Johnnie Walker Launches ‘Blonde’ Whisky That’s Made to be Mixed

Up for a Blonde cocktail?

The Johnnie Walker Blonde is perfect for those golden sundowner moments and is best served when shared with good friends.

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Say goodbye to traditional whisky norms and welcome Johnnie Walker Blonde—a playful twist on the classic. Promising a brighter experience in contrast to the dark side of your typical drink, this whisky delivers a fresh and energetic profile that stands out in the world of Johnnie Walker.

Indulge in the delightful fusion of caramel, honey, and lively fruit flavors meticulously crafted from a blend of wheat whiskies and single malts. Perfect for an early evening rendezvous, Johnnie Walker Blonde is your go-to for those golden sundowner moments. Grab your glass, call up your friends, and let the fun flow with this exciting addition to the whisky scene.

Introducing the all new Johnnie Walker Blonde

Stepping into the bright, sunny world of Johnnie Walker Blonde last January 25-28 at Capitol Commons Park, the spotlight was on the whisky sensation, specifically crafted for mixing pleasures. Complete with the Johnnie Walker Blonde Pool, Blonde Lounge, and the backdrop of live performances, we can all agree on one thing—blondes truly know how to have more fun.

Feeling FOMO? We’ve got you covered. At the event, Johnnie Walker also prepared a masterclass for all the ways you can concoct your own cocktail. Whether you crave something sweet and sour or lean towards a creamier concoction, dive into the must-have recipes designed for the Johnnie Walker Blonde experience. Get ready to mix, mingle, and savor the whirling world of Blondes.

JW Blonde with Lemon Soda Highball

Elevate your sipping experience with a Johnnie Blonde with Lemon Soda Highball. Start by pouring Johnnie Walker Blonde over ice in a tall glass. Add a refreshing splash of Calamansi Soda for a unique twist, then squeeze in the juice of a fresh lemon to brighten up the flavor. Give it a gentle stir, sit back, and enjoy the crisp, citrusy goodness of this delightful concoction—a perfect companion for sunny days and laid-back vibes.

JW Blonde Tropical Slushie

Transport yourself to a tropical paradise with a Johnnie Walker Blonde Tropical Slushie. Begin by blending Johnnie Walker Blonde with pineapple juice until smooth and frosty. Add a splash of lime soda to enhance the tropical flavors, then sweeten to taste with a drizzle of sugar syrup. Pour into glasses filled with ice, garnish with a pineapple wedge or lime slice, and let the refreshing taste whisk you away to sandy beaches and swaying palm trees—a vacation in every sip.

JW Blonde Wintermelon Highball

Embrace the thrill with a Johnnie Walker Blonde Wintermelon Highball. Fill a tall glass with ice and pour in Johnnie Walker Blonde until halfway full. Add a splash of wintermelon juice for a unique and refreshing flavor profile, then top it off with tonic water for a bubbly finish. Garnish with a slice of orange to add a pop of color and citrusy zest. Sip, savor, and let the soothing warmth of this delightful highball chase away the chill—a perfect companion for chilly evenings and fireside chats.

In wrapping up, let’s toast to the endless fun and flavor-filled adventures awaiting you with Johnnie Walker Blonde! With countless ways to mix and match, from classic cocktails with a twist to bold and daring concoctions, the possibilities are as boundless as your imagination. So grab your shaker, gather your friends, and let the good times roll!

Photos by Kim Santos

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james reid fashion week

James Reid Slayed His Way Through Milan Men’s Fashion Week

Do we have another Fashion Week favorite in our midst?

The fashion game has always been strong with James Reid, as seen with how he took over Fashion Week with his killer ‘fits.

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Given how style and fashion have played a part in the overall persona and artistic identity of James Reid, it’s low-key shocking that the multi-hyphenate has never gone overseas for Fashion Week. That is, until now, with James recently flying to Europe for appearances and attending shows at the Milan and Paris Men’s F/W 2024 Fashion Week. 

With looks styled by John Lozano at the ready, James came through and did not disappoint. Not only was James invited to attend some of the biggest shows of the season, but he did so with the distinction of a VIP, a humble brag if we do say so ourselves. As James sees it, being invited by the most notable designers for Fashion Week is an undeniable bucket list moment he can cross off. Scroll down below for the deets on James’ trip from the man himself as well as some of his style moments that had the paparazzi racing for pictures.



James Reid has many goals and dreams, and getting to attend Fashion Week is one of them. But after just seeing it on social media, 2024 was the year his manifestations came through after he received invites to attend multiple shows at the Milan Men’s Fashion Week. “Just immediately I was excited,” says James. “I was excited to go around Europe and attend all the shows. I was really grateful that so many brands invited me to come out and watch the shows as a guest, so it was incredible.”

James is no stranger to a fashion trip abroad. Last year, he was invited to see the H&M Rabanne collection in Paris. But attending Fashion Week as a first-timer was a whole other ballgame. From Louis Vuitton to Fendi, Tod’s, and more, James made the rounds and did so in an eclectic mix of pieces from local and international designers.  


So, what is it like to attend an actual show at Milan Men’s Fashion Week? As James shares, it starts by getting dropped off at the entrance where you are in the middle of a sea of photographers and fans, some of whom were Filipino. “It was nice to see there were a lot of Filipinos there,” the musician says on the unexpected moment. “That was very comforting, seeing some Filipinos out there.” 


In particular, feeling the Pinoy love was a needed boost when he attended the Fendi show to shake those first-time jitters. And once the show actually starts? “It’s very exciting and electric when you enter, and everyone’s dressed up, and there’s a lot of cameras flashing. Then you walk in and you find your seat. You can see the quality of everything, how close and personal. And they really create an experience for you with the music, the layout of the runway, and it’s very exciting.”


Getting to see all those designer pieces up close was a dream for James. But a couple of shows stood out for all the right reasons. First was his Louis Vuitton experience. “It was a star-studded event, afterwards it turned into a club, it was a live performance. Being able to see Pharrell, I can take it off the bucket list.” And second, he recalls his time at the SYSTEM show. 


“It was a little more underground. Even the whole experience was going through this old building, and it was very industrial. And then the show itself was what I imagined a Fashion Week show to be like. The music was very experimental. It was very kind of… it made you feel weird and awkward in a good way, and it was very provoking. I’d like to attend more shows like that,” he gushes. 


While James was one of the handful of local stars to rep Pinoy energy at Milan Men’s Fashion Week, he was joined by a star-studded collection of famous faces from Asia and beyond. But while getting to meet and rub shoulders with BamBam and Phraell is one thing, getting to say hello to Giorgio Armani himself is a different kind of cool. “ I was very surprised,” remembers James. 


“I met Roberta Armani (Giorgio Armani’s niece) backstage, and she wanted to introduce me to Mr. Armani. So after the show, of course, everyone’s crowding around him, but then she pulled me through just so I could meet him, take a photo, and actually congratulate him.” Oh, and he also got to meet and hang out with his idol James Franco, no big deal. “It really kind of felt like a dream.”  


Needless to say, his first full Fashion Week experience is one he won’t forget anytime soon. “[Milan Fashion Week] exceeded my expectations of how Fashion Week was. It was more grand. It was larger than life. It was bigger than I thought it was.” With that in the bag, James is ready for more, and even now, being in the middle of this fashion celebration gave James new insights. 


“I guess it’s really broadened my horizons when it comes to fashion, not just with brands, but also my personal style and what’s possible. It’s made me more open-minded when it comes to fashion.” New fashion era for James Reid? Yes, please. Here’s to the next season. 

Photographer – Dave Graciadas

Stylist – John Lozano

Creative Director – Issa Pressman

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redmi note 13 series

Ready To Take On 2024? Xiaomi’s Latest Smartphones Have Got You Covered

That shot? Iconic!

Prepare to have an iconic year and take on 2024 confidently with the help of Xiaomi’s Redmi Note 13 Series.

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While the feeling may not have fully settled yet for some, we are at the start of a new year. And regardless of how you thought your 2023 went, there’s no denying that chapter one of 2024 means we have the chance to start new and fresh. We have 12 months to make our own and chart our path with new adventures, experiences, memories, and yes, photos. 

But before you head off into the year and manifest your goals, you’re going to need that tool to help you along the way, one that fits in the palm of your hand yet unlocks the whole world, all at an affordable price. That’s a tool Xiaomi has for you with the launch of their latest editions of their Redmi Note Series.


Starting the year strong, Xiaomi recently introduced the Redmi Note 13 Series at a launch event in Bangkok, Thailand. The event had attendees talking in more ways than one. Aside from the newest entries to the Redmi Note Series, the gathering also served as the official unveiling of the Redmi Watch 4, Redmi Buds 5, and Redmi Buds 5 Pro. It was also a star-studded affair with appearances from Xiaomi Philippines ambassador Gabbi Garcia and the reveal of K-pop superstar BamBam as the brand’s newest ambassador. 


“We had a lot of fun on the set,” shares BamBam on getting to work with the Xiaomi team. Taking center stage at the event though was five new smartphones joining the Redmi Note family: Redmi Note 13 Pro+ 5G, Redmi Note 13 Pro 5G, Redmi Note 13 Pro, Redmi Note 13 5G, and Redmi Note 13. The Redmi Note 13 Series doesn’t just serve as Xiaomi’s latest smartphones on the market, they are also great companions for making the most out of a new year of possibilities. With significant upgrades to the camera , design, display, and processor, the Redmi Note 13 Series might just give you your best year yet – and all at a reasonable price point. 


These days, a smartphone taking great photos is not a bonus, but an expectation. In that case, the Redmi Note 13 Series shouldn’t disappoint. Prepare to shoot your way to 2024 like a pro with the 200 MP crystal-clear main camera on the Redmi Note 13 Pro, Redmi Note 13 Pro 5G, Redmi Note 13 Pro+ 5G, and 108 MP on the Redmi Note 13, as well as an 8MP ultra-wide camera, a 2MP macro camera, and a 16MP selfie camera on all devices. 


It’s these features that particularly excite Gabbi Garcia, whose occupation revolves heavily around content creation. “With my line of work, Xiaomi has been really important,” says the actress.” She cites the 200 MP camera and stunning 1.5K AMOLED display as her personal favorites. After all, no smartphone is complete without those A-tier shots. “The best companion when it comes to your content creation is your smartphone and it has to have the best camera.” As for the secret to taking the photo? Gabbi says it’s all in the lighting. “Natural lighting is always the best.” 


The series’ upgraded camera system is packed with new features that would make your New Year’s resolution of capturing more moments natural. A 3x lossless zoom will make those concert clips and fancam moments a breeze, not to mention make those finer details pop. From selfies of you out-and-about or wide shots to capture those barkada moments, every shot you take will last the whole year and then some. 


With many Filipinos living and breathing social media, content takes center stage. And good content won’t thrive if it isn’t shot in the best quality, something Gabbi takes to heart. “Filipinos are fond of social media, so I feel like having the proper content out there with the best quality, I could easily relate to that.”

With content creation being a top priority for Gabbi, both as an actress and her social media presence, she knows that she can count on Xiaomi’s newest line of smartphones to have her back. And with the Redmi Note 13 series sporting the Xiaomi Imaging Engine, which provides next-generation computational photography and powerful image processing, it’s going to be an iconic 2024. As Gabbi sees it, “I can really incorporate their phones in my daily life.”


Other features on the Redmi Note 13 Series to help you confidently take on the year is its sleek design with ultra-slim bezels for the best viewing experience, an AMOLED display that will have people’s heads turning, and smooth as butter scrolling with the 120Hz AdaptiveSync refresh rate. Also, don’t worry about those clumsy hands getting in the way. The smartphones offer exceptional durability and strengthened resistance against the elements. Rain or shine and even an accidental drop on the floor, the Redmi Note 13 Series will be there for you at a moment’s notice. 

The Redmi Note 13 Series not only has industry-leading processing power, making for a lightning-quick experience, but also long-lasting batteries that can handle all that power. The 5000mAh battery means you can use your phone the whole day, which is great considering that there are so many things you can do in 24 hours. The best part? It charges in a snap. And for that peace of mind, the Redmi Note 13 Series comes equipped with a variety of eye-care features that come in handy during those long screen time sessions. 


Topping the premium qualities of the Redmi Note 13 Series is the premium looks and aesthetic. With fun and innovative color options to choose from with each smartphone of the Redmi Note 13 Series, your smartphone will be OOTD-ready for your serves this 2024. And while all the colors go well with any look, BamBam’s personal choice is the classic white. “I feel like it’s more modern and stands out. It meshes with all the looks with no pressure about all.”  

Completing the experience to make every shot iconic this year are Xiaomi’s new devices in the wearable market: Redmi Watch 4, Redmi Buds 5 Pro, and Redmi Buds 5. Needless to say, Xiaomi has your 2024 covered.


From camera, design, performance, and more, the year looks promising. So, ready to live your best life this year? The good news is that you can cop the Redmi Note 13 Series now, and all at prices that won’t have you blowing the budget. Check them out below: 

Redmi Note 13 Pro+ 5G (Available in Midnight Black, Moonlight White, and Aurora Purple)

12GB+512GB: P23,999

Redmi Note 13 Pro 5G (Available in Midnight Black, Ocean Teal, and Aurora Purple)

8GB+254GB: P16,999

12GB+512GB: P18,999

Redmi Note 13 Pro (Available in Midnight Black, Lavender Purple, and Forest Green)

8GB+256GB: P13,999

12GB+512GB: P15,999

Redmi Note 13 (Available in Midnight Black and Mint Green. Comes with an extended 1+1 year warranty.)

8GB+256GB: P9,999

Photos by Louis Duran of Chapters PH

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A Triple Threat And More: 7 Fun Facts About Rising Musical Artist and One More Chance: The Musical Star Sheena Belarmino

A Triple Threat And More: 7 Fun Facts About Rising Musical Artist Sheena Belarmino

She's all set for the stage lights.

Learn all about Sheena Belarmino—the 18-year old dancer, singer, and actress playing Tricia in the upcoming ‘One More Chance’ musical.

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Sheena Belarmino’s no stranger to the spotlight. At only 18, the singer, dancer, and actress has earned plenty of praise for her vocals and performance skills, and with more to come, as Sheena’s recently been confirmed to join the cast of PETA’s One More Chance: The Musical featuring songs by Ben&Ben.

She will play Tricia, the role played by Maja Salvador in the original 2007 One More Chance film, alternating with Kiara Takahashi. Tricia is Popoy’s (Sam Concepcion and CJ Navato, originally John Lloyd Cruz) second love after breaking up with Basha (Anna Luna and Nicole Omillo, originally Bea Alonzo). One of the youngest in the cast, Sheena’s been given the chance to show off her musical and performance prowess at the show’s run from April 12 to June 16 at the PETA Theater Center. But before she takes the stage, here are a few things to know about the young artist.


Sheena’s no doubt used to the stage—particularly those for performance competitions. The artist first joined Dance Kids in 2015, making it to the top 16. Dance Kids was also the first time she and now-good friend and frequent collaborator AC Bonifacio would cross paths, as AC’s dance duo Lucky Aces with Lucky Ancheta would go on to win the whole thing.

Sheena then went on to join singing and performance competitions Tawag ng Tanghalan Kids Season 1 (2017) and Your Face Sounds Familiar Kids Season 2 (2018), placing fourth on both occasions. Her talent and skills earned her praise and solidified her “Inday Wonder” title, becoming the most-awarded contestant on Your Face Sounds Familiar.


Proving that she has what it takes to be a multi-hyphenate, Sheena was part of two girl groups in 2018 and 2021. The artist was grouped together with fellow talents AC Bonifacio and Krystal Brimner to form Just A.S.K., a girl group that frequently performed on the ASAP Natin ‘To stage and officially debuted in 2020. Just A.S.K. unfortunately fell victim to the pandemic and lockdowns, disbanding in 2021.

In the same year, Sheena officially debuted again as part of the New Gen Divas, a group of young girls with immense vocal talent. Originally, the Divas consisted of Zephanie, Elha Nympha, and Janine Berdin, with Sheena joining in 2021, and Fana Lagueras joining in 2022 after Zephanie’s departure.


Dipping her toes into musical theater as early as 8 back in her hometown of Cebu, Sheena’s definitely not a rookie in that department. Just last year, she played Eds delos Santos in the Gen Z musical revival of 1999-2003 teleserye Tabing Ilog, and even celebrated her 18th birthday with the cast and crew of the musical.


The Cebu native just graduated from Junior High School at the University of Cebu in 2023. We love an educated young musical icon who managed to continue her schooling even as she was becoming a booked-and-busy talent.


Sheena’s proven her skill in singing, dancing, and acting separately, what with her numerous performances and her roles in digital and TV series, like Lyric and Beat (2022). With her casting as Tricia in One More Chance: The Musical, Sheena’s bound to put all her skills together to serve talent, emotion, and excellence in telling one of the most iconic love stories in contemporary Philippine pop culture.


As if being a triple threat wasn’t enough, Sheena also showed off some mad rap skills and a deep voice on the Ez Mil song Panalo on stage with the Fil-Am rapper and fellow New Gen Diva Janine Berdin.


@sheenabclips From her Tiny room to Theatre stage naman! #sheenabelarmino #benandben #petaonemorechance #onemorechance #peta #theatertiktok #fyp ♬ Leaves – Ben&Ben

Her casting in a musical featuring the songs of folk-pop band Ben&Ben is a full circle moment, as the young artist is a fan, and has expressed plenty of praise for them. We can only imagine how she feels to be able to sing their songs on a musical stage, but we’re definitely seated for what she’s going to do with them and how she will interpret their music in One More Chance: The Musical.

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Game Changers: Four Female Gamers Reflect on Redefining Success and Empowerment in the Esports Arena

These ladies are running laps around the competition.

From dominating the battlegrounds to shattering barriers, dive deep into the stories of these game-changers.

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While the Philippines has flexed its athletic muscles in traditional sports—think basketball, boxing, billiards, and a splash of swimming—a new narrative is silently unfurling in the digital sphere. Beyond the cheers for conventional sports, it’s time to spotlight the Philippines as a force in esports, clinching championships and dominating the fiercest battlegrounds of Southeast Asia—now, worldwide.

As we venture into the high-voltage world of esports, where strategy and specialized skills reign supreme, we encounter four Filipinas who transcend the confines of being mere pro players. They are more than competitors; they are architects of change, forging a path where women become your next MVPs in what was once another male-dominated arena.

Meet the Team

Team SMG, flexing with their trio of Valorant pro players – Alexandria ‘Alexy’ Francisco, Camille ‘Kamiyu’ Enriquez, and Kelly ‘Shirazi’ Jaudian – totally smashed the Valorant scene in the Asia-Pacific region. Last year, they secured a solid fourth place in the Valorant Game Changers World Championship in Brazil, leaving the country and entire esports community shaking in the best way possible.

But wait, the saga doesn’t end there. Alexandria, Camille, and Kelly, teaming up with the powerhouses Odella ‘enerii’ Abraham and Abigail ‘Kohaibi’ Kong, went on a winning streak of 35 consecutive victories during the Game Changers championship, which is Valorant’s new initiative within its main VCT tournament aimed at providing a platform for women. Yeah, you read that right—35 in a row. Talk about an era of female domination in esports!

Now, after the adrenaline rush of the Valorant Outlaw Showmatch, a tournament held at High Grounds Cafe featuring top pro players, these gaming goddesses sat down for a real-talk session.

They spilled the tea on their daily lives as pro players, shared their thoughts on inclusivity in the gaming world, and didn’t hold back on expressing their views on esports as an athletic profession. Scroll through their stories as they take charge in this revolution.

E-Sports in the Philippines

Esports in the Philippines has skyrocketed in popularity, emerging as a powerhouse in the global gaming community. With a fervent fan base and a pool of exceptionally talented players, spanning from Valorant to Mobile Legends: Bang Bang, we’re currently standing as one of the strongest countries in the digital sphere.

How do you feel knowing that the Philippines is one of the strongest countries when it comes to esports?

Alexy: I think it’s in the genes of Filipinos. If you ponder it, generally, we are naturally competitive—ayaw natin nagpapatalo.

Kamiyu: Filipino pride, bro!

How has the perception of esports changed over the years, and what do you envision for its ongoing evolution in the future?

Looking back, my parents were conservative about the “sports.” It’s kind of sad, but they never supported me until I qualified for the international tournament in Brazil. Now, I believe it’s evolving as I’ve noticed more parents are supporting their children’s careers as esports players. So far, I think it’s heading down in a good direction.

Gaming as a Profession

Despite what was said, there remains a serious side-eye, especially among Asian parents, regarding gaming as a legitimate gig. Smashing through these doubts, professional players are shattering stereotypes with worldwide tournaments that come with sponsorships, cash compensation, and a sustainable salary within their teams and agencies.

Not to mention, compared to traditional occupations, esports athletes also spend hours practicing, follow daily routines, and require a dash of discipline to maintain their careers.

What would you say to people who consider gaming a waste of time?

Kamiyu: I don’t think it’s a waste of time. It has opened up opportunities like traveling outside the country, earning your own money, and streaming!

What is it like being an esports athlete? Or, can you describe the daily routine of an esports athlete?

enerii: Personally, I had to sacrifice a lot of things. As a professional player, I practiced 8-10 hours a day. In addition to that, there were solo grinding sessions and outside-of-work commitments. So far, working hard and managing time have been really important.

Experiences of Empowerment and Representation

Female representation in the gaming community has taken center stage, shining a spotlight on inclusivity. In what was once a total bro-zone, we often overlook that esports has evolved into one of the most welcoming industries. Here, everyone—regardless of age, culture, religion, sexual orientation, or ability—gets a shot at the game, making it one of the safest spaces out there.

Can you share experiences of empowerment and support within the all-female esports community?

Alexy: My experience in the Valorant Tournament in Brazil was filled with a lot of people cheering for us. It was one of those moments when we felt empowered.

What initiatives or changes do you think could enhance inclusivity for women in esports?

enerii: The best initiative is when you’re in a server, and you don’t see others based on their gender or race—you simply see them as the players they are. That’s what Valorant developers and gamers should work on.

How important is representation for aspiring female gamers, and how do you contribute to that cause in your role?

enerii: Recognizing representation’s significance hits close to home. In my childhood, the lack of diverse players was disheartening. Thankfully, times have changed, and there are more female pro players emerging. Now, I’m dedicated to empowering women, sending the message that says, ‘You can be here too.’ 

What’s your message for any aspiring gamers?

Alexy: Choose your circle wisely. Pick teammates who have a good attitude and a positive mindset.

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2024 filipino movies and shows

10 Filipino Movies And Shows That Deserve A Spot On Your 2024 Watchlist

Another promising year for local media.

If recent events are anything to go by, it’s going to be another exciting year for Philippine entertainment this 2024. 

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Philippine entertainment has been having a hot streak these past few of years, and 2023 was no expectation. From historic TV shows like Voltes V: Legacy to critical sensations such as Iti Mapukpukaw and Rewind becoming the highest-grossing Filipino movie in history, the audience is still there to consume local TV and movies as long as they are given quality content. And with what we know so far of the new local titles coming this 2024, local entertainment promises to have more hits this year. So, check out these upcoming projects that have the makings to be our next favorite watch. 


Enrique Gil’s acting comeback is upon us, and it’s his boldest yet. I Am Not Big Bird finds Enrique playing Luis Carpio, a man who decides to travel to Thailand with his friends after he is rejected by his girlfriend. There, they have a wild time that gets even wilder when Luis is mistaken for a missing famous Thai porn star named Big Bird. You can probably imagine what happens next. The movie is set to drop on February 14. Valentine’s Date, anyone?  


After the success of Linlang, which had its TV debut this January, Paulo Avelino and Kim Chiu are teaming up for another series, and it’s a big one. One of the most talked about K-dramas in recent years is getting a Philippine remake, with Paulo and Kim starring in the local adaptation of What’s Wrong With Secretary Kim. If you’ve seen the original K-drama, then you know how much potential a Kim and Paulo team-up is going to eat. We can already imagine the kilig radiating from the show. The series is set to drop on March 18 on Viu Philippines.


Following Maria Clara at Ibarra, GMA is back this 2024 to give us another big-budget historical teleserye. And this time, they will be heading to World War 2. Set during the Japanese occupation era in the Philippines, Pulang Araw features a star-studded cast that includes Barbie Forteza, Sanya Lopez, David Licauco, and Alden Richards. 

Barbie and Sanya will play half-sisters Adelina and Teresita. Alden, meanwhile, will play Barbie’s half-brother Eduardo. As for David, he will play Hiroshi, a Japanese soldier. While plot details are still light, the potential for stories to be mined from this era is limitless. The show is set to air on GMA later this year. 



It was only a matter of time before we got a movie starring Janella Salvador and Jane de Leon. And that moment finally came with the 2023 announcement that the two would be starring in their first movie together, with Jun Robles Lana directing and Regal Films and The IdeaFirst Company producing. If their chemistry on Darna and other acting projects is anything to go by, this film is primed to get people talking. No release date for the movie has yet to be given, but fingers crossed for a 2024 release. 


For fans of Encantadia, 2024 is set to be an exciting year as we return to the fantasy world in Sang’gre. Serving as a spin-off to the 2016 Encantadia series, Sang’gre will center on Bianca Umali’s Terra. Aside from seeing some of the OG cast members back in the Encantadia universe, Sang’gre is also set to inject new blood by featuring Faith da Silva’s Flamarra, Kelvin Miranda’s Adamus, and Angel Guardian’s Deia as part of the lead cast. 2016’s Encantadia director Mark A. Reyes is set to direct the spin-off. The show will air on GMA sometime later this year. 

ELENA 1944

elena 1944

If 2023 had Kathryn Bernardo gagging audiences in A Very Good Girl, 2024 will see the superstar get even more people talking with her next film project, Elena 1944. Kathryn is set to take on her boldest role to date, a Filipino comfort woman during the Japanese occupation in the Philippines. 

Revealed alongside A Very Good Girl, the movie will be adapted from the Palanca Award-winning screenplay by Patrick Valencia, produced by Black Sheep Productions, and directed by Olivia Lamasan. Given how sensitive the topic of comfort women is to this day, Elena 1944 has a lot of expectations to meet, and we hope it reaches all of them. The film is slated for a release date sometime in 2024. 


2024 is a big year for K-drama remakes and acting comebacks. One project that already has netizens abuzz is the Philippine remake of the mental health-focused K-drama It’s Okay To Not Be Okay from ABS-CBN. The show has long been rumored to be in development, but we finally got confirmation of the project last December when it was announced that Anne Curtis would be fronting the series, which is honestly enough to get us watching. Joining Anne in her first teleserye role in years are Joshua Garcia and Carlo Aquino. It is slated to air sometime this year. 



In development since 2020, Antoinette Jadaone’s next film will star Maris Racal as a gymnast. The movie is set to follow a young gymnast named Sunshine who discovers that she is pregnant during the week of the national team tryouts. As she finds ways to abort the fetus, she encounters a mysterious woman who seemingly talks and thinks like her.

Based on what the director and star have said about the film, it seems that we’re in for an emotional ride that touches women’s reproductive rights (and the lack thereof) in the country. Consider us seated. While no release date has been given, we’re hopeful for a 2024 release after the movie received funding from the Film Development Council of the Philippines. 


No MMFF, no problem. After being skipped over from last year’s Metro Manila Film Festival, we’re hoping to see Nadine Lustre’s next horror film get a wide release this year. Nadine’s next film with Deleter director Mikhail Red centers on a curse brought by the Kumakatok, tall, thin creatures that have long, pale fingers. They wear veils and come knocking at night. If you answer the door, you are cursed to die or lose a loved one in three days. 

The movie’s events kick into motion when Jamie (Lustre), an OFW, returns to her isolated home province when rumors of mysterious killings brought about by a primal curse begin to circulate. There, she deals with her estranged mother Lilet (Eula Valdez), and the rest of her conservative family. Given how Jamie is progressive and a skeptic, a conflict arises between Jamie and her traditional family. But she must confront her family’s dark and troubled past to survive the curse of the Kumakatok.



For years, Cinemalaya has been a haven for excellent Filipino movies. 2023’s edition gave us, among other titles, Gitling and Iti Mapukpukaw. 2024 looks to follow that trend. And one film on our radar is Kip Oebanda’s Balota. This Cinemalaya 2024 finalist deals with the country’s complicated, messy, and often bloody election system. It centers on a tight race between two people vying to be mayor of a small town.

Typical of Philippine politics, the two nominees are a land-grabbing tycoon and a former sexy male actor. But when violence erupts, Emmy, a teacher, flees into the wilderness with a ballot box, the last copy of the election results. Emmy and the local community must then work together to stop people from cheating and destroying a fair election.

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Filipino-Coded Moments of Win Metawin

Baka Pinoy Yan: 5 Filipino-Coded Moments Of Win Metawin 

We're here for it!

 He’s Thai, but brace yourself for five moments where Win gave full-on Pinoy vibes.

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Dive into the world of Metawin Opas-iamkajorn, the 24-year-old heartthrob rocking it as Win Metawin. Whether you caught him in the reimagined classics like F4 Thailand: Boys Over Flowers or the Thai BL sensation 2gether: The Movie, Win has become our go-to guy for feels — and we can all agree that he’s three things: an actor, a model, and a whole mood!

Throwback to 2023 in Manila — Win’s first fanmeet was basically a mic-drop moment. Now, he’s set for a perfect pairing with Janella Salvador in the upcoming film Under Parallel Skies. But wait, are there more of Win’s Pinoy connections?

From the silver screen to off-camera cameos, Win Metawin featured some serious Pinoy-coded moments, and we’ve rounded up the deets, making Win win the hearts of every Filipino fan.

BrightWin Getting a Perfect Score on Basic Tagalog Test

ICYMI, Bright (Vachirawit Chivaaree) and Win, the dynamic duo from the beloved BL 2gether: The Movie, are making hearts flutter worldwide with their unbeatable on-screen chemistry. These two stars portray college students working through the unpredictable twists and turns of love, all stemming from a cleverly concocted fake relationship.

BrightWin Tagalog Challenge

BrightWin + Tagalog = WAY too cute! See how well do they know Tagalog words!❤️ #Still2GetherPHFinale tonight (10:30PM-Filipino dubbed; 11:30PM- Original language with English subtitles) on iWant!

Posted by Dreamscape Entertainment on Thursday, September 10, 2020

Now, if you thought the fan service ended there, think again. In a video dropped by Dreamscape Entertainment on September 11, the Thai heartthrobs took on the challenge of decoding Pinoy phrases. From mahal kita (I love you) to miss na kita (I miss you), and kinagagalak kong makilala ka (it was nice to meet you), #BrightWin didn’t disappoint.

The result? A perfect score! These two are not just winning hearts on-screen; they’re mastering Tagalog like locals.

‘Gusto ko ng…’

@theoppaislife “Gusto ko ng jowa.” – Win #Reach4TheStars #brightvachirawit #winmetawin #dewjirawat #nanihirunkit #fyp #Shootingstarmanila ♬ original sound – TheOppaIsLife

Ever caught your friends constantly chanting ‘gusto ko ng jowa…’? Turns out, Win is vibing with that energy too! At a lit Globe event in 2022, fans were hit with kilig feels when the host candidly got the actor to spill the most relatable Pinoy phrase that translates to ‘I want a boyfriend/girlfriend.’ Yep, it slipped right out of Win’s mouth, and the fandom went wild!

Matchy Matchy with Albatross

Filipinos have mastered the art of crafting the most amusing memes, and Win wasn’t exempt from some good-natured banter. A Twitter thread showcased a fan’s genius move – a compilation of Win’s OOTDs hilariously mirroring the colors or patterns of Albatross. And no, we’re not talking about the bird, but the bathroom deodorizer. The internet truly knows how to find humor in the most random places.

On Working with Filipina Actresses

Filipina fan-favorite actress Janella Salvador is set to grace the silver screen again, and this time, she’s bringing the heat alongside Thai heartthrob Win Metawin. The movie, set against the backdrop of Hong Kong, unfolds the tale of a man wrestling with a painful past. As he slowly strives to move ahead, a revelation connects the woman in his life to that very history. Yes, you heard it right—Under Parallel Skies is one of those upcoming films that has everyone on the edge of their seats.

Beyond the buzz of this promising pairing between Janella and Win, the excitement doesn’t stop there. The actor, basking in the glow of his first solo fan meeting in the country last June, dropped a bombshell: he dreams of collaborating with the Multimedia Superstar Anne Curtis, if the stars align. Now, that’s a cinematic couple we’re all eagerly anticipating! 

Pinoy-Coded Crossover

Curious about the dynamic duo that Anne Curtis and Win Metawin would make? Well, we’ve got the sneak peek you’ve been searching for. These two collided in a glamorous encounter at a Tiffany & Co. event in New York last year, capturing the moment in some fabulous selfies.

The best part about this Pinoy-coded crossover? None other than the ever-stylish Heart Evangelista was there too, completing the picture-perfect trio.

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GG good game

3 Things We Liked (And Didn’t) About Good Game

Eskape got some moves.

Good Game is billed as the first Filipino esports movie. But does it get the championship win? 

Mild spoilers for Good Game ahead.

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For all the noise esports makes in the Philippines, it’s honestly surprising that the field has yet to make its big screen debut, and, more specifically, to see esports take center stage in Filipino film. That has changed though with the release of the Prime Cruz-directed and Donny Pangilinan-led Good Game. Centering on college student Seth (Pangilinan), the movie follows his struggle to fit in with a family that he never knew while trying to make his dreams as a pro-esports player a reality. As part of the rag-tag esports team Tokaw’t Bad Bois, Seth and his crew compete in the Requiem tournament, the movie’s version of a popular online shooter. 

Taking the gaming action to the silver screen, Good Game goes beyond the typical depictions of gaming in mainstream media to deliver a solid esports movie that has heart. But like with any online game, Good Game has some bugs that don’t make for the most seamless experience. If the idea of the first Philippine esports movie has piqued your interest, we lay down a few things that we loved and didn’t about this gaming drama before you shell out for that ticket.



From start to finish, Good Game checks all the boxes for a good time led by a good cast. Leading the way is Donny Pangilinan, who gives a refreshing performance as a young man who turns to his safe space, gaming, when put in a situation where he feels isolated. After the death of his lola, Seth moves in with his estranged mother (played by Donny’s actual mom, Maricel Laxa-Pangilinan) and stepfather, which does not go well. Cocky on the PC but reserved with his family, Seth straddles that struggle of pursuing what you want that goes against where you come from, all brought to life competently by Donny. 

Seth is an admittedly unlikable character at first with the way his attitude clashes with the team, but Donny puts in the work to humanize Seth and set up his redemption. The rest of the cast comes together for a colorful collection of characters, with standouts going to the Tokaw’t Bad Bois and Seth’s mom, Iya. It’s this core crew that captures the heart and soul of the movie as it vacillates between a barkada movie and mother and son reunion.



Despite video games’ massive popularity, mainstream media has, more often than not, suffered from depicting gaming as a hobby for “losers” or a waste of time. It becomes clear in Good Game that the filmmakers approached the subject with the respect the esports community deserves. The team who make Tokaw’t Bad Bois are real people with real lives who turn to gaming as a source of enjoyment. The filmmakers also did their research with the proper terms used in esports, featuring actual commentators, and showcasing esports as a viable sport. At the center of Good Game is a story of how esports goes beyond just playing video games, and the movie delivers that message pretty well.

Flowers should also be given to the technical team that brought the gaming segments alive. Instead of using an actual video game, the movie made a fictional game, Requiem, a 5v5 multiplayer sci-fi-esque FPS. The gaming scenes feature animations mimicking actual gameplay as if Requiem was a real game that we wouldn’t mind playing IRL. While some of the gameplay scenes can look clunky, it’s a commendable effort. 


There is a reason why esports matches can get millions of views. As Good Game reaches its crescendo, it moves into a satisfying third act as Tokaw’t Bad Bois commences their journey to the top. Mixing gameplay with the fast-paced and frenetic action of the players, the movie’s climax has that exciting underdog energy you’d feel in actual matches as you root for TBB to make it to the end. You actually will be on the edge of your seat with the clutch plays as the team goes up against seemingly insurmountable odds. The film’s use of electronic soundscapes adds to the thrilling moment of triumph. 



While Good Game mainly revolves around Tokaw’t Bad Bois journey to the Requiem tournament and Seth’s struggle to balance esports with his other responsibilities, it also touches upon other subplots. It’s established early on that Seth and his mom are not close. This causes a rift between him and the rest of his new family. Also, in his pursuit of esports, he ends up neglecting his studies. 

Sadly, it’s these subplots that hamper the story more than it helps as it takes away from the more exciting dynamic of Seth with his crew in Tokaw’t Bad Bois. As much as these moments are supposed to give Seth’s character depth, they come off more as melodrama. And it doesn’t help that whatever conflicts are started aren’t fully resolved by the time the credits roll. One couldn’t help but think how Good Game would go if it decided to focus more of its time on the dynamic between Seth and his team rather than his struggle to connect with his family. 


At a brisk one hour and forty minutes long, Good Game is a far cry from the three-hour movies that have been hitting cinemas recently. But its relatively short runtime means that it tends to rush through what should be pivotal story beats. A big casualty of this is the antagonism from Seth’s stepfather and lolo, who both end up not mattering much by the end. Also, Seth’s struggles in school are glossed over by the movie’s conclusion, which is a bit of a confusing decision considering how the film depicts the decisions Seth makes in school to be dire. 

Other plot elements, like one of Seth’s teammates leaving an abusive home, the team losing their gaming house, and an underwhelming rivalry between a former teammate, is also given little development when they would have led to some interesting narratives. 


Overall, Good Game gets the triple-kill when it comes to doing the local esports community right. It has the heart, energy, and action fitting for the genre. The idea that gaming can be the space to find meaningful connections is a story worth telling. It’s a sports movie, family drama, and a coming-of-age barkada all in one. But it misfires on certain plot elements that would have benefited from an update or two. Still, Good Game is a fun watch if you go for the gaming. 

Good Game is now showing in cinemas nationwide.

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6 Ways Niana Guerrero's 18th Birthday Party Was Not Your Typical Debut

7 Ways Niana Guerrero’s 18th Birthday Party Was Not Your Typical Debut

Happy birthday, Niana!

Dancer and creator Niana Guerrero turned 18 over the weekend, and her party befit that of a modern Gen Z icon—epic, dynamic, and plenty of fun.

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Edgy, electric, and modern, Niana Guerrero’s 18th birthday debut saw family, friends, celebrities, dancers, content creators, and more celebrate the dancer and creator through an extravagant party with all the dancing held last January 27th. With a towering cake, a futuristic venue, eye-catching outfits, and performances from her, her family, and her friends, Niana’s birthday didn’t just honor her, but also kicked off her 2024 with a bang. Here are some of the highlights and best moments from Niana’s 18th birthday party that proved her status as a Gen Z icon.


Niana’s party theme was glamorous in an understated way, a deviation from the often light and frilly 18th birthday party themes. The dark setting with gold and silver accents was perfect for the ever-in-motion Niana—giving off a modern, dynamic, and futuristic and vibe.


Niana’s glamorous Michael Cinco red ballgown with puff sleeves and sheer corset boning that transformed into a pantsuit was a moment of its own, as the blood red set against the dark setting truly made Niana look vibrant and the star of the show. Its convertible aspect was also on-brand for the dancer, as the pantsuit version of her debut outfit allowed her to dance more freely.


@niceprintphoto #NianaTurns18 🤍 #niceprintphoto #fyp #foryoupage #niceprintdebutante #nianaguerrero #chicser #18roses ♬ original sound – Niceprintphoto

For the 18 Roses portion of the debut, Niana got dance group Chicser to reunite for a quick dance with her. A staple in 2010s pop culture, Chicser included Ranz Kyle, Niana’s older brother and occasional dance partner throughout her career.


@gideon_hermosa Absolutely mesmerizing! #NianaGuerrero @Niana Guerrero ‘s cotillion was a delightful wave of tradition and modern dance vibes, it perfectly showcased her talents alongside the dynamic moves of @gforce_official!✨💃🏻✨ #GideonizedDebut #Gideonized #ModernDebut ♬ sonido original – Hv Music Tv

It’s a dancer’s debut, so trust that tradition and modernity will go hand in hand when it comes to the dancing aspect of the celebration. For the “cotillon,” which is traditionally a coming-of-age practice done with a waltzing court, Niana enlisted the help of dance crew G-Force for a Despacito performance that blended both modern and traditional. It’s actually a full-circle moment considering how the song was one of the first that made Niana go viral on social media.


Of course, a cake for Niana’s 18th birthday could never just be basic. Her sculpture-like black and silver chrome cake of cubes that looked like a wobbling stack of boxes fit perfectly into the aesthetic of the evening, and was a true work of art.


@gideon_hermosa Adorable little #NataliaGuerrero performance at her Ate #NianaGuerrero ‘s debut! ✨How cute that she’s also styled in her big sister’s fave ‘fit! Let’s just say we were all 🥹 by her tribute dance number! 🥰🥰🥰 #NianaTurns18 #Gideonized #GideonizedDebut #Debutaph #Debut ♬ original sound – Gideon Hermosa

You can’t celebrate Niana without it being an epic dance party. From her own performances to performances by friends and sister Natalia, her debut was almost like a showcase, all dances a tribute to the talent, skill, and successes of the young dancer and creator.


@otdstorytellers One of our favorite parts of #NianaTurns18 ♬ original sound – On The Day Storytellers

From a young girl dancing in home videos to a dancer performing with artists and icons from all over the world, Niana’s growth and success over her 18 years of life is worthy of celebration. In one of her solo performances of the night (wearing a red bedazzled racer jacket at that), Niana honored her growth and danced to Michael Jackson in a tribute to her younger self.

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peeling orange theory trend On Peeling Oranges And The Simple Selflessness Of Love orange peel theory

On Peeling Oranges And The Simple Selflessness Of Love

Would you peel an orange for your loved ones?

Peeling oranges have recently become one of the most viral ways to say “I love you.”

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“I would peel an orange for you.” Simple, sweet, and to the point. There are many actions that say “I love you,” from your mom giving you sliced fruit as a snack to your friends always making sure you get home safe. These days, peeling an orange is going around social media as a heartfelt expression of love and appreciation. If someone is willing to peel an orange for you, the simple act could indicate a loving relationship.

It’s nothing new, of course. From poetry collections to Tumblr, the symbolism of peeling an orange has long been discussed and represented. But over on TikTok and X, the “orange peel theory” has been circulating as an exploration of love as found in acts of service, and what this tells us today is that we yearn for a love that’s kind and selfless, one that precedes the humble act of peeling citrus.


peeling oranges trend orange peel theory oranges jean little poem

Oranges – Jean Little

This poem by Jean Little is one famous example of how oranges have permeated our social consciousness and led to the trend that’s currently going around. To some, Oranges could mean, simply, someone’s appreciation of their friend—how they love them despite their quirks and differences. To others, it could also mean Kate enjoys doing something for her friend, something Emily appreciates her for.

And others, they even take on a more pessimistic reading and understand it as Kate wanting Emily to always depend on her or Kate being afraid that one day Emily will no longer value her if she no longer has to depend on Kate. Ah, the complexities of poetry (and love).

Regardless, service as love is a primary theme in this entire orange peel trend. Acts of service is known as a love language, and peeling oranges or any giving act similar to it is an act of service.

There are now plenty of interpretations and associations connected with peeling an orange, but essentially, in this context it’s come to represent love, intimacy, and relationships. To peel an orange is to exert effort into doing something for another person—to show you care through an act of simple service.


A shared experience of desiring love and connections—not necessarily romantic ones—is something that’s tethered people to the digital social space. From idolizing couples we see online to expressing our desires for intimacy (especially after such harrowing years losing social connections), we turn to the digital sphere to make connections and, often, collectively yearn. People also love when moments, no matter how mundane, are immortalized in words or artwork. They resonate with the majority, making them feel a wide range of emotions, from hope to pining to fulfillment.

Of course, just because someone would peel an orange for you does not make them the pinnacle of love and care. Some people on TikTok turned the orange trend into a test, testing whether their loved ones would peel an orange for them—and while it’s of course just a silly little TikTok trend, it’s not a surefire way to gauge how someone loves. But that doesn’t mean someone refusing or offering to peel an orange isn’t an indication of their character, either.


the orange wendy cope poem orange peel theory peel an orange peeling oranges

The Orange – Wendy Cope

In such an increasingly overwhelming and depressing time in the world, what keeps us going is often the mundane, simple moments that fill us with love and gratitude. May it be a small token, a night out with friends, playtime with a pet, or peeling an orange, these little glimmers allow us to feel like there is, still, joy and hope and love in the world.

Wendy Cope’s The Orange has also been circulating around social media, serving as a reminder of the joy in the ordinary. We don’t know why oranges have been so special to humanity all throughout time, but The Orange, like other citrus-related writing mentioned here, could be a refreshing reminder of what tethers us to humanity, and the possible beauty of existence. Seeing so much love, wonder, and joy in the simple act of peeling an orange, translated into words, into art, serves as a little spark of light in people’s days, and opens discussion about love, effort, and kindness.

What about you? Who would you peel an orange for?

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