5 AC Bonifacio And Sheena Belarmino Beauty Twinning Moments

Two looks is definitely better than one.

Talent? check. Makeup? check. Hair? check. AC Bonifacio and Sheena Belarmino have more in common than we thought, and we are taking down notes.

AC Bonifacio and Sheena Belarmino have been performance besties for years. While they are both powerful performers, they’ve also carved their own lane when it comes to flexing their talents. However, the two have had a few twinning moments that made us want to stan both of them harder. Whether it’s how they styled their hair or get their makeup done, AC and Sheena’s similar beauty looks inspired us to try new techniques and incorporate them on our daily routines. We’re taking down notes, and you should, too.


Who doesn’t love a natural beat? Both AC and Sheena have mastered the art of the natural flush and a dewy mug—this combo is just *chef’s kiss*. A quick and easy routine is always the way to go on days when you just can’t be bothered.


Elevate a natural look by adding a bit of shadow and shimmer just like AC and Sheena. Feeling a little bold? Add a winged liner and you’ll see how it changes any simple beat.


Don’t wait for Wednesday’s to wear pink. AC and Sheena show that you can look good in magenta any day of the week.


Looking for a new ‘do, but don’t want to risk the cut and color? AC and Sheena’s Y2K inspired space buns are a great way to change up your hairstyle. Pro tip: leave a little bit of hair at the front for an antenna effect and use gel to add spikes to your buns.


Let your creativity flow with different colored eye liner! The eyes are the gateway to the soul, and what better way to show your personality than through vivid colors. Go all out by glue gems on the inner or outer part of the eyes for that Euphoria-inspired mug.

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