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Makeup Artist Jelly Eugenio Talks About How He Made *THAT* Bloody Shoot Happen

It took blood (well, corn syrup), sweat and tears.

He’s the brains behind Disco Heaven, one of the most memorable photoshoots of 2022.

All artists go through a creative burnout at some point which is completely normal. Others unwind by disappearing for a while, going on a hiatus with their craft, some just decide to move on. Not for makeup artist Jelly Eugenio though who’s known for his tenacity and passion in the local beauty world (for now) by creating trends unknowingly that are most often duplicated, and other times goes uncredited.

Ever seen the now viral photos of some of the fiercest women in the industry bathed in blood over Halloweekend? Well, it’s all Jelly’s doing—the beauty behind the madness that is Disco Heaven. Catriona Gray, Nadine Lustre, Ivana Alawi, Kylie Verzosa, Siobhan Moylan, and Nicole Cordoves: all his long-time muses and friends in one frame. Feels like a fever dream doesn’t it? Nope, it took blood (well, corn syrup), sweat and tears just to make one of the biggest shoots of 2022 happen and we were able to do a quick catch up with the artist himself below on how Disco Heaven came to life. Get to know more about Jelly Eugenio’s process and his advice for those feeling conflicted about creative and commercial paths below.

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1. How long have you been in the industry? At what age did your journey as a makeup artist begin?

I’ve been in the local showbiz industry for eight years now. But technically I would consider mga 10 as a makeup artist. I think in general, it’s 15 years. I started at 15 or 16 years old. I was really, really young and I was still in school but I’ve been doing makeup since high school and college.

2. What made you decide on putting together all your muses in one shoot? 

I think it’s always a dream for an artist to have his muses all together. What made me decide to put this together is not really for me but I think it’s a really cool idea for the girls. I don’t only see it as something that could promote me. I’m always inspired by my muses and I think it’s one of the coolest shoots that they’ll ever do in their lives. That’s what I had in mind more than me being in it. 

3. Tell us the story/concept behind Disco Heaven. 

Basically it’s inspired by the song by Lady Gaga I heard. One day I was just walking on a treadmill. Then I heard this song and I closed my eyes and imagined. You know, randomly it came out of my head that it would be nice if it’s Nadine with big hair or like Catriona and they are performing this song. I think it was exactly one year ago. I thought, the ending should be blood ‘cause it’s Halloween, you know? And it only happened a year later which is crazy cause it really took a while. 

It was also inspired by a shoot that BJ, Eldzs and Fold Canela did when they were starting. I saw it and it was a collection for a designer and it was really cool. There was beauty, there was darkness there was blood in there. We talked about this in BJ’s vlog but it was heavily inspired by that. It’s the heart of the shoot. It’s really a nice compilation of beauty looks. I just wanted this shoot to be beauty, beauty, beauty overload. Big hair, glamour, makeup, fashion, sparkle, glitter and I think we achieved all of that. 

4. What were the challenges in mounting the shoot? Feel free to share funny or crucial moments

I think the biggest challenge is really getting everybody all together in two days. This is crazy, this shoot didn’t even happen in a day. It took two days to create it. Nobody thought it would be this huge. The production value and all the work put in this shoot is just so much. Maybe the crucial part is getting the schedule right cause these are the biggest celebrities and we don’t have all day for them. But of course they were all so nice and said yes instantly. I’m really thankful for that. To have them free for all day and not have any schedule or other appointment is just nerve-wrecking. To bathe them in blood is another crazy thing. Thinking of the deck and the creative direction flows naturally to me and everybody in the shoot. But to make it happen in real life and see it exactly how I drew it or imagined it to be is just crazy. 

5. How do you challenge yourself to go against the stereotypical beauty standards? 

I guess I was really just born this way (laughs). I don’t think I would choose to do regular beauty. Even when I do makeup, there’s always a twist that is mine. Maybe because there’s this style that I have. Just a mix of everything and to have knowledge of so much fashion also is what makes me not limit myself to just beauty. There’s so much types of beauty in the world. To me, what some people consider as ugly is beautiful to me. For example, the no eye brows, tooth gaps, freckles. They’re all beautiful. The little things like that matter and that’s what makes me feel that I should not limit myself in a box. Also, it’s always fun to do makeup!

6. Why is it important to feed your creative spirit despite being in the industry for years?

This is so important. As an artist with a crazy mind that goes on and on when I close my eyes, I have to make things happen, especially nowadays everybody is just up and ready to create content. To do something this big that leveled up so much is what I never imagined. But I think it’s what feeds my soul and keeps me going. It’s like a milestone that you look forward to. Even when you’re making your own path, it’s one of the best stops or highlights in life. Despite working everyday, these are the moments that I live for. It makes me come alive. 

7. Any advice to a young creative struggling between doing commercial and creative beauty?

I love this question because I don’t think you have to choose. I think you do commercial beauty to earn money (this is more on the business side). You do commercials and do bridal to earn. But the creativeness, you really have to challenge yourself. You will discover things and you don’t have to choose. You can do beauty for work and then you also have to work for yourself in creating beautiful unorthodox, out of the box makeup. It would be nice to just discover new techniques. You re-discover yourself, your limits, that you can do even better than what you were thinking. 

8. Given the chance, what would you tell your 18-year old self?

This is the first time I’m thinking about it. Maybe I would tell my 18-year old self to just keep going and keep being you. Thinking now about where I’m at, I don’t think there’s anybody there like me, who thinks like me. Eto Beyoncé song naman, unique. You are unique and all of the things you’re dancing to or being inspired with, all your craziness, the makeup, the music videos of Lady Gaga, Beyoncé, Rihanna, it will all happen soon. You will be in it and six of your favorite people will be in it. You will be working with the best people around you, and you will create the most epic content of a generation. It’s not even about the year, it’s the timing or probably this decade if I could say. There are so many epic moments in magazine covers before. Mga panahon nila Judy Anne, Claudine, Gretchen Barretto, they were in covers together. And this is that 2022 moment. This is our generation’s moment for that and you will make that happen. So just keep going and be true to who you are. 

“Thinking now about where I’m at, I don’t think there’s anybody there like me, who thinks like me.”

Watch the entire BTS vlog for Disco Heaven below.

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easy halloween costumes

13 Last Minute Halloween Costumes You Can Easily Re-Create


For when you just don’t have time to whip up a costume, but you want to look that good.

Go big or go home is what most people on Halloween would say. Remember supermodel Heidi Klum who wins almost every year with her costumes? She didn’t mind the painstaking prosthetics just to transform as 8-armed goddess Kali, a skinless body, and even Princess Fiona. Though what about the tiny percentage that just wants to feel spooky but just doesn’t have enough energy or resources to do so?

From Gigi Era’s Tiyanak to Regina George, here are last minute halloween costume ideas you can easily re-create. It’s Halloween, time to get creative!

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Take it from Sassa Gurl and get your ring light, any pambahay clothes, and a paper bag. Pa-mine na lang po!


Basically, just wear anything 80s inspired. But if you want it to be movie accurate, cop HUMAN’s new collaboration with Stranger Things. Chrissy, wake up!


This by far might be one of the funniest moments on Drag Race PH. Re-create Gigi Era’s memorable “when I think of tiyanak” speech with any white lampin you have around the house (bonus if it has lace details) and a bit of fake blood.


The TV host’s look is so distinct, even his hairstyle is being sold as a hat! Bust out your coolest sunglasses, silver rings, and any printed button-down.


Need a last minute halloween costume? You can dress in any way you like as a Sims character, just don’t forget the green diamond in your head. And of course, be fluent in Simlish. Shamble Natzo Thorg.


Dress up as the paranormal expert with a black beanie, glasses, and a whole lot of hair-raising tales.


Get ready to clean up real nice in a suit and tie and a toy gun.


Now, this one’s pretty easy. Wear any baby pink tank top, blue mini skirt and a load of colorful stickers. Do you get déja vu?


Wake up, fishy! Channel Darla with pigtails, fake braces (just wrap an old headband with foil) a purple sweater, white skirt and sneakers, and of course, a plastic bag with a little fish.


The old Carrie can’t come to the phone right now. With her reboot costume, the rule is: the tackier, the better. Get your dish washing gloves, a zip-up hoodie, any printed scarves and some oversized glasses. Voila, a last minute halloween costume.


Cut out a white tank top, wear a purple bra, a mini skirt, and a big blonde wig full of secrets.


The easiest last minute Halloween costume of them all. A white cloth and a pair of scissors is all you need.


Feel the sugar rush as Vanellope with a baby blue hoodie with matching stockings, black mini skirt, chunky boots or sneakers, and colorful hair clips that look like candy.

Filipino K-pop Fan Won Over 30 Fancalls

This 24-Year-Old Filipino K-pop Fan Shares Her Fancall Experiences

Learn her secrets

Meeting groups like Cravity, WEi, CIX, and more, K-pop fan Grace can proudly say that she’s met most of her faves.

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To those new to the world of K-pop, the fansign or fancall is seen by many fans as a top-tier goal to achieve. Like concerts, these events give fans the chance to meet their fave idols in person. But unlike concerts, a fansign is more intimate where the lucky few get to have one-on-one conversations with their faves, albeit for a short time. These events though are notoriously hard to get in with only a few hundred being chosen among those who participate. And not to mention the funds it takes to get your name in the raffle. 

For 24-year-old K-pop fan Grace, she makes things seem easy. In a little over a year, the Filipina hasn’t just been to one, two, or even five fancalls. By her estimate, that number hovers around thirty, which includes a mix of calls with certain members and the entire group from at least five K-pop groups. Needless to say, that’s a lot and is an experience Grace is not taking for granted.   


Grace first got into K-pop in 2009. Like many Filipino K-pop fans, her first foray into the magical world came from 2NE1. “I fell in love with their music, style, and personalities. They pretty much became my role models,” shares Grace. “After that, I found out about K-pop boy groups and began to stan most of the 2nd-3rd gen groups at the time. The first boy group I ever stanned was no other than the kings themselves, BIG BANG.”

As a self-described multi-stan, Grace admits that keeping up with the news can be tiring, so these days, she focuses on her ults, mainly Cravity, WEi, EPEX, and CIX. She also considered herself an NCTzen with WayV being her favorite unit. 


If you want to know just how many fansigns or fancalls Grace has been a part of, she created a tracker just so she doesn’t lose count. And to make it even better, she has been able to speak with all her ult groups. That’s goals right there. Grace’s first brush with a fancall came in June 2021 with WEi’s. “I had decided to try for their 1:1 video call with my bias, Yoo Yongha. I remember joining several fansigns and lost about four to six times,” she recalls. 

It got to the point where she was ready to give up. But Grace pushed herself to try one last time. And this time, the K-pop gods were on her side. “Just when I least expected it—I won. I cried in glee. I only had a few days to prepare for the call. I was excited, it was my first fansign ever, and I was going to talk to my bias.” 

@wyviiiv [ 210718 ] Reposting since I finally had time to edit. My first fansign video call ever! ♡ with Yongha #WEi #위아이 #유용하 #YONGHA #videocallfansign #fansignvideocall #kpop #fyp #kpopfyp @wei__official ♬ Blueming – IU

To make it even better, the first person she saw on screen was not a staff, but Yongha himself. “Now, this part only starts to feel real after you introduce yourself and you hear them saying your name. I was nervous so I stuttered a lot, but it’s okay, because my bias stutters a lot, too. Although I was nervous, I somewhat felt a sense of comfort. The joy you feel during and after is worth it.”

Grace doesn’t have to look far to find these fancall entries. Most artists and groups share their fansign events on their official Twitter pages or their Daum Fancafe. “You can also follow the common twitter pages of sites, such as MyMusicTaste, Makestar, and KTown4U. There are so many more sites that hold fansign events, but you can easily find out about these if you’re on Twitter.”


While competing to get a limited slot against thousands of others can feel like the Hunger Games at times, Grace is a pro at this point. She has a system in place whenever she prepares for a fansign. “First of all, I make sure I’ve memorized my script, or in some cases where I don’t have one, I just prepare mentally, organizing the things I want to say. Then when that’s done, I have a test call with my best friend (who’s also waiting for her turn). We check whether the connection is good and do a quick run-through of our scripts.”

While talking to an idol may seem like a daunting task, Grace says that it’s the waiting that she gets most anxious over. 

@wyviiiv first time posting a behind vid because this was the most interesting one so far #KIMJAEHWAN #김재환 #THELETTER #WANNAONE #원너원 #Jaehwan #jjaeni #videocallfansign #fansignvideocall #영통팬싸 #fansign #kpop #kpopfyp #fyp ♬ Hide And Seek – Wanna One

“While waiting for them to call you, the anxiety and nerves get hard to control, and your stomach hurts so bad that you feel like you need to the bathroom every five minutes. It’s no joke.” But once that video chat goes live and your face to face with your bias, it all goes away. “I usually almost immediately feel calm for some reason, depending on who I talk to, but I tend to treat all the idols as my friends, during the call at least, then after the call, I remember they’re these big idols. You will feel overwhelmed yet have a sense of relief after everything.” 

@wyviiiv he remembered 😂 #CRAVITY #크래비티 #ALLEN #앨런 #AllenMa #fansignvideocall #videocallfansign #fyp #kpop #kpopfyp ♬ GO GO – CRAVITY

When you’re given just a few minutes to talk to a K-pop idol, what do you say? For Grace, she likes to shape the conversation based on the idol she’s talking to. But, she adds, “It’s case by case, you never really know what exactly the idols will do or say, so expect the unexpected.” If you want to be memorable though, Grace recommends using your creative juices. 

“I always like to be creative and come up with fun and unique ideas that allows both of us to enjoy our time. This also helps leave an impression on them. Writing down scripts helps organize the flow of the conversation.” She also recommends memorizing whatever script you may have written down instead of reading it to make things more personal. 


To be able to meet your bias, even for just a fleeting moment, can bring an untold amount of joy, something Grace knows well. “I found so much happiness in talking to my favorite people. It’s what I look forward to the most after a long tiring week. Talking to my biases and/or favorite groups always gives me a lot of strength and motivation.” While all her fansigns have been fun and memorable, Grace singles out two moments that are her favorites. 

The first involves a viral moment of jealousy with Cravity’s Serim. “Serim had spotted my WEi album (which had Yongha’s face on the cover) placed on the display shelf behind me. He interrogated me, asking who it was, but I refused to tell him. He let it slide, but made me promise to change the picture to his, and that he will check the next time we meet. That day, Serim claimed his spot on my ult bias list.” 

@wyviiiv a jealous serim…. 😭😂 #CRAVITY #크래비티 #세림 #박세림 #SERIM #fansignvideocall #videocallfansign #kpop #kpopfyp #fyp ♬ original sound – grace 🌱 – Grace 🖤 윔비

The second is a case of one of the most unexpected ways to make friends. “My best friend Irene and I had our calls at the same moment. It’s funny, because, at that time, we didn’t know each other. I somehow stumbled upon her fansign video with Seokhwa (WEi), watched it because they were wearing filters, then I suddenly heard my conversation with Yongha in the background. It gave me goosebumps. I messaged her right away, telling her how amazing I thought it was…then we became best friends.”

Grace has participated in so many fancalls that even some idols have recognized her and fondly called her “Wimby noona.” Believe it or not, going on multiple fancalls was something that Grace didn’t initially didn’t see the purpose of. That was until she got to talk to her bias.

“I tried again for Yongha (WEi) because there were so many things I wanted to say but couldn’t because of the limited time. During my second call with Yongha, he immediately recognized me. The feeling of someone important to you knowing who you are is the most wonderful thing in the world. What makes it even better is when they ask you to come and see them more often.” 

@wyviiiv 365 DAYS WITH EPEX 💚 AND FOREVER 평생 이펙스 함께 @epex.official #EPEX1stAnniversary #EPEX한살됐어요 #이펙스데뷔1주년 #EPEX #이펙스 #금동현 #KEUM #위시 #WISH #뮤 #MU #아민 #AMIN #조민우 #BAEKSEUNG #백승 #김현우 #AYDEN #에이든 #YEWANG #예왕 #제프 #JEFF #kpopfyp #kpop #영통팬싸 #fansign #videocallfansign #fansignvideocall #fyp ♬ original sound – Grace 🖤 윔비

She adds, “To me, it’s like talking to a friend. You build a bond after meeting several times and they eventually expect you to show up. This also makes them feel so loved that you keep coming back to them and that you’re continuously supporting them.”


At this point, Grace very much knows her way around these fansigns. “I believe the best way to win is by increasing your chances, just like any lottery. Most of the winners will be the top buyers for obvious reasons, but this isn’t always the case. Sometimes, but never guaranteed, you can win by luck.”

But before you go and whip out that credit card, Grace has some words of caution, “Purchase only what you’re willing to spend and how much you can afford. I always compute my chances. It may depend on the timing of the event, whether it’s in the pre-order period, during promotions, or post-promotions. It can also depend on the number of winners, shop/site, and other factors.”  

@wyviiiv 평생 위아이 ♡ #WEi #위아이 #요한 #김요한 #KIMYOHAN #유용하 #YONGHA #장대현 #김동한 #김준서 #석화 #강석화 #준서 #rui #루아이#videocallfansign #fansignvideocall #fansign #영통팬싸 #kpopfyp #kpop #fyp #X1 #producex101 #pdx101 #1THE9 @위아이(WEi) ♬ Too Bad – WEi

To win a fansign usually requires fans to purchase a set amount of albums to get their name in the lottery. The more you spend, the more chances you get to win. As expected, these events are often a drain on one’s resources. For Grace, it just all came down to saving money to participate in video call fansigns when she can. “This was pretty easy to do during the pandemic since there was nothing else to spend my money on. There were no events I had to go to outside the four corners of my room.” 

These days though, it has changed for Grace now that things are going back to some sense of normalcy. Instead of going on video calls, she instead saves her money for in-person events.


As for her advice on how other K-pop fans can be like her and see their faves multiple times, she doesn’t have the magic answer. Instead, she reveals that it all depends on the situation. “Simply, the more famous [the K-pop idol or group is], the more you will need to spend.” There’s no one-stop trick to instantly get into these fansigns. Even Grace has lost her fair share of calls. 

@wyviiiv 🐱🖤 #CIX #씨아이엑스 #배진영 #BAEJINYOUNG #fansignvideocall #videocallfansign #kpopfyp #fyp #kpop ♬ Blueming – IU

Though, if you do manage to get chosen as one of the lucky winners, she advises that fans take an effort to learn their native language. “Learn Korean! Also, idols always appreciate you trying to communicate with them in Korean. They are often touched by your effort to make it easy on them, although they also try their best to speak in English. I believe their real personalities show when they speak their mother tongue.”

Elaborating further, “Only a few sites provide English translators during calls, but I recommend not having them translate everything you say or what the idols reply, because this will take too much out of your time with them, and we all know how that time is limited and valuable. It doesn’t hurt to learn and memorize the things you want to tell them, or if you really can’t speak Korean, perhaps print or write down the messages on a piece of paper.” 


While Grace has made unforgettable experiences from these calls, she reminds us that it’s the K-pop companies in the end who benefit the most from this all.

@wyviiiv A compilation of my fav boys calling my name 🤍🥺 Happy birthday to me 🎂✨🎈🤭 #CRAVITY #EPEX #WEi #CIX #CIIPHER #videocallfansign #fansignvideocall #fansign #kpop #kpopfyp ♬ original sound – Grace 🖤 윔비

“Fansigns are used as a marketing strategy to increase album sales while also giving opportunities for fans to interact and meet their idols. However, let us not forget that the main purpose of fansigns is for companies to make more money, it revolves around capitalism. Again, although the winners may be random, the ones who always win are those who spend the most. It’s just how it is.” 

She isn’t discouraging fans to shoot their shot, but wants them to know that losing a fansign isn’t the end of the world. “I wouldn’t want to discourage those who would like to try. We can never rule out luck. Fansigns are just a luxury and aren’t essential for every fan. Win or lose, you’ve helped increase your group’s album sales!” 

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The Round-Up: Your Playlist Will Thank You For Adding These New Songs

We missed you Rihanna.

Open that playlist and make room for new songs from BTS’ Jin, Rihanna, Sarah Geronimo, Alamat, and many more.

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We don’t know if it’s because it’s the last weekend of the month or Halloween is almost here, but a lot of our faves decided that now would be a good time to release new music. And you know what, we are living. After all, there’s no such thing as too much music in your life. From global superstars and their anticipated comebacks to indie darlings getting us in our feels, this week’s round-up is stacked with tracks you won’t regret pressing play. Get that aux chord ready for your weekend adventures with these new songs.


And just like that, Jin has finally dropped his solo single in The Astronaut. And as expected, it hits in all the right spots. The feel-good track that was gifted to him by Coldplay is a fun and heartwarming listen that features the sweetest of messages.


Your eyes aren’t fooling you; Rihanna is actually back to making new music with her first original track in over six years. As part of the OST for Black Panther 2, Life Me Up is a somber track that highlights Rihanna’s often underrated vocals. It’s a lullaby of a number that will get you in your feels.


Rihanna isn’t the only queen who is making their return to music in the final week of October. After years of waiting, SZA has finally dropped a new track and Shirt is everything we wanted. It’s an R&B vibe with poignant lyrics and killer beats. And to top it all off, at the end of the track’s music video, SZA teased a snippet of another new song. Here’s hoping it won’t take five or more years for it to drop.


Who knew counting up to three could be so romantic? Arthur Miguel and his sweet voice gives us this charming track about finding that renewed sense of love.


For Sarah G’s second single of her new era, the pop princess goes pop and R&B in this fun love song that will get you grooving.


Zack Tabudlo and Tiara Andini bring all the lovey-dovey vibes with their laid-back love song, By My Side. It’s a track perfect when you’re spending time with that special someone.


Prepare to be captivated by Ten as the NCT member puts a spell on you with Birthday, a steamy track all about treating someone special like it’s their birthday.


Have you ever had that moment where you met that one special person who brought color into your life? Morissette has, or at least that what’s she referring to in her newest acoustic single about seeing life in color after love.


It’s a collab we didn’t expect, but one we are happy for. Mew and Suho sound so good together in this love song about spending time with that special someone.


Even baddies go through sad girl hours, as seen in this team up between Chloe and Latto. The R&B track has the ladies reflect on a relationship that leaves them wanting more.


Zild was right to name his new album Medisina, because it’s the medicine we need right now as we immerse ourselves in eleven tracks of introspective rock.


Within its first ten seconds, Dove Cameron hooks you in with her devilishly seductive voice. A toe-tapping beat soundtrack’s a song about entering a relationship that probably is a bad idea, but too good to not miss.


Just in time for Halloween, Alamat gives us this fun pop-electro tune about wanting to be with someone, even if it means becoming a vampire. The track also serves as the opening song on their recently released debut EP, Pasulong, that’s worth the listen.


The wholesome vibes from this track is immense. Stephanie and gnash help make a laid-back track that captures the feeling of not doing anything and just spending the day at home.


This track goes out to all the astrology enthusiasts out there. Jikamarie’s latest pop tune sees the rising songstress turn to the sun and stars to express her love for someone.


The desire to be loved takes center stage in Dom Guyot’s latest single. His sensual R&B vocals effortlessly narrates a tale of finding his long-awaited perfect man. But that road to the perfect relationship isn’t paved with gold.


Despite the personal lyrics of the track, Stef Aranas’ new song feels like a confidence booster given how she knows exactly what her boo gives her. It’s an ode to those special people who make you feel like a queen.

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7 Alternative Streaming Platforms That Offer A Different Cinematic Experience

Time to widen your cinematic horizon.

Want a streamer that feels like a virtual film school or historical museum? Here are some alternative streaming platforms that deserve your subscription.

Today, we witness the age of the pod. Armed with our smartphones, we’re able to seek knowledge, connect with other people, inhabit a virtual space, and basically just conquer the world from the comfort of our couch. We’re becoming more and more governed by algorithms, which is evident most especially in entertainment. Here, we rely on the abundance of shows that streaming platforms like Netflix, Disney+, Amazon Prime Video, and Apple TV+ offer us and the power of, well, VPNs.

Speaking of streamers, more often than not, audiences get bombarded with a ton of content, some of which can be thoughtless offerings, whose goal is to just get our clicks, views, and money. There’s no problem with being satisfied with the mainstream, but sometimes, the public will reasonably long for curated entertainment that gives diverse, original, and satisfying watching experiences.

It’s a good thing that on the other side of the saturated entertainment landscape, there are alternative streaming platforms that offer this and more. From the forgotten classics to underrated arthouse and indie gems, to local and educational documentaries, here are some of the streaming platforms that you should consider next. 

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Formerly known as The Auteurs, Mubi was established in 2007 by Turkish entrepreneur and cinephile Efe Çakarel out of frustration for not being able to watch Wong Kar Wai’s In The Mood For Love online while in a cafe in Tokyo. What comes after is a highly-curated platform that gives you handpicked cinema everyday from around the world. Not all of us can go to prestigious film festivals like Cannes, Berlinale, or the La Biennale in Venice, so Mubi brings that festival experience to you. From your phone to your tablet, even on your PlayStation, you can enjoy and discover some rare cinematic treats anytime, anywhere with Mubi.

From filmmakers like Sean Baker and Wes Anderson to other cinematic masters like Abbas Kiarostami and our very own Lav Diaz, Mubi offers you the most exciting and original new films that most of the time will never or rarely be screened in your local multiplex. Complete with a journal called Notebook and a feedback system where you can rate, review, and discuss your recent watch, Mubi feels like that coffee shop where you can talk with your tote-wielding friends about alternative endings and whatever those symbols mean in Terrence Malick’s Tree Of Life.


Criterion Channel is a product of The Criterion Collection, Inc. (also known as Criterion), an American home-video company that has been distributing and restoring classic and contemporary films since 1984. Whatever the format is, from VHS and laserdisc to DVD, Blu-ray, 4k Ultra HD, and streaming, Criterion has never wavered in its commitment to produce state-of-the-art restorations of the greatest films from all over the world. These high-quality refreshed editions are just some of over a thousand movies that its streaming library boasts. From Hollywood classics to contemporary indie masterpieces, the Criterion Channel will surely deepen your appreciation of the art of film. 

Moreover, Criterion also releases a 15-minute-a-month offering called Observations on Film Art where celebrated filmmakers like Guillermo del Toro and Barry Jenkins are featured as guest curators. Through its YouTube video series, Closet Picks, Criterion also invites artists and celebrities in their little closet that’s literally a cinephile heaven. Like in this video where award-winning actress Cate Blanchett and TÁR director Todd Field make their picks from the shelves that’s stacked with DVDs. Add to that its online magazine, Current, which offers incisive critiques and film discussions with master filmmakers like Martin Scorcese himself, then Criterion Channel feels like your own film school.


Shudder poster

There is no better time to recommend this next genre-specific streamer than this Halloween season. Founded in 2015 by AMC Networks, Shudder is a dream come true for horror fanatics who want a dedicated space for their terror-filled fantasies. Unlike other streamers out there that are heavy on the algorithm, Shudder offers a wide selection of horror movies, series, and original content that are made and curated by horror buffs themselves. From cult classics like The Exorcist and A Nightmare On Elm Street to modern international titles like The Sadness and Revenge, Shudder has a sprawling collection that will fill your horror-hungry souls. 


Short Of The Week banner

There are times where you just don’t have the time to gobble up a two-hour action flick but still have the energy to watch something worth your time. Short of the Week may just be the perfect place for you. Established in 2007 by Andrew Allen and Jason Sondhi, SOTW has become the launchpad and the leading platform that supports emerging filmmakers with their innovative stories told in short film format.

With films just under five minutes like this animated film about a retired frog samurai, you can enjoy world-class storytelling with convenience and get this, it’s all for free! With millions of audiences supporting the platform and its Youtube channel, SOTW has built a network of 30,000 filmmakers and has showcased 2000 short films across different genres from different parts of the world. If you’re an aspiring filmmaker who has a short film that needs exposure, you can also submit to SOTW for a chance to be viewed by millions of subscribers.


Another alternative streaming platform that supports emerging and young filmmakers is NoBudge. Since 2011, NoBudge has been the leading curatorial voice that is focused on low-budget cinema, DIY visions, alternative comedy, film festival shorts, youth culture, student films, web series, dance/music videos among other offerings. Founded by the filmmaker Kentucker Audley, the indie platform aims to spotlight independent filmmakers and artists who work with limited resources and who usually don’t have major industry connections. From comedies, documentaries, to genre-defying experimental creations, NoBudge offers a plethora of experiences that you’ve never had before.


For Filipino audiences who want to immerse themselves in educational films that spotlight Filipino culture, heritage, and history, EdukSine is just the right streaming platform. Funded by the Department of Science and Technology, EdukSine is a recent endeavor that aims to bridge the gap between independent filmmakers and its specific markets including schools, government offices, and companies and help promote films that tackle education, peace, women empowerment, violence against women and children, LGBTQIA+ rights, indigenous culture, agriculture health, environment, and gender equality among other socially relevant themes. 

EdukSine, formerly Pinoy Indie Films RoadShow, started as a vision in 2015 to screen films in alternative cinemas like the UP Cine Adarna to far-flung communities in the Philippines from Cagayan to Tawi-Tawi province, and even to Philippine embassies and communities abroad. Now, EdukSine not only offers the block in schools and government offices, it also now has a hybrid streaming platform where you can watch with convenience. Through its platform that supports passionate local independent filmmakers, EdukSine’s dream is to train the younger generation to develop critical thinking and to be morally upright and responsible Filipinos.


JuanFlix poster

Another local streaming platform that spotlights Philippine cinema is JuanFlix. A project of the Film Development Council of the Philippines, JuanFlix is an over-the-top platform that seeks to offer educational entertainment for both local and international film enthusiasts and filmmakers through homegrown and international offerings that foreground Filipino cinematic excellence. Formerly known as the FDCP Channel, JuanFlix will screen classics like the 1971 film Pagdating Sa Dulo by National Artist for Film Ishmael Bernal and contemporary Filipino movies like the award-winning Gusto Kita With All My Hypothalamus by Dwein Baltazar. JuanFlix will be available online this coming November 11.

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Weekend Watchlist: 10 Movies And Shows For Your Spooky Weekend

Get spooky this weekend.

From a famous anthology film series that offers you all of Filipino lore and horror to a terrifying world where people torment you with their sinister smiles, this weekend watchlist has got your Halloween weekend covered.

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And just like that, October comes to an end in a gloomy and stormy tone. It’s as if we just blinked and an entire month passed us by. This weekend, you’re probably planning to go to your spooky parties or just chill at home to keep dry and cozy. Perhaps you want a horror flick to include in your party program or you just want to end the month feeling the freakiest ever, NYLON Manila has got your movie lineup covered with this weekend watchlist. Scroll through to know which shows are worthy of your screams.


Start your weekend with this true crime movie that is as frightening as it is angering. The Good Nurse follows the story of Charles Cullen, a real-life serial killer nurse, who’s murdered hundreds of patients by covertly injecting their saline bags with insulin. Based on the true-crime book of the same name by Charles Graeber, this terrifying procedural film stars Oscar winners Eddie Redmayne, who gives a bone-chilling performance as the prolific murderer, and Jessica Chastain, who plays Amy Laughren, the good nurse who helps the authorities capture Cullen. The Good Nurse is now streaming on Netflix.


If you just want to have a good time at the cinemas, then dive into Leonor Will Never Die, an offbeat offering from Martika Ramirez Escobar that’s also full of heart. Produced by ANIMA (formerly Globe Studios), the eccentric film follows the story of Leonor Reyes, a retired filmmaker, who one day gets thrust into the world of her unfinished script after getting hit by a television on her head. While in a coma, Leonor gets to live as the heroine of her own action-filled story as reality and fiction starts to blur in her colorful imagination. Having won several awards from A-list film festivals like Sundance and TIFF, you have all the reason to catch Leonor Will Never Die on October 29 (Saturday), at the Cine Adarna in UP Diliman.


Nothing can ever give you that complete Filipino horror satisfaction than Shake, Rattle, & Roll, the longest-running film series in the country. Ever since 1984 up until 2014, Filipinos got to feel the thrill and scream their lungs out through SRR’s anthology movies that give us triple the fright every year. From a murderous refrigerator in Pridyider to that abominable and unforgettable sea creature called Undin in Nanay, you can immerse yourself in Filipino lore and terror on Regal Entertainment, Inc.’s YouTube channel, now that all of the SRR’s editions are available to watch for free!


Ever heard of a film about an Airbnb booking gone wrong? Barbarian is the debut film from Zach Cragger that melds the psychological horror genre with bloody gore. Tess is a young woman who books a rental home in Detroit for a job interview only to learn that it has been double-booked and a strange man is already staying there. But it just gets even stranger and spookier as Tess stays for the night and discovers something far more sinister lurking underneath the house. Starring Georgina Campbell and Bill Skarsgård, this acclaimed film is available to stream on HBO Max and to rent on Amazon.


Academy Award-winning filmmaker Guillermo Del Toro offers you not one, not two, but eight spine-tingling tales of terror in his anthology offering, Guillermo Del Toro’s Cabinet of Curiosities. Challenging and reinventing the classical horror genre, all episodes bring unique horror experiences created by the masters of the genre led by Del Toro himself and other filmmakers including Ana Lily-Amirpour (A Girl Walks Home Alone at Night), Vincenzo Natali (Cube), Panos Cosmatos (Mandy), and Jennifer Kent (Babadook). Fill your weekend with a nightmarish experience as the series now streams on Netflix.


A remake of the 2014 Austrian film of the same name, Goodnight Mommy is a psychological horror film that follows a pair of young twin brothers who suspect that their mother, who has undergone a face surgery and is covered with bandages, is switched with an impostor. As her demeanor continues to get weirder and more erratic, the boys’ suspicion just gets more intense, pushing the both of them to their limits. Headlined by Naomi Watts, Goodnight Mommy is ready to play with your mind as it streams on Amazon Prime.


The depressing horror of war is foregrounded in Edward Berger’s sprawling anti-war film, All Quiet On The Western Front. Based on the 1929 novel of the same name, the film follows the story of the 17-year-old Paul, whose romantic dreams of heroism get shattered as he discovers the grim reality of life on the Western Front and the soul-destroying horror of the First World War. Staring Felix Kamerrer as the disillusioned soldier and Daniel Brühl as the German writer and politician Matthias Ezberger, All Quiet On The Western Front comes to Netflix this weekend.


Now, it will be hard to say a lot about this award-winning Finnish horror movie without spoiling it. So, let’s just say that Hatching centers around Tinja, a twelve-year-old gymnast who one day finds a mysterious egg. What hatches afterwards is for you to witness in a film that experiments on fantasy and body horror with a touch of some döppelganger madness. Directed by Hannah Bergholm, Hatching is now available to stream via video-on-demand on Hulu and Amazon.


The thirteenth installment of the iconic slasher franchise and the last part of the sequel trilogy that began in 2018, Halloween Ends finds Laurie Strode (Jamie Lee Curtis) as she finally confronts the murderous evil Michael Myers (James Jude Courtney) once and for all in a final bloody battle. Directed by David Gordon Green, who also helmed the last Halloween titles, Halloween Ends offers you some gory goodness as it screens in cinemas near you.


With its viral marketing campaign that has proved to be creepily effective, Smile beams with a kind of unsettling terror that will linger in and play with your head. It follows Dr. Rose Cotter (Susie Bacon), a psychiatrist who begins to experience what she believes to be supernatural occurrences after witnessing a (trigger warning) bizarre suicide of one of her patients. She is then thrust into an incredibly terrifying series of events (where people hound her with their super creepy smiles) as she confronts her troubled past to escape her cursed present. Smile now plays in cinemas nationwide.

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BTS’ Jin Transports Us To A New Universe In ‘The Astronaut’

A special track indeed.

Together with Coldplay, Jin did not disappoint with The Astronaut, a feel-good sentimental number that’s both catchy and heartwarming.

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While most of the ARMY fandom was shaken by the recent news of BTS’ upcoming military service in the coming year, that doesn’t mean the boys left us with nothing to do while waiting for them. Most of the members still have to release their solo projects. And eldest member Jin did that with the drop of his first-ever single, The Astronaut, and it’s hitting us in all the right spots.



Dare we say it, but Jin’s solo songs are some of the most underrated in all of BTS. Tracks like Awake and Epiphany are emotional bangers that showcase Jin’s exceptional vocals. He knows how to give that tune to get us feeling things. And for The Astronaut, he did that and then some. The upbeat track with a warm band sound has Jin contemplating on finding that special love that makes him feel like he’s in his special world.

Aided by Coldplay’s magical production, the catchy track hits its stride when the drums kick in the chorus. With hints at a deeper meaning, the way Jin sings makes it feel like a euphoric realization. The vibes on The Astronaut are a ten as listening to it makes you feel all good inside.


The song’s accompanying music video further fleshes out the track’s heartwarming tale. The Los Angeles shot video stars a space-obsessed Jin living in suburban America. One day, he sees on the news (with the news anchor being played by Coldplay’s Chris Martin) that a crashed spaceship is emitting a beam of light into the sky. He puts on his suit and heads to the crash site. But it turns out that Jin is most likely the alien, and the crashed ship was his. While he does want to go home, he forms a wholesome friendship with a little girl and is given shelter.

Jin is not from earth, but after spending time on the planet and with the girl, he realizes that his home is here. Hence, when the ship is ready to take off and back to Jin’s original planet, he decides last minute not to enter it after his epiphany and heads back home, ready to spend more time with the family he holds close to his heart. Home is not a place, but the people we love. Now, who’s cutting onions?


Were we surprised that Jin served? Absolutely not. And the fact that this is a continuation of BTS and Coldplay’s space-themed collaborations makes it even better. From gifting Jin a guitar to working with him on a song, it’s a full circle moment. But aside from the track itself, what’s getting us emotional is the fact that this is one of Jin’s last public project before he begins his mandatory military service. If this is his last gift to ARMY, we are thankful. It’s a bop with a heart and a touching masterpiece through and through.

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Niana Guerrero And Esnyr Ranollo Offer Us Double The Fun In Their Collab Vlog

Shot puno!

Niana Guerrero and Esnyr Ranollo prove that two TikTok stars are better than one in her newest vlog that’s just pure fun. 

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As the most followed TikTok star in the Philippines, Niana Guerrero is legitimately this generation’s most favorite influencer. With over 34 million followers and counting, the sixteen-year-old has been killing the game with her content that spotlights her swaggy dance skills (together with her brother Ranz and cute little sister Natalia) and her adorable and wholesome relationship with her family. With her overarching influence that is at once amusing and inspiring, it is just apt that NYLON Manila has hailed her as its Gen-Z Approved TikTok Star and Favorite Content Creator during the past two editions of Big, Bold, Brave Awards. 

And recently, in the realm of YouTube, Niana has also been giving us double the fun as she collabs with other TikTokers, spending a day with her fellow online stars doing challenges and basically just having a lot of fun. In her most recent vlog, Niana partners with our favorite classmate and TikTok Philippines’ Creator of the Year, Esnyr Ranollo.

If you’re familiar with Esnyr’s uber-relatable and hilarious brand of content, then you’ll have the best time watching him in his different student alter-egos while interacting with Niana. Below are some of the moments that will definitely make you laugh out loud.


Niana and Andrei in the car

Niana starts her a-day-with-tiktokers vlog by meeting not Esnyr himself, but the stereotypical student characters he plays in his videos. First, Niana gets to meet the panyo-wielding and headphones-wearing Andrei. As we all know, he’s that smartest and quietest classmate you’ll ever have and Niana gets a taste of his silence. “Itong si Andrei hindi daw talaga ‘to nagsasalita pero top 10 sa school,” explains Niana as Andrei pulls a trick where he fixes his hair with both his hands while the hanky stays on his face.

Jessa asks Niana

This silence gets utterly broken as Niana meets Jessa, our chatty class president. “Don’t you know that Niana comes from a Greek word and Libyan name?” asks Jessa who’s wearing a school uniform complete with her school ID and bag. “It means significant and expressive too,” she adds as Niana and her entire team burst into laughter.


Niana and Charlotte eat kwek-kwek

Niana is then greeted by the class muse Charlotte who comes ready with her flowy, ash blonde hair and her kikay spirit. “Alam mo ‘yung feeling na one day lang maganda ka,” she tells Niana as they roam around UP Diliman. “Kasi ‘pag everyday, it’s so tiring.”

The two find themselves having a meryenda at the university’s street food stalls. “Do you have ano here, like neon balls,” Charlotte asks. “Ah kwekkwek,” Niana replies as they enjoy eating isaw and neon balls with “caramelized sugar sauce.”


Niana compliments Esnyr

Finally, after a funny and creative introduction, Niana meets Esnyr in his realest and most charismatic form. This is the first time the two TikTok stars meet each other, but the overall chemistry makes them look like they’ve been BFFs for quite some time. “Alam niyo ba idol ko talaga si Esnyr,” Niana says of the Davao-based online star, much to his kilig. What follows is a short but sweet interview where Esnyr returns the compliment. “Super inspired ako sa’yo, legit.” he says. “Isa ka sa reason kung bakit ako nag-pursue ng content creation.”


After the car trip, Niana and Esnyr play the Guess The Tiktoker Challenge where if they fail to answer the question, they’ll get punished by drinking some curious stuff that ranges from what looks like soy sauce to lemon juice and milk. After some hilarious turns, the two are left stumped by Khaby Lame’s photo, making the both of them suffer the consequences. “Shot puno!”


Esnyr shakes hands with Ranz

Ever since Esnyr has stepped foot on Niana’s house, his kilig over the idea of meeting her brother Ranz is already obvious. His dream gets realized as he eventually meets Ranz and holds his hand. His competitive spirit turns into a pa-cute attitude as he’s overcome with the feels.

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You Will Never Look At Dolls The Same Way Again With These Horror Movies

Just looking at them gives us the chills.

There’s nothing like the magic of creepy, demented, or haunted dolls in horror movies to unsettle your skin.

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Horror movies have used so many objects to scare viewers that they could fill an entire IKEA warehouse. But time and time again, it seems as if dolls, puppets, and other similar objects continue to be a favorite of horror. As far back as 1929’s The Great Gabbo, horror cinema used dolls as a way to manifest our deepest fears. Dolls are supposed to be comforting companions that are usually modeled around human facial features.

And honestly, we love it because demonic or twisted dolls never fail to give us the creeps. If the recent viral trailer for the upcoming horror movie M3GAN has taught us anything, it’s that horror movies and dolls go together like sisig and beer. Let’s take a look at some of cinema’s best movies that made dolls the last thing we wanted in our homes.



Even after all these decades, Chucky is still that demented doll with a sick sense of humor. 1988’s Child’s Play introduced the world to one of horror cinema’s most iconic villains in the form of this ginger-haired killer. On the run from the police, murderer Charles Lee Ray hides in a toy store and sees a Good Guy doll. He grabs one, and right as he’s about to be shot to death by the police, transfers his sole into the doll via ancient ritual. Just like that, a horror icon was born that has continued to terrorize children and adults from the late 80s until now. Chucky has even introduced other dolls into his schemes such as his wife, Tiffany.



When you talk about dolls in horror movies, you can’t forget the queen herself. The Conjuring franchise has given us quite a few villains, but Annabelle stands out as one of the best. What started as a side villain during the intro for the first The Conjuring has become a phenomenon in her own right. Annabelle, based on a real doll, is all kinds of evil which is best seen in the thrilling 2017 prequel, Annabelle: Creation. To think, the doll was originally made for a couple to grieve their deceased daughter.



As the longest-running horror anthology series in the country, it’s not a surprise that Shake Rattle and Roll would involve a segment featuring a haunted doll. In the twelfth installment of the movie franchise, one of its vignettes is called Mamanyika and revolves around two women, Ara (Shaina Magdayo) and Abigail (Elijah Alejo). One day, after visiting their mother’s grave, Abigail sees a half-buried doll in the cemetery and decides to pick it up because why not. As expected, the doll becomes their biggest nightmare as it becomes possessed by their mom’s spirit and tries to kill them. Note to self, never pick up dolls we find in the cemetery.



Aside from leg amputations and one of horror cinema’s best endings, 2004’s Saw will always be remembered for giving the world to Billy the puppet. With its suit, red eyes, white skin, and red spirals on its cheeks, Billy is as iconic as he is scary. When you see that doll on a TV screen or roll up in his tricycle and hear its signature low voice asking you if you want to play a game, know that you’re in for a world of hurt.



This 2014 Star Cinema horror film centers on three parents, Faith (Iza Calzado), Julio (Zanjoe Marudo), and Stella (Jodi Sta. Maria). All three of them tragically lose their daughters during a school field trip. In mourning, the trio turns to a psychiatrist for help. The psychiatrist then comes up with a Nobel Prize-winning idea; he gives them each a white porcelain skin that they can use to cope with their tragedy. But when the dolls begin to exhibit killer tendencies, the parents learn that they aren’t dealing with regular dolls anymore.



While horror master James Wan is more known for projects like The Conjuring and Insidious, his 2007 effort, Dead Silence, is an underrated gem. It’s a thrilling ride with a twist ending that will creep you out. Meanwhile, the doll at its center, Billy, is unsettling to look at. The film starts when James comes home to see his wife killed after a mysterious package containing the ventriloquist doll was sent to their home. To clear his name and find answers, James travels to his hometown of Raven’s Fair. But when he arrives, James realizes that a homecoming is not the only thing that’s waiting for him.



Dolls are sometimes used as ways for parents to cope with child loss. In The Boy, the 2016 horror film takes that concept to demented levels. American nanny Greta Evans travels to England thinking she’ll take care of an eight-year-old boy. But when she arrives at the home of the elderly couple that hired her, she’s shocked to discover that their son is a life-sized doll.

This is the couple’s way to cope with the loss of their actual son 20 years ago. Greta is given a strict set of rules to follow to take care of the doll. Naturally, she doesn’t take it seriously. And when she violates one of the rules, her worst nightmares become real as the doll may be alive after all.

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Trend Alert: It’s Time To Get Sturdy And Work Those Legs

Just dance to the sturdy dance.

If you ever wanted to do a dance that will give your legs and knees a proper workout, the sturdy dance is for you.

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With the proliferation of TikTok dance challenges, it’s no surprise that dance moves enter the cultural zeitgeist seemingly every week. And if you’ve been on TikTok as of late, you probably have come across the latest dance trend taking over the platform. In case you didn’t know, sturdy, or getting sturdy, is a hip-hop dance that traces its origins to the Woo Walk popularized by rapper Pop Smoke. The sturdy dance has people perform a series of hops from foot to foot with the addition of drops and spins.

It partially gets its name because dancers are supposed to keep their torso relatively in place as they flex their leg work. Some have said that the sturdy dance is straight or masculine voguing, and honestly, they aren’t wrong. Both dances share some similarities.

The sturdy dance has been around for a few years now. But it has recently taken on new life on TikTok thanks to a viral sped-up audio of Lady Gaga’s Just Dance and a dance challenge started by user @terence.io. It’s not an easy dance to do, but the satisfaction of getting the choreography down is real. Let’s take a look at some of the local stars who’ve flexed their leg movements and got sturdy.


@nianaguerrero lil sis wanted to try 🔥 #onewithnatalia ( dc @terence.io ♬ original sound – IRON GAINS

The queen and princess of TikTok are at it again. Nearly 60 million views and over nine million likes, we know that’s right. But the video is also getting us emotional because seeing Natalia dance with her sister reminds us of how Niana started dancing by watching her brother.


@blythe Ipost ko na bago pa ako mahuli nanaman sa trend, salamat po idol @Niana Guerrero sa pag pili #fyp ♬ original sound – IRON GAINS

Her moves were on-point, as always. But can we talk about Blythe’s fit though? It’s giving street-style chic.


@altheaxblan Basic 👌🏻@shayne #altheaxblan #fyp ♬ original sound – IRON GAINS

Their dance moves aren’t the only thing coordinated in this video. We love besties with matching black outfits.



happy feet

♬ original sound – IRON GAINS

Just watching them move is already making us tired. But the fact their smooth footwork made it look effortless shows just how talented they are as dancers. JL almost flew in the end with his spin.


@joshcullens Lilpad na! @Khalifa Boi 😈👌🏾 @ChampoyQ @ronronryan ♬ original sound – IRON GAINS

We mean, are we that surprised that he did so well? And the way he played off that spin in the end was smooth.


@coleen.mnl48official mas napagod po kami dito kesa sa rides sa @enchantedkingdom.ph ♬ original sound – IRON GAINS

You really are that dancer when you start the video with your hands in your pocket. It looked so casual for Coleen and Kenneth.



♬ original sound – IRON GAINS

It’s honestly impressive that Ashley did this in only four takes when we would have probably needed 20+ tries to get it right.


@vivoree my legs after this 😬 #fyp ♬ original sound – IRON GAINS

Not only did Vivoree do great, but she did all that in heels. In heels! She’s getting tens for this one.

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