This Is How Donny Pangilinan Gets His Youthful Charm in 30 Minutes

Quarter life skin crisis no more

Belo’s new face of ADVAYouth laser, Donny Pangilinan, is living proof that you can enjoy your 20s without having to worry about signs of aging that tend to catch up on us later in life

Donny Pangilinan made his debut to the public eye in 2016 as a fresh-faced MYX VJ. Now at 25, the An Inconvenient Love leading man still maintains a boyish charm about him. This is the sort of guy you probably sat next to in class and chatted with between classes, or the guy you met through some niche interest like woodworking or growing Monstera plants. He’s sometimes shy, but always sincere and down for a good conversation. Often, his disarming earnestness makes you feel at ease and you develop a tiny crush on the boy-next-door. 

What is it about Donny that makes him the poster boy of youthful energy? Perhaps it’s his charisma, infectious smile, or his natural ability to connect with people, but mostly it’s his luminous skin. With the help of Belo, he is able to maintain that youthful glow for years to come. 

Era of “prejuvenation”

Donny Pangilinan is the poster boy of youthful energy with his charms and glowing skin

Delivering a gentle skin treatment that offers the benefits of prejuvenation—the skincare movement that focuses on delaying signs of aging for as long as possible—Belo’s ADVALight shows us how age-defying treatments and skincare are no longer reserved for those in later stages of life. Renowned beauty expert Dr. Vicki Belo explains that aging starts at 25, as this is when our hormone levels begin to decline. By starting effective skin routines at a younger age, we can delay premature aging and keep our skin looking radiant for longer. 

The Belo ADVALight treatment, featuring Donny Pangilinan as the new face of ADVAYouth laser, is an essential tool in this prejuvenation process. It’s perfect for people like the actor who are always on-the-go and don’t have the luxury of downtime but still want to take care of their skin. 

But ADVALight is not just for the screen-strapped. It’s for anyone who wants to feel good in their skin. Millennials and Gen Z looking to lead their best lives, whether it’s enjoying the beach or experimenting with makeup, can also benefit from this treatment as such activities expose skin to harmful UV damage such as sun spots that can dull complexion.   

What to expect in a session

Belo ADVALight is for people like the actor who are looking to lead their best lives

The treatment itself takes about 30 minutes, and you’ll only need to do it every two weeks for four to six sessions. But don’t let the short duration fool you. The Belo team has done their research, and they’ve packed ADVALight with all the latest technology to ensure that you get the best results possible. This next-generation yellow laser is the world’s only solid-state laser capable of producing two wavelengths in a single spot. The result is an immediate reduction of vascular lesions, melasma, acne scars, and wrinkles. The treatment is best for pigments, scars, and skin laxity, making it the perfect solution for those looking to revamp their skin and energy. 

During an ADVALight session, a team of experts will assess your skin and make sure you’re a good candidate for the treatment. Then, they’ll clean your face, apply a cooling gel to protect your skin, and start the laser process. You’ll feel a slight tingling sensation, but it’s not painful at all. They’ll finish off with some serums and voila! You’re all set. 

Donny loves this treatment that’s a treat for your skin
Good skincare habits can make results last longer

The real magic, however, happens after the session. You’ll see results right away, but the real improvement happens after a few days. Your skin will gradually become smoother, brighter, and tighter, as the laser stimulates collagen production and reduces inflammation. The best part? The results are long-lasting, especially if you practice good skincare habits and maintenance. 

To book a consultation, visit Belo’s official website here

With ‘FLOWER,’ Jisoo Gave Us Another Breakup Anthem To Obsess Over

She mothered a little too hard here.

Brb, just going to add Jisoo’s ME to our playlist.

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This may be a controversial opinion, but Jisoo has often been underestimated since BLACKPINK made their debut. Haters like to say that she offers little to the group. But clearly, Jisoo always gets the last laugh as she firmly stands as one of the biggest K-pop idols in the world. From music, fashion, acting, and more, Jisoo has proven herself worthy. And now, after years of waiting, the eldest member of BLACKPINK finally joins her sisters in releasing solo material. The wait was worth it with ME.


Serving as the lead single off ME, FLOWER is Jisoo’s take on a breakup anthem. Using floral metaphors, her signature vocals lay the groundwork for a story of a woman who feels cheated and taken for granted in a relationship. But now that he’s out of her life, she’s ready to blossom. While FLOWER is a pop song, it’s sonically not as busy as compared to the rest of BP’s discography.


But its relatively minimalist production and well-made yet spicy anti-drop in the chorus make for a unique and easy listen. No trap beats and no loud beat drops. It’s all Jisoo. After all, the single album is called ME, and this is the solo music Jisoo wants to put out in the world. She gave minimalist pop, with the more upbeat sound found in the equally banging second song, the bouncy All Eyes On Me.


Considering how FLOWER is all about blooming into your own person, it was to be expected that Jisoo transforms into that pop star we all know her to be. And that she did in the song’s music video that could serve as a fashion film. In three minutes, Jisoo serves look after look after look that could make fashion week jealous.

Add to that killer choreography in the chorus and Jisoo’s natural acting skills, you got all the makings for a banger of a music video. She moves through the visual with the confidence and bravado that a veteran like her would possess. You can bet YG Entertainment built that street set from the ground up just for Jisoo to realize her creative vision.

Jisoo in the FLOWER music video.

Jisoo came to serve with her solo debut, and she succeeded. We can already imagine how the live stage is going to look like when she performs it at the music shows and Coachella. The era of Jisoo is here, and it’s time to bow down and give her the flowers she’s due.

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beabadoobee Could Not Recover From Her Taylor Swift Eras Tour Experience

Bea is living the Swiftie dream.

From getting a shoutout of love and a song dedicated to her from Taylor Swift, beabadoobee is totally living the dream in her Eras Tour stint.

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When pop superstar Taylor Swift announced her stage comeback last November, lives were instantly changed. And while only the U.S. leg had already been unveiled, it was enough to satisfy Swifties who had been waiting for this comeback concert for years. Now, the Eras Tour is in full swing and Blondie has been serving spectacle and feels so far.

But Taylor’s not alone in this grand undertaking. She’s joined by her equally talented supporting acts in this already iconic musical event. Proudly repping the Philippine flag is the UK-raised Filipino artist beabadoobee who just got her whole life being one of Taylor Swift’s opening acts this year.


Following her Beatopia concert tour here in Manila last year, Fil-Brit beabadoobee, or Bea as she likes to be called, is among the first opening acts for Taylor Swift’s Eras Tour. In a series of Instagram posts, the alt-rocker cannot contain her joy as she shares another career milestone. “I will never recover from this,” says the If You Want Too and Coffee singer in a post. This is accompanied with photos and videos from the Las Vegas leg of the tour where Bea was joined by fellow opening act Gayle.

From March 24 to March 25, beabadoobee charmed thousands of hearts at the jam-packed Allegiant Stadium as she performed her hit rock track Care and her mellow ballad Glue Song. As if this feat was not enough, Taylor Swift also dedicated a performance to Bea whom she called an “amazing and brilliant” talent. “She said she grew up listening to songs from the first album, and she named a specific song,” Swift says in a video. “I figured for her first show with us, I’d play that specific song that she said she wanted to hear. I wrote it for my ninth grade talent show, it’s called Our Song.” 

In another video captured by beabadoobee herself, Taylor Swift gave a special shoutout to the proudly Pinay singer-songwriter, whom Swift said she’s a “huge fan of,” leaving Bea in cloud nine. Being an opening act for Taylor Swift is also quite a full-circle moment for beabadoobee who already manifested and dreamt it before. After her two-day stint this March, beabadoobee will be Swift’s opening act for almost the entire April leg of the Eras Tour. Well deserved.

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marqed salon bgc

This Salon In BGC Is Your One Stop Shop For All Your Makeover Needs

Self-care day is always the best kinda day. 💅

Looking to change up your look or just want a quick self-love day? From hair to aesthetic services, Marqed Salon BGC has got all your self-love needs.

In today’s fast-paced world, it’s easy to forget the importance of self-care. We often find ourselves caught up in our busy schedules, leaving little time for ourselves. However, taking care of our physical, emotional, and mental health is crucial to living a happy and fulfilling life.

That’s why going on a self-love day is so important. It’s a day dedicated solely to yourself, where you can relax, recharge, and focus on your well-being. It’s a day to remind yourself that you are important and deserve to be taken care of—and what better way to take care of yourself than to go to a salon that has everything you need?


Marqed Salon BGC

As you enter Marqed Salon BGC, you’ll be greeted by a warm and friendly staff. The salon’s black and gold interior is designed to create a luxurious and welcoming feel where you can relax and enjoy your time there.

Marqed Salon BGC

The Marqed Salon experience includes high-quality services such as hair cuts, coloring, styling, bleaching, scalp treatments, perming, manicure and pedicure services, and lash extensions, as well as aesthetic services from hydra facials to diode services.


The staff at Marqed Salon BGC are highly trained in all these fields so whatever treatment you get will surely meet your expectations! They understand that each person is unique and has different needs, so they take the time to listen to their clients and provide personalized services tailored to their preferences.

Marqed Salon BGC

Whether you’re getting a haircut, a manicure, a facial, or an eyelash extension, you are assured that the staff at Marqed Salon BGC will take excellent care of you. They go above and beyond to make sure that their clients leave feeling refreshed, rejuvenated, and confident. At Marqed Salon BGC, it’s not just about providing excellent services, it’s about creating a memorable experience for each and every client.

Marqed Salon BGC

In summary, taking a self-care day at the salon can be a fantastic way to pamper yourself and prioritize your well-being. It’s a chance to escape the chaos of everyday life and indulge in some much-needed relaxation and rejuvenation.

So, why not treat yourself to a self-care day at Marqed Salon BGC and take the first step towards a happier, healthier you? You deserve it!

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prom gowns

5 Stunning Dresses That Didn’t Make It To The Star Magic Prom 2023 Red Carpet

It's cuffin' season and these prom dresses stay winnin'.

Will you say yes to these dresses for prom? We would in a heartbeat!

For one night only, Star Magic hosted it’s first ever prom night and it’s their grandest event of the year yet. With a theme as opulent as the TV series Bridgerton, you have to go big or go home and several of their young artists came to SERVE. Petticoats, cinched waists, feathers and rhinestones were the main event of the night, referencing the time period of grandeur. While there were show-stopping looks, some equally gorgeous gowns unfortunately didn’t make it to the Star Magic Prom red carpet and we’re here to give their much-deserved airtime.

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Blythe has been awarded the best-dressed of the night for her empire silhouette white frock custom made by Michael Leyva to perfection. But this morning, the Filipino designer also posted a video of her during a fitting in an embellished blue ball gown accentuated with white and pale blue ostrich feathers that resembled Cinderella’s signature look. It was nothing short of a fairytale fantasy brought to life by her stylist Eldzs Mejia.


Just like that, prom queen Belle Mariano gave us visuals. With the help of her stylist Adrianne Concepcion, she wore three more gowns made by award-winning fashion designer Francis Libiran. From channeling a flamingo princess to wearing an art deco-inspired sculptural gown, down to a pink pleated dress styled with a feathered hat, Belle is an all-around stunner.


Watch Kaori Oinuma turn into a fashion girl real quick this year. Her pink classic meets modern gown at the Star Magic ivory carpet was nothing short of glamorous, but this pre-prom ensemble that her stylist Myrrh Lao To posted was also stunning even in its simple silhouette. Ironically, the difficult thing with simplicity is it has to be perfect—and so was this Kaori look elevated with a dramatic cape.

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Here’s What Went Down At Samsung’s Awesome Launch Party

Everything is awesome.

Samsung got the memo as they gave us a peek of the Galaxy A34 5G and A54 5G, aka our next favorite smartphone.

The Gen Z experience is unique, diverse, and self-expressive. Rarely, if ever, do the youth allow themselves to be put in a box as they face the world with the tools they need right in the palm of their hand. Fittingly enough, these words are apt to describe Samsung’s latest editions of their Galaxy A Series line. For years, the electronics company has pushed for having Gen Z live that awesome life with their products. Regardless of who you are or where you come from, life is yours for the taking.

And to showcase just that, Samsung recently unveiled the curtain on their latest products that have the potential to become the new generation’s go-to tool, the Galaxy A34 5G and A54 5G, in what was less of a product showcase and more of a celebration. Here’s the lowdown on the night’s festivities.


The ballroom at the Marriot Manila Hotel on the night of March 30 was awash in shades of green and purple. Boring and drab were left at the hotel door as guests sparkled in green and purple ‘fits. Large letterboxes of the Galaxy A34 5G and A54 5G welcomed guests in what was to be a celebration of what makes Gen Z special, and new phones that complement that. As attendees settled down inside the ballroom and had their dinner, TikTok star Renee Dominique got the ball rolling as the evening’s host. Right off the bat, Renee made it clear that it was Samsung’s mission to make awesome the feeling and vibe for everyone, especially the youth.

Gen Z, after all, is one of the most inclusive generations in human history as they stay connected on social platforms that serve as a springboard for them to live their authentic selves. Company executives laid out how the Galaxy A34 5G and A54 5G are the perfect companions for the young style enthusiast and those looking to create content, no matter how big or small. The latest editions to the Galaxy A Series were billed as tools of self-expression with flagship specs at prices that won’t have your bank account running for the hills.


So, what can you expect from the Galaxy A34 5G and A54 5G? For starters, the smartphones feature a sleek and slim design that comes in a variety of trendy colors. The more immersive screens make for a better viewing experience while their new triple camera has features that are high-key live savers. Photos and videos taken on the Galaxy A34 5G and A54 5G can be stabilized and made more crisp, even if you are moving around or in a crowded area. Shaky cam at concerts? We don’t know her anymore. The phones are also equipped with new features to edit the content you take, with a particularly handy feature being the Object Eraser.

No need to download more apps as you can do it natively on the phones. Say goodbye to those photobombers in your OOTDs…or that ex-flame. Better performance also doesn’t compromise their long battery life. And given their durability, being, among other things, water and drop-proof, these new smartphones will be a great companion to whatever adventure awaits you. Selfie at the beach? No need to worry about being hit by the waves with the Galaxy A34 5G and A54 5G. They’re all features perfect to let you live out those main character fantasies.


But while it’s one thing to talk about the new features, it’s another thing to show them off. And that’s exactly what Samsung did. Award-winning dance troupe UPeepz went on stage and delivered a fire dance number before they led in the unveiling of the experiential zones at the back of the room. On the left and gleaming in green was the Awesome Content Factory where Claudia Barretto and the company’s product marketing manager, Mark Que, showed off the smartphones’ photo capabilities. The photos they took were giving with how crisp, seamless, and easy to edit they were.

On the right was the Awesome Interactive Zone in vibrant violet as Juliana Gomez and Samsung’s Marketing Communications Manager, Lyza Samartino, showcased the smartphones’ impressive performance. Samsung even went a little extra with how one segment had people literally fishing out the Galaxy A34 5G or A54 5G from a tub of water. And yes, they still worked.

Finally, Samsung left the audience with a few more tantalizing goodies, mainly that the Awesome Fest music festival is coming later this year, and partnering with TikTok to bring the smartphones to campuses.

The afterparty then began accordingly as guests tried out the experience zones, danced the night away, enjoyed a few drinks, and, of course, captured it all with the brand new Samsung Galaxy A34 5G and A54 5G. The vibes were immaculate and the serves that night were as numerous as the new features of the smartphones. Just like that, Gen Z’s new favorite smartphone arrived in town.

Photography FAVOUR AJAH
Brand Associate ELYSE ILAGAN

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A Summer Switch Up: Andrea Brillantes Shares New Ways to Enjoy the Heat


Even with a ticket to an island destination in hand, and the Tropical Essentials 2023 collection in her suitcase, Blythe still finds fresh activities to make a summer memorable

There’s no way you can ignore summer, especially here in the Philippines. For starters, your habits change, and often subconsciously. In the morning, you’d dress down in a tank top or bandeau. After noon, the urge to crank up the A/C grows exponentially. You’d sweat—and not the satisfying post-workout kind. But the most telltale sign that the heat is on is when people start complaining about the heat. Not for our certified Y2K princess Andrea Brillantes, a.k.a. Blythe, though

“Summer is happiness for me,” Blythe proudly proclaims, with an extra emphasis on “happiness”. Honestly, it’s pretty obvious she feels this way, especially seeing her sunny disposition in outdoor activities. Whether it’s fearlessly doing a TikTok while riding a jetski, or just living her best life underneath the midday sun on the arid dunes of Dubai, the sun doesn’t scare her. “Masaya ako ‘pag may araw,” she confesses.

Blythe wouldn’t even mind the heat if it means making a difference. We saw this last year when she posted a Reel of joining a Siargao beach clean-up, just months after the land was ravaged by Typhoon Odette.

This season is also the perfect time for Blythe to cross off items in her travel bucket list, from thrilling adventures to curious explorations on land, the sea, or even in the air. Recently, she ascended the picturesque Mount Batur in Bali, Indonesia as part of her birthday week. “[Bali] was just a short trip but I really made the most out of it. I was able to do a sunrise hike, snorkeling, [and] kayaking. I drove motorcycles, [went] island hopping, and many more. It was exhilarating! I’ll do it again,” she shared.

In fact, reaching summits is something Blythe hopes to do more for summers to come. “I would really like to explore more beaches and go hiking more this year,” she affirms. “I want to take advantage of my youth as much as I can,” the award-winning actress shares, referring to her seemingly endless drive to try out new things and step out of her comfort zone.


The perfect summer vacation would not be complete without a group of friends to spend it with. You’ve probably gone on a spontaneous out-of-town road trip before with your besties, or even spent a long weekend with family by the sunny shores. Blythe herself hasn’t shied away from sharing clips of her spending time with the boyfie. In fact, those summer breaks spent locked up at home away from friends just feels so strange nowadays.

However, a summer spent solo isn’t exactly a bad idea. “We should all treat ourselves with a decent ‘me time’ every now and then,” Blythe shares. Spending what should be a season for wild parties and new escapades alone doesn’t seem much fun, but take this new perspective on summer from Blythe herself.

Having been under a spotlight practically her entire life thus far, it’s no surprise that the advocates for some time alone, away from the blaring summer beats and busy schedules a packed trip can bring. “[Summer is worth spending alone] when you’re unwinding or when you feel overwhelmed,” the 20-year old online star imparts. Spot-hopping during the day or being jammed in a crowded beach nightlife wouldn’t be that exciting when you’re not in the right headspace to begin with. 

And when the going gets tough on the inside, a little retail therapy can’t do much harm, right? “Shopping and traveling is very therapeutic for me. I love doing them alone,” the young fashion maven shares.


Even if you’re not soaring 10,000 meters in the air or braving the provincial dirt roads, purposefully setting days to gather with friends is still a must-do in summer. Just because you’re not traveling doesn’t mean you automatically default to binging shows all day or staying glued to the monitor for long gaming sessions. “Spend time with friends,” Blythe stresses. 

And spending time with friends doesn’t also necessarily mean chatting in the DMs and lurking on Discord. Summer is known to be a rush of Instagram photo dumps and snippets of lives lining up as dots, not dashes, in your Stories. Even for the social media sensation with over 34 million followers across Instagram and TikTok, Blythe encourages practicing a healthy balance between sharing summer memories online and being present in the moment. “When I’m on vacation, I really let myself relax… Social media is something I stay away from too so I don’t usually post anything in real time,” she shares. “Most of my postings are usually two to four weeks late,” she playfully adds.

When Blythe eventually posts on her profile, she makes sure to keep it real. Written in an Instagram post about her debut in the H&M Tropical Essentials line, she admits: “This is my very first time to be part of a tropical collection, a little bit out of my comfort zone (at first!) but extremely grateful to my @hm family and to the whole team for helping me step out of my comfort zone.”

It can get noisy online, with comments and reactions cutting deep at times. This is exactly the environment Blythe knew she was stepping into, especially donning her favorite swimwear summer staples. “[Being a part of the campaign] was a step out of my comfort zone because with social media, it’s so easy to shame someone for their body. It was a long process but [it was] so worth it,” she confided.

Now, we see the new-found confidence before our own eyes. Donning fresh new pieces from the Tropical Essentials 2023 collection, Blythe looked stunning in bikini tops and wrapover skirts. Although known for her clap-backs, she employed a different approach in handling this evolution: “I mastered the art of deadma. It may sound cliché, but everyone will always have something to say, kaya just do what will make you happy.”


Of course, it can’t be an Andrea Brillantes fashion shoot without all the accessories. Even when sporting essentials, there will always be room for a Y2K touch. It has become a Blythe staple. You can even see it in the first photo above. Topping off a bandeau and relaxed trousers combo are a reflective pair of sporty sunglasses. In another look, she adds a bit of class by wearing a golden charm around her neck.

“I think my kikay side really goes all out ‘pag summer. ‘Pag summer kasi, I get to wear vibrant clothing and go all out on accessories.”

Andrea Brillantes on what side of herself shines during summer

Blythe doesn’t shy from her playful side, constantly switching her look up and experimenting new styles and materials. “Pabago-bago rin naman ang mga trends every year. But syempre, there are still days na I stick to the basics,” she shares.

A couple of her go-to style tips would be to stick to neutrals whenever you end up spending hours just coordinating palettes and styles. Highlights in the Tropical Essentials 2023 collection are creams for a lighter look, or blacks to compliment your figure. But true to her style, Blythe advises that “you can’t go wrong with bright colors, too.” Take the eye-catching bandeau top in a marbled turquoise pattern, or a pop of emerald green from the single-strapped bikini top.

This kind of versatility is a hallmark of the newest summer collection by fashion mainstay H&M. Its pieces are fashionable for anybody to rock, adaptable for any style, and has the right touch of sophistication to instantly elevate your look. “For me, I really think na kahit sobrang trendy ng collection na ‘to, I know I can still wear them after a few years,” shares the young fashionista. “Everything was well thought of, from bottoms to accessories. All pieces are versatile and can be paired with one another,” she adds.

“This collection really brings out my true personality. Just like me, this collection is fun, young, happy, and fearless.”

Andrea Brillantes on how Tropical Essentials 2023 compliments her style

Being open to new experiences and styles has been a running mantra for Blythe, from creating the perfect summer itinerary whether alone or with her BFFs, to never being afraid to front the camera with looks aplenty “I’m really proud to be part of this H&M collection kasi hindi talaga siya selective [sa] audience,” she reveals. Where her adventurous nature takes her next, who knows? All we’re sure of is that this young, happy, and fearless woman will always find new ways to inspire, and definitely new ways to bring the heat.

These Stars Went Solo At The Star Magical Prom And Still Shined

And that's on a solo slay.

No date? No problem.

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While pop culture, and society in general, often portray prom as being incomplete if you don’t have a date, that actually isn’t the case. Prom can still be enjoyed if you’re there with friends or even by yourself. And that’s the case for the recently held Star Magical Prom.

While the Bridgerton-themed prom from Star Magic saw major power couple energy from the likes of Donny Pangilinan and Belle Mariano, Andrea Brillantes and Ricci Rivero, Seth Fedelin and Francine Diaz, and Vivoree and Brent Manalo, there were a few Kapamilya stars who walked down the ivory carpet alone and still slayed. Let these following stars serve as a reminder that having no date to the prom does not make it any less magical.


Anji and her team must have binged-watched Wildflower before coming up with this look because clearly, gold is in. The rising star gagged with this look that most probably didn’t expect Anji to deliver. From the long gold nails to the draping of the fabric, Anji ate that. Her winning Junior Princess of the night was the cherry on top of her evening.


Criza made it known that she wanted to attend her very first prom alone. And when she stepped on that ivory carpet, she turned heads with her stunning lavender gown. She served confident Grecian goddess with this look. 


It’s Anna Manalastas all grown up as Xyriel Manabat embraced her curves in a body-hugging peach gown. Xyriel’s showbiz comeback is a gift that keeps on giving as the young adult is ready to shed her child star image.  


Now, this is how you commit to a look. The theme for the night was Bridgerton, and Esnyr decided to give just that, with an extra dose of slay. The makeup is all forms of correct while the custom Jan Garcia suit is so extra yet fitting for an emerging star like Esnyr.


Simple yet elegant is the route AC took with her Filipinana-inspired gold top and billowing skirt with gorgeous detailing. Mind you, this is the same young woman who can bust moves on the dance floor. Find us a woman who can do both.


Remember that little girl who played Ningning in the 2015 teleserye of the same name? That girl is Jana Agoncillo, and she’s now a teen actress. The former child star entered a new era at the prom when she showed up in a yellow and black dress fitting for a teen star. And more impressively, she shook many on social media with her eloquent way of speaking.


Angela Ken took her song Ako Naman Muna to heart with her appearance at the Star Magical Prom. That light blue on her looks like it was made just for her.


Who says too much of a good thing is bad for you? Not Shanaia Gomez. She said volume in this dazzling ball gown that could give Belle from Beauty and the Beast a run for her money.


Krystal Brimner looks like she stepped off the set of Bridgerton season three to attend the Star Magical Prom with her pink gown. Even if she didn’t win any award during the night, Krystal came prepared as she wore her own tiara.

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This Alamat and Calixto Interaction Will Make You Want A SEA Pop Collab, Stat

SEA pop rise!

Southeast Asian pop shines in these heartwarming interactions between Alamat and the Indonesian boy group, Calixto.

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Southeast Asian pop groups supporting each other? We love to see it. Recently, Filipino multilingual sing-rap-dance group Alamat and five-member Indonesian boy group Calixto have charmed the hearts of fans from the region after a series of exchanges of support for each other. From reacting (and loving) each other’s music to doing dance covers of their hit bops, this Alamat and Calixto connection will have you crave for an official SEA pop collaboration.


This wholesome interaction started over a week ago when Indonesian five-piece wonder Calixto, posted a reaction video to Alamat’s Maharani music video on their official YouTube channel. Calixto’s Dinand, Lukas, Ghatfaan, Chrisnoel, and Zidane, who debuted under PAPI Talent in 2021, spread some positive vibes as they showed their love for the smash-hit Alamat track.

In the video, Calixto couldn’t help but jam to Maharani with the boys, even singing some of the song’s Tagalog lyrics. “I love the song,” Zidane, the group’s lead vocalist, enthuses. Meanwhile, some highlights of Calixto’s reaction include Dinand’s stanning Jao moment, rapper Chrisnoel loving the beat drop in Maharani’s rap part, Lukas loving Alamat’s intricate fits, and Ghatfaan’s gushing over the M/V’s storyline. 

Who are their Alamat biases, you ask? Well, Lukas and Ghatfaan are legit Mo fanboys while Chrisnoel’s choice is Alamat’s leader Taneo. It’s also fitting that Calixto’s lead vocalist Zidane picks main vocalist Tomas as his bias and main dancer Jao resonates with main dancer Dinand the most. 

The fact that Bahasa Indonesia and Tagalog have linguistic similarities make all this more than just happenstance. (Alamat, it turns out, means “address” in Indonesian.) Alamat were also quick to show their appreciation for Calixto’s support. As a reply, the 6inoos reacted to the M/V of Calixto’s latest track, Mathematics. Jao shares his admiration for the boys’ sheer talent who, even though all of them are still in their teens, are already killing it in the pop music scene. Like Calixto’s kuya, Tomas encourages them to never stop and keep upping their game. Main rapper Alas even jokingly suggests Science as the Alamat x Calixto collab song and knowing their caliber, that’s not a bad idea, to be honest. 


ALAMAT – ‘Maharani’ dance challenge by CALIXTO SEA Pop rise up ! 🇵🇭🇮🇩

♬ Maharani – Alamat
@alamat.official 1,2,3,4,5,6,7 🇵🇭🇮🇩 Let’s do Mathematics Dance Challenge by @CALIXTO #dancemathematics #calixtomathematics #CALIXTO #fyp #alamat ♬ original sound – ALAMAT

To mark this emerging SEA pop connection, the two boy groups finally met each other online via an exclusive TikTok live session they held last March 27. Alamat has also posted a Mathematics dance cover on their TikTok page while Calixto casually aces the Maharani dance challenge. It’s so endearing and uplifting to witness two talented groups from the region rooting for each other. And fingers crossed, may this be the start of more diverse collaborations from the region. SEA pop rise!

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These Celebs Prove The Power Of A Low-Maintenance Friendship

They're keeping it low-low-low lowkey.

These stars prove that low-key, low-maintenance friendships are well worth it.

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Friendships aren’t a one-size-fits-all kind of deal. Every friendship is unique with its parameters and traits that make it work. Such is the case of low-maintenance friendships. While some may need to be in constant contact with their besties, others can thrive by just simply catching up on an irregular basis.

There’s nothing wrong if there isn’t much going on in a friendship, so as long as mutual respect and appreciation are there. This is something the following stars have in spades. While these famous faces may not be the most public of friends, but these link-ups will remind you that life has enough room for low-maintenance friendships.  


Sassa Gurl’s impeccable humor makes her loved by many, including Francine Diaz. But their mutual respect also translates to the two being friends IRL. ICYDK, Francine invited Sassa to her debut last year where the two stunned in shades of pink. Mima x Chin collab when?


AC Bonifacio and Bini

As they say, talent attracts talent. The girls of BINI have a soft spot for AC with the way the dancing prodigy has shown love to the group over the years. AC made a guest appearance at BINI and BGYO’s first joint concert, had a collab stage with the group on ASAP, and even let the BINI members be the first people to listen to her Fool No Mo single. Big wholesome energy right there.


Given how these two queens live in different countries, their love for each other is shown mainly through social media. But in the rare chance that they’re in the same place, you can bet they’re going to link up, like when the two went on a date to the Pinto Art Museum during Bretman’s most recent visit to the Philippines.


Mimiyuuuh has so many celebrity friends, she might as well be crowned Miss Congeniality. And among her besties is Moira Dela Torre. The YouTube star and the OPM icon became fast friends following Moira’s appearance on Mimi’s YouTube channel in 2020. Since then, the duo has gone on to do some fun trips together, including going to Palawan and Singapore.


@zendeeofficial Thank you @BILLIE EILISH , pakipanagutan nalang si @Niana Guerrero , kahit si Niana nalang huhu. Labyuuuu!! BEST DAY OF MY LIFE #zendeechallenge #happierthanevertour2022 #happierthanevermnl ♬ original sound – ZENDEE ᥫ᭡

Why fangirl over your fave idol when you can do it with your bestie? That’s what Niana Guerrero and Zendee do as the two TikTok stars have found a common interest, among other things, in their love for Billie Eilish. The two were at the barricade for Billie’s concert in Manila last year and watched a screening of Billie’s concert movie earlier this year. TikTok stars who fangirl over Billie Eilish together, stay together.


Alexa Ilacad and Chie Filomeno

While society’s obsession with pitting women against each other has seen trolls compare Alexa Ilacad and Chie Filomeno, there’s nothing but love between these two former PBB housemates. In fact, when Alexa commented on Chie’s IG post saying that she has her dream body, Chie responded by saying that she’s perfect. We love women supporting each other.


@majinglez ANONG KABADINGAN YANNNN MAMAINE 🥹🫶 eme! happy birthday sez menggay! 🥂 #mamaine #majasalvador #mainemendoza ♬ original sound – majinglez

Maja becoming a host on Eat Bulaga was a joy in itself. But little did we know that we would get a Maja and Maine duo as the two developed a wholesome friendship outside the show.


Kathryn Bernardo and Marian Rivera

Imagine being friends with your idol. For Kathryn Bernardo, it’s real life given her friendship with Marian Rivera. The two have known each other for years with Marian even attending Kath’s debut. Over the years, they’ve maintained a tight and loving, albeit low-key, friendship.


Khalil and Thai star Tay Tawan first became friends after appearing on the Japanese reality show, Find The Wasabi, in 2019. Since then, they’ve kept up their friendship even if they work in two different countries. The bond is still there, as exemplified when Khalil and Gabbi Garcia treated Tay and New Thitipoom at a Filipino food when the two were in Manila for their fanmeet.  


Some friendships are unexpected yet blossom into something beautiful. That’s the case for Zack Tabudlo and Johnny Orlando. It all started when Johnny had a few events in the Philippines in late 2022, and Zack was his guest for a mall show. It’s safe to say that they found a lot in common as the two young musicians even got tattoos before Johnny left the country. And this past February, Zack joined Johnny for an updated version of someone will love you better, taking the track to even greater heights.

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