Meet MND3GMA, The Multi-Hyphenate Musical Duo To Watch Out For

Fierce, fun, and free.

United by their years-long friendship and a common love for music, Jordan Alexander and Sakina Garcia are turning MND3GMA into an exciting musical project.

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On the outside, Jordan Alexander and Sakina Garcia look like they don’t have much in common. Jordan made a name for herself as Julien Calloway in the HBO Max reboot of Gossip Girl. Sakina, meanwhile, has songwriter, producer, DJ, and model outlining their resume. Yet, these differences are what make the two creatives the perfect puzzle pieces for each other as they take their artistry and unique point-of-view to the music industry as electro-pop duo MND3GMA (pronounced mandirigma). Together, the two make up an act who do what they love all while operating on the power of authenticity.


While Jordan may be known for their acting, music was always their first love. “I got a guitar for my 12th birthday, and I got into playing covers and writing my music and just getting very into and falling in love with music,” they share. Fittingly enough, Sakina also started playing guitar when they were 12 years old, which they bought themselves. “I just fell in love with it. And I was dancing before then, so I was always just surrounded by music.” 

While the Toronto-based duo (Sakina is a first-generation Filipino-Canadian born and raised in the Philippines) went on their separate ways with their careers, life eventually brought them together, with the pandemic having a little help with that. “Sakina and I had been friends, on and off, for a long time. And we’d always talked about doing music together,” Jordan shares on MND3GMA’s origins. 


“We did creative things like go out and dance and listen to music. We even did photoshoots together just for fun and to make art and have a creative outlet. But it wasn’t until 2020 that we actually sat down and wrote a song together. And the first song that we ever wrote was called Warrior. And somehow, that turned into the band being called MND3GMA, which means warrior in Tagalog.” 

Jordan and Sakina coming together to form MND3GMA was a no-brainer, to say the least. And while working with your best friends might seem like a no-go to some, especially in the creative space, that couldn’t be farther for the two. As Jordan says, “I think we’ve had maybe two or three disagreements about the band early on. And since then, we’ve been pretty in sync about what we want for the band.”

In as much as they gel together, they also are their own person. And it’s in this individuality that they believe makes a big part of MND3GMA. “I think Sakina brings something to the table. And then I bring something to the table, and it’s very complimentary. We’re very different people. And so when we work well together, we fit like a puzzle piece. But it takes being open to the fact that someone sees things really differently than you.” 


And while the duo get to do what they love, there’s also the wrinkle of Jordan and Sakina, both of whom are public figures in their own right, sharing their art for the world to love and criticize. Admittedly, it can lead to a pressure that could affect their dynamic. But as they see it, they choose to focus their energies on other priorities. 

“We try not to let things like that get to us. We just have to focus and do what we want to do,” states Sakina. Adds Jordan, “People’s opinions online are a thing. But that’s not our top priority. Our top priority is making art that we love and having fun with other creatives. We know how to prioritize what is important and not get too worried about what public perception is of us.”


With a clear vision in mind, MND3GMA introduced themselves to the world earlier this year with their magnetic debut single Tayong Dalawa. The tune rooted in Filipino culture focuses on a love that transcends all barriers, as visualized by the music video, which was shot in the Philippines. Directed by Elena Virata, the MV stars the duo as two space creatures seeking love in the world. Opening with the words “mahal kita”, Tayong Dalawa is a hypnotizing homage to love through the Filipino lens.

“For Tayong Dalawa we were just writing the song on guitar. And of course, Sakina had to come up with all the lyrics because I don’t actually speak Tagalog, but I’m learning and I learned how to say the words,” recalls Jordan. For their second single, Fist Fight, the duo flexed their versatility and pulled a 180 with a punchier and hard-hitting electronic smash that feels tailor-made for the rave. “Sakina had made that production [for Fist Fight] and then we came together and wrote the song,” adds Jordan. 


With Sakina on production and Jordan leaning more towards songwriting, the two complement each other well. And it is through their fortes that they find the fun and joy of music-making. “Making the beats, there’s just such a wide range of possibilities., different senses. I’m able to explore what sound I like and what’s new to me,” expresses Sakina.

As for Jordan, nothing beats playing a demo on a ride with your bestie and realizing it’s a bop. “When we have enough of the song done, we drive around in Sakina’s car and scream the lyrics and dance.” They further, “A demo is not necessarily polished, finished, and perfect. But it is just the purest part of the creation where you took something from absolutely nothing.” 


With just two singles under their belt, MND3GMA has a lot more in store as they share their creative vision with the world, such as more tracks, more Tagalog, and even a potential performance in the Philippines soon. “We’re so lucky to be surrounded by an incredible Filipino community here in Toronto that is very supportive of us. And then a creative space in general that I think is helping us be able to have our creative vision. Ultimately, we want that to be just as much in the Philippines as it is here and bridge that gap in terms of connecting with other creatives who are in the Philippines and not just in Toronto,” muses Jordan. 

What you see from MND3GMA is what you get. Jordan and Sakina are independent artists who do most of their work on their own or with the help of their friends in the creative space. As Sakina puts it, “We lot do have lots of materials that we want to share. But because we are independent, we’re being challenged in a lot of different ways. But Filipinos are resilient, so we’re gonna find a way.” 


At the end of the day, staking their claim in a musical project that feels like an extension of them is what matters the most. “It’s so important to have control over [MND3GMA] and to only include somebody that we would really trust with our lives. It’s so precious to us and we’re driven by the passion and the purity of what we have to offer and what we want to share with the world. And we want to make sure that we never compromise,” confidently states Jordan. 

MND3GMA is Jordan and Sakina’s expression of what they love, and, more importantly, are doing it their way. Two queer women of color are doing their thing without warping themselves into what some think a female pop star should look like. They bring something different to the table and are an example of diverse representation that is breaking away from society’s pressure to be and act a certain way. 

MND3GMA acts as themselves, there’s no pretending here, and that is what they hope their music brings about in people. “I just want people to enjoy the track and get inspired by it,” conveys Sakina. Adds Jordan, ”I would love for people to feel like they can be their true authentic selves. We want to do it our way and I would love to inspire people to do things their own way.” 

Creative Direction KENNETH DIMAANO

Photography CHRISTINE DO

Make-up MARS


Light Tech and Photo Assistant SABRINA SISCO

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Senior High Is Giving Teens And Troubles A New Look On Primetime

Putting the drama in teen drama.

A teenage series on Primetime with proper depictions of mental health? We. Are. So. Seated.

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Senior High made its debut on screen last Aug. 28 as ABS-CBN and Dreamscape premiered the first episode of this highly anticipated series. Starring a roster of all-star veteran actors and rising Gen Z stars, Senior High is going beyond just being another high school show on TV with its new colors into the Philippine mainstream media through its brave takes on mental health issues. 

The Storyteller’s Baggage

Themes of bullying, drug abuse, suicide, social classes, and parental neglect circle the series’ premise, breaking boundaries to the usual Filipino teleserye recipe. After growing up with the usual teenage shows about friendships, team building, and campus drama, Senior High’s hard-hitting premise with a bit of social commentary feels like a breath of fresh air in terms of concept and storytelling techniques.

Putting out sensitive content in the Philippine mainstream media amid the slow progression of mental health discourses is certainly a bold move. Even Director Onat Diaz acknowledged how risky and sensitive the show’s trope could be during the celebrity screening held last Aug. 27. “We in the production, the creative team and the entire staff are very conscious that more than just telling a compelling story, we have to tell it responsibly,” Diaz said. 

Lead star Andrea Brillantes, who pulls double duty in the series as she plays twins, gave a heads-up just in case the story lands on the wrong audience. “Siguro natatakot kami kasi ayaw po talaga namin na ma-romanticize ang drugs, or ma-romanticize ang depression. Gusto po namin mapakita dito na ito po ‘yong effects niya kapag pinatuloy or anong mangyayari if you don’t speak up to your bullies or anong mangyayari if you do speak up to your bullies.”

Beyond the means to tell a story, Senior High aims to educate and inspire people who resonate with the characters. With each persona crafted with their own back stories and complexities, the show is a feast of inclusivity and representation.

Changing Gears

It has been a great sight to see a fresh roster of shows that have become more progressive as time goes by. Some may say it’s too late, but it really isn’t. Change is gradual, and having the mainstream media on board is already a great leap. Even the cast members also expressed how this new series could be a turning point for the Philippine media to try and tackle sensitive topics that were once avoided in the industry. 

“Kasi nagbabago ‘yong mundo diba? Nagbabago ‘yong panahon, nagbabago ‘yong oras, nagbabago ‘yong mga agos ng bagay-bagay. We can’t just stay in a place na ‘yong inooffer natin is the same thing over and over again. Naniniwala ako na ‘yong Senior High, magbubukas siya ng maraming utak, lalo na sa kultura na meron tayo,” starring actor Kean Cipriano said.

Senior High’s attempt to pave the way for healthy discourses on heavy issues has already sparked attention from netizens with people expressing appreciation for the newest primetime watch.

Open Forum

The Senior High clique has also put an amazing twist to the classic open forum sessions we grew up with. Before the taping, the cast was said to have been given the opportunity to share their thoughts on the issues that were going to be tackled in the series through a focus group discussion. The discussion was apparently, in Andrea’s words, “no filter.” Takes us back to the high school days with a bunch of teenage drama—this time, more juicy and more progressive.

“Lahat dito, lahat tayo. Iba-iba ‘yong dala natin so we always have to be nice to everyone dahil hindi mo alam ang story niya.” she said. 

A Neon-Colored Dream

Looking at the fusion of a brilliant premise accompanied by a phenomenal cast and production, Senior High is hoping to make a splash in more ways than one.. 

“This is not your ordinary primetime teleserye. We’re trying something different. We’re trying to level up some more. We’re trying to talk to the YAs (Young Adults). It’s a very important market globally and digitally.” Head of Dreamscape Entertainment Deo Endrinal said. It’s time to take away the shackles that have been restricting the youth from opening their minds. The time has come for us to embrace the progress, even through means of dopamine shots from our trusty Filipino seryes. 

Dir. Diaz wished to pursue a truthful story about the youth, for the youth. And the youth is ready to listen. Everybody from the show has already shown immense pride and enthusiasm for what’s to come for Senior High. Delving into a fresh and mind-boggling concept, we are with the whole cast of Senior High for the excitement of what’s in store for the series’ direction.

Catch Sky, Luna, and the rest of the Senior High squad in this endeavor on iWantTFC! We can’t wait to see the reflection of vibrant colors Senior High will be painting on our screens.

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NCT U Brings OG NCTzens Back Home With Their New Track ‘Baggy Jeans’

The OGs.

They’re not called NCT’s backbone for nothing! 

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How can a dance-heavy hip-hop song capture such a nostalgic and melodramatic atmosphere? K-pop sensation NCT continues to prove who the boss is as they recently released their fourth full-length album Golden Age last Aug. 28. An explosion of phenomenal rap and vocals with catchy hard-hitting beats encapsulate the ten tracks of the album. And amid this roller coaster roster of music, one track definitely stood out—both for its musicality and emotional element dedicated to NCTzens who have been there from the start.

The NCT Recipe

Golden Age is led by its title track Baggy Jeans, which is a fascinating ensemble of high-energy, rhythmic, and intense hip-hop beats accompanied by top-tier rap and vocals, Dripping with charisma and fly energy, Baggy Jeans carries the unique NEO sound that we are all familiar with. But what makes the track more special are the members that participated in it. 

Performed by NCT’s first-ever subunit, NCT U, we are brought back to the humble beginnings of the NCT brand. This track may have even evoked a tear or two from the OG NCTzens. After pursuing different endeavors with their own respective units, members Taeyong, Doyoung, Ten, Jaehyun, and Mark have finally come together to open the time capsule that was planted during their debut days. After seven long years, we finally got the team back together! These five pioneers of neo city kickstarted NCT’s career into stardom with their memorable debut song The 7th Sense, which definitely set the tone for the coming successful years of the group. 

Full Circle

There is nothing more emotional than seeing a group you support with all your heart grow in front of your eyes. It’s really hard to keep your cool, especially if the subunit is obviously paying homage to The 7th Sense! Be honest NCT U, do you want us to dance or cry?

If that isn’t enough to soften you, SM Entertainment also made sure to hire the same production crew that worked with the unit during The 7th Sense.

To The World

We have waited long enough for this clique to come together in a celebration of music and nostalgia. Baggy Jeans was a look back to how far the NCT brand has become and seeing these five together brought us back to how they introduced NCT to the world. By fearlessly incorporating new sound into the K-pop scene, NCT U has established itself in the field. Someone go back in time and tell these rookies that seven years later, rookies from newer generations are still covering their song!

It is no exaggeration to say that these five are the backbone of NCT. Dubbed by fans as the founding fathers of NCT, this team is definitely a force to be reckoned with. Can’t get enough of NCT U and Baggy Jeans? Catch their performance video here for a groovy and emotional trip down memory lane!

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How Anson Seabra Is Feeling About Being In The Philippines

Neverland comes to Manila.

The Philippines was one of the first places Anson Seabra blew up when he started posting on YouTube. And now he performs live in Manila. 

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Since the late 2010s, Anson Seabra has been a favorite for many for his emotional, introspective, melancholic, and moving tracks. Over a billion streams and numerous hits showcase the power his art has had on millions of listeners around the world. And it’s this sense of wonder he made in his bedroom that he’s bringing on the road in his aptly titled The Neverland Tour, which stops in Manila on August 31 at The Filinvest Tent, which is presented by Live Nation PH.

“When I first started making music, the Philippines was one of the first areas I noticed [my music] was really taking off,” shares Anson on the connection he has with his Filipino fans. We recently got a chance to catch up with the musician in between shows of his world tour as he opened up about performing, the music-making process, how he celebrated turning 29, and more. Read on below for what he had to say.  

You have a particularly strong fan base in Southeast Asia. Why do you think you have such a loyal following here amid your Neverland tour in the region?

When I first started making music, the Philippines was one of the first areas I noticed it was really taking off in when I posted on YouTube. There were tons of people from the Philippines commenting on the videos. And so I think they’ve sort of been with me from the start. I think there’s some other artists that are in my lane that are really popular in that part of the world. And that probably helped in terms of me being associated with them, artists like Sasha Sloane, Jeremy Zucker, and stuff like that. So those are people that kind of sound like sonically so maybe the algorithm sort of knew and helped me

Given that your 29th birthday nearly coincides with your Manila show, would you say this is a prize waiting in store for your upcoming Filipino audiences?

Surprise? Maybe? I hadn’t really thought about it.

You mentioned in your video message to Asian fans that you look forward to a different scenery and philosophy of your fans abroad. Have you observed a different vibe or energy when performing here based on your last Asia tour?

It’s been different based on the shows. I mean, even just the two shows we’ve had have been pretty different. Like even the difference between Tianjin and Shanghai was interesting.

How did you spend your 29th birthday?

We went on a river cruise, which was very nice. We went around enjoying here [in China]. We have rehearsal for the festival tonight in Nanjing. And yeah, we were on the train for half the day too. So that was fun.

You recently earned your first gold record for Walked Through Hell, can you please share what the milestone means for you and your fans?

Oh, it’s huge. I mean, I wrote that song pretty much alone. Well, with the help of my friend, Sam, but I wrote a lot of it alone. And so to have that 500,000 units sold and that big plaque in my living room, it just means so much to me. I really never thought a lot of my songs would end up being heard by this many people ever. So it means the world.

With millions of monthly listeners in over a billion streams, we’re curious if you still write songs from your bedroom. Could you tell us about your current creative process as seen in your recent hit, Supposed To Be a Love Song?

I do write songs in my house but not in my bedroom, at least not recently. I have a piano at home and I find that a lot of times when I’m just running alone with the piano I get the best ideas in terms of my creative process. For Supposed To Be a Love Song, I think I just had this title in my notes app on my phones. And me and my friend just went from that. And I think we were talking about the events of the song which is inspired by real events and that’s how the chorus sort of came together.

What do you look forward to visiting in Manila?

We don’t have that much time [in Manila], so I’m not sure how much sightseeing I’ll be able to do. But if we do have [time], I’m sure we’ll be back at some point. So I’d love to see more of the city.

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Zack Tabudlo Is A Whole Mood With His New Single ‘Ako Nalang Kasi’

Seen and heard.

In an exclusive interview with NYLON Manila, Zack Tabudlo shares all about the feels behind new single Ako Nalang Kasi.

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While we’re still obsessing over his collab with Al James, singer-songwriter Zack Tabudlo is leading listeners down memory lane with new single, Ako Nalang Kasi. The track pays tribute to his artistic beginnings with a sound that resonates with Binibini, Nangangamba, and Yakap. And it also has us going, same.

Ako Nalang Kasi reveals a heartfelt narrative of falling for someone who doesn’t see you as anything more than a friend. It captures the sentiment of a person yearning for that special someone to acknowledge their intentions and presence. TBH, we’ve all been there with that delulu love moment. We recently got the chance to sit down with the OPM star as he shares the feels, nostalgia, and story behind his nearly six-minute ode to unrequited love.

What’s the story behind your new single Ako Nalang Kasi?

I just finished Ako Nalang Kasi last week. I was revisiting my old sound, recalling Nangangamba and all the earlier tracks that went viral. I was also returning to my previous songwriting style. Also, I’m going through an ‘ako na lang kasi’ phase where I have feelings for someone, and I’m trying to incorporate those emotions into the song.

You mentioned recalling your old sound, what do you think changed through the years?

There has been significant growth in terms of my music. Over time, I’ve explored different genres. For example, my last track was with Al James, and it had a pop sound. I’ve also released an album that’s more funky, it was called For All. I think many changes have happened because I’ve been maturing— I wanted to be more vulnerable in my music. Right now, with Ako Nalang Kasi, I find myself moving back-and-forth with new sounds and the songwriting style I had before.

Invalid image block format.

Describe the person that inspired Ako Nalang Kasi?

I don’t think there’s a specific person. Actually, I can’t say. Still, I feel like the track goes for everyone talaga that likes someone na hindi ka nakikita. I’m kind of in that perspective na nandito ako and bakit hindi ako nakikita— ako na lang kasi. Wait, sige na nga. I guess, she’s very admirable.

What was your favorite lyric and why?

It was a reference back to my second song, Binibini. It goes, ‘binibini ikaw ba ang isasayaw sa gitna ng ulan? Matagal ko na kasing hinahanap ‘yan.’ Anyway, I think it’s cool.

Were there any memorable moments from behind the scenes while working on the track?

It was a nostalgic experience, to say the least— returning with these elements. When I created the track, I dived deep into the old material and how I wrote my previous tracks. There were subtle effects reminiscent of my guitar playing in Nangangamba and songs from the Episode album.

Tell us more about the track’s visual concept.

Even the album art goes back with how I created the first batch. We went with the very first artist who made Binibini and Nangangamba– Chris Costello. All of these album artworks were created by this close friend of mine. Given that we’re all about the style, it felt right to reconnect with him as well.

Should fans anticipate a music video accompanying Ako Nalang Kasi?

Absolutely. I can’t reveal much, but a clue would be ‘going back.’

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How A Watch Is Helping Me Get Through The Stranger Things Drought

Blast from the past.

As I wait for the fifth and final season of Stranger Things, I get my dose of 1980s American nostalgia with the help of the Casio A120WEST.

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Over a year ago, the fourth season of Stranger Things landed on Netflix and proceeded to capture the world’s attention with its two-part release. To say that the summer of 2022 was a moment for Stranger Things is an understatement, at least for me it was with the way I binged-watch the season over a weekend. And given how it ended, all eyes are on how the fifth and final season of the show will end things.

When that will come though is anyone’s guess as the dual writers’ and actors’ strike has pushed back many productions, including Stranger Things season 5. And while I fully support creatives striking to fight for what they deserve; I can’t help but think how I’m going to get my Stranger Things fix aside from rewatching the older seasons given the new season is years away. But recently, I found something else to help make the new season wait a little bearable, and that is through a watch, yes, really.


Casio x Stranger Things A120WEST watch

While Stranger Things is no stranger to collaborations with apparel and accessory brands, their team-up with Casio may be one of their coolest yet. Taking inspiration from the popular Netflix series, Casio X Stranger Things turns the nostalgia to 11 with their A120WEST model. Based on the A120, a watch inspired by digital watches Casio released in the 1980s, this reimagining pays homage to the era where the show is set with a design reminiscent of the decade as well as Easter eggs to the series, most prominently the graphics on the resin case and translucent band having eerie tentacles stretching out from the underworld, a welcome tribute to the Upside Down.


It looks like it was taken straight from the wrist of one of the Hawkins’ kids hanging out at the Starcourt Mall during the summer. Even the special packaging it comes in stays on-theme as it is illustrated with images of the show’s cast of our fave teens. Features-wise, it has all the functions you need in a competent watch, from a stopwatch (1/10 second, measurement capacity: 59’59″9), daily alarm, hourly time signal, auto-calendar, and LED light. It also has an estimated battery life of three years on CR1616.



Now, this nostalgic timepiece isn’t something I would wear at a formal event or flex to my friends who are aficionados for the more elegant pieces. But what the watch lacks in upscale looks, it makes up for it in its personality. After spending time with the A120WEST, I appreciated the attention to detail and how it wasn’t just some watch slapped with the Stranger Things logo on it.


With a pop of color and personality, it looks and acts the part. The colorful front buttons scream 80s, with the nice added detail of a tiny Demogorgon appearing at the center. And for a fun surprise, pressing the LED light button reveals the name of the show printed upside down. At around 25 grams, it’s a light wear for more casual experiences. It’s a fun timepiece I’ve been enjoying having as my companion on my days out of the house, whether it be for work or hanging out with friends. And it does scratch my Stranger Things itch and a design that captures the show and its sense of nostalgia.

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How BLACKPINK Is Taking Over Gaming, One Platform At A Time

BLINKs in their gamer era.

BLACKPINK is dominating the gaming spaces, collaborating with one fun community gaming platform after another!

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BLACKPINK is in your area—your gaming area, to be precise! Aside from slaying in the real world, the YG Entertainment girl group made up of superstars Lisa, Jennie, Jisoo, and Rosé have also made their way to the digital realm. The group has collaborated quite a few times with both PC and mobile games, proving that wherever they go, they always bring their signature musicality and impeccable style. Whether it’s a set of avatars with stylish outfits or an immersive storyline, each BLACKPINK game experience is cute, fun, and totally unique. Here are a few of those times where the ladies took over gaming like a boss.


The latest BLACKPINK game collaboration, BLACKPINK THE PALACE, launched August 25th on popular online game platform Roblox. The immersive experience allows fans and players to gather in a BLACKPINK-themed setting, decorate it, and host parties and games within the palace and the grounds. The members’ avatars will also pop up here and there for photo ops and interactive opportunities.


The girl group has collaborated with hugely popular battle royale game PUBG twice: first in PUBG: Battlegrounds where they released a huge number of themed customizations that can make the gaming experience completely decked out in BLACKPINK gear such as outfits and supply crates. For the second time, they collaborated with PUBG: Mobile to hold an in-game virtual concert called BLACKPINK: The Virtual where the group’s special avatars performed. They also released a special track Ready for Love with an animated music video in collaboration with the game in July 2022, their first Korean release since The Album in 2020. Ready for Love was also included as the 8th track in their second studio album Born Pink (2022).


We as a society simply can’t resist making little avatars and dressing them up, can we? When Korean metaverse app Zepeto blew up social media, people were able to do just that very thing—customize their avatars, dress them up, take photos with their avatar friends, and get creative. During the height of the pandemic, BLACKPINK partnered with Zepeto to hold the “world’s first virtual fansign” on the platform. BLINKs could interact with the girls’ avatars, win prizes like outfits and badges, and also watch a special Ice Cream performance with Selena Gomez!


Lastly, of course, BLACKPINK launched their own mobile game BLACKPINK: The Game earlier this year, where players can play as the girls’ producer and agency manager, complete puzzles and objectives to level up their own BP members, play minigames with friends, dress up the member avatars in cute little outfits, collect photo and video cards, and more!

The group also dropped a banging OST for the game, The Girls, on August 25 with an adorable and stylish animated video. They also celebrated the release with a party and fun games. The members revealed that they played the game themselves, and Jisoo even shared that she’s spent money on dressing up the other members in the game and interacted with several fans (even though no one recognized her in the game).

Though unusual, it’s not unheard of for artists, brands, and personalities to collaborate with games. For instance, multiplayer obstacle course game Stumble Guys recently collaborated with the Barbie movie and Mr. Beast, and Nicki Minaj is now a playable character in Call of Duty! In the end, you get to have fun playing a game and feel even more connected to it as you play as, with, or alongside artists you love. Who knows, you might just run into one of the members in an online game.

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15 Underrated Local and International Animated Movies That Deserve A Watch

Hit play and be transported to different worlds.

There is an animated movie for everyone, and hopefully you find yours here!

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Animation is a classic and versatile way to tell stories. From media by Disney to Dreamworks, Pixar to Ghibli, Laika to Rocketsheep, animation has evolved and diversified, ensuring at least one animated media makes it to people’s lists of favorites.

These movies below include cult classics, local productions, and less-popular works created with plenty of heart. Regardless of their commercial and critical status, these films are not The Incredibles or Shrek or even The Emperor’s New Groove. Yet, they are movies that are still deserving of a watch as they tackle and feature a diverse range of narratives, stories, tales, characters and more. Get that watchlist ready for these animated movies that you shouldn’t sleep on.


This stunning animated film based on the story of Moses and the Book of Exodus is widely acclaimed, but it’s surprising how many people haven’t seen it. Released in 1998, the film’s animation, storyline, and gorgeous music hold up incredibly well over the decades.


Another cult classic, Treasure Planet is an inventive, anachronistic tale that puts a sci-fi twist on Robert Louis Stevenson’s novel Treasure Island. Following the journey of young Jim Hawkins and the suspicious crew of the RLS Legacy looking for the fabled planet on which space pirate Captain Flint hid his treasure, Treasure Planet is a fun, sweeping adventure wrapped in genius creative decisions.


The Iron Giant is a 1950s-set film about an alien Giant robot who crash-lands on Earth and is found by brave and intelligent 9-year-old Hogarth. Hogarth attempts to hide the Giant from the US government and eventually befriends the kind and curious robot. An emotional tale of self-determination and humanity, The Iron Giant cannot be watched without tissues nearby.


Hayop Ka! takes classic Filipino teleserye tropes and brings them to life in an adult, animated, anthropomorphic way. This film, set in a Philippines where everyone is an animal, follows saleslady Nimfa Dimaano who grapples with her feelings for two men: her janitor boyfriend Roger, and rich entrepreneur Iñigo. Bold, mature, and comical, Hayop Ka! found success as the first locally-produced animated film to be distributed by Netflix.


A childhood favorite, Meet the Robinsons follows genius inventor and orphan Lewis as he’s brought back in time by a teenager named Wilbur who asks him to fix a time machine. It’s a charming story of time travel, family, dreams, and the value of letting go of (and learning from) the past and moving forward to shape your own future.


Saving Sally is a unique mix of live-action and animation, as well as romance, drama, and comedy. Marty, an amateur comic artist who sees the world in exaggerated comic pictures, is in love with his best friend Sally, a genius inventor with problems in her personal life and a boyfriend that Marty hates. Saving Sally is classic love story told in an extraordinary way.


We can bet you’ve seen more people in costumes inspired by the characters in this movie than people you know who actually watched it. Atlantis: The Lost Empire is based on the many stories of the sunken city, and follows linguist and cartographer Milo Thatch as he embarks on an expedition to find it. Joined by a ragtag crew, he meets Kida, princess of Atlantis who wants the city to regain its former glory.


This magnificent fantasy drama piece is heart-wrenching, mildly perplexing, and beautiful in all the ways a Studio Ghibli film is. Anna, a young orphan girl, is sent by her foster parents to live in a rural town for the summer and finds a connection with a mysterious young girl named Marnie. In a tale about loneliness, forgiveness, and love through time, Anna discovers the truth about herself and her family.


One of the Philippines’ first all-digital animated full-length feature films, Dayo takes from our rich repertoire of folklore to tell the story of Bubuy, a young boy who embarks on a journey to the magical land of Elementalia to save his grandparents. He encounters creatures from Philippine legends such as a young manananggal who accompanies him on his journey, a tikbalang, and pair of tiyanak.


In slice-of-life Ocean Waves, the lives and relationship of best friends Taku and Yutaka changes when they meet a smart but seemingly troubled girl Rikako. Nostalgic, dramatic, and with an air of days-gone-by, this Studio Ghibli movie is about love, friendship, the past, and growing up.


Conmen Miguel and Tulio try to find the legendary City of Gold and get tangled up in a slew of shenanigans in this adventure comedy. Imprisoned, mistaken for gods, discovered as con artists, among other things, the two friends end up reexamining their goals and relying on each other to try and find their place in El Dorado.


A fictionalized retelling of the legend of Anastasia Romanov, this animated fantasy-musical drama film is dazzling and magical. Anastasia boasts a formidable lead, charming performances, and emotional payoffs. Its story, relationships, and animation of glittering jewels and opulence stick to you, as well as a lingering curiosity about the fate of the real Anastasia.

URDUJA (2008)

Another of the early animated Filipino films, Urduja also draws on local legend. Our own tale of Princess Urduja of the Tawilisi tribe (based on local Pangasinan legend) chronicles the warrior-princess’s struggle with love and duty to her tribe. When she meets a charming Chinese pirate and falls in love, to the distaste of her chieftain father and betrothed fiancé, she must face the adversities that come her way.


Perfect for Halloween or a random Thursday afternoon, Monster House is a comedic but also terrifying animated horror film. It’s about a creepy house across the street from 12-year-old DJ, owned by the irascible, elderly Horace Nebbercracker. DJ is on a mission to find out what’s truly going on in that house and finds himself in a lot more trouble than he expected.


The “falling in love with someone who’s dying” trope has been done to, well, death. But that doesn’t mean it no longer works. This Japanese coming-of-age drama about a boy who meets a girl with a terminal illness is equal parts beautiful and scarring as well as charming and heartbreaking.

Whether you want a good laugh or cry, a feel-good movie or an emotional drama, animation has got your back. Gone are the days where it’s construed as a form of comedic media for children, and the wide array of stories told through this art form proves exactly that.

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Beachside Coffee? Maris Racal Just Opened A Cute Cafe In La Union

Beachside coffee at Elyu brought to you by Maris Racal.

“Ma! May coffee shop na ako!”

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Ever since she finished with the runner-up title on PBB: All In, Maris Racal never stopped running the show. Almost a decade later, she’s continuously conquering acting, singing, vlogging, and even taking on the responsibilities as a ‘meme queen.’

From representing the film Marupok AF (Where is the Lie?) at the Udine Far East Film Festival to co-starring in Here Comes the Groom (and going viral on TikTok), this year has seen the most colorful chapter of her career yet. And let’s not forget the release of the Carelessly MV and the cutest dates with longtime boyfriend Rico Blanco. Just when we thought Maris Racal is already winning 2023, she adds ‘proud businesswoman’ to her long list of accomplishments.

Here’s the breakdown on Maris Racal’s first business venture—an Instagrammable corner café over in Elyu.

SOC: Stream of Consciousness

On Instagram, Maris Racal shared several pictures of one movie after another, hosting gigs, and a vacation in Italy with her boyfriend. And now, she’s announcing a business opening. Maris should definitely teach Time Management 101. Last Friday, fans were in for a sweet caffeine fix with the virtual tour of SOC: Stream of Consciousness Coffee. “Ma, may coffee shop na ako!” she said in the caption. “I hope you guys support my first-ever business venture!”

Located in the heart of Port San Juan, La Union, the cafe provides more than just a coffee experience but also a slice of Maris Racal’s creative consciousness (yup, pun intended). SOC: Stream of Consciousness is decked with funky artworks, main feed-worthy corners, and a menu that spans from breakfast food to burgers, not forgetting a wide array of coffee choices.

Beachside Coffee? G!

@soclaunion We’re open 7am-10pm daily, except Tuesdays 😉 Come to get coffee in the morning, work in the afternoon and wind down in the evening 🌙 #StreamOfConsciousness #StreamOfConsciousnessCoffee #SOC #SOCLaUnion #PSJ #PortSanJuan #Coffee #CafePH #CoffeeShops #KapeTayo #CoffeeLaUnion #LaUnion #Elyu #WhenInElyu #SurfTownLaUnion #TakashiMurakami #Murakami #YayoiKusama #Kusama ♬ original sound – Axel 💎

The very essence of the cafe echoed the name ‘Stream of Consciousness,’ inspiring guests to wander freely and without inhibitions. The interior boasts a blend of 1970s retro with a lively pop-art encounter. The presence of Haruki Murakami’s art pieces, accompanied by anime figurines, adds a personal touch that creates a cozier feel. It’s safe to say that SOC: Stream of Consciousness deviates from the typical Elyu Cafe aesthetic, and we’re absolutely loving it.

To top it all off, the cafe isn’t only serving comfort and ambiance. Their menu spans from sandwiches, rice meals, french fries, and crêpes. While their best-sellers include an amazing Chori Burge. That Spanish Latte and Greek Tuna Pandesal? Definitely on our to-do list for the next trip to Elyu.

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Here’s Why Rei Germar Wore A Beige Dress To Vogue Philippines’s Black And White Formal

The dress is almost as old as her.

Don’t worry, she had her reasons.

Champagne, carpet glamour, and a star-studded guestlist are anticipated pillars of every gala affair. Yet, one element is often overlooked—the theme. Whether it’s the Met Gala 2023 or the Barbie Movie Pink Carpet, the theme will make-or-break the night. After all, it will be tomorrow’s talk of the town.

Speaking of the most significant evenings in the fashion scene, the Vogue Philippines Anniversary Gala is finally here. Last night, the theme is ‘Rewear/ Rework,’ which celebrates creativity and sustainability. That said, celebrities and content creators like Bretman Rock, Liza Soberano, and Nadine Lustre re-wore ensembles that had a story to tell. If you’re feeling FOMO, you’re not all alone—Rei Germar donned a beige-y dress for the black and white formal. But before you say anything, she had her reasons that make her one of the best-dressed personalities. After all, the content creator understood the assignment.

A Moment for Rei Germar’s Gala Dress

Photo by Gelo Quijencio

Rei Germar has always been a showstopper, and at the Vogue Philippines Anniversary Gala, she selected an architectural ensemble that looked stunning from all angles. The beauty, fashion, and lifestyle content creator arrived at the black carpet in an archival couture piece from Rajo Laurel. The beautiful beige dress was then paired with a clutch crafted by Cebuano designer Neil Felipp.

The real question is: why was Rei Germar wearing a beige-y dress if the theme was black and white?

The Truth is…

@nylonmanila #ReiGermar wore a beautiful dress that’s nearly as old as her for Vogue Philippines's Anniversary Gala, and she looked amazing, as she should.⚡️ #TiktokFashion ♬ original sound – NYLON Manila

Here’s the thing: the Rajo Laurel archival piece is already in its twenties—imagine, it’s nearly the same age as Rei Germar. When asked about the infamous dress, Rei told us that the dress was originally ivory and had transformed into this beautiful beige over time. “I was five years old when this dress was created. I know the theme is black and white, but this dress started as an ivory color. It’s just that it’s an archive piece— it changed into this beautiful beige color,” she says.

In conclusion, Rei Germar grasped the importance of ‘Rewear/Rework.’ And regardless of the color she chooses to wear, we can all agree that the content creator effortlessly serves every single outfit.

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