Suga Psy - That That MV - BTS

Psy And BTS’s Suga Have A Wild West Dance Party In That That

Sometimes you just want to wear a cowboy hat and clapback at the haters.

To mark his return to music in five years, Psy enlists the help of BTS’s Suga for That That, a track that swings open the doors of the saloon and gets the party started.

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When you’re K-pop superstar Psy, a comeback has to be anything but ordinary. Regardless of what you think of the song, you can’t deny the impact Gangnam Style had on the global K-pop scene. Not only was it a smash hit and global dance craze, it also was the first introduction of K-pop to many. Even before Gangnam Style, Psy was already a popular act in Korea. But since dropping his last album in 2018 and leaving YG Entertainment, it’s been relatively radio silence in terms of music for him. He did set up P Nation, which has since earned a reputation as a safe haven for underrated and mistreated Korean acts.

So, when you announce your first new music in five years, how do you make a comeback? In Psy’s case, it’s by working with one of the members of the biggest boy band in the world and creating a song that loudly announces your toe-tapping return.


Teaming up with BTS’s Suga, Psy’s That That is an upbeat and dance-heavy track that blends elements of Latin music. Not only does Suga feature on the song, but he also produced it as well, blending his style with the often bouncy and hyper vibe Psy is known for. The song doesn’t hold back with announcing Psy’s return in 2022 as he and Suga deliver a party anthem about living your life.

The song’s sound, lyrics, and style relate a feeling of letting your inhibitions go and even bust a move as seen in the track’s addicting chorus. Psy’s signature style is still there while Suga’s bars are straight up fire with his rap about how he’s still standing despite what others have thrown his way. We also appreciate the nice callbacks to MIC Drop with the “haters gonna hate, players gonna play” line.


The accompanying music video is a wonder. Psy has been known to deliver over-the-top productions and That That is no exception. Set in a town in the Wild West, Psy, along with a town’s worth of dancers, channel their inner cowboy and cowgirl as they dance around town. There’s even a reference to Psy’s most famous song as we see him done the iconic blue suit from Gangnam Style. Suga then shows up in dramatic fashion, which when he does, you already know you’re in for a treat. The fact that he started his verse with “Bruh, you forget what I do for a living?” means he’s coming for blood.

While Suga looks as cool as ever, we love how his less serious side shows. It’s nice how he kept up with Psy’s moves, cowboy hat and all, and even had a fist fight with Gangnam Style Psy.

That That isn’t the only thing to get excited for though. Psy also dropped PSY 9TH, his 9th studio album. And the 12-track LP is filled with a who’s who of K-pop stars. Aside from Suga, Psy also has collabs artists like Jessi in the hard-hitting hip-hop track GANJI, Heize in the acoustic and breezy Sleepless, and Hwasa in the 80s city pop inspired Now. The way Psy got all these artists together on one album, iconic behavior no doubt.  

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Querubin Llavore Really Went From Viral Sensation To International Meme Queen

Maris Racal, Querubin is coming for your crown sis.

In February 2022, Querubin Llavore unintentionally gave one of the best and most relatable new memes of the year, one that has gone international.

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Remember Querubin Llavore? The meme queen who gave us a reaction video that could be passed off as an embodiment of the Gen Z personality? In case you forgot, the TikTok star shot to internet fame after they competed on Tawag Ng Tanghalan during its February 12 episode. They performed Rivermaya’s 241 and did an amazing job. To their surprise, they won that round, which caused them to get emotional and shed tears. But Querubin’s true moment of stardom came when they caught the camera and quickly went from crying to sticking their tongue out. (A true baddie indeed.) As if they was going through five different emotions at the same time. The clip quickly went viral on social media and entered the 2022 meme directory.

But proving just how relatable the meme is, that clip and more of Querubin caught the attention of people not just in the Philippines, but internationally as well, because since then, the clip has been co-opted globally. While memes sometimes come and go, Querubin’s didn’t, which speaks to its universality. That’s the nature of internet humor, what with its ability to transcend languages and boarders. One day you’ll use a meme based off your favorite K-pop idol and the next is a clip from a Nigerian movie. From regular users to music stars, Oscar winning directors and more, check out how far the Querubin’s reactions and memes have gone since embarking on a world tour.

@yerisluvr sakura probably started cheering the second garam closed the door #lesserafim#garam#kimgaram#chaewon#yunjin#sakura#eunchae#kazuha#hybe#dontlaughchallenge#kpopfyp#kpop#viral#fypシ#4u#garambully#actives#blowthisup ♬ bangtansjk supremacy besties – ok
@sainthoax ? @QUERUBIN ♬ original sound – Saint Hoax
@dannypicnic Purrrr #fyp #foryou #foryoupage ♬ Girlz Wanna Have Fun – MATTN & Stavros Martina & Kevin D

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The Boys Of SB19 Being The Newest PBB “Housemates” Is Already One Of The Best Parts Of The Season

Note to self, make sure to bring ice cream when we meet SB19 in person.

SB19 has slayed on local and international stages. But can they conquer the PBB house as well?

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When it comes to Pinoy Big Brother, most of the action and drama usually comes from the housemates, of course. But every now and then, a special guest enters the famed house at the request of Kuya to either teach the housemates something or participate in a special activity. And for this week’s challenge of PBB Teens Edition, a little bit of both happened. PBB initially teased that two P-pop groups were entering the house, which was later confirmed to be powerhouse groups SB19 and MNL48.

Already, the season had it’s P-pop touch with former MNL48 member Gabb being part of the cast. But the participation of the group brought it to a new level. They were sent inside to teach the housemates song and routines to be performed for their upcoming Big Kumuniteen Summer Concert. But their appearance extended to more than just mentoring the teens as P-pop week at the Pinoy Big Brother house introduced a more personal and intimate view on the superstars.


While MNL48 entering the iconic house was already great, it felt even more special as it was a chance for Gabb to reunite with her former group mates. MNL48’s Ella, Jem, and Coleen were there to teach the female housemates the choreo for No Way Man. But their appearance got us a bit teary eyed as it also gave Gabb the motivational boost she needed. Seeing her being comforted by the members was so sweet and showed that Gabb will always have a special place in MNL48, even if she already graduated. While MNL48’s stay wasn’t that long, they did cook street food like squid balls as their parting gift to the housemates.



After MNL48, it was revealed that SB19 would enter the PBB house. But their participation was extra special as they wouldn’t just be teaching the housemates, but that they would also be living with them as well. After entering the house on April 27, they stayed for a few days as they served as mentors to the teens for their weekly task. Pablo has said that the group always wanted to enter the PBB house and clearly, they made the most of it. For starters, they had an entrance that was next levels extra as men in mysterious black robes entered the house before it was revealed to be SB19 who went on to perform Go Up. Tiff and Stephanie were the embodiment of A’TIN.

Thanks to the magic of uninterrupted live steaming via kumu, we got to see whole new facets to the P-pop kings. For starters, we got to see SB19 in their mentor mode as they share their talents and knowledge to the teens. Given how SB19 were once trainees themselves, this truly is a full-circle moment.

@kyllavor #sb19stell #pbbseason10 #foryou #trending #viral #share #xyzbca ♬ original sound – KJLA_PBB10❤️‍?
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@shane4esbi HAJSHAHHSJSHAHA kalmahan mo lang pau #sb19 #mahalima #sb19xatin #sb19onpbb #sb19pbb #fyp #fypシ ♬ original sound – =Shane=

While we do get SB19 in serious mode, we also see the group in their lighter, more wholesome side. Since we have a more unfiltered look at the boys, we get to see their more personal and natural sides, how they would act in real life more or less. It’s interesting to see how their individual personalities shine and how they treat each other. In particular, the way they treat Justin warms the heart.

@kyllavor #sb19pablo #sb19josh #sb19stell #sb19ken #sb19justin #sb19 #atin #mapa #foryou #trending #viral ♬ A warm piano instrumental ballad(808701) – NOPPO MUSIC
@taro.milkt kuya may siga po sa bahay niyo? #sb19_ken #sb19 ♬ original sound – taro | ???
@taro.milkt Reply to @taro.milkt nawala bigla kasigaan mo ah #sb19_ken #sb19_justin #sb19 ♬ original sound – taro | ???
@kxnto.lala “Justin ha hindi mo bahay toh” HAHHAHAHHAHHA#SB19 #fyp #sb19_justin #sb19_ken #KENTIN ♬ original sound – K?
@joshcopobbq shipping aside, i really love their brotherhood & how they're naturally clingy to each other esp. to jah :(( that no matter what happens, justin de dios is still and will always be josh, pau, stell and ken's bunso :(( #sb19_justin #sb19_ken #sb19_stell #sb19_pablo #sb19_josh #sb19 #mahalima #pbb #sb19onpbb #fyp ♬ original sound – juvs
@yourcrisa Kakapasok nyo palang lagot kana agad kay atechona ?#PBB #SB19onPBB #SB19XAtin #SB19_Pablo #SB19_Ken ♬ Bazinga – SB19
@kenvstr oh ano aangal ka? #joshtin #sb19_josh #sb19_justin ♬ Better Than Me [Explicit] – Q Money
@taro.milkt #sb19_stell #sb19 ♬ original sound – taro | ???

In general, seeing SB19 interact with other housemates, have fun, and be their true selves is a treat. Speaking of treat, SB19 being in PBB made us realize their near obsession with ice cream, especially Ken. But ice cream is ice cream and there’s no shame in enjoying the icy treat. It is often said that PBB is the teleserye ng totoong buhay and SB19 lived out the teleserye fantasy, even if it was just for a little while. Their stay on the show also hopefully gave people, both here and abroad, a look at the unique charms of the group and help them understand why they are considered as the P-pop kings.

@hartchikong kaluluwa na lang po ako ngayon, @stellajero16 bat ang pafall mo? T^T #fyp #sb19 #sb19_stell #sb19_justin #sb19_ken #sb19_pablo #sb19josh ♬ original sound – hart
@kyllavor #sb19ken #pbbseason10 #foryou #trending #viral #bisaya ♬ original sound – KJLA_PBB10❤️‍?
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@_kwenni219 HEEELLPPP normal pa ba kiligin dito? Not me blushing kahit naghuhugas lang naman sya HAHAHAHA #sb19_ken #sb19 #ppoprise #mahalima #fypシ #fyp #foryoupage #fypfypfyp ♬ see tình spedup – gjnk
@iamsuperbianca “Wala pa man din sa loob ng bahay ni Kuya, ay kapansin pansin na miss na miss na ng A’tin ang SB19.” #pbbkumunityseason10 #sb19 #fyp ♬ Bazinga – SB19
@ellayyyy05 Pampa energy sa mga inaantok #sb19 #sb19_stell #sb19pbb #fyp #foryou #foryoupage #fypシ ♬ original sound – Ellayyy05

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9 Activities To Add To Your Labor Day Weekend Itinerary

A weekend to remember and celebrate.

Weekends are always times to relax and have fun. But this upcoming labor day weekend feels extra special.

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Every May 1 is celebrated as Labor Day, a public holiday where we recognize the labor movement, as well as their efforts and contributions has done for society. While some see the labor day weekend as a partying weekend, the public holiday gets its roots from hundreds of thousands of workers who marched to Malacañang for better treatment and progressive rights such as fair and livable wages. In the Philippines, the holiday has been marked since May 1903, more than a hundred years now. Aside from commemorations on the working class, which really courses through the purpose of labor day, the weekend is also known as one of the busiest for traveling and going out. With that being said, we compiled a list of activities that you may want to do both within and outside the city so that you can get the most out of your weekend.  


With the country under Alert Level 1, many things we used to enjoy before are coming back, and that includes the nightlife scene. And this upcoming labor day weekend will see the return of UNKNWN, one of the metro’s favorite nightlife collectives that promote local culture. Appropriately titled UNKNWN.Returns, their anticipated comeback will be held at the Puerta Real Gardens and feature over 14 DJs across two stages. So if you’re looking to get your party on from late night until early morning, you have an option. Check out UNKNWN for tickets for entry.


When it comes to vacations, Boracay will consistently stay at the top of everyone’s to-go list. No matter what occasion or time of the year it is, Boracay is always a good time. But Boracay during the labor day weekend is a whole other level thanks to the famed Laboracay, a full weekend of partying and drinking. While this year’s festivities may not be as grand as years past, that doesn’t mean you can’t have a good time. If you do have plans to go to Boracay for the weekend, just make sure to party safely and responsibly.  


When you think of having your own private island, you usually think of the ultra-rich and above. But what if we told you that you could rent your own private island for only 5000 pesos in Palawan? Up, it’s real and it’s located at Busuanga, Palawan. The island is called North Cay Nature Island and the owner has opened it up for visitors and tourists to rent. Aside from its natural beauty, the island features two villas, water sports and other water based activities, and even an outdoor cinema where you and your friends or family can watch movies under the stars. Rent costs 5000 pesos per night for a minimum group of four. For more information, check out their Facebook page.  


Love coffee? Then this one is for you. Marking their physical return since the pandemic began, the Manila Coffee Festival is opening it’s door once more to coffee lovers this April 29-May 1. Among the things you can except at this caffeine focused festival are local coffee shops, talks, and the many different tastes of Philippine coffee. The event will be held at Fort Santiago in Intramuros from 4-10 PM. Tickets cost 150 pesos each.


If you’re looking for a more adult experience this labor day weekend, Johnnie Walker might have the treat that’s up your alley. The alcohol brand are set to open the Johnnie Highball Bar this April 29 at Burgos Park in Forbes Town, BGC. You can visit the bar starting April 29 until May 28 from 5 PM – 1 AM. Consider the bar as a new place for you and your friends to grab a good drink, relax, and just hangout.


National Museum of the Philippines Tours & Tickets - Book Today

While there is nothing wrong with going to the mall, you can also spend your weekend by visiting a local museum and brush up on your history. (Because you should never forget your history.) Ayala Museum has its noted art and history collections. The National Museum complex has free admission to all its museums and houses some of the most extensive historical collections in the country. And if you’re looking to get away from the city and enjoy some art, there’s the Pinto Art Museum in Antipolo and the Bencab Museum in Baguio to name a few. You can also check out Art In The Park online which lasts until May 1.


Best things to do in La Union 2022 | Attractions & activities - Klook  Philippines

Few things scream great weekend getaway than the beach. Forgetting all your worries and responsibilities for just a moment by the beach feels so relaxing. Aside from Boracay, La Union, and Palawan are some of the popular destination for beach goers. But really, any beach you enjoy visiting is fine. The goal here is to destress and live in the moment, whether it be with your friends or family or by yourself.  


Cities and farming usually don’t mix given how opposite they are from one another. But that is slowly changing with the advent of urban farms in the metro. Over the months, locations like Urban Farms, Agriroofs, and Urban Farm have sprouted across the city to give city dwellers a taste of farming and promote sustainable and environmentally friendly urban farming. Visitors have the opportunity to care, grow, and eat the food they plant from these farms. And given how farmers are an integral part of the labor force and continue to experience struggles in terms of labor conditions, these farms could help you understand, sympathize, and support the struggle of farmers around the country.


With more countries opening up, traveling has never been as easy now since the pandemic now. But let’s be real, airplane tickets aren’t cheap with inflation and the increase in global gas prices among other things. This is why if you’re hoping to fly, whether it be domestic or abroad for your next vacation, this labor day weekend is the best time to book that ticket. Cebu Pacific is currently running a promo where you can get domestic flights for as low as 88 pesos and international flights as low as 599 pesos. You better act fast though as the promo only lasts until April 30.

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Your Fave Stars Are Chasing The Sun With This Summer To-Do List

Summer vacation here we come.

Like these celebrities, make the most of your summer by enjoying the sun, surf, relaxation, and bonding that the season has to offer.

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While there’s nothing wrong with keeping busy or working, we all need to rest every now and then. Modern day hustle culture has made it such that if you aren’t doing something, you’re either lazy or not fulfilling your full potential, which isn’t the case. Rest and relaxation should be an important part of your life and have that time to just shut off. Even stars, with their busy schedules and fast-paced careers, find the time to have some much needed R&R. So, this summer, make sure you find that time for that deserved vacation. And if you don’t know what to do, here’s some inspo you can take from these celebs on what you can do this summer.


There is a reason why Baguio is called the summer capital of the Philippines. If the warm temperature is just too much for you, Baguio’s cooler climate is already worth the trip. There is so much to do in Baguio, whether it be seeing the sights, enjoying the food, or just taking in the fresh air while out in nature. Even Donny Pangilinan and Belle Mariano couldn’t resist the charms of Baguio as they shared their trip up the mountains and their game of golf.


For those who’ve experienced it already, there truly is nothing like enjoying a calming boat ride and finding a spot by the sea to enjoy some much-needed peace. The crystal blue sea, clear skies, and the relative silence help build to your own private paradise. Young stars like Francine Diaz and Zack Tabudlo have taken to the seas for their summer vacation as they enjoyed the view and good company.  



♬ i made this audio – justice &lt3

When it comes to having fun with your barkada, the possibilities are endless. But going to a theme park will always be on the list. Whether young or old, theme parks offer hours of fun. And one of the best you can visit is Enchanted Kingdom. Niana Guerrero thought so too, and she, along with her famous barkada that consists of AC Bonifacio, Mitch Briones, BGYO’s Nate, and SB19’s Josh recently had a day trip to the famed theme park. No matter how regular or famous you are, the magic of Enchanted Kingdom will always be there to welcome you.  


While summer vacation usually means fun with friends or family. It can also mean a romantic time with your special someone. And what’s more romantic than a trip for two to El Nido, Palawan? Maine Mendoza and Arjo Atayde spent some quality time together at the globally renowned destination, enjoying the sun, beaches, and of course, each other. So, the next time you want to impress your significant other, book that beach trip.


Despite being relatively new, The Vineyard at Tanauan, Batangas has been one of the hottest destinations for the stars. Everyone from Kyline Alcantara and Mavy Legaspi, Gabbi Garcia, Ivana Alawi, and Julia Barretto have visited the resort. If you want to see what all the hype is about, you may want to add this resort to your summer itinerary. They’re open for both day trips and overnight stays so that you can enjoy the picturesque scenery and extensive vineyard to name a few.  


If you’re looking to maximize your time by the beach, then island hopping is the way to go. You get to visit multiple destinations, some off the beaten path, interact with the locals, and even experience those unexpected moments that make your vacation that much more memorable. Take for example Kathryn Bernardo and Daniel Padilla who have been sharing the many beaches and coves that they have visited this summer. They even got to watch baby turtles make their way to the sea.   


As one of the most famous beaches in the country, Baler is a not-to-be-missed surfing destination up there with La Union. But even if you don’t surf, it’s still a worthwhile visit. A cadre of celebs that included Maris Racal, Andrea Brillantes, Kira Balinger, and Maureen Wroblewitz called Baler home for a few days as they spent their Easter weekend at the famous surfing spot. Whether it be barkada trips or family outings, you can’t go wrong with Baler.


For those who love driving on the open road, one of the best things you can do this summer is plan a long drive to any destination of your choosing. Whether you drive a car or a motorcycle, there’s just something so therapeutic about driving for long stretches of time. You can make it like a group activity and invite your friends or make it a solo drive for a more personal experience. SB19’s Pablo is known for having a slick motorcycle and has been spotted by fans driving it on the street of the metro. What really matters here is the journey and not the destination.


What to spend more time in nature but the beach isn’t your thing? Then give camping a try. The age-old outdoor activity is one of the perfect ways to can get away from the city and be one with nature. You can even do other activities like hiking, fishing, and roasting smores by the fireplace. Camping is also a favorite of showbiz couple Bea Alonzo and Dominic Roque who recently shared their camping trip to Tanay, Rizal.

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7 Of The Most Stunning National Costumes At Miss Universe Philippines 2022

Is it time for a Filipino Met Gala?

Chantal Elise of Cebu City’s national costume was too heavy, it made her faint twice. Read more about the seven standout moments at Miss Universe Philippines 2022 that caught us offguard.

If you’re a pageant fan, you’d know that the national costume segment is one of the most exciting activities in a queen’s journey. We can pretty much liken it to the Met Gala, except every candidate has their culture embedded in each look, no matter how small the details. You know what they say, the bigger the better, and obviously, these queens got the memo. From Cebu City’s heavy national costume that made her faint twice to Mandaue’s sabong-inspired look, here are seven of the most jaw-dropping and unexpected outfits we saw at Miss Universe Philippines 2022.

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Julia Calleja Saubier of Albay’s national costume reminds us of the Mockingjay in Hunger Games. It’s not too far from the reference given she took inspiration from Haliya, the masked goddess of the moonlight. Aside from using Pinilian Abel Iloco, designer Erjohn Dela Serna also hand-painted her salakot with the Mayon Volcano.


Designed by Adriano Samar in collaboration with Mel Gracia Quimpo and Shie Reynaldo, Jona Sweett of Aklan paid tribute to her city’s Ati-Atihan festival wherein participants paint their bodies black with charcoal. The gown, which was made out of piña fabric, was revealed to be hand-dyed with talisay leaves to achieve the intriguing midnight hue.


Aside from the intricacy of Axel Que’s creation, Chantal Elise of Cebu City had to withstand its weight and the heat at the location. She shared in an Instagram post that her national costume was so heavy, it made her collapse twice under the heat of the sun. But it was all worth it. A warrior woman through and through.


After being in the darkness for so long, Dorothy Gemillan of Iloilo City finally found her light. The jaw-dropping candelaria national costume was brought to life by Tata Bias-Pinuela. “This is Iloy Candelaria, Our lady of Candles Enshrined from the romanesque revivalist architecture,” she enlightens us in her Instagram post.


Probably one of the most-memorable national costumes in Miss Universe Philippines, Isabel Dalag Luche of Mandaue steps out in a stunning look by Mark Barry Luche inspired by the Filipino sabong culture. Peep the pintado details on the leg, too!


It’s no surprise that Lou Dominic Piczon’s national costume is 95% made out of banig. The inspiration behind Danny Booc’s design was taken from women in the Cebu Province who’ve been weaving for generations. Not to mention the hand-painted details of the city at the back.


The intricacy and vibrance of Jeanne Nicci Orcena’s national costume showcased Davao del Norte’s rich history. The Musikahan Festival of the city has been an important pillar in their culture as seen on the gigantic trumpet in her look, with the different fabrics symbolizing the seven tribes of Davao del Norte.

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He’s Into Her Season 2 Episode 2 Recap and Review: Ungkatan Ng Past

Apparently everyone plays in the same basketball court.

For episode 2 of He’s Into Her Season 2, it’s all about the past lives and whether or not you really know your partner.

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When you’re in love, you feel that you know everything about your partner. Their ticks, interests, likes, dislikes, and unique quirks that only you, as the significant other, has noticed. But do you really know them? That’s the tantalizing question that is floated in the latest episode of He’s Into Her season two. And naturally, it leads to some interesting developments.


Titled Past Is Present, the episode opens with Max being confronted by her father about dating Deib. While he doesn’t explicitly ban her from seeing him, which actually is a nice change of pace from other TV show dads, he does implore her to think about the decision. As for Deib, he’s with Tito Boyet having a drink. He advices Deib to prove Max’s dad wrong and show his genuine love for Max. While this gesture is nice, the scene is kind of awkward when you think about his role in the shooting of Deib’s brother. But that’s for another episode.

The next morning, we see Randall shooting some hoops as he remembers his past with Max. Kim then shows up and offers to team up with him to break up Max and Deib. But Randall refuses. While some may see the two as just bitter exes, this is where we see the big difference between Randall and Kim. Most importantly, Randall has enough morals in him to not stoop down low to get Max back. Kim, being the narcissist that she is, isn’t afraid to get her hands dirty to get what she wants. Yes, both Randall and Kim are flawed. But Randall isn’t that big of a douche.


Later that day, the groups begin their interviews of the class of ’97. First is Kim, Deib, and Lorde who interview Tito Maxim. But before that, Kim begins her plans of getting Deib back and Tito Maxim sees Kim hugging Deib. After shouting down Kim and Lorde, Deib doesn’t look good, which gets him a private talk between him and Max’s dad. He says that he doesn’t like the way Deib talks to other people, as if they were lower than him, something that Deib agrees with and hopes to change to become a better man. Up next is Ysay and Lee who interview the artist Yohan. During his interview, he recalls how his former love at Benison was his exact opposite, something not too far off from what Lee and Naih are facing right now.

Proving once again just how small the world is, Yohan revealed that he created a mural in school for his classmate that turns out to be the current headmaster of Benison, who so happens to be interviewed by Naih, Michiko, and Karlie. And in another gag, it is revealed that the headmaster and Tita Macy were kind of an item back in Benison, which makes things even more awkward for Max and company. Finally, we find Max, Migs, and Khloe interviewing Tita Macy. What already started out as a tense interview went downhill fast when Tita Macy pointed out that Max’s dad cheated on her with Max’s mom, something that Tito Maxim excused as emotional cheating. Though whether it be physical or emotional cheating, it’s still wrong.


Clearly everyone in the household has their own issues to resolve, including the parents which is why Max’s dad promises to be the best father he could be to Max. And in proving that people can change, Tito Maxim agrees to Max and Deib’s relationship, but only if he dates him. This then leads to the climax of the episode where Tito Maxim, Deib, Max, and her tito and lola are having lunch together. To make things even more nerve wracking for Deib, Randall, and Zell show up to give Tito Boyet his medicines and they stay for lunch at the request of Tito Maxim.

It’s at this point that Deib learns just how little he knows of Max’s past as Randall reveals what he and Max do on March 11, the day Max’s mom died in the tsunami in Japan. Max and Randall would go to a beach to commemorate her death with Randall being there so that Max won’t be alone. If the tension between Deib and Randall wasn’t already palpable, it got even heated when we reach the basketball game between Deib and Tito Boyet vs. Tito Maxim and Randall. It was a tense match that even led to Deib accidentally pushing Tito Maxim.

But it seems that Deib’s initial charm offensive worked as he was able to enter Max’s home. The two shared a touching scene by the poolside that served as an episode highlight. Deib understood that he just entered Max’s life recently so he doesn’t know her full story. He desire to do so proved just how much he wants to be with her. The kilig was palpable in this scene as Deib and Max unlock a new tier to their love.

But while TagSen’s love is braving the waves, others may be sinking as we see that Michiko is still missing Tob while Lee and Naih have a small argument about how Naih talks to people. The episode then ends with Max meeting Deib at a church, but of course things can’t end on a happy note as Tito Boyet’s dark past comes to haunt him with a mysterious person trying to find him, and possibly Max as well.


This episode served two purposes. First, it showcased the past of the adults of the series, from the former Benisonians whose relationships and issues connect to each other like a spider’s web to Tito Boyet’s not-so wholesome past. It also shows that even if its been years since these things happened, their actions and resulting consequences have trickled down to the new generation where they have to potentially deal with the fallout.

Second, it takes a closer look at Max’s past, particularly that with Randall. Deib and Max’s relationship honestly started as a whirlwind romance and this episode reminded Deib, and the viewers, just how little Deib knows about Max. As Max and Deib continue their relationship, the two slowly peel back the layers of each other, showing that there is still more to learn about the other. Deib’s redemption arc also continues, both in his love for Max and showcasing his softer side like with the way he talked to Lorde near the end of the episode.

We also like how this episode gave Randall a bit more depth. As stated, Randall is more than just a bitter ex. He’s someone who actually has a stake in the game. This is why Max sees him as a best friend while the same doesn’t apply for Kim and Deib. One issue we see though is what happens to Michiko. It’s been only two episodes, but, so far, all she has done is mourn Tob not being there. The decision to remove Tob from the story instead of recasting him was already controversial for some. So, we hope in the coming episodes to see Michiko leave this depressed spiral and in a way that doesn’t disrespect Tob.

Overall, this was an episode to remind us that you can always learn something new about your partner Also, we’re getting ever so close to the reveal of explosive revelations that could truly shake the table.

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Here Are 8 iKON Songs To Help You Celebrate Their Long-Awaited Comeback

B.I's jukgessda will always have a special place in our hearts.

iKON is finally set to end the drought with the release of their new EP, FLASHBACK in May. Here are some tracks to help you get ready for their return.

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Ever since iKON made their debut in 2015, the boy group has built themselves a global following thanks to their variety of song styles, addicting songs, personal touch, and lyrics that cut deep into the heart. But even with all that, the group hasn’t been immune to the YG Ent curse, also known as taking an abnormally long time between comebacks. The last time they released an EP was in 2020 while their last single was in early 2021. Needless to say, iKONICs are parched for new material.

But many prayers and hopes were answered this 2022 as iKON is finally set to release new music real soon. With the imminent drop of their new EP, FLASHBACK, and title track BUT YOU on May 3, the album is set to have five tracks (six if you buy the CD version) that we very much cannot wait to listen. But before that rolls around, let’s take a stroll down memory lane with some of iKON’s best songs. Whether you are a new fan or a long-time iKONIC, these tracks are here to remind you of what iKON has to offer.


While at first listen, Airplane sounds quite wholesome, it actually delves into the topic of long-distance relationship. The group shares a tale of how they are about to break up with their partner because she’s going away. They try their best to dissuade her from boarding that plane, but in the end, they are unsuccessful. While not as hard-hitting as some of their other tracks, Airplane is still a fun iKON song to listen to and still holds up to this day.


Looking back on it now, B-DAY actually deserves more love than it gets. It’s fun, catchy, and gets the party started. And the song is also another display of iKON’s unique style, as evident in the waeng prominently featured in the chorus. It may not be as deep as some of their other songs, but it’s not meant to be. In essence, B-DAY is a party anthem about living in the moment. It’s one of those songs to listen to if you just want to have a good time.


Out of all the styles iKON has tried over the years, one that they are most known for is their hard-hitting hip-hop vibe as seen in BLING BLING. Any sense of humility is thrown right out the door at the very beginning of the track. With thunderous brass riffs coating the entire song, iKON brags about the finer things in life. And it is all wrapped up in a BANG BANG BANG-like ending that fits perfectly.  


Breakup songs and iKON are a match made in heaven because they just hit different. Take for example GOODBYE ROAD. The song is the embodiment of what we hope our break up is like if we ever experience one. The track sees the group admit that they are in an unhealthy relationship and that it would be best to break things off. It’s about letting someone go but doing so with love and realization that it’s for the best. GOODBYE ROAD is so meaningful because it depicts what a health breakup should be. The fact that they sing about regretting loving someone so much just to breakup with them should tell you as much.


Even before their debut, iKON has been releasing songs with deep meanings. But among all their songs, I’M OK stands out with its message. It touches upon the all too-real feeling of processing a breakup and how different people deal with sadness. For some people, loneliness is their coping mechanism and how they move on even if others may see it differently. While others might see loneliness as bad, for some it is an escape.


Something must have been in the air in 2018 because iKON was in their bag releasing smash hits like KILLING ME. The song is about the regrets you feel for nothing giving it your all in a relationship. Those regrets and memories then start eating you up, making the breakup even harder. Aside from the track’s relatable lyrics, KILLING ME shines with its catchy production and attention grabbing beat drop that you didn’t expect but works so well.   


Even if you aren’t a fan of iKON, you must at least know or have heard of this song. Widely regarded as one of the best and most popular K-pop songs of the late 2010s, Love Scenario is a timeless and iconic bop. In the track, the group reflect on a past relationship, but instead of being bitter, they look back on it with fondness and love. It’s wholesome message mixed with the song’s simple yet addicting sound made it so easy to get into, even schoolchildren were jamming to this. And of course, we can’t forget to mention it’s legendary music video. Some of their finest work truly.


Why Why Why was one of the last songs iKON released before they went on their extended hiatus. It’s a good thing then that they left us with this meaningful bop. The song is another standout among their breakup songs with its upbeat but calmer sound. The members sing and rap about not treating their partner better and all the emotions associated with it. The track hits close to home for those who’ve ever had those regrets with the emotional punch coming from its final lines.

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The Broken Marriage Vow - AC Soriano - Your Daughter - Art By Kenneth Dimaano

For AC Soriano, The Multidogshow Superstar, Papunta Pa Lang Tayo Sa Exciting Na Part

Do you ever feel like your daughter is sleeping with my husband?

AC Soriano spills the tea on his viral Rusicals, the “your daughter” remix, and impersonating from a place of love.

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Over the past week, you may have come across the phrase, “Papunta pa lang tayo sa exciting part” on social media. That line, as distinctly and deliciously uttered in The Broken Marriage Vow by Jodi Sta. Maria’s Dr. Jill Illustre, comes from one of the most pivotal scenes from the show. But it’s virality, especially on Twitter and TikTok, doesn’t come from the scene alone. Instead, you have content creator, YouTuber, host, and social media personality AC Soriano to thank for that.

To the delight of over 12,000 viewers that included Jodi Sta. Maria herself, AC Soriano staged his one-man Jodi Sta. Maria: The Unauthorized Rusical over Easter Sunday. And with the help of an addicting remix that has since gone viral, a pop culture cornerstone was made. But for those who have only started following AC now, know that there is so much more to the content creator than just memes and bob cut wigs. His impressions, parodies, memes, and edits have transcended not just to a wider audience on social media, but even real life. Underneath it all is hard work, effort, and impressions with a purpose.


Having the ability to entertain people isn’t natural for many people. You need to have a real talent for it and for AC Soriano, he could probably thank TV for that. “When I was a growing baby beks and had a lot of time, I would lock myself in my room, watch PBB, tapos tumatayo ako sa harap ng TV and would replicate the hosts of the show, how they throw their spiels,” AC says in an interview with NYLON Manila.

It was because this that he wanted to become a host, something that he has been putting to good use these past weeks. He also credits the fact that he is a Digital Filmmaking graduate from College of St. Benilde for helping hone his acting skills. “I had the time to nourish it in a way that I wanted to [and] learn how to act to relay the direction to my actors. My comedy naman I think, kasi sobrang in touch ako with my reality, lalo na the ones that are unspeakable, kaya siguro nakakatawa.”



Ang sumabay bibigyan ng 500 wag lang ipapakita sa COMELEC! Please! I’m begging!

♬ original sound – itsacslife

For anyone who has been following AC Soriano for a while knows that his recent viral character impressions aren’t his first claim to fame. Prior to that, he also was a YouTuber, content creator, and co-host of a popular podcast with Yani Villarosa called Gabi ng Bading. (As for when new episodes are coming, “secret” is all he had to say.) Even before, he already did a slew of character impressions. But these past few months, his character impressions of Toni Gonzaga and Jodi Sta. Maria really resonated with netizens, both for practical and political reasons.

His Toni impression, fondly called Otin G, took a life of its own from a viral video of Toni giving a performance at a political rally that gave more aluminum foil and less titanium. AC’s parody quickly caught fire and became a signature of AC’s repertoire, as well as the subject of his first Rusical. He has even deployed the character on numerous political rallies and sorties. “The camp-ness of all of it,” expresses AC on why his recent impressions have resonated with fans.  “Both were born because I adore both people, even Toni, which is why I know them so much that I can make them funny even if they are not. I think of every single IG live as a Snatch Game performance. Nagkakaiba of course sa fact na Jodi’s Rusical was created to celebrate, and of course, Otin G’s Rusical was created to express my political stand in a satirical way.”

He goes on to add, “Naniniwala kasi ako sa kapangyarihan ng comedy bilang isang genre, kung saan maaari mong buksan ang puso ng isang tao sa kanilang pagtawa sa iyo, saka mo sila bibigyan ng mga bagay na gusto mong ma-realize nila pagkatapos. I may not be as serious on the performances, but I treat it as my artwork.” While some may see these parodies as insults, it actually comes from a place of love. Both serve their own purposes, but you can’t give a good Toni Gonzaga or Jodi Sta. Maria impression if you don’t understand them.


AC has been impersonating the acclaimed actress for a couple of months prior to the Rusical, but things went into overdrive when during an IG Live, in character as Dr. Jill Illustre, he “threatened” to kidnap Gio, Dr. Illustre’s son, if Jodi didn’t watch his upcoming Rusical about the actress. She caught wind of it and a few DMs later, Jodi was asking AC where she could watch the show. And just like that, Jodi Sta Maria: The Unauthorized Rusical was having the ultimate VIP viewer. But first of all, why a Rusical, one of the signature challenges from RuPaul’s Drag Race? “As an avid viewer, I wondered if I can do the same, because at the same time, it is a good way to celebrate my favorite actresses’ iconic eras.”

A self-described Jodi Sta. Maria stan since 2012, AC planned the Rusical as if he was a Pinoy teleserye viewer.  “Which Jodi characters resonated to them, kung sino ang may pinaka-malalang recall. I could have started with Tabing Ilog, but I chose to start it with Maya, the nanny that touched the hearts of moany. Next was Amor Powers, because everyone knows her. Jodi had more roles after Pangako Sa’yo, but I wanted to follow Amor with Marissa Pineda, Jodi’s character from Ang Sa Iyo Ay Akin, one of the saviors of ABS-CBN’s pandemic era, since I wanted to show that even though Amor and Marissa has similarities, may pagkakaiba pa rin talaga, and that is how versatile Jodi is. And of course, I had to end it with the iconic Doc Jill.”


When we describe his Jodi Sta. Maria Rusical as a one-man show, that’s because it is. From planning, props, audio, graphics, character prep, and the show itself, it was all AC. “A Rusical for me kasi is a culmination of the character I created in my head, so I am also coming from a journey. It was all me! The music, the direction, the acting, the character study–I take pride on saying that that was all me.”

AC’s planning process for the Rusical went as followed “I work on the character study first, kung ano yung nuances nila, pagkakaiba nila sa isa’t-isa. And then I go on to picking which song to use for that “era”, because by then I already know the character, which song ang babagay sa kanila. Third, how do I make it camp? How do I make it funny? Which part do I have to inject a joke? This part naman, hanggang sa live na nangyayari because I like the rawness of the jokes. I never want to lay down every single thing naman, because that would look so polished, so magiging boring. Haha! Lastly, I build the looks.”. And speaking of the looks, if you’ve ever been curious, he gets his outfits from “god’s gift to hipsters– ukay” and his wigs from marketplace.


@itsacslifemasikip night of a thousand jodi sta. marias feat. @jodi_stamaria ♬ your daughter is sleeping with my husband – itsacslife

Among all that happened during the Rusical though, what really stood out to many was AC’s now viral remix of the “your daughter” line with Benny Benassi’s Satisfaction. The line, which was said during the iconic dinner scene where Jill reveals to Lexy’s parents that her and David slept with each other and had her baby aborted in the US, was already seen as an iconic moment in modern Pinoy teleseryes. It was a climactic scene in past adaptions of the show and the Pinoy version did not disappoint. But the 27-year-old brought it to another level. He knew that it was going to be a highlight from the show. But he didn’t realize how viral it would become.

@kmbrnmrn8 You’re dawter *remix* #fyp #foryoupage #fypシ #DocJill @itsacslifemasikip ♬ original sound – Kim Brian – Kim ✨

The remix spread across social media and spawned numerous memes and edits, including one where Jodi’s face is edited onto AC’s body. “Papunta palang tayo sa exciting part” became the phrase of the week. Even Jodi herself tried her hand at doing the remix. It has even gone a bit international. You would be forgiven if you didn’t know that less than a minute after the remix, AC then went on to perform BLACKPINK’s Kill This Love in character as Dr. Jill. “I just thought of remixing the line with a beat na pwedeng sayawan. Gusto ko kasi ng surprises, because The Broken Marriage Vow is heavy drama, how can I make it funny? I can do my thing naman, like replicating Jodi’s emotions, pero how can I make it camp? Something that Doc Jill won’t do, but my Doc Jill would? Thus, the remix was born.”

Despite all the planning, the show wasn’t without its hitches. AC had to restart the live many times and he admitted that he felt nervous during the show. But seeing how viewers and Jodi herself, who stayed up past her bedtime and actively commented during the show, reacted to it made it all worth it for him. “I wasn’t able to sleep properly for two nights. Even the night after the Rusical, I was just checking my phone, because I was curious kung ano ang initial reaction ng mga tao. Nakakatuwa, to be honest! Pero pinaka-rewarding talaga was Ms. Jodi’s reactions.”


It’s safe to say then that AC Soriano and Jodi Sta. Maria are currently in their besties era with how warmly she has talked about AC in interviews and even complimenting his looks. For the content creator, it’s a humbling experience. “I love her more than ever! I feel like I’m a surrogate already. Earlier today, she messaged me, still congratulating me about the Rusical.”


Thanks to the success of his recent impressions, AC has received a renewed push in the spotlight with more fans, followers, and attention. His impressions have even jumped into the real world, whether it’s AC himself as Otin G in rallies or his memes serving as placards for rally goers. He even has a new nickname, “The Ultimate Multidogshow Superstar,” something that AC takes pride in, despite what the name may suggest. “Since my new moniker is ‘The Ultimate Multidogshow Superstar,’ I taught myself not to be so sensitive. I was before! But since I’m ‘dogshow-ing’ din, dapat lang din naman na hindi ako mapikon. I’ve also discovered that that is how they show their love.”.

That unique way of showing love can also be seen in the Facebook group AC’s Multiverse Of Madness. Originally created by AC as his way for him to communicate with his fans, the group has quickly morphed into a primary source for hilarious AC memes, edits, and even photocards. Most of the memes often compare AC to someone else, usually to his comical detriment.

The private FB group has since gotten a public spin-off called Elementary School were the dog show of AC continues. But he doesn’t mind the memes. “I just wanted to create a group to communicate with people and know their reactions sa mga ginagawa ko, hanggang sa naging ganon na sya. Hahaha! Nasanay nalang ako.”. In fact, he has a favorite, this one. “Many had them printed on tarps and brought them to the Pasay rally.”


So, what’s next for AC Soriano? Aside from using his character impressions and wit to entertain people and bring about positive change, he is already eyeing his next Rusical. So far, it’s a split between three showbiz icons and his idols, Angel Locsin, Vice Ganda, and Marian Rivera. Whichever he decides, he’s probably gonna kill it though we would pay to see AC’s take on Darna.


As for the secret to a good character impression, AC says that it all has to come from a place of love. “You should come from the place of adoration first and foremost. Maski sa Toni G. ko, I came from a place of love, kaya kilalang-kilala ko sya. Pangalawa ay alamin mo kung ano ‘yung pwedeng i-exaggerate dahil pwedeng nakakatawa ang reality na ito. Pangatlo, let loose and put a bit of yourself in it sa mata ng isang fan.” With a lot more to look forward to, Doc Jill was right, papunta pa lang tayo sa exciting na part.

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heart evangelista basher bodyshaming

6 Heart Evangelista Clapbacks To Use When Dealing With Body-shaming

She said what she said.

We still don’t understand how Heart Evangelista is a frequent target of body-shamers. How many times do we have to repeat it? “My body, my rules.”

In case you’re having a bad day, try being in the shoes of a woman. More often than not, the woman is constantly criticized not just for her lifestyle and upbringing, but her body. So much for respect. Welcome to Heart Evangelista’s world. It never really ends, does it? Sometimes, having a good laugh works, but at the end of the day, it’s a constant toxicity that keeps society from progressing as a whole. Oh, when will we ever learn?

In case you come across backhanded compliments or unsolicited advice, here are some tips from Heart Evangelista. Taking notes as we speak!

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heart evangelista basher

When you’re biased, the truth is something you twist to your own benefit. A basher decided to “expose” Heart by daring her to go live and show her authentic self to prove that she really has the same complexion and body type as what she posts online. Welp, they really thought they did something with the body-shaming.


heart evangelista basher

For the record, what’s wrong with looking 50? At least Heart Evangelista’s got humor. “I feel like I’m 70 actually.” Same, Miss Heart.


heart evangelista basher

One of the many annoying things about social media? The pressure of beach pics that no one tells you about. It’s already stressful enough being comfortable with your body, let alone other people commenting about it on your posts. How does Heart keep it classy despite the body-shaming comments?


The backhanded compliments are really not it. Not because someone lost weight automatically means that they edited their photos or modified their bodies. A wise philosopher once said, some things are meant to be left unsaid.


Being a public figure like Heart Evangelista doesn’t automatically give everyone the right to dole out unsolicited comments. Especially ones that come from people who don’t know you.


Labo mo tol.” Yup, she said it.

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