” – Maggie Batacan, EIC

Tekken 8

“I’ve been playing Tekken for years and Tekken 8 is one of my most favorite entries in the series so far. While the story mode hits, it’s the abundance of online and offline modes that you can do once the credits role that make the game worth the price of admission. Add to that a strong roster and solid mechanics, I’ll be playing Tekken 8 for months to come.” – Raf Bautista, Managing Editor

Digital Cameras

“If you’re looking for a trusty alternative to film cameras but still want to attain that same nostalgic vibe, investing in a digicam is the way to go. Plus points if you opt for one made in the early 2000s.” – James Jacinto, Art Contributor

Sony WH-CH720N

“If you want to get your hands on Sony headphones, but a more budget-friendly version that does the job, then the WH-CH720N will be your best friend! As someone who isn’t the biggest fan of a heavy noise cancelling feature that most headphones have now, the CH720 provides a good balance of it – noise cancelling and the outside world. There are different settings in which you can adjust the noise to your liking.

In comparison to past pairs of headphones that I’ve owned, I’d say that the sound quality of this is pretty good. Battery life is really good as well, can go two to three days without charging the unit.

On the plus side, you can also decorate it with cute stickers or ribbons~” – Bianca Lao, Account Manager

Mini Smart Projector

“Perfect for impromtu movie nights at the end of a long work day. I always reach for my comfort films and series to unwind, and the projector easily turns my room into a cinema.” – Sophia Samala, Ad & Promo Manager

Remax 3-in-1 Portable Fan, Powerbank, and Phone Holder

@lheyah16 hanging neck mini fan with power bank #usbminifan #hangingminifan #minifan #affiliatemarketing #affiliate #foryoupage #fyp #foryou ♬ bilhin mo na yan sis – mx dione

“Random marketplace scrolling, then BOOM, the best find ever. As a journalist who is always on the ground, this 3-in-1 survival device is my ultimate life saver!” – Diane Sarmiento, Editorial Intern

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