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Ready To Pounce: These Collections Got Us Hyped Up For Chinese New Year

Tiger vision for 2022 unlocked.

NGL, we’re wishing, hoping, and praying for good fortune this 2022. Go get ’em, tiger!

Bold choices lead to bolder fortunes. It’s a mantra we say to ourselves no matter what the sitch is. After the whirlwind of events from 2020 to 2021, we just have nothing to lose at this point. So, we’re betting on hope, prosperity, and abundance this Year of the Water Tiger. A Chinese proverb once read, “covet wealth, and want it; don’t, and luck will grant it.” To help us attract more auspicious energy this 2022, we’ve rounded up a list of collections and limited-edition drops for an exciting new year ahead of us—including a new Barbie doll and a zodiac calendar of sneakers.

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Remember Rihanna’s ~omelette couture~ yellow gown from 2015 at the Met Gala? The designer behind that gown, Guo Pei, dropped her first collab with our favorite doll Barbie for a limited edition collectible this Lunar Year of the Tiger. It features the red and gold colors symbolic of abundance and good fortune, embroidered details with themes inspired by waves and the phoenix bird.


VANS recently collaborated with one of the biggest names in international street art, Chinese artist Chen Yingjie, a.k.a. HuaTunan for a series of skate shoes featuring classic silhouettes like the Sk8-high and Old Skool along with long sleeve tees. Details like his signature paint splatters that mix Chinese and Western styles together are visible in the embroidery of the sneakers.


Who else would’ve been a better choice to cast in Fendi’s Year of the Tiger collection other than rapper Jackson Wang? The Italian brand’s 2022 capsule collection zooms in this time on animal prints and oriental flowers, adding sweet yet savage details. The baguette also gets an upgrade along with their sneakers, jewelry, and line of accessories.


Concept store Capital not only cooked up a special launch for the Year of the Tiger, but they’ve outdone themselves by curating a special 12 Sneakers of the Zodiac theme to wish us good luck for the rest of 2022. Capital also treats us to a double celebration with their limited edition men’s and women’s collection featuring shades of red in active wear and more sneakers.


Gucci pops in our head sometimes when we see tigers because of the recurring theme from their past collections, so it was a no-brainer that Alessandro Michele would come up with the Italian brand’s Chinese New Year drop. They’ve released knitted cardigans, hoodies, bags, and limited-edition lipsticks for Gucci Beauty featuring a new shade of red with orange undertones called Marina Scarlet.

6. COS

Tonal dressing, oversized shirts, and cozy sweaters are the key pieces in COS’ Lunar New Year capsule collection. If you’re planning a trip overseas anytime soon, bring all the warmth and luck with you through stripes of red in COS’ picks.


Singaporean brand Love, Bonito may be known for their summer dresses and feminine frocks, but recently they’ve introduced the cutest Mahjong set! Just in time for you and your girlfriends, the set’s actually in pastel pink and black with cute icons like kitties, toucan birds, and flowers.


Local florists Bloom Artisans got the memo, too. They’ve created arrangements with preserved roses and dried flowers that will last you a long, long while.


Butternut MNL always has the prettiest and tastiest cakes in town. Case in point, their Chinese New Year cake that’s made of French buttercream in form of a mocha chiffon cake. Yum.


Starting the year right, Tiger Sugar just introduced two new drinks. We definitely have to try the Brown Sugar Boba with Matcha milk or Red Bean with Cream Mousse. A match made in heaven.

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Hello, BYE2021: A Look Back At The Record-Making Year-End Digital Concert

Deep in December, it's nice to remember.

From SB19, Ben&Ben, Nadine Lustre, James Reid, and Maris Racal, there was no need to skip through anything, because as it stood, BYE2021 was all sorts of explosive from start to finish.

Try as we might, time will always slip by as a curious thing. While it is natural to look forward to what comes next the tick, tick, tick, one can’t help but look back and feel some sort of longing for what has gone by. It is that sweet and sentimental spot that has us all caught up with a spectrum of emotions swinging from extremes, especially during New Year’s Eve and New Year’s Day.

Sure, we could not wait to get rid of 2021 as fast enough, but even as we welcomed the next 365 days with heaps of hope, there was a lot of feelings to navigate in by-the-second increments. There was no getting lost, however, because together with some 1.3 million viewers, we were guided along the turning of the tide by BYE2021 music fest.

Bigger and better than its predecessor, BYE2021 really upped the ante of the digital concert experience as it played out on December 31, 2021. In what is set to become a Filipino year-end tradition, the virtual festival, at least up until it is safe to come together in the spirit of songs and community IRL once again, really batted for an unforgettable night by all accounts possible. Making major swings and landing it accordingly, it proved to be the most explosive year-end shindig that had us singing, dancing, and all out vibing until the traditional 10-second countdown.

And we haven’t gone to good parts yet.

Bigger And Better

Streamed simultaneously for free across Facebook, YouTube, and TikTok, BYE2021 treated the audience to an impressive lineup of artists, 43 to be exact, ranging from local and international acts, as well as of the most sought after content creators populating our timelines. Presented by UMUSIC Philippines, the biggest online music fest gathered the likes of Ben&Ben, Zack Tabudlo, SB19, James Reid, Nadine Lustre, Juan Karlos, and Arthur Nery, with the special participation of Paul Klein and Jake Goss of LANY, Bonnie Bailey, Billkin, Lyn Lapid, Maximillian, VALLEY, with special appearances of Maris Racal, Albert Nicolas, Jim and Saab, and Ceejay Laqui.

Simulating the real-life concert experience, the show was filmed in a physical stage, which was not only a real eye-catcher, but it also elevated the value of the performances. Aside from that, fans who subscribed to the BYE2021 Fan Pack, which included limited-edition merch and a ZoomPit (the URL version of a mosh pit) that accorded them the chance to be featured in the BYE2021 fan cam, as well as of the good fortune of meeting their favorite artists before the show began. Joining the meet and greet were Zack Tabudlo, Ben&Ben, Arthur Nery, Adie, BLASTER, Justin Vasquez, Over October, Cheats, Fern., dia mate, R Rules,VVS Collective, Albert Nicolas, and 8 Ballin’

Deep In December, It’s Nice To Remember

From 7:00 PM until the clock struck 12:00 AM, there was a lot of good music and even greater company to carry us through the last stretch and into a whole new starting line. With energies and hope at an all time high, BYE2021 was truly a night to remember. There was a collective catharsis in the goodbye screamed from our bedroom dance parties in respective isolation, but things felt slightly more bearable and yes, more fun, making the happy New Year that followed more than just a relief, but a rocking and rolling affair to remember.

You can watch snippets of the concert and see more from the featured artists through the social media pages of BYE2021 on Facebook (BYE 2021), Instagram (@bye2021ph), Twitter (@bye2021ph), TikTok (@bye2021ph), and YouTube (bye2021).


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9 Young Stars Who Are Set To Make The Year Of The Water Tiger Their Year

Luck is on their side.

This Chinese New Year, those born in the year of the tiger are set to have an extra special 2022. Just take a look at these stars.

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When the clock strikes 12 AM on February 1, 2022, it will be a special moment for many Chinese and those who celebrate the Lunar New Year. As we bid goodbye to the year of the Metal Ox, it is about time we welcome the year of the Water Tiger. According to feng shui experts, the upcoming year for those born on the year of the Tiger (ie 2010, 1998, 1986 etc.) will have a fruitful and prosperous year when it comes to career and business. This will be the year where their efforts will pay off and will receive much deserved recognition. Relationships are also looking rosy and are set to blossom. But the upcoming year will also be one where those born in the year of the tiger may experience health issues.

With those born under the year of the tiger to be the “face” of the upcoming Chinese New Year, eyes will be on them such as on these young stars born in the year of the tiger. This Lunar New Year, here are celebs to keep an eye out for.

LIZA SOBERANO (January 4, 1998)

IN 2021, Liza stared in one of the most talked about shows of the year in Trese and no doubt, the superstar has more planned for 2022. This year, she started her very first podcast called An Open Mind with Liza Soberano where she and her guests share candid conversations on mental health. Considering how it’s been a while since Liza has appeared in a live-action project, maybe this year will also be her comeback.

DONNY PANGILINAN (February 10, 1998)

Donny Pangilinan is entering 2022 with his status as A-list leading man firmly secure and part of one of the hottest love teams right now in DonBelle. And his momentum looks to continue for the rest of the year. It has already been confirmed that the second season to the hit show, He’s Into Her, is set to air this year. There’s also the possibility of Donny acting in more projects, whether it be teleseryes or movies. And there’s his burgeoning music career, which we may see more of this 2022.  

KOKOY DE SANTOS (May 15, 1998)

In just a few years, Kokoy de Santos went from supporting actor to leading star. Thanks to his breakout role in 2019’s Fuccbois, Kokoy is seen by many as an actor to watch out for. And 2022 looks to further that status. This year will hopefully see more of the barrier-breaking and Emmy-nominated Gameboys and continue the story of Cairo and Gavreel.


Most people may have first heard of Maureen through her time as a model and becoming the first and only Filipina to win Asia’s Next Top Model. But over the years, she has shown that she can conquer various fields. In 2021 alone, Maureen competed in Miss Universe Philippines 2021 and became a fan favorite, which was impressive considering the competition she was up against. She then made it all the way to top two, placing runner-up to Beatrice Luigi Gomez. The past year also saw her embark on her acting career with her very first movie role as Hannah in Runaway. Whether Maureen decides to compete in another pageant or pursue other opportunities, we have a feeling she’ll do great.

SB19’S JUSTIN (July 7, 1998)

How do you live up to a year like what SB19 has in 2021? Well, given SB19’s track record, most likely they’ll find a way to top it. This January alone saw the group perform at an international music festival and break another Billboard record. Regardless of what SB19 has in store this 2022, no doubt Justin will play a key role in it, as do the other members. Aside from being the bunso of the group, Justin is also the creative mind behind many of their projects. From their concerts, music videos, merch, and more, Justin has had a hand in shaping the final outcome of many of SB19’s projects. We can’t wait to see what he comes up with this year.  

BRETMAN ROCK (July 31, 1998)

The baddest himself, Bretman Rock is on top of his game. From brand deals, endorsements, commercials, viral, and award-winning content, and more, Bretman has been slaying it hard. If he isn’t his real and colorful self on social media, he’s collecting manifestations from his various projects. Whatever Bretman has planned for or is going to do this 2022, we know he’s going to do it in his signature baddie style.

MIGUEL TANFELIX (September 21, 1998)

Miguel Tanfelix started out his career when he joined the kids version of StarStruck at just five years old. But since then, he has come a long way and has made a name for himself as a rising star of his generation. And he’s about to rise even further as he set to star in one of his biggest roles yet in the anticipated live action adaptation of Voltes V, Voltes V: Legacy. He is set to play Steve Armstrong, the main protagonist of the show.

JANE DE LEON (November 22, 1998)

Jane De Leon is set to star this year in arguably the biggest role she has taken so far, that of the iconic superhero Darna. When Liza Soberano dropped out of the role in 2019, it was announced that Jane would be taking up the mantle which lead to some heated discussions. She will soon be able to prove herself when the highly-anticipated Darna: The TV Series airs sometime this year. If Jane can give the role justice, and we hope she can, she might be able to deliver a Darna for the 21st century.

GABBI GARCIA (December 2, 1998)

Gabbi Garcia has been a familiar face in GMA in the past few years, whether it be her numerous acting roles on TV and film, her variety show performances, or her hosting gigs. But 2022 might be one of her biggest yet. And that’s just not us talking as even GMA themselves sees her as one of their biggest stars of the year. Up first for multi-talented star will be her latest series, Love You Stranger, her first co-starring actor and boyfriend Khalil Ramos.

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Belle Mariano Concert Daylight

5 Unforgettable Moments From Belle Mariano’s Daylight Concert

Living rent-free in our minds.

From serving vocals to bringing the kilig with Donny Pangilinan, here are some of the best moments from Belle Mariano’s Daylight concert.

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Belle Mariano has been riding the wave of superstardom ever since 2021 and that momentum doesn’t look to slow down anytime soon. And this was seen in her record-breaking Daylight. Fulfilling a life-long dream of hers, the young star showed the virtual audience and the world the young woman and star she has become. In a span of 90 minutes, Belle was living the fantasy and entertaining viewers of her version of daylight. Truly, her first-ever digital concert was a milestone that she and many others won’t forget anytime soon. Here are some of the moments from the concert that still haven’t left our minds.


At this point in time, Sigurado is a Belle Mariano classic. A signature song of hers, this was the first single she ever released and so far, her most successful. So, it was only right for her to sing the tender love song during Daylight. And what made the performance even special was that she sang it along with Trisha Denise, the composer of the song. This was actually the first time that the two met in person, so the duet made for a sweet moment.


Belle is mostly known for her soft and angelic voice. Her music, so far, hasn’t been the kind you would expect a birit queen to release. But for Daylight, Belle showed off a new side to her vocally when she took on the Sarah Geronimo classic, Ikot-Ikot. She gave it her all as she hit the high notes and delivered the emotion. It proved to be a highlight of the show for many, including us. Lowkey we wouldn’t mind Belle singing more of these kinds of songs in the future because as we’ve seem, she can serve.  


Belle Mariano truly is a lucky fan girl. Having started out as a Ben&Ben fan for the longest time, it was a treat when she, along with Donny Pangilinan, starred in Ben&Ben’s music video for Upuan. And now, she got to perform alongside her idol, virtually at least. The two gave a special performance of Ben&Ben’s hit song Pagtingin with Belle on stage and the band shown via video feed. It was no doubt a special moment for the young star and hopefully they get to perform again, this time on the same stage. And who knows, the two might even collab on a new song.



The Daylight concert mainly revolved around three aspects: showing Belle as the person she has become, uplifting and giving good spirits to those who are watching, and talking about the many aspects of love. But you can’t talk about love at a Belle Mariano concert without including her love team, DonBelle. And sure enough, Donny was present for a heartwarming duet. Playing the piano for the first time, Donny and Belle sang For Your Eyes Only, the theme song to their movie, Love Is Color Blind. And if that wasn’t enough, the two then proceeded to dance together and answer some fan questions. You could definitely feel the kilig.



A fitting ending to Daylight the concert, Belle closed out the show by performing her uplifting anthem, Rise. Belle looked gorgeous in her white floor-length gown as she sang away with Jayda on the piano, who so happened to have written Rise. The performance proved symbolic for many reasons. It was her way to show how she was finally achieving her dreams, not of just having her own concert, but with how her whole career has been going. It was her triumphant moment of becoming the star she was always meant to be. And it was also a preview into what else we can expect from Belle Mariano in the next chapters of her life.

kathryn bernardo red hair style

OMG. After Hinting At It For Years, Kathryn Bernardo Finally Goes Red

She's been hinting on going red for years! ?

Remember her Poison Ivy Halloween costume in 2019? Well, Kathryn Bernardo is taking it to another level by dyeing her hair red for good.

Kathryn Bernardo finally going red is a reset, and just in time for the Lunar New Year. It’s probably the boldest color we’ve seen on Kathryn ever since, but we’re honestly not complaining, because this moment was NEEDED. It isn’t the first time that she dyed it cherry red though. For years, she’s been experimenting with the color, at least temporarily. Here are all the times she’s been hinting on becoming a red head.

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Remember during her Mara Clara days when she was bullied for showing up in school as a red head? Well, look who’s laughing now? Kathryn Bernardo is the ultimate trendsetter even waaay back, and no one can argue with that.


Who could ever forget when Kathryn Bernardo went as Poison Ivy at the Black Magic Halloween 2019 party? And she’s got a point. She’s an icon, a legend, and duh, she is the moment. Veering away from her usual hyper-feminine looks, no one could take their eyes off Kathryn when she paid homage to Uma Thurman’s Poison Ivy from her mini dress made out of leaves, up to her red wig.


Ladies and gentlemen, her. That cherry bomb hair isn’t going anywhere. It was only today when Kathryn Bernardo blessed us with a selfie of her in her newest ‘do. The difference between this and her Mara Clara dye is that Kathryn’s current color has streaks of cooler tones like deep purple that perfectly frames her face. Gorgeous, gorgeous girls dye their hair red!

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Herstory Made: Philippine Women’s National Football Team Clinches A Spot At The World Cup

And that's on herstory.

For the first time in history, the Philippine national women’s football team is set to compete at the 2023 FIFA Women’s World Cup.

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While some people may still have the outdated idea that women aren’t that good in sports, the past few years have shown the exact opposite. In 2021 alone, several Filipina athletes showed up and out in their respective sports. Among many achievements, Hidilyn Diaz solidified her status in the history books by claiming the country’s first gold medal at the Olympics for weightlifting. Nesthy Petecio out punched and out maneuvered most of her opponents to secure an Olympic silver medal in her division in boxing. While Margielyn Didal didn’t take home a medal, she did raise the country’s flag in skate boarding and became a social media star in the process. And even though 2022 is just getting started, history, or should we say herstory, has been made once more courtesy of the Philippine women’s national football team.


On Sunday, January 30, the national women’s team defeated Taipei with a score of 4-3 during the AFC Women’s Asian Cup quarter final at the Shiv Chhatrapati Sports Complex in Pune, India. It was a tense 90-minute match from the get-go with each team constantly battling for the ball. By the time the game reached the time limit, both teams were tied 1-1 which lead to a penalty shootout. What came next was another heart-stopping and anxiety-inducing moment as both Philippines and Taiwan scored goals. But it was the winning shot by Sarina Bolden that landed the historic match win.

With their win, the team, Philippine football, and the country in general, made several historical milestones. First, this will be the first time the national women’s football team will play in the semi-finals of the 2022 AFC Asian Women’s Cup. They are set to go up against South Korea next. Second, the team, who are ranked 64th in the world by FIFA, secured their spot to compete at the FIFA Women’s World Cup 2023 at Australia/New Zealand. This marks the first time the Filipinas, and any team from Philippine football, has competed in a World Cup. Also, their win makes the national women’s football team one of the first teams to be able to book a slot in either the men’s or the women’s World Cup.


Their journey to this moment was already exciting in itself. They began with a 1-0 win against Thailand, making this the first time they have defeated their Thai rivals in over 13 matches. Team Philippines then went on to lose to powerhouse Australia with a score of 0-4. But they rebounded with an impressive 6-0 against Indonesia in their final Group B game to secure a spot in the knockout round.

When it comes to sports in the Philippines, football is usually not high on most people’s list when up against the likes of basketball or boxing. And on the international stage, football hasn’t been a sport that people look for in the country. But the fact that the women’s national football team did that means that the talent is real and it is here. It’s also impressive how some of the sports that Filipina athletes have succeeded are in sports that usually don’t get people’s attention like weightlifting and football. So, this historic win is further proof of the need to invest in sports outside of what is popular because the talent and potential is there.

The national women’s football team’s next game against South Korea will be on Thursday, February 3. Congratulations to the team, their coach Alen Stajcic, and everyone else involved in their success.

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BGYO photos

BGYO Turns One: A Look Back At Some Of Their Most Memorable Moments

Follow the bright, bright light.

In just a year’s time, BGYO has undeniably made an impact in the industry and established themselves as a force in the P-pop scene.

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As ABS-CBN’s first P-pop group, the pressure was on for BGYO to deliver. Prior to their debut, they already had exposure thanks to their time as trainees under Star Hunt Academy alongside sister group BINI. But as they neared their debut date, many were wondering if they would meet expectations. A year later, it’s safe to say that they have and then some. BGYO has had a great start to their career that saw them achieve many milestones. And as that this is just the beginning of their career, there will certainly be more years to come to see the boys fly higher. As they celebrate their first anniversary on January 29, let’s take a look back at some of their iconic and memorable moments in the past year.


Prior to their official debut, Gelo, Akira, JL, Mikki, and Nate were no strangers to performing on stage. A debut though is a whole other level that brings with it its own risks, expectations, and challenges. But BGYO left a great impression when they dropped their debut song, The Light. The hard hitting pop-R&B-electronic anthem about empowerment was met with praise from both critics and listeners and showed many that they were a group to watch out for. 


For a series as highly anticipated as He’s Into Her was, it needed a theme song to match expectations. Luckily, the boys of BGYO were more than willing to lend their talents for the show’s theme song. What came out of this was He’s Into Her the song, an upbeat and bright bop that you will be hard-pressed to forget after listening to it. It quickly became a fan favorite as the tune opened each episode of the series. It was an exceptional summer anthem and even took home the award for Best Theme Song or Title Theme at the 2021 Asian Academy Creative Awards. Fingers crossed that BGYO gets to make a new song for He’s Into Her season two.  


August 2021 was an exciting month for BGYO. Among other things, it was comeback season for the boys as they dropped their new single, The Baddest. Upon release, the track’s experimental sound showed the BGYO wasn’t just going to stick to the same melodies or tunes and showcased their versatility. Its music video saw the group live out their super spy fantasy with Liza Soberano playing a memorable cameo. But most impressively, shortly after the song’s release, they topped Billboard’s Next Big Sound chart and in the process, made history as the first Filipino act to do so.


BGYO dropped their debut album The Light in October 2021. The 12-track album was a great effort from the group as they showcased their many charms and talent. There was the explosive The Light, the inspirational Rocketman, the groovy Sabay, and the moving Kundiman. But not only was it a great release, it’s a record breaker, too. For 12 consecutive days, BGYO’s debut album stayed on top of iTunes PH’s Top 100 albums chart. In doing so, not only was it the longest run of 2021, it also achieved the coveted feat of being the longest consecutive charting album by a Filipino act to stay at number one on iTunes PH of all time.


bini bgyo outfit fashion

BGYO and BINI are closely connected by just more than the fact that they come from the same company. The members trained with each other for years and are known as sibling groups because of their close connection. Thus, it was only fitting that the two groups came together for a one-of-a-kind concert. One Dream: The BINI and BGYO Concert was a highlight for many fans and made history as the first ever P-pop sibling concert. Across two nights, BGYO and BINI entertained the virtual crowd as they let out their talents on the stage.


In December 2021, BGYO, along with BINI, had the honor of going overseas to perform at their very first stage outside the Philippines. They were included in the line-up for the 1MX Dubai 2021 concert and wowed the crowd with their charm, stage presence, and vocals. While the pandemic has made it hard for many artists to fly abroad, BGYO was lucky enough to do so and perform in front of a sold out live crowd. Here’s to more international performances this 2022.


BGYO Privé P-Pop Fashion

Aside from the fact that the boys are extremely talented, the members also have an A-tier style game. From cool and casual to suits with a modern twist, BGYO can rock a variety of fits and aesthetics. Remember when the group was decked out in Privé Alliance, whose co-owner so happens to be EXO’s Baekhyun, and got a shout out from the actually brand? In just their first year alone, the members have also been dressed in some of the biggest high fashion labels like Louis Vuitton, Fendi, and Dior Homme. BGYO can sing, dance, and serve looks. Now talk about a triple threat.

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sb19 pablo la luna debut single

To The Moon And Back: SB19’s Pablo Unleashes The Inner Alpha In His Powerful Debut Solo Single, La Luna

Can’t fight the moonlight, no.

Passionate, prolific, and profound, SB19’s Pablo lets it all out in the poetic pronouncement that is La Luna. In this honest and haunting effort, the pinuno pulls no punches.

Whenever someone consciously wipes out their social media footprints, it is a considerable cause for concern. With the proclivity of the world to put an insane amount of pressure and premium on the digital extension, there must be a compelling reason to go off the grid. In the days leading to this, eagle-eyed followers noticed that on several platforms, Pablo of SB19 changed his profile photo to a nondescript black, and on Instagram specifically, his feed reflected zero posts. Now, this isn’t entirely out of character for the creative force behind the commercially successful and critically acclaimed hits that the P-pop group has been known for. While he is both charismatic and compelling, he also is fiercely protective of his privacy. Far from an effort to be vague, this brooding mystery was a wind-up to the unleashing of his solo debut single, La Luna.

“Lone in your many phases, your dark side, your imperfections, your dark side,” writes Pablo on Twitter, seemingly shining light on what is to come from La Luna. “A dark side that was never truly bad.” While these don’t figure as lyrics to the highly-anticipated track, it certainly draws one closer, much like when confronted by the moon. “A light that blinded whatever came close,” continues the furtive fragments. “Hiding behind the shadows, trusting only what it knows.” Following the mysterious release of the heartfelt exposition curiously titled, ???, it becomes clear that Pablo is on an edge, raring and ready to let it all out.

As the moon turns tonight, the time has come for Pablo to dig deep and howl to the haunting La Luna. And so, he begins.

The Movie In His Mind

Passionate, prolific, and profound, Pablo is known to wear his heart for everyone to see and take inspiration from. Anchored by this purpose, the singer, songwriter, and producer doubles down on drive, vulnerability, and ambition, expanding his ever-evolving struggles and realization in a truly rousing release.

“Its focus is mostly about myself, my feelings, my beliefs, how I view the world and how it affects me,” asserts the pinuno of SB19 of this expression of emotions. Here, he gets up close and personal, even more so from his impressive work, scoring personal battles of self-worth and self-love into a stirring soundtrack. “We all have flaws and we need to accept those imperfections because those are what make us who we are,” he details in a statement. “To be mentally healthy, we need to come to terms with ourselves, that what we feel is valid. We shouldn’t suppress it just so we can please everyone and avoid confrontation. There will always be black in white and white in black. We should maintain balance within us. That’s how we remain sane and alive.”

The result is a riveting account of metaphor and movement he can fully call his own, fully carving out the identity of Pablo as an artist. Unapologetic, unhinged, and unabashed in nature, and that is meant as a compliment of the highest order, La Luna is an electric and evocative essaying of embracing imperfections, the persistent pursuit of acceptance, and a liberation of the self. From the ominous prologue, a hair-raising and spine-tingling pounding of percussions, the orchestration expands to an eclectic mix of a hip-hop-inspired drum line, an aggressive asserting of bass and strings, and a sparkling symphony that carefully contrasts with the cinematic overtones. “I always like the cinematic feeling the music scoring bring upon movie scenes,” explains Pablo. “It amplifies the emotion that is currently being portrayed. I decided to incorporate that in my music. I want it to be grand and full to bring out the intensity of the song’s emotion.”

Talking To The Moon

At the core of every Pablo production is a storytelling that is endearing, earnest, and engineered with words that just hit hard, and La Luna is no exception. In fact, as intense and intuitive as it is in progression, it is insulated by lyrics that are more than anything, honest. Cathartic in nature, Pablo spits major truth in his bars, shifting between English and Tagalog, making the undertaking more poetic as it paces evenly and steadily in an effective staccato that is gripping and biting at every beat. “Siguro nga panahon na para ako’y magising / Harapin at yakapin tunay na ako’y magiging,” the brilliant rapper relates early on in the track. “Alamin mga bagay na makakaya kong gawin / Kapag ang takot at kinakatakutan ko’y ako rin.”

There is no opportunity to get thrown off this case, because even as it revs up and goes full throttle in the rallying of his introspection, you are also connected and committed to the narrative of empowerment and emancipation. “I’ve been living all my life / Right behind these bars I bleed the life the knife cut through,” continues the hard-hitting La Luna, whose brimming choral inflections tempers its grit and growl. “All these scars, unlike your mind, are deep / I buried six feet beneath the pain I gained from hella grind.”

There is an abrasive insistence that coarses through the take-no-prisoners contention, which is part and parcel of retaliation, especially in the defense of the self. But owing to the great skill of Pablo, as well as of his conviction, confidence, and charm, La Luna soars as an enlightened and nuanced tale of coming into one’s own.

Pablo The Great

Unflinching as it may be, it does’t come off as particularly stern by any measure, because in between breaths, there exists a space where resolution pierces through. Here, we are merely reminded that the darkness, as unavoidable as it may be, is not an end all and be all. Just as it turns and shines, it will eventually relent to the promise of light. “Umaga’y ‘di na darating / Buwan ay laging nakatingin / ‘Di na uso’ng huling hiling / Tara simulan natin,” continues the leader of the pack, in the solo effort that is solid and strong from start to finish. “Simula na’ng la luna / Lamon ang ‘di maniwala / Kayo’y mag tago na / Laluna, lalung lalo ka na.

Well-thought-out and carefully considered, as well as real and relatable, La Luna is comprehensive showing of what makes Pablo irrefutably great. Not that we needed any more proof, because from SB19, Pagsibol, and his introduction into a solo era, there is a whole world of possibilities and potential we have yet to see.  But what has been and will always be clear, whether it be a verse or pure, unadulterated thoughts, he doesn’t just talk to the moon; he makes it happen.

It goes without saying, whenever Pablo speaks (and sings), we listen. And this is no exception.


bts inspired merch philippines

8 BTS-Inspired Merch You Can Spend Your Money This New Year

BTS may be on vacation. But our wallets will never be.

You tried, you refreshed, and still didn’t get your bias’ self-designed goods? Here, we list down a number of BTS-related merch that you can spend your hard-earned money this seollal!

Last January 28, 2022, Weverse restocked the BTS artist-made collection. They say that third time’s the charm, but unfortunately, luck wasn’t on my side quite just yet. Needless to say, I was heartbroken when I couldn’t get my hands on these limited-edition budols. While the restock will continue until the 7th of February, I don’t think I can take the stress of not getting BTS merch such as RM’s Bungeo-Ppang Wind Chime and those ARMY jogger pants that he nearly spoiled us with last year all over again.

So, I decided to put my hard-earned cash elsewhere—in the pockets of the local sellers who have goods on-stock as of press time. Readily available, responsive customer service with no additional shipping costs, and a considerable help to the economy, these businesses definitely deserve to be recognized. And who doesn’t love discount codes and other freebies like stickers and fan-made photo cards that they generously provide?

And in the spirit of sharing, here’s what is on my cart, and hopefully, yours, too:

1 CM Origin from Apop Books

Packed with insights about the simple yet beautiful moments in life, this bestseller has been inspiring people since 2013. This is definitely worth every penny because the insights that Kim Eun-ju provides accompanied by Kim Jae-Yoon’s illustrations encourage you to explore yourself through activities, metaphors, and musings about adulting. Jungkook himself read it when he was 18. No wonder why our maknae is such a loving human.

Growing Soul bucket hat from Made by Mochi

When I first saw this, I can only think of our sunshine, J-hope. Maybe it’s because nothing wears it like him, or it could also be because of the color. Nevertheless, I would like to double down on my sun protection, which can bring some sunny disposition to my usual all-black outfit. They also sell tote bags, because of course, we all need a BTS-inspired merch to keep us cozy and well, looking cool.

Frontrow BTS Package 

If you consider shipping and handling costs, you’ll get more bang for your buck with this special set for Filipino fans. The total package value is actually P 16,220. But the company is offering it for P 5888 which comes with The Fact BTS Special Edition Photobook: We Remember for free. The inclusions in the set are: 

1 bottle of pure Grapeseed capsules, Luxxe Protect

1 bottle of the 8 berry extract supplement, Luxxe Renew

3 pieces Dynamic Duo DD sticks that offer SPF 50 

2 Instabright Body Creme with SPF 25

And who can resist V’s visuals on this 2020 photo book? Well, I surely can’t.

Customized photo cards by ArmyAngelee

I was on the lookout on TikTok when I stumbled upon 2seok4lyf’s video about customized PCs. Her link led me to this creator who would gladly print your high-resolution screenshots and turn them into a unique and reasonably-priced, but high-quality paper. I am still pre-selecting my Namjoon photos as we speak, but trust me, for this type of BTS-related merch, I will be her new suki in the coming days.

Photo card sleeves from IntroPersonaPH 

After receiving a BE album last Christmas, I finally understood why photo cards are treated with such care by their collectors. I don’t have the urge (yet) to buy a lot, so I went to Shopee to check who sells these card sleeves in small quantities. This seller was answering all my oob inquiries. And the best part? She even had the Permission to Dance on Stage – mini photo cards that I wanted. If you are looking for a card sleeve that has 100 microns that’s 70 x 100 to protect the precious face of Jin, she got you covered, literally.

Binder divider by Chickensutock

While we are on the topic of photo cards, I went on and tried to research on my options on how I can display and protect them. I am leaning towards having a big binder as inspired by Suga’s merch. What’s on my cart now is their Simpsons x BTS binder dividers. And any ARMY will notice this seller because of its Run BTS-inspired name.

Built New York x BTS tumblers, in partnership with Gong Cha Philippines

I can never drink like Jimin, but I will surely love to have the tumbler inspired by him. While details on how to avail one through this tea company is still unavailable as of press time, I will surely keep an eye on this one. Besides, just like BTS merch, who doesn’t love bubble tea?

ARMY Bomb Premium Hexagon case by Boxed by Kei

Nothing beats the feeling of having the BTS official light stick, which in itself is a dream. And speaking of which, they say in order for our hopes to come true, you have to be reminded of it everyday. So, I went on and looked for the acrylic case of my dreams, and I found it through this store. It lights up on its own so every night can feel like a concert, which a lot of us certainly dream of going to someday.

Now, let’s all get this bread so we can all do a cart check out. 


new music friday philippines

The Round-Up: New Music Releases Of The Week

Pablo devoured that plate.

SB19’s Pablo makes his solo debut with La Luna while Zack Tabudlo teams up with Billkin for a new remix in this round-up of the new music drops of the week.

As we close out January 2022, the first month of the new year decided to leave us with some surprising and exciting news on the music front. Belle Mariano dropped her music video for Rise and is set to have her first digital concert this January 29. SB19, meanwhile, made Billboard history as Bazinga charted a record breaking seven weeks atop the Hot Trending Songs Chart, the most out of any song so far. As for Taylor Swift, while she didn’t announce new music, she did clap back when someone said that she doesn’t write her own songs.

On the K-pop side of things, it was revealed that Taeyeon will be the host of Queendom season two. JYPE just dropped the intro trailer for their newest girl group, NMIXX. Finally, NCT’s Mark has been in many groups but he is know set to make his solo debut with the drop of his solo song Child on February 4. And before you head off into the long Chinese New Year weekend, the week was also filled with new song drops worthy of a listen.

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SB19’s Pablo is the band’s resident writer/producer/composer, so really it was only a matter of time before he released his own solo music. And that time has come with La Luna, his solo debut and the next member to release solo music after Ken in 2021. The eclectic banger, which the 27-year-old artist composed and produced himself, is all about
freeing yourself from the need to meet society’s unrealistic expectations. La Luna rips through the speakers with punchy cadences over a hard-hitting bed of bass, strings, wind instruments, hip-hop-inspired drums, and choral harmonies.


In the latest edition of collabs we weren’t expecting, but are happy it’s real, Zack Tabudlo shares a remix of his hit single, Give Me Your Forever. And for this outing, he joins forces with Thai star Billkin to help give new life to the pop and R&B ballad. While not a complete 180 from the original, it features subtle touches that discerning listeners of the original will enjoy to make for a more impactful experience.

26 – LAUV

Lauv is back with new music with the release of his brand new song, 26. On the track, Lauv leans on a sped-up guitar riff and hypnotic beat, creating a nuanced soundscape over which his confessional lyrics paint vivid pictures with cinematic and reflective lines. The song is based on Lauv’s own experiences with finding himself as he got older. The single is his first of the year and is taken from his awaited second full-length album due to arrive later in 2022.


Your eyes aren’t deceiving you. Charli XCX and Rina Sawayama decided to give the girls and the gays everything they wanted with their first collab, Beg For You. The upbeat pop/electronic banger is a love that’s perfect for getting you moving either in the club or in your bedroom.  


For Pink Sweat$ first release of 2022, the soulful musician just dropped his latest EP, Pink Moon, a follow-up of sorts to his 2021 full length album, PINK PLANET. The eight-track EP is filled with more ethereal and moving songs you can expect from Pink Sweat$, such as his romantic duet with Tori Kelly on Real Thing. Their voices together is *chef’s kiss*.


For Wanna One fans, 2021 was a special year as it saw the group reunite for the first time since their disbandment to perform at MAMA 2021. During their set, they performed classics Energetic and Burn It Up, as well as a new song called Beautiful (Part 3). And the track has now been officially released for us to enjoy at our pleasure.  


For Jaime Miller’s first non-holiday, non-OST single in more than a year, the rising musician delves into a topic many people can relate to, loving someone so much you forget who you are. In his latest and personal single, Jamie belts out his signature vocals as he sings about being in a one-sided relationship and having a partner who wasn’t able to love him back in the same capacity.


Euphoria continues it’s streak of releasing A-tier original music and it’s courtesy of an artist many have wanted to see work on the show, Tove Lo. How Long is a pop song with an addicting house beat that fits like a glove into the world of Euphoria. Tove Lo never misses and her latest song is a pure bop.  


After nearly three years of relative radio silence from Rex Orange County, the musician finally makes a return with the release of his new single Keep It Up. What’s more, the track serves as the lead single off his new album, WHO CARES?, set for release for March 11. For sure a happy week for many Rex Orange County Fans.


Gigi de Lana went from going viral, to getting signed, and starring in her own TV is just a little over a year. And now, the breakthrough star just achieved her latest career milestone with the release of her debut studio album, Gigi de Lana. In this 10-track album, Gigi and her band rock out while she shows off her exceptional vocal skills.


A reference to the manga and anime Death Note, Shinigami Eyes is a wave of pop and electronica done in a way only Grimes can do. It’s music video, meanwhile, sees the eccentric star get transported to another dimension with its other worldly visuals. Oh, and it also features BLACKPINK’s Jennie wearing a stunning pink number.


R&B star Ella Mai is ready to embark on her new era with the release of her new single, DFMU, her first in over two years. The R&B and trap song has Ella hope for a relationship that doesn’t let her down and meets her hopes and expectations. The track serves as the first single off her sophomore effort.


Breakout artist Coi Leray had a viral hit last year thanks to the success of the addicting TWINNEM, especially on TikTok where it has been used as a sound millions of times. The young artist is now back with a new single called Anixety. This smooth R&B/hip-hop song sees Coi lay down vocals and bars as she open up about her struggles with anxiety and how she gets over them.


Ormoc-based duo Noah Glynn Alejandre and Reanne Julia Borela, also known as reon, are out with their their first EP, Sentiments, an album brooding more about human connection and how it works. As compared to their past released, their new EP features a more introspective feel, but still retains their distinct bedroom pop sound.  


A time of uncertainty such as like what we are experiencing now can lead many people to go through anxiety, and that includes having late night thoughts and feeling restless. This is something that Daniel Paringit tackles head on with his new song, SAYO. With its steady tempo and uplifting chords, takes the mind on a journey to another place. Daniel’s voice and the lyrics act as somewhat our conscience during these moments, initially apprehensive and maybe even scared. But as the song progresses, we realize that looking back is not new to us at all and in fact, we do it a lot of times. With this comforting knowledge in hand, we are encouraged not to be afraid, but to simply be careful instead.


Singapore based artist DEON teams up with NyaLi for their new song Melancholic Weekends. Substantially more upbeat as compared to his releases in the recent months, the tune is contrasted against its emotional lyrics. The song is based on DEON’s experience nursing his aging dog, Joy, who had to be let go due to organ failure. This paralleled similar experiences of loss during the pandemic and is a reflection of the songwriter’s mechanism in coping with emotions of anguish and grief when produced in 2021.

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