Sing It Loud, Sing It Proud: These Queer Filipino Musicians Are Unapologetically Raising Their Voices For The LGBTQIA+ Community 

Do you hear the people sing?

From the margins of the sheet music to thinly veiled attempts at expressions of true identity, there is a lot more defiance when it comes to singing the stories of the LGBTQIA+ community. In a time unparalleled, these queer Filipino musicians are standing their ground. 

It wasn’t anything out of the ordinary, at least in the context of Valentine’s day. “Happy hearts day, love,” and so an Instagram story was captioned, complete with a bouquet of sunflowers, a display of cute couple photographs, a whole cake that looked too pretty to eat, and as detailed, a cover of Dom Guyot’s earnest yearning in Guho. At its heart, the tender ballad is all encompassing, carving out a space for love’s potential to exist beyond wishful thinking and the unrequited, something that many a hopeless romantic has long grappled with. However, coddled within its cavernous echoes is a soul-stirring defiance of identity that cuts across deep affection and endears itself to many, especially to the queer community, which the pair in the photograph identifies as. 

Mundane as it may seem at a glance, therein lies the great impact of this profession of love, especially with the soul-stirring track it was soundtracked to. In its apparent nonchalance, it underscores the long-held contention that love is love. “Ikaw ay sapat, hali ka’t ipahinga / Ang pusong pagod masaktan,” coos Dom Guyot, to no one in particular, he admits, which all the more adds to its gentle and reassuring caress. “Wag kang matakot / Dahil itong kabuohan ko ay para sa’yo.” 

You see, this love is no different from the dichotomy-driven dictates that have long dominated our consciousness since time immemorial. Despite the many strides that the community has had towards progress, as led by the tireless and tenacious LGBTQIA+ pioneers, the stubborn status quo still stands: There is still a very long way to go to clinch an unequivocal equality sans conditions and compromises. However, as arduous and bleak as it may seem at times, especially at a highly challenged time where not only truths, but lives are made collateral in the rabid regression to the hyper conservative, there is still much to celebrate, and well, sing about. 

Defiance And Dissent

“Someone has to do it. Someone has to be so other people can,” fiercely declares Dom Guyot, a proud queer artist who unapologetically journals his experiences in songs that talk about everything from feelings and yes, even sex.  “Growing up the way I did made me want more for myself and my community. That is the reason why I champion my experiences through my music because I know I am not the only one. And I want them to know that as well.”

While it can be argued that there are more spaces for the queer narratives to exist in this day and age, it still pales in comparison to the aggressive of the socially accepted binaries. Representation across the board has seen progress, but for the most part still feels tepid at best. “I grew up knowing that here in the Philippines, there is a limited representation of what queer people are in media as a whole, especially in music. But luckily, in this generation that I belong in, it is starting to widen and different spectrums of gay realities are being seen. And I want to be one of the artists who expands that reach in the field of music, that is why I am here,” expresses Paul Pablo, another Filipino LGBTQIA+ singer and songwriter making waves in the local airwaves. “It is really important for me to be in bigger media distributors, one that is powerful enough to influence a lot of people, because not everyone in this world has the initiative to reach out.”

It is a steep challenge, of course, one that comes with a persistent threat to extinguish the spirit of many who find comfort within the spectrum of the pride flag. However, as it continues to languish in the depths of humanity, there has been a steely resolve and a mobilized movement to break the barriers of gender and identity, the most deafening of dissent has been most realized in music. 

“The gain here is to really show that audience that we are special not just because we’re gay, but because we’re great artists capable of doing something really good,” asserts Paul Pablo. “Our craft is not bullshit, we’re not faking people. People need to see that in our music, our realities, our struggles. It’s up to the artist, really, but I really want to integrate that to my lyrics, my music, and everything that I do, because it’s going to effectively educate what it’s like to be queer, period.”

Empowering Filipino Queer Filipino Musicians

From subverting the system with metaphors, concealing truths in ambiguous pronouns, and in worst case scenarios, misrepresent themselves, queer artists have had to contend with having to do just about anything to articulate their art. (In fact, the flighty Filipino folk song Paru-Parong Bukid has been revealed to be an enduring queer narrative, with its original meaning scrubbed off its queerness by colonial overlords.) It wasn’t and still isn’t ideal by any means, but looking at the bigger picture beyond the black and white, something had to be done, at least. 

“I remember the feeling of being in denial. I had to end a wlw (women who love women) relationship to know myself first. I started writing from a second-person’s point of view realizing that I am bisexual. Most of the time, as a bisexual woman, I get misjudged by the public depending on which gender I date,” explains Ana Luna, a Cebu-based singer and songwriter. “When writing songs, if I use a He, I would be identified as straight, and if I use a She, I’d be identified as a lesbian, and that was a conflict for me so I go for gender neutral pronouns not to conceal, but to identify my sexuality.”

Not that these artists owe anyone their gender and identity, because above everything, that is personal. However, as these queer singers have come to realize, nothing compares to expressing without bounds, which in effect becomes a point of empowerment for both the listener and the performer. I guess through songwriting, I was able to express what I couldn’t say,” says Ana Luna. “Knowing how it felt back then when I couldn’t, music helped me a lot. I hope that through music, it encourages people to share all kinds of love and be fearless about it. I was scared once, and I feel more free now that I know how I want to be loved and that’s an important thing for everyone to have.” Really, nothing comes close to hearing a song that not only gets you, as is the function of art in general, but is also meant for you. 

Reclaiming The Narrative

The music industry has historically been unkind to women and the LGBTQIA+ community. Even in the guise of perspective, there is admittedly more harm done when queerness is commodified and weaponized, because for every soul-shifting show of support in Sirena (Gloc 9), there exists troubling erosions of humanity in such OPM ditties as Gayuma (Abra), Modelong Charing (Blakdyak), Chiksilog (Kamikazee). Before one argues that it is harmless and just done for fun, the perceived punchline integrated serves as a direct hit of homophobia and transphobia, which especially when left to the uninformed and the uninitiated would create a ripple effect that puts our progress at an irreversible disadvantage. 

Prefaced by stereotypes and aggressions targeted towards the marginalized, it becomes increasingly important to not only express and empathize, but to empower generations of queer people to speak up and out. “I was born in a system that was not built for me,” says Dom Guyot. “Having the opportunity and platform to become the storyteller for people born like me is the reason why I take much pride in what I do. I believe representation saves lives and urges change. It causes movement in taking up space. If you give people something they can identify with, you give them space to belong.”

Stef Arenas, your trans Pinay pop superstar, relates to this, but expands it into the space of joy and optimism, because while it unfortunately is inextricable from their experience, especially in this current political and social climate, their experiences are usually encumbered by pain. Yes, all stories need to be told, but in the same breath, trans men and women deserve hopeful beginnings and happy endings, too. “From a very young age, queer kids are taught by society to dream smaller. That we will never reach the heights that our non-queer counterparts often do. I’m here to show that it’s okay to dream big,” she says, asserting her feminine energy and perspective in her music. “I hope that queer people feel joy from my music. I write these songs in hopes that people like me can relate to it. Also, I really want people to just enjoy themselves and feel like a bad bitch when they listen to me.”

Do You Hear The People Sing?

Inherent to music is its innate ability to purge one’s existential ennui. Whether it is through dancing to the swaying rhythm, rocking out to the bone-drilling bass, or singing out the lyrics in bellyful screams, the catharsis is unmatched, which perhaps explains why everyone, and in this case, the queer community, has found a sense of comfort through sound and song. Now, imagine how much more understood the typically disenfranchised will be once the rest of the system puts queer-focused musical narratives in the same heavy rotation as the rest of what we hear on the regular.

“It’s already a brave thing to release a song and be vulnerable, knowing that not everyone might like it and so on, it’s an obstacle that I’m challenged to face. Being able to successfully put out my experience, share my friends’ experiences through songs to inspire and spread love is the reason why I’m motivated to keep going,” expands Ana Luna. Music, as reflective as it is, is also one of the most viable vessels to help the world understand what they cannot comprehend. It is not so much as vilifying the stubborn, but connecting experiences and letting it be known that when it comes down to it, no difference exists. “My music is only an instrument for them to be able to listen to themselves. By simply knowing what song to play based on what they feel, I want them to accept that and start loving themselves for who they are.”

All this compounded action is more than just, as critics would frown upon, the gay agenda. More than anything, this is an opportunity to let more people in and sing their stories, because quite frankly, it is about damn time we do so, as it should be told. No more hiding, no more veiled attempts at diversity, and no more temporary tolerance from the mainstream, because we deserve nothing but our whole truths to be celebrated. I want them to not be afraid,” punctuates Paul Pablo, encouraging the LGBTQIA+ a community. “The generation is starting to evolve and accept new approaches, that’s why I hope they take courage to do the same, if not more.”

“I think in the current music landscape, uniqueness is valued much more than it used to be, especially with all the local queer artists coming up and getting signed to big music labels. This gives me hope, because with my own songs, I’ve always made it a point to express my queerness,” relates Stef Arenas. As it stands, there has been a favorable gust of wind that has supported LGBTQIA+ voices in the music landscape, but while that is a start, there is still an arduous way to go. And it isn’t for a lack of trying either, because with the passion and persistence of the likes of young artists like Paul Pablo, Stef Arenas, Dom Guyot, Ana Luna, as well as of other Filipino queer artists coming out with expositions that encapsulate complex experiences that are often left unsaid, this assemblage of unique, nuanced voices come together in a harmony so loud you can’t help but ignore them. This time, they will make you listen.  



























All That Hate Won’t Bother Maymay Entrata in ‘AUTODEADMA’

~Autodeadma para happy~

Maymay Entrata teams up with PENTAGON’s Wooseok for a confidence-boosting track that encourages listeners to focus on self-love and ignore the haters.

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Here to make our jaws drop once again, Maymay Entrata has returned with a scorching new track that will leave you shook for all the right reasons. With AUTODEADMA, Maymay is bringing the heat once again and showing off that unstoppable kabogera energy that we all know and love. Just like before, the fierce pop diva offers us a powerhouse anthem that’ll give you the confidence to take on anyone who tries to bring you down. And Maymay’s not holding back as she’s sending a message to all the haters out there that she’s not to be messed with. So, if you’re thinking of stepping on Maymay, you better think twice.


It has been six months since Maymay Entrata dropped Puede Ba, her modern take on Filipina songstress Viktoria’s track of the same name, that gave us another song to dance our asses off to. And now, the MPOWERED hitmaker graces the music scene once again and blesses us with another offering that will not just make us dance but also lift our spirits up and ultimately, imbibe positivity.

In AUTODEADMA, Maymay is back in her usual incandescent and queenly behavior. And just as we’ve learned from her sensational anthem AMAKABOGERA, it’s not a Maymay Entrata creation if it does not have a powerful, relatable, and resonant message at its core. This time, the MTV Europe Music Awards nominee reminds us all to ignore negativity and hatred, and to not seek validation from anyone but ourselves.

Maymay Entrata Autodeadma cover art

Released under the StarPop label and composed by EJ Bolano, Loriebelle Aira Darunday, Justin Catalan, Rox Santos, Jonathan Manalo, AUTODEADMA also finds Maymay Entrata collaborating with K-pop artist and PENTAGON‘s main rapper and subvocalist Wooseok, who also has writing credits for the song. And needless to say, Wooseok’s rap part and voice mesh perfectly with Maymay’s verses and will definitely leave you craving for more collabs like this. 

Per usual with Maymay Entrata’s music, the song’s music video does not disappoint as well. Posted by ABS-CBN Star Music and directed by Kerbs Balagtas (who also worked on Josh Cullen’s Wild Tonight), Maymay Entrata treats us to another glitzy and dazzling visuals that scream unbothered and unapologetic energy. From Jireh Bacasno’s dynamic cinematography to Nesh Janiola-Alcantara’s fire choreography, the AUTODEADMA M/V is a feast for the eyes and another satisfying serve from queen Maymay herself.

No need for validations / Guard myself with your love / That’s gonna make me stronger / And be the brightest flame / In the end.” With this catchy track already on its way to becoming a viral hit, let’s all dance our hearts out while also taking Maymay’s message to heart. So, next time those haters come crawling out of the woodwork, don’t let them get to you. Just turn up AUTODEADMA and let Maymay remind you that you’re a queen who don’t need nobody else’s approval.

AUTODEADMA is now spreading fire and positive vibes on all music platforms.

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The Supremo Is Back! Daniel Padilla Returns To The Big Screen With New Exciting Projects

Supremo strikes back!

From playing a deadly role to a mind-bending story, here’s the scoop about Daniel Padilla’s movie comeback, plus an update on the new KathNiel film!

Well, it seems like ABS-CBN Films’ New Move Alert event is becoming the new hotspot for fresh and exciting entertainment news straight from our favorite local stars.  And if you’re a KathNiel fan, you’re surely in for a treat! Just a month after the highly-anticipated Kathryn Bernardo movie comeback announcement, the media giant has dropped another exciting news: Daniel Padilla is making his grand return to the big screen.

It’s been a while since we last saw the Supreme Idol in action, but he’s coming back in full force. Having just celebrated his birthday recently, Daniel has hand-picked interesting stories and a creative team of talented storytellers to chart a new chapter in his already stellar film career. And from what we hear, he’s ready to tackle some darker and more unconventional roles. Intrigued yet? Here’s everything we know about Daniel’s upcoming movies, including the latest scoop on the KathNiel movie comeback. 

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Three years after starring in the critically acclaimed film Kun Maupay Man It Panahon, Daniel Padilla is back with a bang, ready to tackle a new slate of exciting projects that are sure to pique your interests. The first project to be revealed in the New Move Alert event is The Guest, a suspenseful thriller that promises to showcase a different side of DJ as an actor.

Daniel Padilla The Guest

“It’s more of a psychological suspense thriller. [I’m] kind of imagining it as a modern film noir,” shares director Jerrold Tarog (who previously helmed Heneral Luna) about the project under Black Sheep. While most of The Guest’s plot is still wrapped in mystery, Tarog says the film will have a lot of twists and turns and will be a complete mess with our heads. And coming from the great mind behind Bliss, we’re really in for one hell of a ride. 

Daniel Padilla, Jerrold Tarog, John Arcilla
Photos from Star Cinema

Apart from direk Jerrold Tarog, the creative team of The Guest includes Kookai Labayen (Isa Pa, With Feelings) as the project’s creative manager and writer Patrick Valencia, who is also the co-writer of Kathryn Bernardo’s upcoming movie, Elena, 1944. Adding to the excitement, it’s been confirmed that veteran actor and Volpi Cup-winner John Arcilla will join Daniel in this thriller. The Supremo meets Heneral in a movie that’s sure to be a game-changer for DJ’s career.

Daniel Padilla The Guest

“Very excited ako gawin ‘tong film na ‘to kasi napakahusay na aktor [ni sir John]. Kapag ganyan ang katrabaho mo, it just pushes you to do better pa also. So I’m just excited to do this film,” says DJ. To which Arcilla replied with equal enthusiasm and excitement, “Daniel Padilla is the number one heartthrob sa Philippine entertainment at isa sa mga batang best actor, so exciting, sobra!” Production of The Guest will start this year and is slated for release in 2024.


A story that made Daniel Padilla say yes just by seeing the title, Nang Mapagod si Kamatayan is the next project to be unveiled. And even if without the synopsis yet, the story sure sounds enticing already. It’s based on a short story written by National Artist for Film and Broadcast Arts Ricky Lee, which will be directed by Dan Villegas (Hintayan ng Langit, Exes Baggage) with creative manager Vanessa Valdez (who also helms Elena, 1944), and writer Carmi Raymundo, who is the creative manager of Kathryn’s Elena, 1944

Nang Mapagod si Kamatayan film key art Daniel Padilla

Nang Mapagod si Kamatayan is described as a lighthearted buddy comedy with a deeper narrative layer that delves into the “mysteries of life, love, friendship and death.””Andoon ‘yung comedy, ‘di ba? Pero hindi siya slapstick na nagpapatawa,” DJ teases. “Kumbaga, life is amusing. Nakakatawa ang buhay eh, ‘di ba. The beauty of life and beauty of death, balanse ‘yun eh. Dito natin makikita ‘yun.”

Nang Mapagod si Kamatayan team

According to Valdez, DJ will play the role of death in the film and deems him as the best person to portray it and help spark a discussion among the people of his generation and have a “deeper appreciation of life.” Fellow leading man and DJ’s close friend Zanjoe Marudo will co-star in Kamatayan, which also marks his star Cinema comeback after five years. 

“Si [Zanjoe], alam natin kung anong standard niya sa pag-arte,” DJ explains. “Kaysa isipin ko na dahil kaibigan ko siya kaya kami magkasama, yung kalidad ni [Zanjoe] yung tinanggap natin dito.” According to ABS-CBN Films head Kriz Gazmen, the shooting of Kamatayan will start real soon while the movie will be released in cinemas this year.


During Kathryn Bernardo’s NMA event last month, the Asia’s Superstar revealed that the new KathNiel film is in full swing and will have its own separate launch. Daniel Padilla echoed this exciting announcement last night and described their reunion movie as something they’ve never done before as a love team.

Daniel Padilla

“Bago talaga yung gagawin namin ni Kathryn dito. Medyo matrabaho pero very exciting,” DJ shares about the KathNiel comeback movie, which will be helmed by their frequent collaborator, director Cathy Garcia-Molina. Curious about its progress and release date? DJ reveals, “Next year pa lalabas, pero ngayon nagsisimula na ‘yung development ng kwento. Magshu-shoot na rin kami this year.”

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Reen Barrera’s First NFT Collection With GCrypto Will Have You Saying Ohlala

Reen Barrera goes digital.

GCrypto is going big for its first NFT launch. And they’re working with noted sculptor and painter Reen Barrera to bring his work to the digital world.

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In the past few years, the rise of Web3 and non-fungible tokens (NFTs) have changed, shaped, and affected how many industries operate. And no truer is this than in the art world. While physical art and its associated spaces will always be there, NFTs have allowed artists, both big and small, to translate their work on a digital scale. Not only do NFTs give the chance for artists’ work to have a wider reach, but it also serves as a new opportunity for artists to delve into an emerging world and medium.

This space is something GCrypto, GCash’s cryptocurrency arm, is looking to explore as they bring the work of Filipino artists to the digital realm. This is why they tapped acclaimed Filipino artist Reen Barrera, who’s had his work be shown in the US, Japan, the UK, and more, as he brought his Ohlala doll to the NFT world for the first time. 


The basement of The Astbury in Poblacion on April 23 was filled with art lovers and NFT collectors dressed in bright colors and other fun ‘fits as they witnessed the official launch of House of Ohlala. Megan Young and Mikael Daez served as the hosts of the event as they guided the crowd in the exciting new art venture.

Serving as a collaboration between GCrypto, local NFT marketplace Likha, and Makati-based art gallery Viny on Vinyl, House of Ohlala is Reen Barrera’s first-ever NFT collection. Centered on Barrera’s famous Ohlala doll, the collection brings the sculptor and painter’s work to the digital space. The pieces focus on the doll’s detailed faces, with textures that pop and visuals that capture expressions that will have you doing a double-take. They speak thousands of words as Ohlala serves as Barrera’s outlet and interpretation of his personal experiences.

If the name Reen Barrera sounds familiar to you, that’s because the Paris-born artist has made a name for himself in the local art scene with his neo-expressionist style through handmade sculptures and paintings. He’s been particularly successful with his two central characters, Ohlala and Duge, the former a tribute to how Barrera’s Visayan family pronounced the word dog and the latter being a tribute to his father.

These characters serve as his gentle commentary on socio-economic classes as the canvas cloth adorning most of his artworks show how people can shape their destiny regardless of their background. Now, Barrera’s acclaimed Ohlala doll takes center stage in its own NFT collection.

The House of Ohalala collection was made available on GCrypto NFT Hub. While buying and selling NFTs aren’t new, GCash is looking to use its position and resources to turn finding and buying NFTs more convenient. To that end, Jong Layug, Head of Wealth Management at GCash, announced during the event that GCrypto was now available nationwide.

House of Ohlala can be a great addition to people’s NFT collection given that it comes from an internationally-acclaimed Filipino artist. Also, it gives Barrera’s fans an easier accessibility to own artwork from an artist who is known to have long wait times when it comes to getting one of his sculptures or paintings. And on top of it all, owners of NFTs from House of Ohlala will be able to access exclusive perks.


Surprised and happy is how Reen Barrera described the feeling of seeing the receptive crowd at Ohlala’s NFT launch. The technology is still relatively new, and this is his first foray into NFT art. But even so, his fans were ready for it. “Sobrang special niya kasi thinking na [malayo] narating yung character ko,” shares Barrera in an interview with NYLON Manila.

Barrera found himself working on NFTs after Vinyl on Vinyl tapped him to be part of their collaboration with GCrypto. It soon dawned on the artist that he was entering something special. And while he spent most of his career working on a physical medium, he still found a passion for working on the digital plane. He citied a digital painting class he took before as one of the reasons why he didn’t feel out of place in making the NFT collection. ”Bumalik yung love ko sa digital art.”

Working on House of Ohlala felt natural to Barrera and showed him how NFTs were the next field ready to be explored by artists. “Pwede siyang i-treat as a medium,” he muses. Needless to say, this isn’t the last we’ll see of Reen Barrera’s work on NFTs as he teased the hope and possibility of more collections in the future.

While GCash is known as one of the go-to platforms for digital payments and other financial needs, delving into the world of NFT art felt like a no-brainer given the country’s strong adoption of the technology. “We think that collecting NFTs and digital art is growing, and it’s going to be there for some time,” shares Jong Layug.

As for why Reen Barrera was the perfect artist to work with, Layug cites his strong following in the art world and the fact that it’s not easy to acquire pieces from his physical collections. “When we use the power of digital art, you’re actually able to create a bit more.” Above all, GCash’s tapping into the emerging space is their way to support Filipino artists as the company looks to collaborate with more creatives down the road.

Event photos by Excel Panlaque

beyonce filipino designer

These Filipino Designers Have Already Dressed Beyoncé

They cuffed it.

In case you didn’t realize, Beyoncé herself has been dressed by a number of Filipino designers already.

Imagine getting a phone call on an average day from Beyoncé’s team asking YOU to design an original look? We’d fall right to our knees ASAP. Look, everything she touches turns into gold. Just the thought of Queen B wearing a piece that you’ve materialized from your thoughts can either send you on a spiral (willing to break our souls for Bey) or make you push yourself beyond your capabilities. For these Filipino designers though, they chose to rise to the challenge and absolutely delivered 100%. From Furne Amato’s Rococo look to the recent yellow feathered gown Beyoncé wore in Dubai, here’s a growing encyclopedia (claiming it!) of Filipino designers who’ve dressed her up.

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Beyonce filipino designer

Furne One is a world-renowned Filipino couturier based in Dubai. Hailing from Cebu, Furne’s Amato Couture House is known for the otherworldly, intricate handiwork in their designs that caught the eye of local and international celebrities—including Beyoncé. He first worked with her for the Mrs. Carter Tour in 2013, where she was photographed wearing two of his creations for her photobook. Two years later, she tapped the Filipino designer yet again to design a breathtaking cape that she wore for her Grammys 2015 performance of Take My Hand Precious Lord.


Filipino-American jewelry designer Chris Habana hasn’t been to the country since migrating to the US in 1989, but you can definitely see the strong influence in some of his works. Back in February, he designed a headpiece that resembled a golden halo for Beyoncé during her special performance in Dubai. The opera gloves, the impeccable beadwork on her corset, all painted in red was elevated even further by the Filipino-American designer’s work.


Queen Bey just couldn’t get enough of the Filipino touch, can she? In another jaw-dropping look, she wore a yellow feathered gown for her Dubai performance designed by Ryan Pacioles of Atelier Zuhra. Born in Leyte, the Filipino designer eventually moved to Dubai and became the creative director of the Middle-Eastern couture house. The flawless corsetry and M slit really said, “give them lemonade!”

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music festival outfit

Don’t Sweat It, She Says: Notes On Festival Dressing According To Maureen Wroblewitz

She def brought the heat in Pattaya.

Stumped on what to wear for your next music festival? Let model, beauty queen, and actress Maureen Wroblewitz show her ways of living out the full fantasy in multiple style personas at Rolling Loud Thailand. 

When Maureen Wroblewitz left the hotel on final day of Rolling Loud Thailand, it was clear she was going for ease, which was a lesson learned in the first few treks to the sprawling space of art, style, and a lot of great hip-hop music. Sure, people showed up and out in their best takes on festival fashion, but with sweltering heat, little to no wind, and a dense crowd, it was clear that comfort was key. Decked out in an oversized button-down, Levi’s denim jeans with slashes at the knee, and a white tank top, the top model, beauty queen, and actress was ready to well, roll out loud at Legend Siam in Pattaya where acts like Offset and Travis Scott were set to light the stage up on fire.

But something was not quite right just yet, at least for Maureen Wroblewitz. So, in the spirit of making a story out of what she was wearing, and a great one to boot, she made her way to the Levi’s Tailor Shop, where she already had a denim skirt decorated with festival-appropriate patches and embellishments early on in the trip, and went ahead to crop her top—literally. 

“I’m very much into DIY-ing even if I’m not the best at it. I loved that I could add a personal touch to my Levi’s denim skirt. I went for a tiger because that’s my Chinese zodiac sign and I added a Rolling Loud logo to make sure that I remember customizing my piece at the very first Rolling Loud Thailand,” she details. “Everyone who knows me, knows how much I love cropped tops. That’s why I just had to crop my top at the Levi’s booth to complete my authentic look.” And to complete her cool, nonchalant vibe, Maureen Wroblewitz, wore her jeans with a button undone, which was paired with her black high-cut boots and a braided ponytail to whip back and forth.

The DIY Adventures Of Maureen Wroblewitz

When it comes to festival dressing, there is no one look that cuts across the style spectrum. Sure, there may be a trend that dominates here and there, but at its core, it really boils down to what makes you feel good. So, if street style or sparkle is your game, then by all means, go for it. People can attempt to pin it down to something definitive, but we all know that when it come down to it, you will wear what you anyway. 

This is precisely what Maureen Wroblewitz swore by for her Rolling Loud in Thailand experience. As she soaked up the searing sun, the thumping energy, and the soul-shifting music of Carbi B, Lil Uzi Vert, and Chris Brown, she also served a range of looks that are quintessentially her. 

“My plan was letting my Levi’s denim pieces shine while mixing and matching with other pieces. I wanted to be as authentic as possible but also bring out different moods. That’s why I made sure to pack enough accessories, clothing pieces,” relates Maureen Wroblewitz of her game plan for Rolling Loud Thailand. And as she is more of a go with the flow, wear what she feels kind of gal, she was also on the lookout for what people were wearing. “I noticed similar style patterns like cropped tops, low rise and baggy jeans. Very Y2K,” she shares. 

Rolling Loud And Clear

Whether she went sultry in black lace, playful in a pink and orange psychedelic cropped top, or relaxed in her green printed polo, it was clear that in her own way, Maureen Wroblewitz was going for what was comfortable to her. A common thread however that seamed all her looks together was an anchoring on the classic Levi’s denim. “I’ve always loved denim, so I have denim moments all the time,” she laughs. “It was important for me to wear Levi’s, because not only is it durable and stylish, it’s also very comfortable. Comfort is especially important if you spend hours at a festival.”

To cap off her Rolling Loud in Thailand experience, Maureen Wroblewitz has some wise words to share. “Wear whatever makes you, you. Don’t think about what other people might think about your look. As long as you feel good in it, that’s all that matters. Add as many accessories as you like, baggy, cropped, low rise, whatever it is, stay true to who you are,” she says, asserting the value of authentic self-expression at any given chance. “If you don’t know your personal style yet, festivals are also great for experimenting and looking for inspiration. You never know what you might like, and our style is always evolving.”

Now, while this may just be an exposition about clothes, it is increasingly clear that for people like Maureen and the many that trekked to Pattaya in Thailand for this musical experience, this was an adventure worth getting down and dirty for. A life well lived over the sweaty weekend, humidity and all.


Mela Habijan Hosting Thai Fanmeets In The Country Is The Crossover We Needed

Can she host all the fanmeets?

Actress, content creator, model, advocate, and Thai fanmeet host, Mela Habijan can do it all.

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Fanmeets can be exciting events. It will be the chance for fans to see their faves in person, and often for the first time. But aside from the personality themselves, what makes a fanmeet great is a host who knows how to get the show going. For Pinoy fans of Thai BLs and GLs, they can thank Mela Habijan for leading some of the biggest Thai fanmeets in the country this year.

While Thai fanmeets of popular BL and GL duos and Mela Habijan seem like a concept straight from an AI writing bot, the model and LGBTQIA+ advocate has actually hosted her fair share of fanmeets. Being tapped as the host is a big deal, especially for these major events Filipino fans look forward to. This is why Mela’s fun personality and warmth shine through as one of the go-to hosts for Thai fanmeets in the country.  


Mela’s first time to host a Thai fanmeet came in January 2023 when she was chosen as the MC for Ohm and Nanon’s fanmeet in Manila. Considering that this was the first fanmeet the Bad Buddy stars had in the country, the hype and anticipation of PH Ronans were real. And Mela made sure to give the two actors and their fans the best time, all while dressed in her modern barong.

“I’m truly humbled that after the show, I received the kindest words from everyone who was present,” she wrote on Instagram after the event. Ohm and Nanon were actually Mela’s first international stars she interviewed, which is something we would brag about if we were in her shoes.


Thai Girls Love show GAP The Series proved to be a hit when it premiered in November 2022. It had fans all over the world, including in the Philippines. As such, CDM Entertainment organized a special screening of an uncut episode of the show in the Philippines with the lead stars, Freen Sarocha and Becky Armstrong, being present. And hosting the watch party was Mela Habijan who made sure FreenBecky felt the love of their Filipino fans. Once again, she showed off how impeccable a host she was as she gave the duo their space to feel comfortable.   


Fans loved Mela’s hosting abilities when she hosted Freen and Becky’s first time in the Philippines. So, the production team got her the second time when Freen and Becky held their two-day fanmeet in the country. After holding their Cebu fanmeet (which we loved them doing so), the girls flew to Manila for their second show. As you can expect, Mela took care of the girls a second time, both during the press con and the actual fanmeet. But our favorite thing Mela did during the event was when she got the girls to give a shoutout to Team Bahay, something we don’t normally see from other hosts in fanmeets. Mela best host indeed.

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Elijah Canlas Is Making His Music Debut In The Rest Is Noise 36

Mark your calendars.

Elijah Canlas, going by his alias elijah, is set to join an exciting lineup for this year’s The Rest Is Noise, an event that promises to satisfy all your genre cravings.

If you’re a music lover searching for your next live event, then The Rest Is Noise PH should definitely be on your radar. With its 36th edition on the horizon, TRIN has curated a diverse and electrifying lineup of artists that cater to all your genre cravings. From rap to electronic pop, alternative rock to dance music, this event promises to deliver a unique experience that you won’t want to miss.

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The Manila-based music curator and events production outfit, The Rest Is Noise PH (TRIN), has officially dropped its lineup of artists for their 2023 edition. Since 2015, TRIN has been a platform that champions the best of Asian music and strengthens regional and global connections both onstage and in the digital space. From intimate pocket venues to festival settings, TRIN has consistently delivered unforgettable experiences, so you can be sure that this year’s event will not disappoint. 

The Rest Is Noise 36 poster

Now, off to the line-up. Perhaps one of the biggest music announcements this year is the official music debut of award-winning actor Elijah Canlas. Headlining this year’s The Rest Is Noise show, the Gameboys star is currently under the wing of Island Records Philippines and will be performing using his mononym, elijah, for the first time as a rapper-producer. Just earlier this month, Elijah received critical acclaim for his performance in the Summer Metro Manila Film Festival entry About Us But Not About Us, for which he won a special jury prize.

Filipino rappers and activists BLKD and Calix (collectively known as Sandata) will also grace this year’s TRIN show. Their first live event since 2020, the duo’s highly anticipated performance of their collaborative album Kolateral is something to look forward to. Kolateral has been hailed as one of the best music from the last decade due to its powerful and enduring message about the injustices and violence of the drug war.

The Rest Is Noise 36 Lineup

TRIN’s 2023 lineup also features ena mori, the only Filipino act at this year’s South by Southwest (SXSW) music festival in Austin, Texas, who is known for her dreamy electronic pop sound. Aly Cabral’s experimental and electronic pop alter-ego, T33G33, will also be performing. Alt-rock newcomer Hey June! will showcase their unique sound alongside LONER, a two-step and garage music producer. Pedicab, an iconic and genre-defying dance-rock act with multiple hits to their name, will also take the stage.

The Rest Is Noise prides itself in fostering a thriving sense of community, culture, and inclusivity. It is home to the annual Summer Noise and All Of The Noise music festivals, which highlight the rich and diverse backgrounds, cultures, and styles of music artists from home and abroad, championing both emerging and established music-makers.

In 2020, TRIN also launched a digital publication that puts the spotlight on Asian music from around the world and co-founded ASEAN Music Showcase Festival, a collaborative regional conference festival that aims to showcase music artists and communities from Southeast Asia.

Pre-sale tickets are available at PHP 700 for limited quantities only, and regular tickets are priced at PHP 800. Tickets are now via this link. The Rest Is Noise 36 is happening on May 26, Friday at Balcony Music House in Makati City.

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7 Times Donny Pangilinan Was The Best Kuya To Solana

Big kuya energy.

Donny Pangilinan may just be the gold standard for being the best kuya with how he treats Solana.

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Aside from his talent, looks, and green flag personality, one thing we love about Donny Pangilinan is how he treats his siblings. As the second-oldest child among five siblings, Donny has proven over the years that he is that caring kuya. And no truer is this than when it comes to the way he treats Solana. From when she was a baby to the young girl she is now, Solana has always had a close bond with his kuya Donny.

It’s indicative of the way Donny was raised in how he views his siblings, especially Solana, in such high regard. If you needed one more reason to swoon over Donny Pangilinan, here are some moments where the Gen Z actor treated Solana like a princess.


As trivial as it may seem, it does mean a lot for Donny to take time out of his busy schedule to pick up Solana from school. And the fact that Donny does it on his motorbike, Solana has the coolest ride home.  


Who could forget this iconic video in Donny Pangilinan lore? Donny taking out Solana on a date to the mall for her birthday is the definition of kuya goals. From going to the spa, buying Solana toys, playing at the arcade, and treating her to dessert, it was the best birthday gift Donny could have given Solana.  


You can bet Donny will be there for Solana’s milestones as she grows older. And like strict yet sweet kuya that he is, Donny will always see her as his little sister even if Solana is already approaching her pre-teens. Good luck to any guy who would want to date Solana.  




♬ OUT WEST (feat. Young Thug) – JACKBOYS & Travis Scott

As of this writing, Donny has only posted on TikTok six times. And for his first post, it features him and Solana dancing together. Solana is so special to Donny that she’s on his first video.


You know that feeling of joy seeing your family and loved ones watch you in your school activities? We imagine Solana felt the same way when she saw Donny, who brought Belle along with him, watch her in a school play. Being one of the busiest actors of the generations isn’t going to stop you from supporting the people you love.


The amount of serotonin we get just seeing Donny and Solana having fun together is enough to get us through the year.


@dynea8 DonBelle with Solana (Donny’s sister)😭🦋 #donbelle #bellemariano #donnypangilinan #fyp #fypシ ♬ original sound – marielle

Whenever Donny and Solana are out in public, Donny will always make sure that he watches out for her and that she feels comfortable. Just look at this moment where Donny and Belle Mariano were caught showing love to Solana during the premiere night of He’s Into Her season two. 

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These Gen Z Teen Stars Are Ready To Sparkle In The Spotlight

New faves alert.

From child stars turned teen idols to fresh faces, these youths are looking to shine as part of the next generation of young artists.

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As generations come of age, a new batch of young stars enter the showbiz industry hoping to become the next big thing. After all, some of today’s biggest stars were just teenagers when they first began their careers. So, when major local entertainment companies prepare to launch their new batch of talents, you can bet it will be a group to watch out for. Such is the case with Sparkle Teens, GMA Network’s talent management arm’s first-ever batch of teen stars ready to make their mark on the industry.


Following 2022’s Sparkle’s Next Brightest Stars, Sparkle Love Teams, and Sparkada, Sparkle is back once more to launch its batch of bright, energetic, and bubbly teen stars. Some of these fresh faces are child stars who you’ve probably seen before while others are rookies with potential. But regardless, they all share that “it” factor, as shared by noted starmaker Mr. M. “[They have the] Enthusiasm and willingness to sacrifice for the craft. Willing sila mag-workshops, kumuha ng advanced classes [to improve].”

Of course, these teens weren’t just thrust into the spotlight out of the blue. GMA prepared them to take on any challenge that the industry throws their way. “We had these kids go through months of intense workshops before their launch as Sparkle Teens. They trained with the best acting, singing, and dancing coaches to help them become the stars that they’re meant to be. No easy task but they pulled through really well,” shares Sparkle’s Assistant Vice President Joy Marcelo.


So, what can you expect from the Sparkle Teens this year? It’s going to be busy days for them as they have social media campaigns and roles in teen-oriented shows of GMA. Some even have upcoming drama appearances. And because these teens can do more than just acting, they also starred in their very own music video and are set for guesting in All-Out Sundays. 

“These kids are not only good-looking and talented, but they are also very hardworking, humble, sweet, and kind. I am confident that after they are seen showcasing their unique talents, fans will genuinely appreciate them and come to love them as the next big stars of this industry,” expresses Sparkle’s Senior Assistant Vice President Annette Gozon-Valdes.

It’s just early days for these Gen Z newcomers, so we can’t wait to see what they have in store.

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